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we provided a CEEDership experience to the Exchange Participants with AIESEC background, ranging from education to operational work. They could also experience TL positions within the LC, which enabled them to challenge themselves in new environment and try out the knowledge and capacity they have in their home country. majority of TNs realised in 2013 Q4 were EP+CEED experience.

AIESEC Nepal focuses on providing exchange experiences to their current members as well as reintegration. Thanks to this we can provide our members an integrated experience and participation in all programmes during their AIESEC journey. 1/3 of GCDP EPs raised are AIESEC members. All EPs realised are now AIESEC active members.

we recruit our members this year based on X+TXP model in order to realise 80 exchanges in summer peak. Thanks to this we will be able to engage members in two programmes within 6 months of their AIESEC experience, making it varied and enhancing their outer journey.

: every TMP Raised and Matched in March/April is planned to equal 1 GCDP in Q3 of 2014.

we focus our expansions on Universities and Campuses in order to properly segment and penetrate the market and reach the maximum number of young people in the country. This enables us to proceed with engaging people in AIESEC programmes adjusting our products to their needs, as we put strong focus on University Relations as well as Product Packaging within different Student Markets and deliver leadership experience on conditions feasible for everyone we can engage.

: SU in Kathmandu University as the first expansion LC after AIESEC Kathmandu.

AIESEC Nepal | Leadership in Every Experience | 2013/2014