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MAYOR, MC ADMIT YESTERDAY’S CHAOS WAS Gold: `27,345  Silver: `45,220  US Dollar: `56.50 Temperature: 340C/280C  Humidity: 66%

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Azad Shrivastav | ADC

Contractors goof; BMC engineers’ failure to cross check and supervise work resulted in most parts of the city being submerged in knee deep water By Vishnudas Sheshrao


haos prevailed in the city yesterday, as the lashing rains felled over 200 healthy trees, disturbed rail, and road, and air traffic and saw most parts of the city submerged in knee deep water till evening. An embarrassed Municipal Commissioner, Sitaram Kunte who had visited the Hindmata and Byculla spots, the worst affected in the city, later admitted at a press conference that the water logging despite the stopping of the rains was attributed to a “man made blunder” and ordered an instant inquiry. Coming strongly down on

Heavy Rains Today, Too

According to Metrological reports, Colaba recorded 58mm rainfall and Santa Curz 59mm, yesterday, between 8.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. The IMD forecasted that the city will experience heavy to very heavy rainfall in next 24 hours.

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“In a nutshell, the whole system as such has failed. The gross negligence by the contractors and also by the junior engineers concerned, right up to the Additional Municipal Commissioner in-charge, had jeopardized the safety of the city.” — Mayor Sunil Prabhu

“It was a man made blunder. The contractors had failed to remove the walls… the concerned engineers grossly failed to cross check and supervise the work. We have set up an inquiry inot the matter.” — Municipal Commissioner Sitaram Kunte

ATKT? You can appear for final year exams MU allows students to take admission for the final year even if they have reached there with ATKT


By Yatin Ingle

ity college students will be intensely relieved over Mumbai University’s (MU) new resolution regarding promotion of students to the Final Year. Students who cleared the third and fourth semesters, but

carried the ATKT of their first and second year, as per varsity rules, were not allowed to appear for the final examinations. Keeping in mind the large number of students being left out because of this, the varsity has now finalized a new resolution allowing students to appear for the

final board examinations even if they have an ATKT. In the Academic Council of MU, the members finally brought up this new resolution for promotion, which states that a student should be passed in the entire subject in any one of the three years and if he has an ATKT in

any of the other year, he is eligible to take admission in the Third year. The Decision will be finalized once the resolution is passed by the Management Council of the varsity. Earlier, the First and Second Year Continued on pg 6 «


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Railways’ tall claims fall short; 117 services cancelled due to flooding VASTU TIP OF THE DAY

To avoid any health problem related to Heart & Brain, prefer wooden beds without storage space and avoid sleeping on metal beds. Dr. Prem Gupta can be reached on 9820045774/9930318119

By Kainaz Choksey


erely two days after the Central Railways staff claimed that it was prepared for the monsoon, 117 services were cancelled by the Central Railway on Monday till 5 p.m. due to flooding. There was water logging at Kalyan & Bhandup from 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. which re- There was also a point failure sulted in bunching of trains. (a fault within a set of points

Motorists have a rough ride as water logging chokes roads

verted on Up slow line between Diva and Thane stations. Due to this, services on main line were running 20 to 25 minutes late. 15 suburban trains (from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Kalyan) and six mail/express trains were running behind schedule and mail/express trains were rescheduled due to switches and crossings) on heavy rains. Up slow line at Thane from “We have rectified the prob1.05 p.m. to 2.05 p.m. which lem. The trains have been disrupted suburban services. running on time after 5 p.m.,” There was water logging on said A.K. Singh, Central Railthe tracks between Sion and way spokesperson. MeanKurla. while, Western Railway Due to engine failure of services were running on Konkan Kanya Express near time, confirmed Sharat ChanDiva at 5.45 p.m. to 7.20 p.m. drayan, Chief Public Relations Up fast line services were di- Officer, Western Railway.


ontinuous rain in the city since last 24 hours led to chaos including traffic woes for commuters and pedestrians on Monday, with traffic grinding to a halt for over half an hour in several places and the traffic cops diverting vehicles to avoid jams. Due to heavy rains most of the traffic signals in areas like Vakola bridge, Sion, Dadar and other parts of the city were malfunctioning and hence the need for diversions. The Malad subway was closed from both directions for almost 30 minutes but even after the water logging eased, vehicles were seen crawling on the road. In Andheri too there were traffic

jams and slow movement of vehicles. At the usual water-logging spots like Hindmata, Milan subway, Khar and Dadar also witnessed similar traffic woes. According to Mumbai Police Traffic Department sources, traffic was affected for around half an hour at the Western Express Highway (WEH) from Khar towards Ghodbandar Road, while there was a delay of around 20 minutes on the Vile Parle to Bandra route. On the Eastern Express Highway (EEH) from Sion to Dadar, traffic was halted for almost 20 minutes and vehicles going to Bandra from Andheri had to face a delay of almost 17 minutes, traffic department sources added.


Sitaram Kunte Municipal Commissioner

From Hindmata to Byculla some parts were submerged because of man-made blunder. It was serious. I don’t undermine the seriousness of the situation. Otherwise, city was normal and functional.

Staff absent due to incessant showers By Philip Varghese

negligence (Section 304A of IPC), that provides for a ven as rains lashed the maximum punishment of city, actor Salman two years in jail. However, in Khan was also among a twist to the case, the metthose affected as the Mum- ropolitan magistrate, after bai Sessions Court on examining 17 witnesses, Monday deferred the order had brought forth the more on Khan’s appeal in serious charge of culpable 2002 hit-and-run case till homicide against the 47year-old actor and transJune 24. Sessions Judge U.B. Hejib ferred it to a sessions court was to dictate the order in for re-trial. One person was killed the case on Monday. However, as the court staff did and four others were injured not turn up due to heavy when the Land Cruiser alrains in the metropolis, legedly driven by Khan Salman’s lawyer sought ad- crushed a group of people journment in the case, sleeping on the pavement which was granted by the outside a bakery in suburcourt as the prosecution did ban Bandra in the wee not object to the adjourn- hours on September 28, ment. Khan’s appeal was 2002. against a magistrate’s order for his retrial in the 2002 hit-and-run case under stringent charge of culpable homicide not VIKAS SABNIS amounting to murder. Khan was earlier tried by a magistrate under lesser charge of causing death by



In Kurla, it was the usual sight--flooded tracks and trespassers.

By Zuber Ansari

Court defers order on Salman Khan’s plea in hit-and-run case


8811/LA A Eng.

Colleges cancel lectures By Yatin Ingle


hile students were geared up to meet their friends and reserve their benches in the classrooms on the first day of the new academic year after the summer vacations, rains spilled water over their jolly plans. As the city was drenched in water due to heavy rains, colleges cancelled lectures and orientations. Students who

had already reached the colleges were asked to return home. Talking to ADC, Hiten Joshi, a student who resides in Vasai said, “I was stuck in the rains and was not able to reach college, so I had no option but to go back home”. Most of the colleges stated that not only the students but also the teachers were stuck in the rains and were not able to reach the college. Not

only in the suburbs, colleges in town also cancelled the lectures due to heavy wet spell. Though the Mumbai university did not make an official announcement to cancel the lectures, colleges went ahead and decided to stay closed for the day in the interest of the students.with Schools remained unaffected as they will reopen only from June 17.

The government aid has just arrived in the village! We had asked for it to seek relief from drought.

Do you think, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s claim of ‘flood proof’ city came true?

Rajhans Singh Congress MLA

Everyone has seen the city has suffered heavy water logging for hours; what claim you are talking about?

Ravindra Waikar Sena MLA

The BMC has done good work but there is scope for development. Hindmata water logging was due to human error.

Dilip Lande MNS councilor

Scores of houses in Gangawadi in Ghakopar were submerged in the rain water. All the dirty flood waters entered the houses and damaged household goods.

Geeta Gawli Councilor

At few places, water logging is a recurring phenomena every year. Happened this year too. The BMC set dewatering pumps. Overall, it was normal business today.

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CHAOS IN THE CITY Our lensmen Azad Shrivastav & Sushil Kadam scanned the flooded hotspots across the city to capture the woes of man and machine after the downpour that disrupted normal city life for the last 24 hours.




Near Dadar TT

BDD N.M. Joshi Marg





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I have changed my name from Miss Manjula Laxman Bhagat to Mrs. Meenal Purushottam Bhagat as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No. X-1044 dated 2606-1986. Ornate C-6839 I have changed my name from Fahmida Banu Abdul Shakoor to Fahmida Bano Abdul Shakoor as per Affidavit dated 07-05-2013. Ornate C-6840 I have changed my name from Benazeer Mehamood Miya to Benazir Mehmood Miyan Qureshi as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No. U-33824 dated Nov. 15-21, 2012. Ornate C-6841

THANKSGIVING Thank you St. Jude for the favour granted. O holy St Jude Apostle & Martyr great in virtue & rich in miracles near kinsman of Jesus Christ faithful intercessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart & humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance help me in my present urgent petition in return I promise to make your name known & cause you to be invoked. Say our father three Hail Mary & three glory be's St Jude pray for us & all who invoke your aid AMEN. Sonal Patel. C-6737 May the sacred Heart of Jesus be adored glorified loved and preserved throughout the world. Sacred Heart of Jesus thy kingdom come. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us. St. Jude the worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude the helper of the helpless pray for us. Say this prayer for nine times nine days. Your prayer will be answered by the eighth day. Publication must be promised. KKM C-6863

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MUMBAI | TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 I, Jigar Mukeshkumar Shah, have changed my name to Jash Mukeshkumar Shah as per Maha. Government Gazette No U-54584 dated 14/02/2013. C-6848 I, Dipesh Vijay Pophale, have changed my name to Dipesh Vijay Patil as per Maharashtra Government Gazette No U5552 dated 02/05/2013. C-6849 I, Sameer Vijay Pophale, have changed my name to Sameer Vijay Patil as per Maharashtra Government Gazette No U5551 dated 02/05/2013. C-6850 I, Kalpana Vijay Pophale, have changed my name to Kalpana Vijay Patil as per Maharashtra Government Gazette No U5550 dated 02/05/2013. C-6851 I, Vijay Ramchandra Pophale, have changed my name to Vijay Ramchandra Patil as per Maha. Government Gazette No U5549 dated 02/05/2013. C-6852 I, Mr. Rafat Ahmad Mohammad Younus Khan, have changed my name to Mr. Rafat Ahmed Mohammed Yunus Khan as per deed poll Affidavit dated 08/06/13. C-6853 I, Mrs. Sabira Mohammed Yunus Khan, have changed my name to Mrs. Sabira Begum Mohammed Yunus Khan as per deed poll Affidavit dated 08/06/13. C-6854 I, Mr. Abdul Mustufa Kayum Bhavnagarwala, have changed my name to Mr. Mustafa Abdul Kayum Bhavnagarwala as per deed poll Affidavit dated 07/06/13. C-6855 I, Mrs. Vastiti Roy, have changed my name to Mrs. Osti Roy as per deed poll Affidavit dated 07/06/13. C-6856 I, Mr. Sikandar Gopal Roy, have changed my name to Mr. Shrikant Roy as per deed poll Affidavit dated 07/06/13. C-6857 I, Mustufa Abbas Kachwala, have changed my name to Mustafa Abbas Kachwala as per deed poll Affidavit dated 15/06/11. C-6858 I, Mr. Atulkumar Bhogilal Solanki, have changed my name to Mr. Atul Bhogilal Solanki as per deed poll Affidavit dated 08/06/13. C-6859 I, Kinjal Bharatkumar Pathak, have changed my name to Mrs. Kinjal Chintan Raval as per deed poll Affidavit dated 05/06/13. C-6860

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I, Rupendra Khinda, have changed my name to Rupendra Singh Khinda as per deed poll Affidavit dated 10/06/13. C-6862

I have changed my name from Reshma Kumar Aakolia to Reshma Kumar Akolia as per Affidavit dated 08-06-2013. C-6866 I have changed my name from Kumar Shantilal Aakolia to Kumar Shantilal Akolia as per Affidavit dated 08-06-2013. C-6867 I have changed my name from Varshaben Parsottamdas Dugani to Varsha Dilip Shah as per Affidavit dated 10-06-2013. C-6868 I have changed my name from Dilipkumar Sureshkumar Shah to Dilip Sureshkumar Shah as per Affidavit dated 10-06-2013. C-6869 I, Mohammad Rafiq S. Sanadi have changed my Daughter’s name from Rahin Mohmmad Rafiq Shaikh, to ‘Raheen Mohammad Rafiq Sanadi’ as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No. (U-8410) dated 16/05/2013. C-6870 I have changed my name from Mohammad Rafik Sirajuddin, to ‘Mohammad Rafiq Sirajuddin Sanadi’ as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No. (U8411) dated 16/05/2013. C-6871 I have changed my name from Badhiben Bhachu Fusi, to ‘Budhiben Jivan Ravariya’ as per Affidavit dated 07/06/2013. C-6872 I have changed my name from Jivan Ganesha Ravariya, to ‘Jivan Ganesh Ravariya’ as per Affidavit dated 07/06/2013. C-6873 I have changed my name from Hamza Rafique Teli to Hamza Rafique Merchant as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No (X25623). C-6874 I have changed my name from Rafique Yunus Teli to Rafique Yunus Merchant as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No (X-25624). C-6875 I have changed my name from Safia Rafique Teli to Safia Rafique Merchant as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No (X25625). C-6876 I have changed my name from Fatma Yunus Teli to Fatma Yunus Merchant as per Maha. Govt. Gazette No (X-25626). C-6877 I have changed my name from Khalid Mohamed Nafees Ahmed to Khalid Nafis Ahmed as per the Affidavit. C-6878 I have changed my name from Kashmira Vijay Shah to Varsha Vijay Shah as per the Affidavit. C-6879 I have changed my name from Raja Ambavi Patel to Raja Ambavi Gami as per Affidavit. C-6880 I have changed my name from Rajabhai Ambavi Gami to Raja Ambavi Gami as per Affidavit. C-6881

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BJP heading towards a split?

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



By Suyash Padate


s its senior leader L.K. Advani refused to withdraw his resignation from the party posts, the crisis ridden BJP is now heading towards a split, unless the RSS intervenes and convinces Advani to withdraw his resignation. According to sources, BJP president Rajnath Singh has now decided to speak with Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief to influence Advani and convince him to stay on. Most BJP leaders feel that RSS leader might be in a position to convince him in the larger interest of the party. As of now Advani remains adamant and its consequence could be that other senior leaders of the party, mainly Advani loyalist including Yashwant Sinha and Anant Kumar amongst others could also follow suit. If that happens and more senior resignations come in, than it

L.K. Advani in a pensive mood after refusing to take back in resignation could snowball into a major crisis for the party. The rift in BJP was wide open yesterday with patri-

Hail and farewell

arch L.K. Advani quitting from all the party posts, apparently opposing the elevation of Gujarat Chief Minister

Narendra Modi as the BJP’s election campaign committee chief. The 85-year-old Advani, a founder member of the BJP and considered the senior most leader after Vajpayee, resigned from the parliamentary board, the national executive and election committee saying that the BJP was no longer the same idealistic party created by Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, Deendayal Upadhyaya, Nanaji Deshmukh and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “For some time I have been finding it difficult to reconcile either with the current functioning of the party, or the direction in which it is going. Most of our leaders are now concerned just with their personal agendas,” Advani said in his onepage resignation. Meanwhile sources indicate that a meeting between Narendra Modi and Advani could also take place today morning.

The Indian Navy’s prized war vessel, the ‘INS Taragiri’, to be decommissioned next week

By Vishnudas Sheshrao


NS Taragiri, the last ship of the Indian Navy’s prestigious Nilgiri class frigate which formed the fourteenth Frigate Squadron in the 80s and early 90s, will be decommissioned next week. According to officials, the decommissioning of the INS Taragiri (F-41), scheduled for December 2012, was postponed due to technical reasons. The 113 meter long and 2,682 ton heavy ship was commissioned into the Indian Navy on May 16, 1980. The ‘INS Taragiri’ stands tall before its decommissioning shortly.

The INS Vindhyagiri and INS Taragiri were the last ships of indigenously built Nilgiri class. This ship was armed with two MK.6 Vickers 115mm guns, four AK230 30mm guns, two Oerlikon 20 mm guns and two triple-ILAS 3 324 mm torpedo tubes with Whitehead A244S or the Indian NST-58 torpedoes. In the past, it has carried Westland Sea King or HAL Chetal helicopter, one at a time, on board. This added speed and lethal force to the ship.

NCP Leader from Bhayandar is head of State Minimum Wages Board By Suresh Golani


tate NCP Secretary and corporator in the Mira

Bhayandar Municpal Corporation (MBMC)- Dr. Asif Gulab Shaikh has been appointed as the Chairperson of

Dr. Asif Gulab Shaikh with Chief Minister prithviraj Chavan .

the State Minimum Wages Advisory Committee. The board chairman has a status equivalent to Minister

of State (MoS). Shaikh met chief-minister, Prithviraj Chavhan and discussed at length about various issues in context with the welfare of labourers especially from the unorganized sector. “ It will be my duty to ensure that the Minimum Wages Act enacted by the Government of India is properly implied so as to ensure that right of labourers are not exploited. I met the CM regarding some issues related to the labour department and he has assured full co-operation from his side.” said Shaikh, a four time municipal corporator, who has also held the post of Leader of Opposition in the MBMC.


Why no statues of Tilak, Savarkar and Thackeray in Maharashtra Sadan: Sena By Prashant Hamine

gress leaders to the name of Sawarkar being taken with n a missive addressed to reverence. Raote asserted Minister for Public Works that in near future the statue Chhagan Bhujbal, senior of Sawarkar would be Shiv Sena MLC Diwakar erected in the Sadan premRaote has questioned why ises. Reminding Bhujbal the state government failed that it was late Sena chief to install the statues of Lok- who was instrumental in the manya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, rise of the OBC leader like Swatantryaveer Vinayak him in the state politics, Damodar Sawarkar and late Raote stated that the late Shiv Sena chief Bal Thack- Sena chief was definitely eray in the premises of the close to the stature of the just inaugurated Maharash- stalwarts that the state has tra Sadan in New Delhi. In a produced. Raote wanted to know statement issued yesterday the Sena MLC wanted to why a gutsy leader like know why the statue of Bhujbal could not show Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj the courage of installing is in the front portico of the the statues of the late Marathi leaders in the Maharashtra Sadan. The Sena MLC criticized premises of the Maharashthe aversion of some Con- tra Sadan.


State NCP ministers’ reshuffle likely today T

he reshuffle of NCP ministers in the Maharashtra government is expected to take place today. Party sources said resignations of the ministers, which are being received by Union Agriculture Minister and NCP president Sharad Pawar, are likely to be forwarded to the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan in the evening, who will then forward them to the Governor. The swearing-in of new ministers may take place today, reports PTI. In a surprise move on Friday night, Pawar asked all the 20 ministers of his party to submit resignations, in an exercise apparently aimed at image make-over ahead of the 2014 elections. The party has indicated that new faces will be inducted. Senior NCP leader and Union Minister Praful Patel told media persons on Saturday that the state unit

NCP president Sharad Pawar president Madhukar Pichad would be inducted as minister and another person would replace him in his organisational post.

BAJATE RAHO! Ketki Joshi and Milli Oza of Knack Exhibition and Display brought together five of the world’s biggest and most popular DJs to Mumbai for a joint performance at the Tulip Star hotel in Juhu under the auspices of the Partido EDM festival. British DJ Paul Thomas, Dutch DJ Richard Durand, Russian DJ/Producer Bobina, DJ Allure and Swiss DJ Daniel Portman set the stage on fire with their amazing talent. The event was supported by Lawman PG3.

06 CHANGE OF NAME I have changed my name from Ladoo Shankar Sawant to Ladu Shankar Sawant as per Affidavit. C-6900 I have changed my name from Gayatridevi Bhulai Chouhan to Gayatri Bhulai Chouhan as per Affidavit. C-6901 I have changed my name from Bhikkhu Vinaybodhi Sthavir to Bhadant Vinaybodhi as per Affidavit. C-6902 I have changed my name from Hitenkumar Mahendra Thakker to Hiten Mahendra Thakker as per Affidavit. C-6903 I, Mrs. Shaikh Zulekha Mujahid, have changed our minor child name from Shaikh Sahil Mujahid to Shaikh Naufil Mujahid as per Affidavit. C-6904 I have changed my name from Mintukumar Ashubhai Chheda to Mahendra Ashubhai Chheda as per Affidavit. C-6905 I have changed my name from Anilkumar Aliyar Vishwakarma to Anil Aliyar Vishwakarma as per Affidavit. C-6906 I have changed my name from Mamta Parmar to Manisha Parmar as per Affidavit. C-6907 I have changed my name from Sangita Ashok Chachad to Purva Prasad Powale as per Affidavit dated 16-05-2013. C-6908 I have changed my name from Roohi Muktar Siddiki to Ruhi Usama Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-6909 I have changed my name from Muktar Shubrati Siddiki to Mukhtar Shubrati Siddique as per Affidavit. C-6910 I have changed my name from Meena Sital Badlani to Kanchan Sital Badlani as per Affidavit. C-6911

CLASSIFIEDS I have changed my name from Thergina Rafique Khan to Tarzina Siraj Patel as per Affidavit dated 10-06-2013. C-6916 I have changed my name from Hurnabu Rafique Khan to Husnabanu Rafique Khan as per Affidavit dated 10-06-2013. C-6917 I have changed my name from Rafic Karim Khan to Rafique Karim Khan as per Affidavit dated 10-06-2013. C-6918 I have changed my name from Nisar Abdullah Sangre to Nisar Abdulla Sangare as per Affidavit. C-6919 I have changed my name from Avhad Dnyanoba Genu to Avhad Dnyaneshwar Genu as per Affidavit. C-6920 I have changed my name from Abhishek Harinarayan to Sahu Abhishek Harinarayan as per Affidavit. C-6921 I have changed my name from Mohammed Husain Shaikh to Mohammed Salim Shaikh as per Affidavit. C-6922 I have changed my name from Anuradha Wandre to Suman Wandre as per Affidavit. C-6923 I have changed my name from Vijay Subramanian Shankar to Vijay Subramanian as per Affidavit. C-6924 I have changed my name from Kalpana Suhas Khairnar to Sunita Suhas Khairnar as per Affidavit. C-6925 I have changed my name from Sonalben Kamalesh Patel to Sonal Kamalesh Patel as per Affidavit. C-6926 I, Mr. Abhinav Shrivastava, changed my daughter name from Arushi Abhinav Shrivastava to Aarushi Abhinav Shrivastava as per Affidavit. C-6927

I have changed my name from Tekchandani Ram to Teckchandani Ram as per Affidavit. C-6933 I have changed my name from Patil Rajendra Walmik to Patil Raju Walmik as per Affidavit. C-6934 I have changed my name from Nivrutti to Darade Nivruti as per Affidavit. C-6935 I have changed my name from Sunny to Darade Sunny as per Affidavit. C-6936 I have changed my name from Diar Junaid Salim to Junaid Salim Dayer as per Affidavit. C-6937 I have changed my name from Nutan Mukund Paingavkar to Juleita Oscar Pereira as per Affidavit. C-6938 I have changed my name from Pradip Chandrakant Wareshi to Pradip Chandrakant Vareshi as per Affidavit. C-6939 I have changed my name from Khan Shamshuddin Abdul Aziz to Raeen Shamshuddin Abdul Aziz as per Affidavit. C-6940 I have changed my name from Ansari Farzana Khatoon to Ansari Farzana as per Affidavit. C-6941 I have changed my name from Jayesh Kumar Sanghavi to Jayesh Sanghvi as per Affidavit. C-6942


Rs. 150/- for 25 words, Rs. 6/- each extra word

I have changed my name from Dakshaben Vinod Vadariya to Daksha Vinod Vadariya as per Affidavit dated on 25/05/2013. C-6928


I, Mr. Sanjay Pradhan, have changed my daughter’s name from Meenu Pradhan to Poorvee Pradhan as per Affidavit. C-6913

I have changed my name from Rajkumar Vinodkumar to Raj Vinod Vadariya as per Affidavit dated on 25/05/2013. C-6929

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2 children missing as nullah collapses

The nullah which collapsed in Mumbra on Monday. Pinki (inset) was saved while two other kids went missing.

By Kaptan Mali


he first heavy showers seem to have claimed two children’s lives in Mumbra’s Narayan Nagar area on Monday. Three children who had entered a nullah on Monday morning were swept away by the water; one was saved but the other two have not been traced yet. According to police, on Monday morning three chil-

dren Pinki, Kallu Rathod (9) and Geeta Rathod (10) had ventured in a nullah in Mumbra but due to heavy rains they got stuck in water waves. The locals saw them struggling to come out of the water and tried to save them but they could only succeed to rescue Pinki only. The other two children were swept away in high waves. According to the locals, the children were rag pickers and were searching for some

plastics or waste materials in the garbage in the nullah and later they entered in the nullah. The locals have also alleged that if the garbage were cleaned by the municipal authorities, this tragic accident would not have taken place. Ashok Dudhe, DCP, Thane Police said, “Our rescue efforts are still on and we have not yet got the bodies or the kids. Fire Brigade personnel and our staff are still engaged in the rescue operation.”

Mayor, MC admit yesterday’s chaos was ‘Man made’ Continued from pg 1 « the contractors, he revealed that during the ongoing repairs and restoration of the drainage system in the area, the contractors had constructed walls in the drains to stop the water. However, after the completion of the work, the concerned contractor forgot to remove the water tight compartment walls that block the water entering into the sea. Even further, the concerned engineers from the BMC

grossly failed to cross check and supervise the work. The civic chief admitted that due to the blunder, the long belt from Hindmata in Dadar to Byculla was submerged. He also expressed grave concern over the progress of work at Love Grove and Clive Land pumping station. According to the terms and conditions to be abided by contractors, these projects should have been completed and functional before this monsoon. However these projects are just 35

per cent complete and could add more misery to the city in the rain pouring days to come. Even Mayor Sunil Prabhu who also visited the spots was aghast and said, “In a nutshell, the whole system as such has failed. The gross negligence on the account of the contractor’s negligence and also from the junior engineers concerned right up to the Additional Municipal Commissioner in-charge had jeopardized the safety of the city.”

ATKT? You can appear for final year exams

I have changed my name from Vinodrai Devdas Vadaria to Vinod Devdas Vadariya as per Affidavit dated on 25/05/2013. C-6930 I, Mr. Vinod Vadariya, have changed my son’s name from Ankush Vinod Vadaliya to Ankush Vinod Vadariya as per Affidavit dated on 25/05/2013. C-6931


I have changed my name from Vasiyani Sanwal to Vasyani Sanwal as per Affidavit. C-6932

I have changed my name from Kavita Ganpat Bhojne to Kavita Ganpat Bhojane as per Affidavit. C-6912

I have changed my name from Nasira Yusufi Slatewala to Nasira Yusuf Slatewla as per Affidavit. C-6914

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

Continued from pg 1 « DESPATCH & COURIER

Janmabhoomi Bhavan, 3rd Floor Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400 001 TEL: 40768999 FAX: 40768916

students from Commerce, Arts and Science, who had ATKT in first or second semester in the first year and had passed in the III and IV semester in the second year, were not eligible to take admission in the V semester,

that is, to the Third year. The ADC spoke to Pradeep Sawant, senate member, MU, who said, “This issue has been going on for many years and finally the varsity has brought out a decision for the betterment of the students and their careers. Thousands of

students suffered as they had ATKT in one of their earlier semesters and even after being cleared in the other semesters, were not eligible to take admission in the Final semester. The new resolution will give tremendous relief to such students.”


St. George hospital to be rid of ‘zopadpatti’ menace soon

By Amit Srivastav


By Shwetha Kannan


tate run St. George hospital at CST hopes to have half an acre of open land within its premises after monsoon this year because the illegal hutments on this space will be demolished. These hutments, which are collectively called Ramgadh, have been a matter of concern for the hospital since a long time as they were causing a lot of nuisance. “Most of the hawkers in CST live here. It is an eyesore with hawkers walking in and out of the hospital. During BMC round-ups, they drag their stalls and goods into the hospital to escape confiscation. They litter the place. Also, they use the hospital’s water and electricity connections, which is a financial burden on us. Despite knowing that this is illegal, we couldn’t do anything as the land belonged to MTNL. So we used to write letters to the government for intervention,” said Dr. J.B. Bhawani, Medical Superintendent, St. George hospital. The land on which the hospital stands belongs to the hospital but since 1974 it was given to MTNL on a deposit of Rs.30 lakh for it to be used by them for building their office. But the land

7-yr-old girl electrocuted in Vashi

EYESORE: Around 130 illegal hutments have been a thorn in the flesh of the state-run hospital since 1974. wasn’t used by MTNL for anything more than dumping a few cables, leaving space open for illegal hutments to mushroom, informed Dr. Bhawani. “Correspondence over this issue has been going on since quite some time with the Centre. Six months ago, the Centre decided that the illegal tenants be evacuated and rehabilitated elsewhere. It was a week ago that we got the orders. The evacuation process will begin after monsoon,” said Dr. T.P. Lahane who heads the J.J. Group of state-run hospitals.

PUBLIC NOTICE TAKE NOTICE that Mr. Mahesh Hasmukhrai Mehta of Mumbai, Indian Inhabitant residing at Flat No. 101, Ritu Apartment, 1st Floor, Juhu Scheme Road No.3, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai-400056, hereinafter referred to as the “Vendor” has, by virtue of the terms of Mortgage Deed dated 20th April 2010 duly registered at the office of the Sub Registrar at Mumbai under Serial No.BBE-3/8007/2010 of Book No. 1 on the 31st day of July 2010, agreed to permit my client Mr. Kantilal Achalaji Shah of Mumbai, Indian, Inhabitant residing at 24, 1st Floor, Khetwadi, 3rd Lane, Bansi Bhuwan, Mumbai - 400 004, to enforce the Mortgage and cause the property described in the Schedule of the said Mortgage Deed which is produced hereunder, to be sold and appropriate the proceeds towards satisfaction of the mortgage debts due and payable by the Vendor who is the Mortgagor to my client. My client has now elected to enforce the terms of the said Mortgage Deed and as the Vendor (Mortgagor therein) has been unable to repay the said amount, therefore, the Purchaser (Mortgagee therein), in lieu of the said mortgage debts has elected to purchase the said plot of land and premises constructed and standing thereon as more particularly described in the Schedule hereunder written, in full and final consideration of the said sum of Rs.62,00,000/- (Rs. Sixty Two lakhs) due and owed by the Vendor to the Purchaser and in full and final discharge of the said mortgage debt . All persons having any right, title, interest, benefit, claim or demand in or to the said property or any part thereof, by way of sale, assignment, transfer, allotment, exchange, gift, lease, sub-lease, tenancy, sub-tenancy, license, possession, use, occupation, mortgage, charge, lien, trust, inheritance, bequest, succession, family arrangement/settlement, easement, maintenance, decree or order of any court of law, agreement or otherwise howsoever are hereby required to make the same known in writing together with copies of documentary proof in support thereof, to the undersigned within 14 days from the date of publication hereof, or else the sale and conveyance of the said property to my client shall be completed without reference to any such claims, and the same (if any) shall stand waived and/or abandoned. THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO: ALL THAT piece or parcel of land or ground of quit and ground rent tenure, cess whereof has been redeemed together with the messuages, tenement or dwelling house standing thereon consisting of ground + four floors known as Mehta Mansion No. 1 situate at and fronting the North Brook Street without the Fort of Bombay in the Registration sub-District of Bombay containing by admeasurements 193.68 square yards or thereabouts (being part of the land bearing Collector’s Old No. 2049 New No. 9164, Old Survey No. 298, New Survey No. 5041 and cadastral Survey No. 3009 of the Bhuleshwar Division and assessed by the Collector of Municipal Rates and Taxes under ‘C’ Ward Nos. 7693, 7694 and 7695 and Street Nos. 209-215) and bounded on the East by the property of Keshavji Dharamsey on the West by the North Brook Street, on the North by the property of Vishram Liladhar and on the South by the property of Kusumbai Parmanand. Place: Mumbai Dated this 7th day of June, 2013 MS. YASMIN E. TAVARIA Advocate Gool Mansion, 4th Floor, Store Lane, Fort, Mumbai: 400 001



Sumesh Rajan

Afternoon Despatch & Courier

seven-year-old girl was electrocuted after she stepped on a live wire outside her house in Vashi gaon. The girl was immediately rushed to the municipal hospital in Vashi but she succumbed to her injury within an hour. The electric meter was illegally installed outside the house. According to the police, the victim, Pinky Pawar, was playing near Datta temple in Vashi village along with some other children at around 10.30 a.m. on Sunday when the incident occurred. “The electric meter was not properly installed and was in the open air and because of heavy rainfall, the girl was immediately electrocuted. She was severely injured in the incident. She

was taken to the NMMC hospital in Vashi but she died at 11.20 a.m.,” said A.S. Sugaonkar, assistant police inspector, Vashi police sta-

tion. “It has been revealed in our investigation that electric meter was illegally installed by the parents of

victim without informing the authorities concerned. Our officials reached the spot within a few minutes and removed the electricity connection from their residence,” he said. The Vashi police have registered a case of accidental death. “The body of the deceased was delivered to her family after autopsy. We have also informed the MSEDCL officials to look into the menace of illegal electricity connections in the area, especially in Vashi village,” Sugaonkar said. “Many residents of Vashi village, specifically the slum dwellers, have stolen electricity connections. This accident is a tragic outcome of one such illegal connection,” an MSEDCL official said.

Fear of losing home drives Made no ransom calls: accused tells HC 14-yr-old to suicide 08

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



By Philip Varghese


By Suresh Golani


n a heart rending incident, a 14year-old girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her residence in Mira Road late on Sunday evening. The fear of losing her home due to an impending eviction notice, issued by the local civic authorities, prompted the girl to take the extreme step, suspect police. The incident was reported from the Gaurav Enclave building in the Hatkesh Area of Mira Road where the girl – Nazneen (14) (name changed) stayed with her parents and four younger siblings. The girl was a standard eight student of a private school in Mira Road and stayed in Gaurav Enclave, a 15-year-old high-rise that had developed major cracks and tilted six inches, prompting the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) to include the structure into the list of dangerous buildings and issue notices of eviction. The girl was apparently under tremendous pressure after she noticed the tension mounting on her

Gaurav Enclave, the blacklisted structure. (Inset) The 14-year-old who committed suicide. father, a taxi-driver, after the civic authorities issued a deadline of May 31 to vacate the building. However, the occupants managed to extend the deadline till June 10 – the

day which the girl took the extreme step. The family of the girl and residents of Gaurav Enclave building are in a state of shock.

Suraj Pancholi arrested in Jiah Khan suicide case By Zuber Ansari


fter a weeklong investigation, Juhu Police station has finally arrested Suraj Pancholi, son of Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi, in the case of Jiah Khan’s suicide. This comes as somewhat of a relief to

BMC’s permission. Dharmani had claimed that he already had society lmost a year after the L.T. Marg permission for doing the renovation police arrested a man claiming work and had no need for consent to be a BJP member for demanding from the civic agency. In his affidavit to the Bombay a sum of Rs.5 lakh from a shop owner at Kalbadevi, the accused High Court recently, Gaud claimed, person has approached the Bom- “It is specifically alleged in the FIR bay High Court with an affidavit to and in the remand application that bringing on record the ‘Phone Call I had asked ransom of Rs.5,00,000 Records’ claiming that he had not by calling the complainant on his made any ransom calls to the shop mobile. Based on this sole allegation, I was falsely implicated in the owner. It will be recalled that accused, CR. No. 177 of 2012 of L.T. Marg PoSanjay Ramlakhan Gaud (37) was lice station. After filing the petition, arrested under section 385 (putting I had made an application in the a person in fear of injury in order to IDEA gallery to furnish me with my commit extortion) of IPC in July last call records of the said date. The said call details furnished by the year. According to police, Gaud was IDEA gallery clearly establishes that demanding the money from one I have not given a single call to the Laxman Dharmani (46), who owns complainant. This strengthens my a sari shop at Princess Street, Hanu- case that I have been falsely impliman Galli in Kalbadevi and would cated in the present case.” According to advocate Prakash regularly threaten to lodge comWagh, who represents Gaud in the plaints with the BMC against him. Dharmani registered a complaint case, “We have made this applicaat LT Marg police station against tion that this call details are brought Gaud. Police had claimed that on record of the court. This proves Gaud demanded Rs.5 lakh in return that my client has been falsely imfor not lodging a complaint against plicated in the case.” Dharmani who carried out renovation work inside his shop without

Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan who was demanding Suraj’s arrest from the very beginning. Making a serious allegation on Suraj Pancholi and his father Aditya Pancholi she said that her daughter had suffered at the hands of Suraj and his father Aditya. On Monday morning, Additional

LtoR: Aditya Pancholi along with son Suraj Pancholi who was arrested by police.

Commissioner of Police (West) Vishwas Nangre Patil and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP-IX) Cherring Dorje visited her Sagar Sangeet Apartment in Juhu and took Rabiya’s statement, in her statement to the police she alleged that Suraj Pancholi is the person due to him her daughter had committed suicide. Later that evening, Suraj Pancholi was brought to Juhu Police station and after taking his statement police arrested him under various sections. Confirming his arrest, Additional Commissioner of Police Vishwas Nangre Patil said, “We had arrested Suraj Pancholi on the basis of Rabiya Khan’s statement in which she alleged that due her daughter Jiah had committed suicide due to Pancholi. We had booked him under section 306 (abetment for suicide case) which is non bailable offence. While on the other hand, sources from Juhu Police station revealed that, on Monday we had registered statement of around seven people again in this case including Jiah’s mother, we did not call anyone into the police station but recorded their statement in their residence. Suraj Pancholi will be produced before the court today. Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia who had given letter to the Police in which Jiah has blamed her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi later she made it public by putting it on her twitter account.

Fighting odds: Girls from Uttan’s orphanage shine in SSC exams

The six girls from orphanage Amcha Ghar shared their success with their caretakers.

By Suresh Golani


oon after SSC results were declared on Friday, successful students were seen distributing sweets and celebrating their joy with family and friends. However, six girl students from ‘Amcha Ghar’ -- a girls’ orphanage in Uttan village near Bhayandar, quietly shared their success with colleagues and caretakers. This is the fifth batch of students that has achieved 100 per cent results from ‘Amcha Ghar’-- a modest institution which has been battling against all odds for survival. The Trust which manages the orphanage also runs a primary school and had enrolled the SSC examinees into the St Mary’s High School. While Akshata Tavate emerged as a topper with 76.55 per cent marks,

Jyothi Kadam and Pooja Gupta, followed with 72.80 and 71.40 per cent respectively. “The not-so privileged girls who are living in the orphanage since their early childhood days have outperformed local students tutored in expensive private coaching classes.” says Trust-in-Charge, Susheela Singh. “We have never considered ‘Amcha Ghar’ as an orphanage, in fact it is our home with a family-consisting of colleagues as sisters and caretakers as parents and guardians.” says Jyothi Kadam, who has been here since she was three years old. “We intend to study further and become self-reliant so that we become capable to support ‘Amcha Ghar’ which is nothing less than a boon for children like us,” said Akshata Tavate.

Seven years to a global city?

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


In a first of its kind, NMMC approves a futuristic budget that will take care of Navi Mumbai’s needs even 25 years from now

By Amit Srivastav


ith the approval of a one-time planning budget proposal of Rs.12,821 crore in the general body meeting, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) became the first civic body in the country to have a futuristic development plan for the next 25 years. In the next seven years, the civic body will undertake all kinds of development work which will then meet the demands likely to arise 25 years hence, and even later. Christened the Navi Mumbai 2020 Vision, the plan was approved by the general body of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) on Friday making way clear for the satellite city to become a global city in the truest sense.

The proposal will now be sent to the state government for final approval. The NMMC has worked out the financial aspects of the plan, which includes approaching international financial institutions for loans. Earlier, Mohan Dagaonkar, the city engineer of NMMC made a power point presentation at the Thane collectorate explaining various aspects of the plan in detail. “NMMC is the only municipal body in the state to implement such a plan. And all this happens without raising taxes,” said Ganesh Naik, Guardian Minster of Thane disdtrict. The project will be kicked out with the pilot project at sector 15 of CBD Belapur, where the civic body will spend Rs.119 crore on the de-

Where the money will come from (Rs in crore) Agency NMMC MMRDA/JNNURM Loans from Banks

Funds 3,373 4,995 4,093



To be used for All nodes development City development Beautification of the city

MBMC insensitivity: Rs.60 lakh fund for physically challenged lapses By Suresh Golani


velopment and the project is likely to be completed by February 2014. “In the next seven years,

Where NMMC will spend its own money (Rs in crore) Node

Fund allocation MIDC 1,132 Vashi 598 CBD Belapur 596 Nerul 424 Airoli 378 Sanpada 253 Ghansoli 213 Koparkhairane 139 Total 3,733

the civic body will work on the upgradation of ecology, identity, society and economy by working on roads, flyovers, tourist places, green buildings, iconic buildings, public spaces, public amenities, logistics and among others,” said Naik. On the funding aspect, the NMMC will contribute Rs.3,733 crore from its revenue while Rs,4,093 crore for city projects will come from the MMRDA and JNNURM and deferred payments schemes and the rest is expected to be soft loans from national and international banks and financial institutions.



n a classic case of civic insensitivity, a major chunk of funds that had been set aside to initiate welfare schemes for the physically challenged people living in Mira-Bhayandar twin cities stands lapsed. Reason: the civic administration failed to utilise the funds for the purpose in this fiscal. The matter came to light after Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteer, Sukhdev Benbansi sourced out information in this context from the Social Welfare Department of the Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation (MBMC) under the Right To Information (RTI) Act. It was revealed that as per State Government guidelines, a budgetary allocation of Rs.87 lakh had been made by the civic administration to extend assistance to differently-abled people living in the twin cities. The funds were meant to aid beneficiaries with equipment to the physically challenged and also impart entrepreneurship training.

However, the social welfare development not only failed to extend help to the needy, but disbursed cheques of Rs.50,000 each to 54 municipal employees (spending Rs.27 lakh) who have been recruited in the civic body under the physically challenged category. This despite the fact that the Mira Bhayandar unit of the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre have been seeking assistance for its 700 members for the past couple of years. When contacted, Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Dr. Sambhaji Panpatte said, “It is true that funds have lapsed as the MBMC was yet to draft a policy in this regard; however, a resolution to this effect has been passed last month and we have chalked out an elaborate plan to launch a medical camp to know the needs of the challenged people.” A door-to-door survey to identify the beneficiaries was on and a budgetary allocation of Rs.96 lakh has been made this year, officials said.

CB seizes 7 state-of-the-art One suspended during mayor’s pre-monsoon inspection firearms plus 17 rounds

Sumesh Rajan

By a staff reporter

By Neel Shah


Azad Shrivastav | ADC

n two separate cases Mumbai's crime branch confiscated seven sophisticated firearms, which included a foreign made 9 mm carbine machine gun and 17 rounds. Moreover, the police also arrested three suppliers and seized a television claiming to prevent an attack on ‘a protected target’. “The two arrested accused identified as Mahesh Thakur (26) and Vikas Dubey (19) – both from Virar area – were found in possession of a 9 mm carbine machine gun, four 9mm pistols and 15 live rounds,” informed Jt CP

(Crime) Himanshu Roy. The arrests were based on a tip-off after which the crime sleuths from Unit XI laid a trap at Kurla Railway Terminus on late last night. “Such machine guns are usually used to target a person who either has police or private protection. Considering the nature of weapons, which were going to deliver it was certainly meant for a gang, which was planning an attempt on a big shot. With the seizure, we have prevented a possible attack on a protected target or a gang war,” Roy said. Roy refused to reveal the name of the target by the

Joint Commissioner of Police Himanshu Roy (2-R) with the firearms recovered from the three accused arms suppliers.

gang which had ordered the weapons. "We have been working on the information for past few days and last night nabbed the two with weapons. The two are merely suppliers," Roy said adding that, "Thakur has criminal background with nearly 11 cases registered against him in Mumbai." The machine gun has Nepal marking and might have been made in Ordnance factory, said Roy. The duo arrived in Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh in Kamayani Express and meticulously concealed the weapons in their bags, police said. In another such case, crime branch sleuths from unit XII has recovered two factorymade 7.65 mm pistols and two live cartridges from a supplier identified as Suraj Rai (24) at Thakur Village in suburban Kandivli this afternoon. Rai has worked in the dance reality show ‘Dance India Dance’ and a devotional program ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ as extra artist, police said. Meanwhile, the police are trying to ascertain the gang behind ordering such sophisticated weapons.


sanitary inspector from Nerul ward was suspended after Mayor Sagar Naik found one of the nullahs of the node was choked with garbage during his first pre-monsoon inspection drive on Monday. Mayor Naik carried out the first premonsoon inspection drive of the city after several members from the ruling and the opposition alleged that the NMMC officials didn’t carry out the proper desilting and widening works of gutter and nullahs in several wards. Dinesh Waghurde, a sanitary inspector attached to Nerul ward office, was suspended on Monday after civic officials and Mayor Sagar Naik found that one of the nullahs was choked with garbage and the rain water was flowing out on the road. Deputy Municipal Commissioner Jagannath Sinnarkar with immediate effect asked

Mayor Sagar Naik (R) inspecting the NMMC area on Monday. the official to go on leave as the fault was found as his dereliction of duty. NMMC opposition leader Dileep Ghodekar registered his complaint during the general body meeting on Friday after he went on his pre-monsoon inspection on Thursday. Mayor Naik on Friday during the general body meeting had warned officials to get the things in order before Monday else any officials found negligence in their

Rainfall recorded in Navi Mumbai (till 3pm on Monday) Node June 9, 2013 June 10, 2013 Vashi 88.00mm 112.60mm Nerul 112.80mm 101.20mm Belapur 92.30mm 110.20mm Airoli 127.00mm 135.50mm Total average rainfall in two days- 220.10mm

parts has to face suspension. Even the heavy rainfall didn’t deter Mayor to carry out the inspection. The drive started in the morning from Belapur village which is prone to tree falls. But fortunately, during the drive they didn’t find anything beyond acceptable. Then the inspection team checked the preparation of Nerul and Vashi. However, around 220 mm average rainfalls was recorded across the city in the first two days of the monsoon. Airoli received the maximum 262 mm rainfall till Monday 3 pm which was followed by 214 mm rainfall in Nerul. Most of the parts of the city stayed afloat during the heavy rains. However, minor cases of tree falling were reported from cross the city.


Bangladesh has lost its way

Afternoon Despatch & Courier



Ponder awhile... Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one. — A.J.P. Taylor

Pathetic, damaging fight among BJP leaders S

enior top BJP leader L.K. Advani is clearly upset by the rise and rise of Narendra Modi. He knows that after the elevation of Modi as the chairman of the 2014 poll panel, he will be made the prime ministerial candidate. He wanted to put a stop to this happening before the situation went completely out of control and hence his suggestion that there should be another poll committee. When the party President ignored his suggestion, Advani resigned from all party posts. This move had the desired effect. Even Modi’s supporters did not want the ‘marg darshak’ to go. A day-long effort to evolve a compromise formula followed with leaders of both the camps making a beeline to Advani’s residence. What the BJP leaders do not seem to realise is that the Modi versus Advani fight is being watched by the millions of voters in the country. If there is a deep division in a party with leaders in camps ranged against each other, what sort of governance can they provide? The BJP leaders are cutting a pathetic image even as they fight one another. The Congress party must be quite happy even as the Opposition’s fight ranges in the open. It has chosen not to comment on the BJP leaders struggle for power. There has never been such power struggle in the BJP ever since it was founded. Instead of taking on its strong opponent – the Congress – BJP leaders are fighting among themselves.



A.R. KANANGI Associate Editor

KAMAL MORARKA Chairman of the Board of Directors Afternoon Despatch & Courier office is located at: Janmabhoomi Bhavan, 3rd Floor, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001. Phone: 40768999. Fax: 40768916. E-mail: Printed by Shashikant Jadhav for Courier Publications Pvt. Ltd., at Journal Press, Free Press House, Free Press Journal Marg, 215, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021 and published by him from Janmabhoomi Bhavan, 3rd Floor, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai-400 001. Registered Office at: 98 Mittal Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021. Vol. XXIX No. 66


HEN revolutions are in quest for freedom and justice even after four decades of their happening, it means that they have gone awry. If hartals and demonstrations are staged with the same frequency, the scenario becomes all the more somber. This is what has taken place in Bangladesh. Kamal Hossain, the country’s first foreign minister, has written a book to give an account of it. I wish he had said more about the birth of Bangladesh and the failure to sustain the spirit of secular democracy it had evoked. This was a rare revolution which rose above fanaticism and factionalism and beckoned a democratic structure without the pull of religion. Hossain’s story is inadequate and does not tell why a country which fought against bigot so resolutely caved in when extremism reared its head. Not long ago, when Bangladeshis freed themselves from Pakistan in 1970, they rose as Bangladeshi. A Muslim nation fought against Muslims to make religious appeals meaningless. Unfortunately, after the liberation, the Bangladeshis got lost in religious warfare and parochial assertion. Hossain should have underlined the fact that the dream got shattered because religion had the better of secularism. Today’s Bangladesh scene seems to suggest that extremism is nearly indelible and very few people rise above it.


bullocks, ploughs or seeds. Fifty-six million dwelling units, from pucca houses to thatched huts, were demolished. In addition, according to Mjjib, “Pakistani soldiers destroyed 12,000 trucks out of the 18,000 we had. They burnt currency notes and took away all our foreign exchange. Our food godowns were demolished.” Disruption on such a scale made restoration of normal life impossible when Mujib took over. He explained that it would take time to set things right. But his appeal had little impression on the people who wanted the revolution to shows results. They had seen

which had helped them to become free. “I wish I could die now because relations between India and Bangladesh are so good today that I do not want to see them deteriorating,” Tajuddin, once Prime Minister, told me. But Mujib was not worried when I met him. He said “I know that some elements assisted by international interests are indulging in a whispering campaign against India. But they cannot sabotage the relationship between your great country and Bangladesh. A Bengali does not forget even those who give him only a glass of water. Here your soldiers laid down their lives for my people. How can they ever forget your sacrifice? You fed ten million refugees for more than ten months. Even now you are giving us food and other assistance. I can assure you that my people are not ungrateful. Therefore, those who are trying to foment trouble will not succeed in their designs”.

Untold story yet to be published

Dacca’s Foreign office is still peeved over the remark of foreign countries that the policies of Bangladesh are “New Delhi’s carboncopy.” A Foreign Office man told me: “If only we could oppose you somewhere so that we Kuldip Nayar project an image of our independence” He betrayed a small-nation complex and it apone miracle happening— the liberation –but peared that to prove their country’s separate wanted another, economic prosperity. Build- identity, officials are tempted at times to ing takes time. But the public had no pa- adopt an anti-Indian posture. tience. Also, the fire of freedom that burnt India’s size looks large. Many civil servants, To trace the movement for liberation is to fiercely in hearts lessened as days went by. On suddenly becoming conscious that they were applaud, the Bangladeshis’ triumph over pas- the other hand, many anti-liberation ele- employees of a small and yet not prosperous sion and prejudice. It was an ideology which ments that had been silenced became active country, indulge in anti-India talk. “Your conquered petty considerations. Yet the story to prove that the liberation had never taken country is too big,” they say. “Whether your of independence was not that of a struggle place and that the link with Pakistan should neighbours like it or not, they have to be subalone to liberate oneself from the distant have never been broken. The more radical servient to you.” Was this the assertion of old Rawalpindi. It was the birth of an ideology of among the liberators also expected improve- parochial sentiment or a complaint against their country’s inadequacy? egalitarianism and a society which would ment from those in power. The country had too many guns. The radiAll this is missing in Hossain’s book, fight against sectarianism and religious divisions. The nine months of operation by the cals were not the only ones to find them use- the feeling of elation and the frustration Pakistani Army tore all tiers of administration ful. There were others of different shades of after its failure. There is not any disclosure and the machinery of governance and im- political colours and there were plain brig- as such books promise. Hossain tells posed a dictator-like rule. There was also an ands without any politics. They did not give something about Mujib, but skips the element of hatred towards the weak and poor up arms. Mujib’s personal magic worked up much-talked weakness in his capacity to adBangladeshis who dared to assert their iden- to a point. According to one estimate, 100,000 minister. Hossain should have also contity. The only way they had was to revolt. to 200,000 arms were never surrendered. firmed or denied the rumour that the Sheikh “What could we do when the Pakistan gov- Violence lay latent in the land and it ap- was sentenced to death by Pakistani’s military ernment, as Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman, father peared with a vengeance when the liberation rulers and spared due to the intervention by Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan’s popular of the nation”, said “They tried to kill every was over. However, the most disconcerting develop- leader. Maybe, Kamal Hossain has yet to pubBengali and destroy Bangladesh”? Destruction-wise, 2.44 million of the nation’s 14 mil- ment for the Bangladesh leaders was an lish the Bangladesh untold story. We should lion farmers were ruined and the rest lost incipient anti-India feeling, a country wait for it.


‘Pak tried to destroy B’desh’

Performance of Swadharm through the body T

hree cardinal principles have been enunciated in the Gita’s Second Chapter: (i) The atman (the Self) is deathless and indivisible. (ii) The body is insignificant and transient. (iii) Swadharm must be followed. Out of these, swadharm is in the nature of duty to be performed while the other two principles are those that need to be understood. I have already said something about swadharm. For each of us, swadharm is ‘given.’ It comes to us naturally; we do not have to go out looking for it. We did not drop from the sky but were born into a stream of existence. Society, parents, neighbours, all existed before we were born. To serve the parents who gave me life, to serve the society that succored me is my natural dharma. Our swadharm thus takes birth along with us; it can even be said that it is already there for us before our birth. In fact, fulfillment of Swadharm is the very purpose behind our birth. Some people say

forms. However, on analysis, we find only one thing at the bottom of it all: a restricted and shallow identification of oneself with one’s body. I, and those related to me through the body, set the limits of my expansion. Those outside the circle are strangers or enemies. Besides, the attachment is restricted to only the physical bodies of the ‘I and mine’. One man’s enclosure may be larger than another’s but all surround themselves with a wall. It is no thicker than their skin. One man’s enclosure is the family, another’s the nation. One wall divides the so-called upper and lower castes, another divides the peosuicide. Only in harmony with it can we ple on the basis of religions. Wherever you move forward. That is why we should never turn you see nothing but walls. Even in this jail, we differentiate between ordinary conlose sight of it. Swadharm should, in fact, come easily victs and political prisoners. It is as if we and naturally. But because of several temp- cannot live without such walls. But what tations and delusions this does not happen does this result into? This has only one reor becomes extremely difficult. Even if it is sult—multiplication of the germs of mean practiced, the practice gets vitiated. The and vicious thoughts and destruction of the temptations and delusions which strew with healthy state of swadharm. thorns the path of swadharm have various — Vinoba Bhave that swadharm is like one’s wife and say that the bond of swadharm is as inviolable and indissoluble as the bond of marriage. But I do not think that this simile is quite apposite. I would rather say that swadharm, like one’s mother, is not chosen but pre-determined. No matter what sort of person she is, there is no denying her motherhood. This is precisely the case with Swadharm. In this world we have nothing else to rely on. To disown one’s swadharm is to disown oneself, to commit


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NaMo will be PM if BJP is voted to power! WHAT was expected in the last fortnight came rather true as Narendra Modi is named as BJP’s poll panel chief for 2014. It was indeed a right step in the right direction as he is the only person having the charisma in the beleaguered party. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is set to lead the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Party president Rajnath Singh on Sunday announced Modi’s elevation as BJP’s poll panel chief for the upcoming Assembly and General Elections. Modi came, saw and conquered not only the people of Gujarat and his significant success in the bypolls made him an overnight hero. Modi has a vision to make India a force to reckon with in the world and doing everything to achieve his endeavour. Modi is destined to become Prime Minister of India if BJP is voted to power. — Maniam Ramani, Nerul


IT is good to know that Narendra Modi telephonically sought, and also received, the blessings of Advaniji for his anointment as Chairman of BJP Election Commission Committee. Advaniji’s personal presence at the time of anointment would have been much preferred. Anyway, when in better

health, it would only befit Advaniji’s stature as a senior and highly respected personality, apart from being the party President, by a graceful humane gesture to clear the cobwebs of human weakness. Without his full open-hearted approval of the anointment, a hurtful sense of disrespect towards a hitherto revered political entity is likely to linger. After all, let us appreciate, the pain of being denied all these years what should have been rightfully his at least in the twilight years couldn’t be easily shared, or even expressed. At this juncture, the country needs someone who could be worthily called a ruthless administrator. Narendra Modi appears to fit the bill. With series of humongous scams, the administration is thoroughly choked with the miasma of all-level corruption. To clear the air and turn the situation around, it needs someone to operate with iron hand. — K.K. Wajge, Mulund


ALL said done, Narendra Modi came out with flying colors to hit a purple patch in National politics by becoming the new poster boy of BJP. He did wonderfully well in Gujarat and that gave him the weightage to become a National

reams of paper than the money exchanged by those criminal minded WITH reference to the article-cum- individuals who call themselves report titled ‘Metro One extends sportsmen, businessmen and trial run of VAG Metro to Airport Stn’ politicians. by Prashant Hamine (ADC, June 4) The only way to get rid of corrupmetro trains can be speeded up by tion is through the oldest method so introducing high-speed electric well established in the world since motors on the wheels of each and time immemorial-–FEAR. Just take every rake of the train; all trains action of a fatalistic nature to set an example and all else will fall into place. Do this to the politicians first. We have too many pages devoted to mundane events from the lives of movie stars and less intelligent information. What’s the use seeing endlessly photographs of manly faced females (Kareena), bloated faces (Katrina) and all those so called actors who have no time to shave, and dress like common street urchins? No style statement is really getting through.

Useful tips for Mumbai Metro

— Jamshed Irani, Mumbai

ACCOMPLISHMENT: Proper technological systems should be utilised to make the Mumbai Metro project a success.

Honouring all daddies!

FATHERS Day is a celebration honouring all fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the must have back up power systems influence of fathers in society. It is like batteries or generators in case celebrated on the third Sunday in of power failure. No changing of June. This year it is being celebrated rails must be allowed on any metro on June 16. Father’s Day compliroutes as it will reduce the train ments Mothers Day, a celebration speed, all future metro railway that honours mothers and motherroutes must be constructed at six hood, which is celebrated on the levels underground as this will save second Sunday in May every year. space. If the monorail can be oper— Jubel D’Cruz, Dombivili ated on a third rail system then why was this system not adopted for the metro? We lost an opportunity to introduce new technology. When AS per reports in the media, conseother metros are constructed let us quent to the introduction of exclunot repeat this mistake. sive fares and increase in the air — Peter Castellino, Mumbai fares, fliers have started shunning the skies, and prefer to travel by trains. This was supposed to happen for sure, ever since the aviation REGARDING the IPL scams, I think ministry allowed the airlines to we have spent more money on charge separate fees for special

Fliers avoid air travel

Here are some thoughts

adamant to vacate their seats. Now it is time to oust them and Modi is the best choice to make the dream come true. — Anandambal Subbu, Khargar

COMMENDABLE LEADER: The country needs someone who could be worthily called a ruthless administrator. Narendra Modi appears to fit the bill leader. Whereas, Rahul Gandhi pitched against Modi, did not taste much success in his entire career and he was under the shadow of his mother Sonia Gandhi. Playing second fiddle, he never came to light and that was an advantage for BJP to forge ahead in General Elections 2014. Even the like-minded AIADMK and TMC leaders J. Jayalalithaa and Mamata Banerjee, respectively, would like to support charismatic leader. Thus, a stiff opposition is formed to upset UPA in the next elections. UPA Government was just cooling their heels with all the scams happening during their rule and still they were seats. All airlines took advantage of this and came out with ridiculous “extra fees and charges” which ultimately jacked up the overall air fares which were beyond the reach of the common man and the upper middle class too. In fact, it’s ridiculous to charge separate//exclusive/ special fare for the seats. Why do you book a ticket to travel by airline? And how are you expected to travel? By standing in the aircraft--like we do in the buses or suburban railways? It’s all money making tactics. The aviation ministry and the apex court should not have come out with such a verdict in favour of the airlines. — S. Krishna Kumar, Dombvili

Thoughts for the young AMONG a billion Indians, 70 per cent consist the young population segment who are vibrant and are awaiting to herald a resurgent India with a promise to excel in different fields. However, there are very few worthy role models for young Indians to emulate and chart their future. Negative impact of western culture and exposure to porn and vulgarity, via the internet poses threat to the corruption of the young minds and the likelihood of our cultural decay. Hence inculcation of virtues and building of character from chilhood are a priority. Our youth can make their future bright as well as that of our country by being alert to imbibe values in their lives. — S. Venkatnarayan, Matunga

Monsoon blues MONSOON creates havoc every year in Navi Mumbai. Authorities will take due notice and ensure that the city is not subjected to the same this year too. While some action has

sad? How bad? Is there nobody gutsy enough in Congress or entire UPA to oppose such dictatorship? Why? — Hansraj Bhat, Borivali



AFTER being named as chairman of the BJP campaign committee for the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi vowed to work for a “Congressfree India”. “Senior leaders have reposed faith in me. We will leave no stone unturned for Congress Mukt Bharat Nirman (Congressfree national development). Thanks for support and blessings,” rightly tweeted Narendra Modi. His vow means a lot in the all-round national interest. For all classes of crores of Indians he wants a corruption-free India, terrorism-free India, inflation-free India and what not. It would have been better if the ‘missing’ stalwarts would have remained present in this vital two-day-meet. There, such presence would have made them taller in the eyes of public. Despite their absence one thing is certain; in BJP there can be change in its president like Nitin Gadkari, Rajnath Singh etc. because of democracy in BJP. But in Congress there is complete hidden dictatorship of the ‘NehruGandhi’ family since 1947. How

AS expected, the BJP has anointed Narendra Modi as the Chairman of the campaign committee for 2014 polls and the public at large strongly feel that the BJP has finally moved ahead in spite of overt intra-party dissensions and did not get bogged down with big names. They were well guided by the dedicated workers of the party and the mood of the public in the country as a whole across the states and languages. Modi is expected to defeat the corrupt and brazen Congress and go on to become the PM and bring meaningful drastic changes on the economy front, stabilisation of power supply to boost MSME industries and employment generation et al, i.e., the basics which could not be handled by the present PM and his council of ministers. The public are exuding optimism this time around because Modi, is capable of giving good governance and hence the same mood would not have prevailed if any other leader had been chosen.

been taken, no permanent or long lasting solution has been forthcoming. Citizens are facing difficulties caused by the condition of roads, street lights, trenches and ditches, garbage disposal, sanitary and hygiene, water scarcity, power cuts etc. This is a recurring phenomenon. Extreme water logging conditions force traffic jams, people are stranded and power supply has to be switched off. Dreadful diseases like leptospirosis, malaria and other water-borne diseases spread freely. Hope the authorities act honestly this year. — Probir Kumar Bose, New Panvel

Question paper leakage INSTITUTE of Chartered Accounts India should have a foolproof sys-

— T.M. Uday Shankar, Mumbai

tem to plug the leakage of question paper just before the exams begin. Regretfully, the question paper is available in open market and the preparation of the students is just for namesake. ICAI is yet another Association caught in the LETTER OF net of paper leaks. Gener- THE DAY ally question papers are handed over to banks and kept under lock and key inside the same room and the chances of leakage was minimised. Over and above wrong question paper used to be distributed in the city of Mumbai, which shows the callous attitude of the Association. Hence, the nationwide exam had to be postponed. Leaking plugs in the system can save time, energy and the stress for the students in future. — C.K. Subramaniam, Sanpada

YPD 2 is just a cruel joke THIS refers to the review ‘Triple Deol’ by Deepa Gahlot of the Deol household’s latest misadventure in the world of films, ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’. If the initial version was awful, this is a cruel joke on the audience which still has many fans of ‘Garam Dharam’. Deol Senior ought to realise that his younger son, Bobby, is a baggage in any filmy troupe and is the weakest link in the Deol gharana. Sunny is a talented actor but unfortunately he has been wasted in this ‘family picnic’ which should have been avoided at all cost. It is intriguing why Dharmendra did not think of utilising the services of his Dream Girl, Hema Malini, who is still as good as ever and tried to make a

MISADVENTURE: If the first version of ‘Yamla Pagla Deewaana’ was appalling, it’s sequel is not far behind. film like ‘Baghbaan’. The film does end with a hint of a Part 3 which is indeed a threat as Gahlot rightly says. — Dr. V. Subramanyan, Thane

Sion hospital goes hi-tech


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


By Shwetha Kannan


n June 10, Mumbai saw one of its busiest BMC run hospital, Sion Hospital take its first step to keep up with the latest technology and state of art equipments in the field of forensics. “This medico-legal complex in the premises of Sion Hospital intends getting all allied branches of forensics under one roof,” said Dr Rajesh Dere, head of the post mortem department at Sion hospital. The equipments that have been sanctioned make this complex the

second of its kind in the country. A similar set up is in Bhopal. This four storied complex which started its first activity of post mortem is spread across 48,000 sq feet of area. It has eight post mortem tables out of which two are for pathological post mortem and four for simple and routine medico legal cases. The remaining two tables are exclusively for medico-legal cases that are of major significance or are sensitive in nature. Dr. Dere also informed that the BMC has sanctioned five operation theatre (OT) lights, a striker autopsy

Names of 3.93 lakh voters may be deleted from rolls N

ames of nearly 3.93 lakh voters whose address could not be verified, will be struck off the rolls if they do not register their presence within a stipulated period. Addressing a news conference here during the weekend Collector P Velrasu gave details of the updating of the electoral rolls for the 24 assembly segments and the process of deletion of names of voters who are not residing at the address mentioned in the rolls. Thane District and election officer has given a ultimatum to voters in Thane to verify their names in the voters list and ensure that they reside in the location stated in the list. A total of 5 per cent of the total 72.44 lakh voters from the electoral rolls are to undergo deletion if they do not confirm their stay in the location within a stipulated period with documentary evidence, Ve-

larasu said. He said that as per the list there are a total of 3,93,409 persons whose name appear in the electoral roll but they are not found to be living in the said location. He said that these issues happen on account of three reasons-- one due to relocation where the voter fails to delete the name in the earlier list, death of the voter and also duplication of names in rolls. He said that maximum of names for deletion come in Bhiwandi constituency as there was large scale migration in the powerloom town and it accounts for one third of the total deletion list prepared. The objections to the deletion list will be accepted till June 24 and the applications will be disposed off thereafter and the final list would be published on July 1, 2013 he said.


saw and portable radiology machine. “The light will be brighter with the OT lights. The striker autopsy saw will help reduce the time taken to chisel out the cranial vault, which now, with the hammer and chisel method takes a minimum of 18 to 20 minutes, to five to seven minutes. The portable X ray will save us the effort of taking the body to the X ray room for conducting an x ray,” said Dr. Dere. While the budget for these requirements has been sanctioned, a proposal for an evidence investigator tool worth ninety five lakhs has

already been given to the BMC. “The evidence investigator tool will help in anti mortem (before death) cases of addictive drugs and poison and also in the post mortem of such cases. This tool gives out post mortem results about the nature of drug consumed within fifteen minutes which otherwise, when sent to Kalina forensic laboratory, take months. In case of anti mortem cases, quick results will help in administering timely medical help. This will reduce the need to send samples to Kalina. Everything can be done here itself,” said

Dr. Dere. The new complex will have air purifiers for hygiene for its staff, waiting rooms for relatives, LCD screens that will display the status of the on going PM for the family if required. “We are trying to bring all aspects of forensics, including DNA testing laboratory, under a single umbrella so that there is no running around to different places. This will happen in phases as and when budget is available and sanctioned,” said Dr. Dere.

Parsi Ambulance & Nursing Divison

The Trustees, Commanders, Officers and Members of St. John Ambulance Brigade, No. 3 Maharashtra District celebrated their 109th Annual Jashan and Prize Distribution function at their headquarters at Lady Willingdon Building, 1, Mahatma Gandhi Road, on Saturday, June 9. Since they render free services to all, irrespective of caste or creed, this organisation runs solely on donations which are exempt under section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. Parsi youngsters are requested to enrol themselves as members to strengthen the orgainisation.

Bookie gets judicial custody, two others freed on bail A

local court today remanded main bookie Ashwin Agarwal alias Tinku Delhi in judicial custody till June 24 in connection with the IPL betting case. The local magistrate’s court also granted bail to two other bookies Kishore Badlani and Paresh Batia. “The court has granted bail to Kishore Badlani and Paresh Batia on the bond of Rs.25,000 each on conditions that are similar to other accused granted bail earlier,” said public prosecutor Kiran Bendbar. Tarun Sharma, the lawyer of Tinku, who also goes by the alias of Tinku Mandi, said that he would argue on his client’s bail application tomorrow. With the court granting bail to Batia and Badlani, the number of accused given the relief so far has reached 14 with the exception of Tinku. Mumbai Crime Branch had arrested 15 bookies in the betting case.

A 76-year-old lady died and four others were injured after a part of ‘Altaf’ building collapsed on Cadelle Road in Mahim on Monday evening. The deceased was identified as Zaibunissa (76). The victims were rushed to KEM and Sion hospitals. While going to press, Fire Brigade personnel were still removing rubble of the collapsed part of the building.

Health&Fitness pg 16-17 See if your daily habits are harming your heart

pg 19 We tell you why you may not recognise the signs of drowning


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>> Keep yourself protected during the rain with our monsoon suggestions and tips

It’s safe to say that the monsoon has arrived! And in order to breeze through this mucky weather, Priyanka Singh & Dev Goswami bring you tips on how to prepare yourself and your surroundings for the rainy season


t’s already raining cats and dogs and while we are thankful for the first showers because of the much-needed respite that it has brought us from the heat, we’re sure that in a few weeks we’ll find ourselves cursing our leaking roofs, mouldy walls, tangled hair, drenched clothes and upturned umbrellas. So, before the monsoon arrives in its full glory, make sure that you have taken care of aspects that all the dripping and dampness can affect. Here’s a basic monsoon to-do list.

All About you Here’s a list of what you need to take care of during monsoon:


Skin care

Take care of your skin according to your skin type. Two aspects that are common for all types of skin during monsoon is using a sunscreen with SPF 30 before stepping out and ladies, if you are going to apply makeup, make sure it’s waterproof. For oily skin: Even though summer is almost over, the humidity is still high. If you have oily skin, use a lightweight moisturiser after showering and apply a gel-based sunscreen before heading outdoors. Scrub your face with a natural exfoliator weekly and use an alcohol-free toner before going to bed. Dry skin: Your skin might get flaky and itchy in this season. To comfort this, use an intense moisturising

And it’s rAining! % 0& ' ! &'%




"(' ! !' % &' ! "% ' "! "% # ",


Continued on pg 14 «



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"(' % %! &




"!, (!' "# !(& *"% & ! "'& "% .


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Continued from pg 13 « lotion for your body and a similar sunscreen. Cleanse your skin with a creamy cleanser. combination skin: Combination skin is a mix of dry and oily skin and if this is your skin type, you’re likely to have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Use a non-soapy face wash and moisturise the dry areas of your face with a gentle moisturising lotion. Scrub your skin once a week and apply a gel-based sunscreen. Women should try to use mineral makeup if possible.

care for your clothes Here, we tell you what to wear and how to take care of your attire during the monsoon. l Cotton is your best bet for the monsoon as it dries fast. Avoid heavy fabrics such as silk and jute. l Push flowing skirts, trousers and pajamas to the back of your wardrobe. Bring out your skirts, shorts and capris. l If you have to wear formal trousers to work, they might get stained. Brush them with water and detergent before washing them. l Avoid wearing denims for obvious reasons. l Clothes tend to stink in monsoon because of humidity. Add scented water (such as lavender water) and soak your clothes for a few hours. Fragrant detergents also work well.

things to buy during monsoon

l A wide umbrella, raincoat or windcheater.

l Plastic cases for your gadgets.

l Waterproof bags.

l Monsoon footwear. l Avoid white. It will not only be very difficult to

remove stains from light coloured clothes, but it’ll also get transparent if you get drenched. Try to wear dark coloured clothes. l Avoid tight-fitting clothes as they’ll get even more clingy and uncomfortable when wet.

shoes Avoid leather and suede as they get spoilt easily when exposed to water and humidity. l Don’t wear water absorbing footwear. Opt for open sandals instead. l Dry your shoes after you come indoors by placing them under a fan. l Use wax shoe polish instead of the roll-ons during the monsoon as it repels the water and prevents shoe damage. l Don’t avoid wearing socks. They act as a barrier between your skin and wet shoes. l

accessories care l Don’t choose metallic or wooden accessories.

They get spoilt easily and lose their sheen. Opt for plastic accessories instead.

the problem. Keep in mind that this isn’t the time to carry out big repairs, so make do with temporary repairs. However, once monsoon ends, ensure that you get the needed repairs done. stagnant water: See to it that there is no stagnant water in your house to keep you safe from diseases such as malaria and dengue. We know you’ll take care of the usual culprits such as your bathroom and kitchen sink, but also pay attention to your plants as they are one of the biggest and most ignored areas. Shift your plants outdoors or to your window, stop watering and drain out excess water daily. Windows: Water can seep through the slightest crack and so, it is a good idea to seal your windows regardless of whether you faced a problem last year or not. There are inexpensive l Wrap leather bags in paper and put them products (such as Dr. Fixit) which can help seal away for the season. your window panes effectively. l Use elbow-length bags that are waterproof, boil water: The likelihood of you drinking and can be shut completely. Bags that go contaminated water during the monsoon is beyond the elbow get wet much more. high. So, ensure that you boil drinking water l Never wear wet shoes continuously. Damp and keep you and your family safe. shoes tend to breed fungus and bacteria that carpet care: The monsoon isn’t the right season to display your expensive Persian rugs. can feast on your feet and cause infections. l Avoid flip flops. The rapid flip flop motion If you do that, the humidity will ensure that created by them causes the mud to shoot you aren’t able to do it ever again. So, roll them up and pack them in a plastic sheet to keep upwards, thus, leading to stains. them safe from damage. hair care curtain call: Remove dark curtains and replace Turn to page 20 for a complete guide on hair them with translucent ones to ensure that you care during monsoon. get privacy, natural light and at the same time, avoid a dull, gloomy home. your home document check: You might think that your documents are safe in your safe, but it never From water seeping in through the windows to hurts to be sure. Get zip-lock bags and store all walls getting damp due to faulty plumbing, important documents in them. Even if they are there are a number of ways the rains can affect normally safe from water, this will ensure that your home. And, the results aren’t just limited the paper doesn’t get damaged due to the aesthetic appeal of your house. Damp to humidity. walls can increase humidity, damp furniture is safe wiring: If your house is more than a breeding ground for termites and stagnant 10-years-old and you’ve never got your water results in mosquitoes… all of which can electrical wiring changed or examined, get an affect your health. To ensure that doesn’t electrician to examine your wiring and ask for his recommendation with regards to happen, keep the following tips in mind: Pay attention to your walls: Since the monsoon. monsoon hasn’t started in full-swing, now electronics: There is not much we can say for would be the right time to see if water is your phones, except the obvious — keep them seeping into your walls. Check your walls away from water by using waterproof bags. As especially after a heavy shower. If you see far as your televisions and PCs are concerned, damp areas on your walls, get a plumber or a use a spike guard as it will protect them from construction expert to check it out. You may fluctuations in power supply. Also, ensure that also need to talk with your neighbours about they’re not placed too close to a wall.

vehicle care during monsoon

l Take precautions to rule out skidding. l Replace cracked tyres, check air pressure and make

sure the wheels are properly balanced and aligned. This will prevent you car from skidding on a wet road. l Check the brakes. Make sure that your car brakes are well-oiled and are working properly.

driving & riding during monsoon

It might be a fun idea to drive or ride during the rains, but if you don’t know how to do so, it can lead to accidents and fatalities. The roads are slippery during the rains and so, you need to be extra cautious. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

more distance: The distance between you and the vehicle in front of you depends on the speed you’re at. However, the distance during the rains should be the double of what you would normally maintain. It will give you more time and space for braking. how to brake: This is one mostly for bikers. While you usually use the front brake more than the back brake, you need to do the opposite during the rains. This will ensure that your bike doesn’t skid (don’t ask why; it’s complicated physics). Warm your brake pads: The

biggest reason breaking during monsoon is hard is because your brake-pads have water on them. Your tyres are actually designed to function well during the monsoon and provide enough friction. Warm your brake pads by pressing the brakes slightly every few minutes while driving.

slow down: Do we even need to say this? Driving fast when it’s raining is a strict no-no. be considerate: If you have a car,

then remember that you’re the privileged one during the rains — you have a roof over your head and wipers that keep your vision clear. So, be considerate to pedestrians and bikers who don’t have those benefits. Don’t curse or rush them and try to give them as much as space as possible. Not only is it the polite thing to do, it will also prevent accidents.

l Steer clear of rust and corrosion. Your car’s metal frame protects the internal components from moisture. So, keep it clean and scratch-free to avoid corrosion. l Check your vehicle’s headlights and tail lights. Ensure that these are working properly as during a heavy downpour, visibility is poor.

get yourselF ready These products will help protect you and your belongings from the rains airy Feet

Smelly feet are one of the biggest problems during the monsoon. That’s why you need to buy floaters like this pair from Mochi. Price `3,000 Where Mochi outlets

monsoon doesn’t mean drab

Don’t get out your old beatup bag for the monsoon. Pick up this one instead. Price `1,999 Where Pepe Jeans London outlets

deeP Pockets

For your Precious Phone

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Afternoon Despatch & Courier  MUMBAI

| TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013




Afternoon Despatch & Courier


We mean shampoo! So, do you really need to use it every time you wash your hair? Glynda Alves recommends you find out by taking this quick quiz

Should you ditch the poo? 1 Watching tv Spending too much time in front of the TV will make you 80% more likely to suffer from heart and artery disease. Even if you’re of a healthy weight, eat right and exercise regularly, spending long periods of time in front of the TV (or computer) has an unhealthy influence on your blood sugar levels and blood fats.

Do you have curly hair? a. Yes. b. No. Is your hair dry? a. Yes. b. No. >> If your hair is curly and dry, using a shampoo regularly will make it more rough

Being depressed Being stressed, hostile and depressed definitely gets you down, but more importantly, it takes a toll on your heart. If you leave these feelings unchecked for too long without getting help, laughing more and getting social support, you’re in more danger of developing a heart disease.

2 salty snacks We all crave salty snacks at some time or the other during the day, but you’d do well avoiding them. Eating chips or salted nuts (which seem healthy, but really are not) can often increase your sodium intake, leading to high blood pressure and heart disease.



Do you exercise daily? a. No. b. Yes.

Does your hair feel rough after you wash it? a. Yes. b. No. Do you need to use conditioner to get manageable hair? a. Yes. b. No.

mostly as Since your hair is curly and dry, not using shampoo will actually benefit your locks. Using just conditioner is enough to clean your hair and you’ll be surprised at the difference. However, if the thought of giving up shampoo is unappealing to you, dilute a little apple cider vinegar (two tbsp in a bottle of water) and cleanse your hair with that. You’ll be surprised at the condition of your hair after you skip the chemical shampoo. mostly Bs You have typically oily hair and you need a good wash to help you get rid of the excess oil. However, if shampoo feels too harsh for you, there are many natural alternatives you can use such as baking powder or apple cider vinegar. Also, since you exercise often, you need to make sure your scalp stays sweat free, so shampoo at least once a week.

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Monster month >> There is a high possibility that your unhealthy habits are aggravating your PMS symptoms. Take this quiz to find out


eople are scurrying out of your way to avoid your wrath, tissue boxes magically line themselves up wherever you’re sitting and you can smell chocolate and greasy burgers at every corner. Does every month have at least a week when your legs feel like jelly, your stomach is tight and uncomfortable, your lower back hurts and you feel like curling up under the covers? Say hello to the PMS monster as it rears its ugly head. But, is life really unfair, month after month, or is there something you are doing to welcome the aches and pains into your life? Take this quiz and find out.

10 wayS to Stop harming your


Is that time of the month a terrible time for you and those around you? If you suffer from aggravated PMS symptoms, Rhea Dhanbhoora suggests you take this quiz to find out if you’re encouraging it


avoiding fruits Eat your fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to cut out the other food items you love, but try to eat at least one fruit every day (although more is recommended) and incorporate some vegetables into all your meals.

Do you eat a lot of chocolate to make you ‘feel better’ when you’re PMSing? a. Yes. b. No. Do you procrastinate starting a daily exercise regime? a. Yes. b. No.

Chief scientist and managing director of DSK Nutrition, Sharad Kasarle gives Rhea Dhanbhoora a quick lesson in heart care as he informs her about the activities that can harm your ticker

Do you spend all day indoors, away from the sun? a. Yes. b. No. Do you bottle up your tears because you think

overeating Do you emotionally eat or do you just find it hard to resist a good treat? Try to control your eating to control your heart. Cut your portion sizes down and stay away from low-fat foods — just eat whole, natural foods and eat sensibly instead of trying to avoid food or going on extreme diets.

5 ignoring your teeth There is a really strong link between gum disease and heart health, so remember to floss, brush and go for dental checkups regularly. The buildup of plaque or badly maintained teeth lead to gum diseases, which can damage your blood vessels. snoring Snoring is a problem that can harm your heart, so don’t ignore it. People who snore are more prone to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Several people in India suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which places us more at risk. If you wake up feeling tired and know that you snore, consult your doctor.


Do you forget to drink water because you’re afraid of water retention making you look fat? a. Yes. b. No. Do you try to keep yourself busy to distract yourself from the symptoms? a. Yes. b. No. Are your meal times erratic? a. Yes. b. No.

keep the monster at Bay don’t Ban your cravings: Indulging in all your cravings is not good, especially since you’ll crave everything that’s bad for you during this time. Going cold turkey will only make you feel unsatisfied and frustrated. Limit yourself to small treats instead, so that you can indulge your cravings, without going overboard.


too many drinks This doesn’t come as a surprise, does it? While a small amount of alcohol is good for your heart, binge drinking sessions are not. Not to mention the weight gain with all the extra calories.


crying is weak? a. Yes. b. No.

drink more Water: It really helps! Water will help relieve the physical symptoms of PMS as well as keep hunger and nausea at bay if they strike.

8 Being alone We know that sometimes being alone can actually help you feel calm when the world’s weighing you down. But, being alone all the time is very bad for your health. The stronger your connection with your family, friends and society is, the happier you and your heart are going to be.

smoking You’ll kill your lungs, but it’s also a disaster for your heart, as it promotes blood clots that can block the blood flow to your heart. If you’ve been a smoker, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check.


cry it out: We’re not saying turn on the waterworks every five minutes — we know how tempting it is to do that. But, don’t bottle it all in or you’ll end up feeling a hundred times worse. Have a good cry and you’ll feel better. laugh it off: Avoid any stressful situation that comes up during this period. Surround yourself with people that make you happy. It’s a good idea to cut out negative people altogether to have a happier life in general, but it’s

very important not to feel bad about yourself during this time of the month. take it easy: Don’t do anything too stressful. If you have a stressful job that leaves you with no choice, make room for some me-time, even if that means your family and friends have to take a backseat. Pamper yourself, rest, relax or sleep and you’ll feel a lot better. don’t make it a secret: It’s not taboo, so don’t act like it is. Chances are, you know when you’re experiencing PMS and it’s only fair that you tell people

around you what’s happening. They can help you feel better instead of feeling confused about why you’re blowing up at them. dress to impress: To impress yourself, we mean. Dress good to feel good, especially when you’re feeling frumpy, full or cramps, aches, pains and tears. Make yourself feel special by looking smashing. spend time With girls: Have you had this burning desire to scream at all the men in your life because, of course, they’re part of your problem? It’s a common PMS symptom. Spending time with your girlfriends can make it better. exercise: It releases happy endorphins. You’ll feel less like crying and more like smiling. eat right: Avoid fatty foods, too much sugar and caffeine and also stop smoking and drinking if you do. You’ll see changes immediately, if not in your mood, in the physical symptoms without a doubt.

mostly as Your habits need to change in order for you to be calmer and in less pain when you’re nearing that time of the month. You probably find yourself wanting to cry all the time, feel tired and crave salty, spicy and sweet foods. Read our tips on the left to find out what you’re doing wrong. mostly Bs You seem to be on the right track and your PMS isn’t that bad. If you’re still experiencing very painful PMS with terrible mood swings, visit your doctor because your habits indicate that your months should pass by smoother.


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Making sure your children are safe when they’re in the water is extremely important. Rhea Dhanbhoora tells you what you may not know about the unexaggerated symptoms of drowning




hanks to television, your brain has been wired to believe that when people are drowning, they’ll be screaming, shouting and flailing their arms in the air. So, if someone around you is about to drown, there’s no way you’ll miss it, right? Wrong! People who drown are actually unable to call out for help and it can all happen so quickly and silently, that you won’t even realise until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important, not only to watch your children closely when they’re in the water, but also to learn to recognise the signs of drowning so that you can react in time.

HOw TV IS lYINg TO YOU? So, why don’t people drown like they do on your television set? In rare circumstances, people might be able to call out for help. But usually, you can’t be struggling to breathe (which is what happens when you drown) and scream out at the same time. People who are drowning don’t have their mouths above the water for long enough to be able to breathe as well as call for help. But, they can still wave out, right? If they could voluntarily control their arm movements, they would not be drowning. So, don’t expect them to be able to move towards you or ‘grab hold of that rock!’ as TV and the movies would have you believe. However, if you do see someone thrashing about in the water, don’t ignore them. There’s something known as aquatic distress that they may be suffering from, which causes them to flail about in the water and feel as though they’re drowning. While you should help anyone you see in such a situation, these people can usually aid their own rescue.

>> Make sure that small children wear floats, even in shallow pools

wATcH OUT! When you’re in the water next, watch out for these signs: l If someone’s head is under water more than it is over it or even if they are bobbing in the water with their mouth at water level. l If their head is tilted back, with their mouth open. l Even if they are above the water, if their eyes are glassy and they are not able to focus, you need to take action. l If their legs are not moving at all or they seem to be awkwardly vertically positioned in the water and their eyes are closed. l If they look like they’re swimming, but they’re not moving forward or if they look like they’re climbing stairs or a ladder. l Hyperventilating and gasping are also common signs.

KEEp YOUR cHIlDREN SAfE Drowning can occur in less than five minutes, so you need to watch like a hawk when you’re watching your children in the water. Here are a few tips to keep them safe: l Make sure your children get swimming lessons early, even if they aren’t going to swim all the time. Good swimmers can drown too, but it’s always best to take extra care. l Make small children (even if they can float on their own) wear floats even in shallow pools. l Avoid swimming in natural bodies, and if you’re near the sea, always hold their hand or make sure they’re close to you. Never go beyond waist deep water. l Keep emergency equipment handy along with first aid kits, just in case. l Don’t let your children play near hot tubs or drains, because hair and body parts can get trapped by the suction. Make sure the pool is child-friendly before they step in.

« KNOW MORE: CLENCH YOUR FIST TO REMEMBER A recent study found that clenching your fists may help improve your memory. Priyanka Singh finds out more Clench your right fist while receiving a piece of information and to recall it, clench your left. If you’re left handed then follow the instructions vice versa. When we first came across this piece of information, we clearly thought that it was a superhuman power of a fictitious character. But, dear readers, it’s a reality even for us mere mortals if a recent study is to be believed. We bring forth the details on the study and its conclusions.


The research was conducted last month by a team of experts from Montclair State University. The team wanted to observe in what manner clenching your hands could impact your memory and recall. For this, they brought together 51 right-handed participants and asked them to memorise 72 words. Randomly, the participants were assigned into

five groups: The first group clenched their right fist for about 90 seconds right before memorising the list and did the same while recalling it. l The second group clenched their left fist before memorising and the same while recalling. l The third group clenched their right fist prior to memorising and clenched the left before recalling. l The fourth clenched their left fist before memorising and the right before recalling. l The fifth didn’t clench their fists. l

THE OBSERVATION Results clearly stated that participants clenched their right fist when memorising the list and then clenched the left when recollecting the words performed better than all the other hand clenching groups.


The researchers think clenching a fist activates specific brain regions that are associated with memory processing. Right hand clenching activates the left hemisphere of the brain, while left hand clenching activates the right hemisphere. For example, in the right-handed people, the left side of their brain is responsible for encoding information and right to recall it. If you are left-handed, it’s the opposite. After the study was published, the lead scientist of the study said that while this one was just restricted to words, future research will examine whether hand clenching can also improve other mental processes; for example, memories, visual stimuli, spatial tasks and a range of other activities. However, a lot of additional research will be necessary to discover these.



>> Since the weather is switching between blue skies and gloomy clouds, you should be taking extra care of your health to avoid falling ill


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

« KNOW MORE: FREE HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY The Lodha group, along with Dr. Chaitali Shah, have introduced a social initiative to provide medical aid to the residents of Geeta Nagar slums. Dev Goswami tells you more...

Everyone knows that change is the only constant and that change is good. But, when it comes to the weather, frequent changes can be damaging for your health. Dev Goswami tells you more about it

Rain or shine? J

ust last week, it rained for a couple of days falling sick. So, for the next few weeks keep your and what happened after that? The workout at a level that you know your body can temperature was back to its sweltering self. manage, regardless of the weather. While you might be relieved that you got some respite from the deadly heat, sprucE up your diEt when it comes to your health, these weather Following a balanced diet when the weather fluctuations don’t bode so well. Just like changes is important. Your body has the ability constantly moving from an air-conditioned to keep you safe from the fluctuating environment to the sunny outdoors can harm temperature, but you need to ensure that you you during summer, the same principle applies give it the necessary nutrients. Try and include here as well. And since you can’t do anything a lot of foods that are rich in vitamin C (leafy about the weather, we bring you a few tips that greens, broccoli, cauliflower and oranges are great options) as the vitamin is a natural and you should keep in mind. powerful preventive measure against colds. tonE down your workout Also, even though the temperature might dip, it If the temperate drops a few degrees, you might is important that you drink enough water. be able to run another lap or add a few reps to your sets. However, if the climate suddenly becomes hot, you run the risk of exhausting yourself or dehydrating your body. The latter is ExpErt spEak particularly dangerous as it can result in you General physician, Dr. Pradip Shah,from Fortis Hospital, tells us that the reason we are likely to fall ill when the weather changes is because the mucosal barrier (the body’s first line of defense against germs, bacteria and viruses), gets broken by fluctuating temperatures. While there are few things you can do to stay safe, he tells us that drinking a lot of water is one of your best bets as it will flush out toxins. He adds, “It is also important to avoid eating stale food or leftovers as the humidity can lead to the food becoming unsafe for consumption. Always eat fresh food and maintain your overall health, as that will ensure that you stay safe during weather changes.”

HErbal tEa Just like vitamin C will help you when the weather changes, herbal tea will help you in case you do fall sick and it can also relieve the symptoms. Herbal tea detoxifies your body and keeps it ready to face the onslaught of the weather.

bE prEparEd Keeping yourself prepared to face any kind of weather can go a long way in keeping you healthy. If you suffer from conditions such as asthma, you should definitely visit your doctor, as the weather change can worsen your symptoms. There might not be much you can do, but there is a chance that your doctor will prescribe preventive medication. The same tip should be followed by those who are prone to allergic reactions. Weather changes are known to trigger allergic reactions and there might be pills that can help you prevent them. Apart from that, it would be best to always wear a windcheater when you step out. It will ensure that if it suddenly starts raining, your body doesn’t have to bear the brunt.

Most of our city’s infrastructure and services might be becoming state-of-the-art, albeit at a snail’s pace. But, it is a wellknown and very unfortunate fact that when it comes to providing medical access to the poor, we still have a long way to go. From not being able to afford medical expenses, to residing so far away that going to a medical facility is an inconvenience, there are a variety of reasons that people, such as those who reside in the Geeta Nagar slums near Navy Nagar, are unable to receive proper medical attention. That’s why we were very happy to hear that Dr. Chaitali Shah, a consultant at Lifecare Wellness Centre in Tardeo, with the help of the Lodha group has launched a social-medical initiative.

tHE initiativE

The initiative aims to provide the residents of Geeta Nagar slums with basic medical checkups, homeopathic treatments as well as creating awareness regarding health care. The best part about the project is that it is not just limited to the medical aspect. The initiative will also be giving counselling to children, youth and parents about the variety of social issues that prevail in the area. The homeopathic dispensary is open twice a week (every Wednesday and Saturday) and is in its nascent stage.

tHE sErvicEs

Some of the services provided by this initiative include screening for conditions such as tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, hypertension and HIV, clinics for child health, workshops for cancer awareness, family planning and addiction/ substance abuse, as well as alternative therapies such as art, music and dance. We, at Health & Fitness, were delighted to hear about this initiative and feel that projects such as these are exactly what’s needed to combat a range of issues that aren’t just limited to medicine. The clinic was started on May 22 and we hope that it proves to be a massive success.


Afternoon Despatch & Courier


Images: Shutterstock



BarBara, our Beauty expert, WiLL heLp fix your proBLems

Dear Barbara, I use a leave-in conditioner regularly and it has been making my scalp itch. I get relief only when I shampoo my hair. I don’t want to stop using a leave-in conditioner, but the itchy scalp is a huge problem. Please tell me what I can do to deal with it. — ridhi talwar, Goregaon Dear ridhi, Either the conditioner you’re using doesn’t suit your skin or you aren’t applying the leave-in conditioner properly. First of all, check the conditioner’s list of ingredients. It is possible that there might be something in there that you’re allergic to. If you can’t find anything, it would still be a good idea to change the brand of the conditioner. However, before you do that, ensure that you are applying the conditioner properly. You need to apply the conditioner only to your hair — from the roots to the tip. You must ensure that the conditioner does not get applied on your scalp as that could lead an itchy scalp. >> If you use leave-in conditioner, it is important that you know how to apply it

Dear Barbara, I work at the customer desk of a major airline and my job requires me to look perfect at all times. And that means that I have to wear makeup. My problem is that my makeup doesn’t stay on for the entire day and I’d really like it to. I don’t want to use heavy-duty products and harm my skin. What can I do to ensure my makeup lasts all day? — aastha chugh, colaba Dear aastha, Start by investing in good, long lasting products. When it comes to applying makeup, never miss out on a moisturiser (according to your skin type) to ensure that your skin is safe and nourished. You could also opt for moisturisers that come with an SPF protection. The trick to making makeup last all day is using a primer, so invest in one. Opt for a cream blush over a powder one as it will last longer. Similarly, matte lipsticks will last longer than the glossy ones. Also, use water-proof mascara as it will ensure that the humidity and the resultant sweat don’t spoil your makeup.

>> As long as you keep your hair safe and dry, you won’t need to stop yourself from enjoying the rains

COVER UP W While the idea of getting soaked in the rain is enticing, refrain from doing so because it can damage your hair. Since the monsoon is here, Priyanka Singh gives you hair tips for the season

e have experienced the first spell of showers in the city and that means that the monsoon is not far away. While getting ourselves and our homes monsoon ready, we often neglect our hair. But, it’s a known fact that rain can wreck havoc for your locks. It order to ease your hair woes this monsoon, Dr. Apoorva Shah, founder of Richfeel Hair and Scalp Clinic, shares his monsoon hair care tips with us.

manage during the monsoon. However, don’t forget that it’s important to ensure that your scalp is clean and make sure to condition your hair properly. Long hair: Long hair needs regular detangling. Wet hair knots quickly and leads to breakage. Use a wooden, wide-toothed comb with blunt ends. Avoid using rubber or plastic combs, as they can damage your hair due to static. Post wash, towel-dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer.

What’s your type?

GeNeraL hair care for moNsooN

You need to care for your hair depending on its type and length. Normal hair: Hair care for normal hair, according to Dr. Apoorva, is non-fussy. However, make sure your hair regime includes oiling, cleaning and conditioning. A balanced diet with fruits, nutrient rich foods and lots of water is also important. Dry hair: If you have dry hair, you will experience split ends, tangling and breakage problems during the monsoon. Using electric curlers and irons can aggravate the problem. So, reduce the frequency of shampooing. Condition with an intensive conditioner, use leave-in conditioners and drink coconut water regularly. oily hair: Oily hair has excess oil on the scalp area due to oily skin, but it is dry at the ends. It needs regular washing, so a mild shampoo is recommended. During the monsoon, condition hair and focus on the ends rather than the roots to keep the oil in check. short hair: Short hair is the easiest to

Dr. Apoorva shares some basic hair care tips that you must follow during this season: • Though short hair is easier to maintain during the rains, select a hairstyle than can bounce back into place easily after getting wet. Avoid hairstyles that require your hair to be straightened, crimped or curled since the high levels of humidity in the air will make your hair go limp. • Try not to use hair sprays and gels as the lacquers and gums can stick to your scalp, causing dandruff. • No matter how much you try to keep your head dry, a heavy shower is sure to leave you drenched. Drying your hair properly minimises the damage. While drying your hair with a towel, avoid rough back and forth motions. • Do not leave your hair wet or tie it while it is still wet as this could cause dandruff. • Always cover your head with a raincoat or an umbrella.

© Courier Publications Private Limited. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any manner, electronic or otherwise, in whole or in part, without prior written permission is prohibited.

Afternoon Despatch & Courier  MUMBAI

| TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013



Afternoon Despatch & Courier




"We are undergoing period of volatility (in rupee)... Obviously in the government, we don't like to see volatility... This could be temporary phenomenon,"

— Raghuram Rajan, Chief Economic Advisor, indicating that the government does not have in mind any specific level at which the rupee should be

India Second-Most Risk Prone Country For Data Centre Operations By A Business Reporter

which ranked the lowest,” the survey said. The ‘Data Centre Risk Index ndia, considered a world leader in providing outsourcing solu- 2013’ identifies risks likely to affect tions, is the second-most risk the successful operation of data prone location globally for hosting centre facilities in the 30 most imdata centre operations, a survey by portant global markets. While global consultancy firm Cushman India ranked high on parameters like cost of labour (rank 4) and sus& Wakefield said. According to Data enter Risk tainability (rank 6), it ranked modIndex 2013 survey, released by erately on the parameters of Cushman & Wakefield in associa- political stability (rank 13) and tion with Hurleypalmerflatt and global bandwidth (rank 16), it Source8, India fared poorly in cru- added. India, which has a over USD 100 cial indicators like energy costs, billion IT and ITeS industry, failed ease of doing business, etc. The survey put Brazil as the to score high on crucial parameriskiest nation for hosting data ters with higher weightage in the centre operations. “India, which survey. “India scored low on key has been the world leader in mass factors like energy cost (rank 25) IT processes with presence of most and ease of doing business (rank major IT and ITeS companies, has 30). Other factors where India lags for the sec- behind are natural disasters (rank ond year, 28), energy security (rank 28), corremained at poration tax (rank 28) and educathe bottom tion level (rank 28),” the survey of the list of added. The US maintains its place at preferred Data Centre the top of the survey and is conL o c a t i o n , sidered the lowest-risk location for b e a t i n g building and operating a data cenonly Brazil tre globally.


Indecisiveness Prevails…

NSE India: CNX Nifty — Daily Market Report for: Tuesday (June 11, 2013) (Based on the activity of the previous trading day) by Dominic Rebello

PEVIEW OF THE PREVIOUS DAY: The Nifty fell marginally on Monday (June 10, 2013) a net 3.00 points (0.05%) and closed at the 5878 point level. The market opened up with a gap at the 5907 points level on positive global cues. It then rose further and registered the day’s high at the 5931 points level at 9.18 a.m. The index then declined and turned into a range bound movement until 2.38 p.m. It then declined sharply into the red and registered the day’s low at the 5857 points level at 2.48 p.m. The index then rose and turned into a range bound movement to close the day on a flat note. The Nifty witnessed a volatile session and moved in a range of 74 points. Sentiment turned bearish in the last half an hour of the session and amongst the 50 Nifty stocks 31 were losers, while 19 were gainers. Buying was seen in technology, FMCG and oil & gas stocks, while substantial selling was witnessed in consumer durables, realty and banking stocks.

Support Levels: For short-term traders the immediate main support is at the 5867 points level. The next support is at the 5673 points level. Resistance Levels The immediate main resistance is at the 6156 points level. The next resistance is at the 6223 points level.

Pivot Point Analysis: For intra-day traders the support and resistance levels are calculated according to the pivot point theory and are: Pivot point = 5889 (This is the level where the trend is likely to change during intra-day). Support (1) = 5846. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Support (2) = 5815. Volume: Volume (Qty shares) increased 4.11%. This change Resistance (1) = 5921. is small and indicates a moderate participation by Resistance (2) = 5963. investors. Market Breadth: Overall Market Breadth on the NSE was negative. Amongst all the traded stocks, 443 were gainers, 952 were losers and 59 remained unchanged.

Slow Stochastic Indicator: The Slow Stochastic Oscillator is in the over-sold zone. The Slow K line in the Stochastic Oscillator has dropped below the slow D line (negative and a sell signal). RSI Indicator: The RSI is above the 40 level and is now turned flat (positive if it rises).

MACD Indicator: The MACD is below zero and is declining (negative if it continues). It is below its 9-day Average (negative). ADX Indicator & DI Lines: The +DI line is below the –DI line and both lines are diverging (negative if it continues). The ADX is falling while the Market Index is flat. No signal here.

OUTLOOK FOR TODAY: On Japanese candlestick patterns the index has formed a fif th consecutive doji pattern. This indicates that the indecisiveness amongst investors continues. The next candle formation will confirm whether the bias is towards the buy or sell side of the market. However, the index is below the 5, 15 and 25 day’s moving averages, and all the three moving averages are declining and also negatively trended. Fur ther, the ve locity parameters too indic ate weakness. Both these indicate a negative bias and the possibility of a f ur ther decline unfolding. Investors are advise d to avoid buying at present levels. Work with strict stop losses on all positions

Moving Averages (Trend Indicators) The index: Is below its 5-day average (at 5904) Negative. Is below its 15-day average (at 6002) Negative. Is below its 25-day average (at 6039) Negative. Is above its 200-day average (at 5792) Positive.

Overall Market Strength/Weakness: The indicators and oscillators discussed here are indicating a weak market but with a neutral bias.

Disclaimer: Investment recommendations made in ‘ADC’ are for information purposes only and derived from sources that are deemed to be reliable but their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. ‘ADC’ or the analyst/writer does not accept any liability for the use of this column for the buying or selling of securities. Readers of this newspaper who buy or sell securities based on the information in this newspaper are solely responsible for their actions. ‘ADC’ and/or its affiliates and/or employees and/or the author, his company or his acquaintances may have interests/ positions, financial or otherwise in the securities mentioned in this newspaper.

BROKERAGE RECOMMENDATIONS Sushil Finance calls a ‘Buy’ on PTC CMP: Rs. 55 Target Rs. 74

Outlook & Valuation: PTC has reported decent set of numbers for the quarter ended March’13 which is in-line with our expectations. Gradual economic recovery coupled with strong pipeline of long-term PPA’s provides visibility of healthy volume growth going ahead. Moreover, better performance by tolling biz (Meenakshi getting operational in Q1FY14) in FY14 is likely to further enhance the profitability of the Company. Increasing government initiatives to revive power segment coupled with gradual repayment of dues from TNEB & UPPCL has further mitigated the concerns over recovery of outstanding dues. Hence, considering the growth potential, we recommend ‘BUY’ on stock with a price target of Rs. 74 based on the SOTP methodology.

Prabhudas Lilladher calls a ‘Buy’ on Britannia Ind. CMP: Rs. 690 Target Rs. 812

We are revising FY14 and FY15 EPS estimates for Britannia Industries (BRIT) by 12% and target price to Rs812 (SOTP). This follows 280bps margin expansion to 8.8% in Q4FY13, a 4-year high margin in any quarter. Although BRIT’s margins have remained volatile in the past, we believe that favourable input costs, focus on higher margin segments and more rational competition will enable 130bps margin expansion over FY13-15 and provide 28% PAT CAGR. 45-50% P/E discount (FY15 Consol EPS) to Nestle (NEST) and GSK Consumer (GSK), despite 55% ROCE and 39.4% ROE, limits downside in the stock. Maintain ‘BUY’, Q4 margins highest since Q4FY09; Input costs remain favourable: BRIT reported 280bps EBITDA margin expansion in Q4FY13 (highest since Q4FY09) led by operating leverage and benign input cost environment. Input costs remain favourable as Sugar prices are down 16% from peak, Palm oil prices are lower by 25% and Wheat prices by 6%. Revising estimates by 12-13%; Maintain ‘BUY’ with a target of Rs 812: We are revising FY14 and FY15 estimates by 12-12.5% which factors in 80bps margin expansion in FY14 to 7.4% and 50bps in FY15 to 7.9%. We estimate 28.5% PAT CAGR over FY13-15. We value the stock at Rs 812 based on 23xFY15 standalone EPS and 1xFY15 EV/sales for subsidiaries. The stock would trade at 22.8xFY15 consolidated earnings and 25x FY15 on standalone EPS at our target price.

Afternoon Despatch & Courier


India’s Investor Unfriendly Moves Affecting Foreign Companies, says Moody’s NEWS FLASH


Rupee sinks to 58 against dollar, hits all-time low.  Gold prices recover by Rs 100 to Rs 28,100 per 10 grams; silver prices gain Rs 185 to Rs 43,785 per kg on global cues.  L&T Construction Secures Rs 6700 Crore Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Project.  ONGC, RIL to get higher revenues on falling rupee.

By A Business Reporter

of foreign funds to buy farmland in India. The allegations, says his latest development in Moody’s is a credit negative for India is a reminder of the Dubai’s Emaar, which has a 49% risks and uncertainties of ownership interest in Emaar MGF investing in emerging markets, even and is also a creditor to the Indian those with positive fundamentals, at- company. The India Enforcement Directractive growth prospects and a rising middle class. India’s allegation torate allegations, believes Moody’s, against Emaar is also the latest action creates uncertainty around a $1.4 bilin a string of investor-unfriendly lion investment in India. Emaar’s exmoves there that have negatively af- posure includes an investment book fected foreign companies” says value of $650 million and an outstanding shareholder loan of $750 Moody’s Research. Incidentally, last Tuesday, the Wall million to Emaar MGF. In the worst-case scenario, the InSt. Journal and Reuters reported that the Indian government alleged that dian government could revoke Emaar MGF Land Ltd, a joint venture Emaar MGF’s license and introduce between Dubai’s Emaar Properties penalties worth the total amount of PJSC and India’s MGF Development foreign funds invested, effectively Ltd (unrated), violated foreign forcing Emaar to write off its investexchange rules by using $1.5 billion ment. Similar allegations were made


several years back, according to the 2010 draft IPO prospectus filed by Emaar MGF with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The prospectus stated that the company had received the necessary clarifications from India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry regarding the acquisition of agricultural land. This suggests that a near-term resolution is unlikely and the issue may become a drawn out legal issue. Moody’s also believes that after India’s Supreme Court in April rejected a patent application from Novartis AG for its cancer drug Glivec, obtaining patent protection by international branded pharmaceutical companies in India is likely to be more difficult than elsewhere, which will increase the risk of generic competition.

‘Country Needs to Show the World It Respects IP rights’ By Munish Shekhavat


ndia needs to show the world that it respects intellectual property rights if it wants global pharmaceutical firms to invest in India, according to Biocon Chairperson and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. She also said India should be judicious while granting compulsory licenses (CL) for patented drugs to domestic drug makers and it should be during an emergency, pandemic or under acute drug shortage and “not on the basis of affordability”. “...We must understand that intellectual property (IP) is important for India to embrace and respect and protect. If you cannot demonstrate that IP is safe in the country, I think you are not sending the right message, you are not going to find people investing in India,” Shaw told PTI in an interview. She added that India is not demonstrating itself as a true signatory to the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement. She was reacting to a question on whether infringement of

“...If India truly sees itself as a global leader then you’ll have to lead by example, you have to make sure that whatever you do in the realm of IP is justifiable, is responsible and does not amount to abuse and theft, that is what is happening today’ — Biocon, CMD, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

patents was taking place in India. “...If India truly sees itself as a global leader then you’ll have to lead by example, you have to make sure that whatever you do in the realm of IP is justifiable, is responsible and does not amount to abuse and theft, that is what is happening today,” Shaw said. Various, multi-national firms, including Pfizer, have alleged rising cases of patent infringement in India. Last year, the India Patents Office had invoked the provision of compulsory license (CL) permitting Hyderabad-based Natco Pharma to manufacture and sell cancer-treatment drug Nexavar at a price, over 30 times lower than that charged by its patent-holder Bayer Corporation. Recently, the Supreme Court of

India had rejected Swiss pharma giant Novartis’s plea for a patent on cancer drug Glivec. Shaw said that CL is a very clear example of where India needs to evolve. “There is difference between a patent challenge and a patent abuse. These are two very different things... What we are indulging in is basically saying that we have a right to any patent, which means to say we don’t respect patents, we cannot do that,” Shaw said. She added that India needs to make sure that whatever it is doing in the realm of IP is done with a sense of global responsibility. “You don’t want to be alienated from the global community saying India doesn’t respect IP, India is killing our IP,” Shaw said.

Staff Expenses Rise Sharply At Stock Exchanges By A Business reporter

rivals NSE and BSE by a wide margin. While MCX Stock Exchange (MCXs it competes for business, the SX) swung into profits in 2012-13 country’s newest stock exchange from a net loss of about Rs 2.6 crore, MCX-SX has seen its employee ex- it also saw its employee expenses rise penses rise by over 50 % in the latest by 51 % to nearly Rs 26 crore (rpt) Rs fiscal, while outpacing its established 26 crore. Staff expenses also rose at the NSE and BSE as well, their growth rates were relatively smaller at 9 % and 4 %, respectively, for the fiscal ended March 31, 2013, reports PTI. NSE incurred total employee exBy A Business Reporter penses of Rs 77.52 crore for the year, hares of Jet Airways (India) yester- while the same for BSE was over Rs day tumbled by over 11 % ahead of 80 crore crore. The collective emthe Finance Ministry’s meeting today ployee expenses of the three exon the Rs 2,000-crore Etihad deal. changes rose by 14 % to nearly Rs 180 After plunging 13.46 % in intra-day crore in the year, shows an analysis of trade, the scrip finally ended at Rs their annual financial results. All the three exchanges registered 403.70, down 11.18 % from its previous close on the BSE. On the NSE, the profits for the year, while their custock closed 11.37 % lower at Rs 402. mulative net profit also rose by 14 %


Jet Airways Shares Tank



to Rs 1,007 crore. Individually, NSE’s net profit rose by 25 % to Rs 878 crore, that of BSE fell by 39 % to Rs 108 crore. MCX-SX posted a net profit of Rs 21.5 crore for 2012-13, as against a net loss of Rs 2.6 crore in previous fiscal. In terms of total income, including the revenue from operations and the other income, NSE’s figure remained the highest at Rs 1,648.11 crore, followed by BSE’s 553 crore and MCXSX’s 179 crore. While NSE’s total income grew by 9 %, BSE posted a 4 % decline and MCX-SX saw its total income more than double from about Rs 81 crore in the fiscal 2011-12. NSE was the only exchange among the three to lower its total expenses (by 4%), while that of BSE rose by 9 % and MCX-SX’s by 83 %.

BUSINESS BRIEFS As Rupee Falls, Global Buyers Ask Exporters For Discounts

With rupee touching a life-time low of 57.77 against dollar, global buyers are putting pressure on exporters to offer discounts between 10 % and 15 %. The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) said the continuous fall in the domestic currency would not help exporters much as international buyers are asking for discounts. “Global buyers are putting pressure for more and more discounts. They are asking for about 10-15 %. They want to re-negotiate the deals,” Director-General of FIEO Ajay Sahai said.

Microsoft India Appoints Karan Bajwa As MD

Software major Microsoft India today announced the appointment of Karan Bajwa as the Managing Director (MD) of its sales and marketing group (SMSG), replacing incumbent Sanket Akerkar. “Karan, who is currently the head of the enterprise business in India, will continue to be based out of Gurgaon, and will report to Microsoft India Chairman Bhaskar Pramanik. Karan has been with the company for over five years,” Microsoft India said in a release.

Reebok India To Open 100 ‘Fit-Hub’ Stores By 2014

Putting behind the 211 million euro hit due to alleged fraud at its arm Reebok India, Adidas group is now focusing on growing the brand with plans to open 100 ‘fit-hub’ stores by early 2014 that will account for a major portion of Reebok’s such new concept outlets worldwide. This year alone, Reebok India will open 50 ‘fit-hub’ stores in India which will be more than half of the 80 such outlets that the sportswear brand has at present globally, mostly in US, Australia, Korea and Russia. “What happened in the past is behind us. We are now growth-focused and we will start with our new retail format of ‘fit hub’ stores in India,” Adidas Group India Managing Director Eric Haskell told PTI.

FinMin To Soon Seek Cabinet’s Nod For All-Women Bank

The Finance Ministry will soon approach the Cabinet for approval to set up India’s first all-women bank, entailing Rs 1,000 crore initial investments. A Cabinet note has been circulated for the all-women bank and the matter is likely to be considered by the Cabinet soon, sources said. The all-women bank, proposed in the Budget, would be wholly-owned by the government and is expected to start operations from November, 2013 through six branches in different parts of the country. — Business Desk with inputs from PTI.





 Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman are still trying to

get back to the Big Apple and their beloved Central Park zoo, but first they need to find the penguins. When they travel to Monte Carlo, they attract the attention of Animal Control after gate crashing a party and are joined by the penguins, King Julian and Co., and the monkeys. How do a lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, four penguins, two monkeys, three lemurs travel through Europe without attracting attention and get back to New York? They join a traveling circus. Their attempts to get back to New York are consistently hampered by the Captain of Animal Control who wants to make Alex part of her collection. Once they make it back to New York Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman realize that they want to be part of the traveling circus. HBO, 9.30 p.m.



 In tonight’s episode we will see, Sultan gets to know that Balwant is not his real father and that his real mother- Meera (Zarina Wahab) is in a mental asylum. Sultan also comes to know that Mohan Kundra is his real father. On the other hand, RK and Madhu’s wedding culminates and they click pictures with the winners of the contest and with the children from the Touch Foundation. Colors, 8.30 p.m .


 Discover how two regions on Earth - the Iberian Península & Central América - serve as natural bridges connecting continents on either side. Unique habitats with an extraordinary richness of biodiversity, Discover the keys to their huge wealth and the reasons why they are so exceptional. Ani mal Pl anet, 8 p.m.


 We see Kumud in saree for the first time gifted by SC - Gunn and DB trying to teach Kumud some new dishes - LK and VC decide to get SC/Kumud engaged. Star Plus, 7.30 p.m .


 Technology and history collide head-on in this action packed

series WEAPON MASTERS, where viewers witness firsthand power of pivotal world-changing weapons. But did the ancient craftsmen get it right? Can better weapons be made today with modern materials, science and techniques? Or did ancient craftsmen’s simple solutions made the most sense, withstanding the test of time? Tune in to this episode to discover more. Discover y Science, 10 p.m.


 Derek convinces Peyton to take a chance with Lucas at the

same time that Brooke approaches him about getting back together. Daunte’s latest demand leads Nathan to seek help from


Madhubala, Colors, 8.30 p.m.

an unlikely source - Dan. When Rachel learns of a failing grade, she turns to Haley for tutoring. Nathan is named MVP of the Ravens at the annual sports banquet. Star Wor ld, 10 p.m.


 Balwant calls a panchayat to intimate the villagers about the

tiger. The villagers are scared and Ranvi confesses that he too saw the tiger. Everybody is shocked to realise that the tiger has entered Pritampura. Sta r Plus, 10.30 p.m.


 Out of the turmoil of the Civil War, America enters an age of en-

lightenment that will change the landscape of the country forever. The growth is driven by five insightful men who will change the world forever. Histi or y, 9 p.m.


 Stanley Goodspeed, who lives in Washington D.C., is a bio-

chemist who works for the FBI. Soon after his fiancée Carla Pestalozzi announces that she is pregnant, Stanley gets a call from FBI director James Womack. Womack tells Stanley that San Francisco’s Alcatraz Island has been taken hostage, along with 81 tourists, by marine General Francis Xavier Hummel who, for years, has been protesting the government’s refusal to pay benefits to families of war veterans who died during covert military operations. The death of his wife Barbara Hummel on March 9, 1995 drove General Hummel over the edge, and now he’s holding hostages in order to get his point across. Stanley is needed because General Hummel has stolen some VX gas warheads and has announced that he will launch them onto San Francisco unless his demands are met. Zee Studio, 9 p.m.


 Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian policeman sent after a Georgian drug dealer who has escaped to the United States and is awaiting extradition in Chicago. Jim Belushi plays his temporary partner on the Chicago police. When the drug dealer escapes, the two police must overcome their differences in order to recapture him. Star Mov ies, 9 p.m.


 1857 AD. The entire Indian sub continent is ruled by a company. The British East India Company. The most successful business enterprise in history. The company has its own laws, its own administration, its own army. It controls the destiny of one fifth of humanity. Mangal Pandey - The Rising is an epic tale of friendship, betrayal, love and sacrifice set against the backdrop of what the British called the sepoy mutiny but which for the Indians was the First War of Independence. ‘Company Raj’ as it was known, had been plundering the country, treating the locals unjustly and causing widespread resentment. After a hundred years of subjugation, the Indian consciousness is rising through the revolutionary prospect of change and self-rule. During a fierce battle in one of the Afgan wars that the Company fought in the mid-century, Mangal Pandey, the heroic sepoy, saves the life of his British commanding officer William Gordon... Fi lmy, 9 p.m.


Afternoon Despatch & Courier

 While being transported in a military ambulance and sup-

posed dead, Eve delivers an offspring and is killed by a halfbreed. The baby girl is abducted by Dr. Abbot, and a couple of days later she grows up, reaching adulthood and becoming a gorgeous young woman called Sara. Dr. Abbot expects to develop a perfect DNA using Sara’s eggs and win the Nobel Prize, and in-

The Rock, Zee Studio, 9 p.m.

vites the student Dean to be his assistant and share his research and future awards. But while Sara unsuccessfully chases a perfect mate for her to generate a perfect being, the flawed halfbreeds led by Amelia try to reproduce with her to survive their species. Pix , 9 p.m .


 Meri Jung: One Man Army is a story of one man’s encounter with evil and his perseverance to fight and win. Starring South Indian Super Stars Nagarjuna along with Charmi, Jyotika, Rahul Dev and Raghuvaran This action-packed drama is directed by Dharmesh Darshan and produced by Ganesh Jain. Max , 9 p.m.


 Despite of cricket fever, there are two people in India who dis-

like it’s influence over their lives. The first is Dr. Satyajit Chavan, who will not permit anyone in his home nor the hospital to view nor hear anything related to it; and the second is Kashmira, who is recently married to Sarabjeet Singh, and hates cricket as her husband is obsessed with it and has even neglected to be attentive leave alone take her for a honeymoon. Then there is Hemandra Patel, located in England for over 10 years, works as an airport Janitor, but has told everyone he is a Customs Officer, is awaiting word on his becoming a Citizen, but his fate rests with Immigration Officer, Cook, who hates all Patels, including Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Watch how the world cup influences them, and the shock that awaits Hemandra when he finds that his daughter is secretly seeing an English-African male by the name of Silver. B4U, 9 p.m.



P.M. 2.00 Masterchief Kitchen Ke Superstar 2.30 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas-Veera 3.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara 3.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4.00 Saraswatichandra 4.30 Diya Aur Bati Hum 5.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 5.30 India’s Dancing Superstars 6.00 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas-Veera 6.30 Ek Gahr Banaunga 7.00 Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 7.30 Saraswatichandra 8.00 Master Chef Kitchen Ke Superstar 8.30 Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behnaa Hai 9.00 Diya Aur Bati Hum. 9.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 10.00 Pyar Ka Dard Hai…. 10.30 Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 4.30 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 6.00 7.00 8.00

8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00 P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 4.00 5.00 5.30 6.00 7.00 7.30 8.00 9.00 10.00


Chunauti Par. 10.00 Bharat Ka Veer Putra Mahara 10.30 Bade Achhe Lagte Hai 11.00 Indian Idol Junior


P.M. 2.00 Aaj Ki Housewife HaiSab Jaanti Hai 2.30 Punarvivaah 3.00 Hitler Didi 3.30 Pavitra Rishta 4.00 Qubool Hai 4.30 Pavitra Rishta 6.00 Hitler Didi 6.30 Punarvivah 7.00 Aaj Ki Housewife 7.30 Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8.00 Rab SE Soha Isshq 8.30 Hitler Didi 9.00 Pavitra Rishta.

2.00 Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi Niyati 2.30 Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga. 3.00 Ghar Ki Chirag: Film, Rajesh Khanna 6.00 Surkshetra 7.30 Haunted Nights 8.00 Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali 9 .00 Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga. 9.30 Rishton Ke Bhawar Mein Uljhi Niyati 10.00 Piya Ka Ghar Pyaara Lage 10.30 Jai Jai Jai Bajarangbali. P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30


Taarak Lapatagani-Ek Baar Phir FIR Gutur Goon

5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 8.30 9.00 10.00 11.00

Body Bizarre Wildest Africa Man vs Wild What Happened Next Factory Made Man Vs Wild Gold Rush Desire and Pleasure Decoded


P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.30 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.30

1001 Nights Transformers Prime Wild Kratts Amazing Spiez 1001 Nights Sally Bollywood Adventures of Tintin Transformers Prime Wild Kratts


P.M. 2.00 Ultimate Guide 3.00 Dinosaurs: Return To

STAR WORLD One Tree Hill Mad Men Modern Family Big Bang Theory Masterchef US One Tree Hill Grey’s Anatomy Modern Family Big Bang Theory Masterchef US One Tree Hill


Grey’s Anatomy The Mentalist Just for Laughs Grey’s Anatomy Numbers America’s Funniest Home Videos American Dad The Mentalist Grey’s Anatomy Numbers


Summerland Game Beauty and The Beast Life Unexpected Excused Game Summerland Entertainment Tonight Rules of Engagement Game Britain’s NTM Summerland


P.M. 2.00 Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana 2.30 Bade Acha Lagte Hai 3.00 Chhanchan 3.30 Indian Idol Junior 5.00 Crime Patrol Dastak 7.00 Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana 7.30 Dil Ke Nazar… 8.00 Anamika 8.30 Amita Ka Amit 9.00 Chanchhan 9.30 Nayi Umra Nayi

Pavitra Rishta, Zee TV, 9 p.m.

9.30 10.00 10.30 11.00

Qubool Hai Connected Hum Tum Punarvivah Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan


P.M. 2.00 Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai-Ajab Sa Risk Hai 2.30 Savitri 3.00 Best of Savadhaan India 5.00 Devo Ke Dev Mahadev 5.30 Savadhaan India 6.30 Crazy Stupid Ishq 7.00 Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai-Ajab Sa Risk Hai 7.30 Amrit Manthan 8.00 Devo Ke Dev Mahadev 8.30 Savitri 9.00 Do Dil…Ek Jaan 9 .30 Junoon-Aisi Nafrat, To Kaisa Ishq 10.00 Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai-Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10.30 Savadhan India P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30

5.00 5.30 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30



Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu Na Bole Tum… Madhubala…. Bani Ishq da Kalma Sanskaar…Dharohar Apnon Ki Na Bole Tum… Madhubala Balika Vadhu… Uttaran Bani – Ishq da Kalma Sasural Simar Ka Balika Vadhu Madhubala Sanskaar… Na Bole Tum… Uttaran Bani – Ishq da Kalma



DDI (Main Channel)

P.M. 2.30 Fourth Umpire 3.00 ICC Ch am pions Trophy Ind ia vs West Indies li ve Cr icket Match Oval 6.30 Fourth Umpire 7.10 2nd Session Live Cricket Match from Oval 10.30 Fourth Umpire 11.00 SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA: Film. Sanjay Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Sunil Shetty

DDII (Metro Channel)

P.M. 2.00 Samachar.

4.00 4.30 5.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 10.30

P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 5.00 5.30 6.00 6.30 7.00 7.30 8.00 8.30 9.00 9.30 11.00

Men Who Built America, History, 9 p.m.

Taarak Mehta… Baal Veer Lapataganj-Ek Baar Phir Jeanie Aur Juhu Baal Veer Taarak Chidiyaghar Jeanie Aur Juju Lapataganj-Ek Baar Phir FIR


Tu Tithe Mee Tuze Maze Jamena Mala Sasu Havi Radha Hi Bawri Fu Bai Fu Tu Ttithe Mee Mala Sasu Havi Tuze Maze Jamena Home Minister Tu Tithe Mee Radha Hi Bawri Unch Maza Zoka Mala Saasu Havi Tuze Maze Jamena Fu Bai Fu Radha Hi Bawri


P.M. 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 6.30 7.00 8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00 P.M. 2.00 2.30 3.00 4.00

Marvellous Marven Animal Planet’s A to Z Wild Asia Animal Planet Safari Fooled By Nature Planed Wild Untamed Africa Wild Connection Marvellous Marven Animal Planet’s A To Z TV with Teeth: Smile of the Shark


Magic of Science Food Factory What Happened Next Ultimate Survivors

6.05 Metro Scan 6.30 Business Wrap 7.00 Samachar

ICC Champions Trophy, DDI, India vs WI, 2.30 p.m. 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 4.30 5.00 5.30

News Sports News Rang Tarang Samachar News Samachar Rajyon Se Samachar

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Focus. News. Samachar News Late Edition Khel Samachar.

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Life Dark Matters: Twisted But True Breaking Point Deconstructed Frontier of Flight Sports Science Food Detectives Sci Fi Science Storm Chasers Weapon Masters

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Modern Marvels Top Shot Men Who Built America India On 4 Wheels Extreme Prison Breaks Kings of Restoration World’s Scariest Ancient Aliens Men Who Built America Kings of Restoration Extreme Prison Breaks Strange Rituals




P.M. 2.00 Cold Blood 3.00 Mad Scientists 3.30 Most Amazing Moments 4.00 Engineering Connections 5.00 Cat Wars 6.00 Most Amazing Moments 7.00 Caught in the Act 8.00 Dangerous Encounters 9.00 Ultimate Animal Countdown 10.00 Breakout


P.M. 12.00 ICC Champions Trophy 2013 h/ls 1.00 Champions Ka Champion 1.30 Cricket Extra 3.00 ICC Champions Trophy 2013: India vs West Indies 11.30 Champions Ka Champion


P.M. 1.00 ICC Champions Trophy 2013 h/ls 4.00 Best of FA Cup 4.30 Bpl Hot Shotz 5.00 ICC Champions Trophy 2013 h/ls 7.00 Champions Ka Champion 7.30 N Zealand Tour of India 2012 h/ls 8.00 Best of FA Cup 9.00 Bpl Hot Shotz 9.55 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Asian Qualifiers.


P.M 12.40 2.40 4.35 6.30 9.00 11.20 A.M. 8.55 11.05 P.M. 2.50 5.25 7.40 9:30


Jurassic Park Bean The Darkest Hour Van Helsing Red Heat Battle Los Angeles The Tourist Wanted


The Matrix Act of Valor Final Destination 5 Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted 11.25 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time A.M. 7.30 Death Warrant 9.15 Streetdance 2 10.55 The Matrix P.M. 1.00 3.00 5.40 7.25 9.00 A.M. 10.00


The Book of Eli King Arthur Scary Movie 4 Santa’s Apprentice The Rock

The River Wild

PIX P.M. 12.00 Universal Soldier 4: Day of Reckoning 2.00 Transporter: 12 Hours 3.05 The Terminator 5.05 Zombieland 6.55 Snatch 9.00 Species III 10.55 Ninja A.M. 8.05 Beverly Hills Ninja 9.55 Zombieland 11.35 Snatch P.M. 2.45 5.50 9.00 A.M. 8.10 11.35

P.M. 1.00 3.00 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.00 8.00


Tom and Jerry Tales Oggy and the Cockroaches Adventure Time Ben 10 Oggya and the Cockroaches Olle Olle Oggy Bole Tom and Jerry Meets Sherlock Holmes 9.30 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 10.00 Tom and Jerry Show 11.00 Adventure Time A.M. 8.00 Oggy and the Cockroaches 9.30 Oggy Ki Olly POGO P.M. 1.00 Chhota Bheem Marathon 2.30 Chhota Bheem In Junglee Kabeela 4.00 Mr Bean 5.00 Chhota Bheem Marathon 7.30 Chack De Mighty Raju 9.00 Chhota Bheem 9.30 Pokemon

Species III, Pix, 9 p.m.

Dil Ka Rishta Sheshnaag

ZEE CINEMA P.M. 2.30 Heena: Rishi Kapoor 5.50 36 China Town: Akshay Khanna 9.00 Loha: Dharmendra A.M. 11.10 Haatim: Jeetendra CVO

Guddu: Shahrukh Khan Maahir: Govinda Khel: Anil Kapoor

Preetam:Shammi Kapoor

FILMY P.M. 12.00 Rajani: Upendra 3.00 Ram Tere Kitne Naam: Sanjeev Kumar 6.00 Insaaf Main Karoongaa: Rajesh Khanna 9.00 Mangal Pandey: Aamir Khan A.M. 9.00 Stop: Gauri Karnik

B4U P.M 12.00 Aar Ya Paar: Jackie Shroff 4.00 Daraar: Rishi Kapoor 8.00 Hattrick: Kunal Kapoor A.M.

All programmes on this page are as per the official schedules of the various channels. Afternoon is not responsible for any last minute changes.

ZEE TALKIES P.M. 12.00 Gammat Jammat: Sachin 3.00 Bhau Mazha Pathi Rakha: Bharat Jadhav 6.00 Kai Karu Ni Kasa Karu: Bharat Jadhav 9.00Halad Tuzhi Kunku Mazha: Milind G


Qayamat: City Under Threat Masti Mar Mitenge

MAX P.M. 1.55 Khoon Bhari Mang: Kabir Bedi 5.20 Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar: Aamir Khan 9.00 Meri Jung: One Man Army: Nagarjuna A.M 7.15 Hum Amitabh B 11.10 Kya Super Kool Hai Hum: Ritesh Deshmukh

P.M. 2.00 5.30 9.00 A.M. 9.30

8.00 Kaam Ka Plot: Ranvir Shorey

Mangal Pandey, Filmy, 9 p.m. 10.00 Takeshi’s Castle 10.30 Sunaina 11.00 MAD A.M. 8.00 Thomas and Friends 8.30 Galli Galli Sim Sim 9.00 Chhota Bheem Marathon 11.00 Chhota Bheem In Jungle Kabeela P.M. 2.00 3.00 3.30 5.00 7.00 7.30 9.00 9.30 10.00 P.M. 2.00 4.30 5.00 5.30 6.00 6.30 7.00 8.00


Doraemon Hamtaro Phineas and Ferb Doraemon Hamtaro Doraemon Slokk Best of Luck Nikki Doraemon DISNEY XD

Kiteretsu Splatalot Super Robot Kiteretsu Iron Mas AA Spiderman Kiteretsu Ultimate Spiderman 8.30 Hulk 9.00 Iron Man AA 9.30 Rescue Force.

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Rajabhau Patwardhan gets a memorable felicitation S

By Amarendra Dhaneshwar

enior harmonist Rajabhau Patwardhan recently completed 75 years. His pupils and admirers decided to hold a function in his honour. Patwardhan himself as well as seniormost harmonist Tulsidas Borkar gave solo recitals at the function which also included felicitations to other musicians. Very few people know about the origins of the harmonium which is the most ubiquitous melodic instrument of Hindustani music. The harmonium was designed by the Frenchman Alexander Dubain in 1840 and was imported into this country. It slowly began to replace the sarangi which was the principal accompanying instrument for vocal music. Instead of the sarangi which was a difficult instrument to master and which also had social stigma attached to it because of its association with courtesans, the harmonium became extremely popular and slowly replaced the sarangi. Influential people like Ananda Kumarswamy and Rabindranath Tagore disliked the instrument because it was tuned according to the tempered scale which is considered alien to our music. The All Radio had banned it for over 30 years and ultimately was forced to lift the ban in 1972 because of the popularity of the instrument. Patwardhan has accompanied many well- known vocalists and performs frequently over the AIR. He was felicitated by Borkar who is now the oldest harmonium player still active on the scene. Borkar is a real veteran. He is now nearing 80s and has accompanied celebrated musicians like Mallikarjun Mansur, Bhimsen Joshi, Jitendra Abhisheki, Manik Verma and Ram Marathe as well as singers of the later generation. Borkar trained under Madhukar Pednekar who was a genius who made many experiments with regard to the construction of the harmonium. Borkar considers that the harmonium is useful to singers because it provides them with breathing space. “The cut notes which the harmonium can produce add a new color to the presentation of a raga,” he said. Borkar has also learned a lot from the late Devendra Murdeshwar who was a renowned flautist. “The most challenging aspect of a solo performance is to conceive and play alaps. It was Mudeshwar who unraveled the process to me,” acknowledged Borkar. He played ragas ‘Patdeep’ and ‘Tilakdes’ in this programme. It was a memorable gathering.


Sangeet Samagam Trust and Bhawan's, Andheri (W) will hold a two-day music festival at SPJMIR Auditorium on June 14 & 15 at 6.30 pm. It will feature jugalbandi by flautist Vivek Sonar and violinist Milind Raykar, vocal by Sailee Talwalkar, solo piano recital by Deepak Shah as well as Kathak by Seema Mehta. Mukundraj Deo and Kalinath Mishra are the star tabla players who will perform at the festival. Entry is free.


'Lokmanya Society' will hold a two-day festival in celebration of the 90th birthday of harmonist Purushottam Walawalkar. The first session will be at the Savarkar Hall, Shivaji Park on Saturday June 15 at 6 pm. There will be solo harmonium performances by Walawalkar's pupils and a vocal recital by the Goa based singer, Sumedha Desai. The second session will be held on Sunday, June 16 at 9.30 am in which sitarist Maruti Patil will give a recital and vocalist Meeta Pandit will give a vocal recital. The second session will be held at the Citylight cinema, Mahim.


‘Surottam Purushottam’, a programme of Gujarati light music, will be held on June 13 at 8 pm at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chowpatty and on June 14 at 8.15 pm at Bhaidas Sabhagriha, Vile Parle. The programme will feature popular compositions of Purushottam Upadhyay, the doyen of Gujarati music. Being presented by Tathastu, the programme will have talented singers led by Purushottam Upadhyay and Parthiv Gohil. Ankit Trivedi will compere the show.





By Vijay Shanker

howhouse presented the Kathak performance by Seema and Rina Mehta, senior disciples of Pandit Chitresh Das at the NCPA Tata Theatre. The highlight of the programme was the touch of Jainism and the high technical quality of the performance. Classical dances are spiritual and secular, hence rises above any particular religion, thereby themes from Hindu mythology, the Holy Bible and other religions are incorporated as a medium to express the divine power that predominates the entire universe. It was interesting to watch as to how Jainism could be interpreted into the Kathak format, which is normally dominated by Hindu themes. The programme commenced with the recitation of the Navkaar Mantra by young children who have started learning Kathak dance, followed by Jain shlok Uvasagaram and Vandana wherein the danseusem Seema Mehta paid tributes to the four directions and the divine power of the Almighty.

Rina Mehta, also a senior disciple of Pandit Chitresh Das perfomed the typical Kathak 'that' and 'upaj' with expertise. Another speciality of the programme was the Kathak yoga wherein the dancers sing and dance together maintaining precision and revealing their command over footwork. The rhythmic accuracy and the exquisite kathak movements, involving the circular movements was executed in the Tarana with perfection. The piece de resistance of the evening was the interpretation of the story of Chandanbala, who is acknowledged as one of the leading Mahasatis of Jainism who was a staunch devotee who faced adversity with devotion and determination. Enacted by Rina Mehta in the varied roles of the kings at war, the mother, Vasumathi, the merchant, the father and step-mother, with complete involvement and sincerity but the lapses in between the varied scenes was disturbing the spontaniety of the story. On the whole, a programme of both substance and structure.


Of talking dolls and 3D effects

By Sandeep Hattangadi

apatlela2’ is the first sequel in Marathi and that too in 3D format, which is an achievement for producer-actor-director Mahesh Kothare who is in form once again, narrating the story of the iconic doll villain Tatya Vinchu who first stunned the audiences with his ruthless exploits some 20 years ago. In this sequel, the dead Tatya Vinchu is brought to life by a tantric (Raghvendra Kadkol) at the behest of an escaped jailbird (Abhijeet Chavan). Tatya now wants to enter into a human body with the help of a Mrityunjay mantra and he needs only the body of the son of Lakshya from the original (Adinath Kothare) who lives in Srirangpur with his grandmother (Madhu Kambikar). Adinath too wants to be a successful ventriloquist like his father and wants a master ventriloquist (Makarand Anaspure) to teach him the art. Adinath is in love with a tamasha dancer (Sonalee Kulkarni).The director successfully retains the original flavour of the film and the 3D effects are superb as are the ventriloquist sequences done by the famed ventriloquist Ramdas Padhye. The performances are good all round. Adinath Kothare makes a good debut. Sonalee Kulkarni looks good and dances well. Vishakha Subedar, Vijay Chavan, Makarand Anaspure, Madhu Kambikar, Deepak Shirke and Vijay Patwardhan support well. Mahesh Kothare does his cop act well. The music is weak. The cinematography by Suresh Deshmane is slick and the 3D effects do leave an impact. The editing is swishy and sharp. The film looks good and is racy and leaves the audiences spellbound. A must watch.

Special premiere of ‘Chandi’ tomorrow P

.L. Deshpande is one of the most celebrated litterateurs in Marathi literature and now comes a film ‘Chandi’ based on one of his popular short stories ‘Mhaiss’. On June 12, P.L. Deshpande’s birth anniversary, the producer of the film, Prabhakar Films will hold a special premiere of the film with the cast and crew. The film will have live footage of Deshpande talking with the help of special graphics. The main character in the film is a cow and with the help of spectacular special effects the cow forms an intrinsic part of the film. The film stars Bhalchandra Kadam, Vaibhav Mengle, Kishore Nandlaskar, Vikas Samudre, Santosh Pawar, Chetan Dalvi, Sanjeevani Jadhav, Kishori Ambiye, Deepak Shirke, Ganesh Divekar and veteran Ramesh Deo. The film has been shot in Goa and Konkan locales. The writer of the film is Anil Pawar and directors are Sameer Naik and Nyaneshwar Govekar. The DOP is Sameer Athalye. The music is by Pravin Kunwar and lyrics by Meena Govind. The film releases on June 14 all over Maharashtra.


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ACROSS: 1 Dumped on one side by a clumsy movement (4,2,3,5) 9 For the nonce, about to feed if you haven't a leg to stand on (2,7) 10 Tedious driller (5) 11 I rose, perhaps, in the basket making trade (5) 12 A pop star (9) 13 Where to go from the centre (8) 14 As a parent an artist puts the finishing touch to this town in Eritrea ! (6) 17 Messengers show jealousy about love to the South ! (6) 19 Meet the calf, by the sound of it, as shown in a rush (8) 22 Disciples circle lake surrounded by blossoms (9) 24 A fraction of the accommodation provided by the hotel (5) 25 It dies at the end of three months (5) 26 Inelegant wild flower (9) 27 Feeling you know what you want to do is rational ? (5,2,7) DOWN: 1 Maintain a certain standing after taking a tumble (4,2,3'1,4) 2 His fancies rarely last (7) 3 Deduce, we hear, girl is in hospital (9) 4 Tiny seed scattered among the Geordies (8) 5 Be exceptionally kind to a taxpayer? (6) 6 Landed up with a car, having aspirated the chosen colour for a bike (5) 7 Do in a cobra that has escaped in Spain (7) 8 Food needs as breach repairer (5,3,6) 15 Somehow resent accepting little


Each colour in our code represents a letter. When you have cracked the code you will be able to make up seven words. The clue to first word is given to help you get started.


The Clue: Everything you own










MATH PYRAMID 569 bribe (9) 16 Reveals unwittingly that one's losing one's grip? (4,4) 18 Talking a lot about a book that may be blue (7)

20 A freckle given out, perhaps, in the first attempt ! (7) 21 He tore around to this place (6) 23 Dancing not having started to provide a source of perfume (5)

SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S CRYPTIC CROSSWORD ACROSS: 1 Mathematician, 9 Princes, 10 Bespoke, 11 Laths, 12 Yard of ale, 13 Tails, 15 Stateroom, 17 Rekindled, 18 Sheen, 19 Open-ended, 22 Bidet, 23 Edition, 24 Pintado, 25 Easy listening. DOWN: 2 A bit thick, 3 Hocus, 4 Messy, 5 Customers, 6 Aroma, 7 Apple turnover, 8 Determination, 10 Barmaid, 14 Sincerity, 15 Saladin, 16 Overdrawn, 20 Erica, 21 Depot, 22 Benin.


ACROSS: 1 Moon missile (4) 5 Canyon phenomenon (4) 6 Elementary particles (5) 8 Primitive wheat (5) 10 Dalal Street unit (5) 12 Inferno (4) 13 Gardener's woe (4)

The goal of Math Pyramid is to fill the given pyramid with numbers such that the following three rules are satisfied. 1. A cell value must be sum or difference of the two cells below 2. A row cannot have duplicate numbers 3. A number cannot be less than 1 or more than the grid size



DOWN: 1 Sweet flower (3) 2 ___ the fool, plays around (4) 3 Buyers visit them (5) 4 In an unexplained manner (7) 7 Uncle Tom, e.g. (5) 9 Palm for one (4) 11 Bring to a close (3)


The goal of Hidato is to fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically, or diagonally from first to the last number in the grid. The first and last numbers of a puzzle and a some other numbers are already filled in. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION


Place numbers into the puzzle cells in such a way that each row and column contains each of the digits from 1 up to the size of the puzzle (4,5 or 6). Like a Sudoku puzzle, no number is repeated in any row or column. Each bold-outlined group of cells contains a hint consisting of a number and one of the mathematical symbols + x - /. The number is the result of applying the mathematical operation represented by the symbol to the digits contained within the domain. The solution to each puzzle is arrived at logically and is unique. YESTERDAY’S SOLUTION

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COFFEEBREAK  MOON: Moon in Gemini till 10.28 p.m.  TITHI: 3rd Jyesht Shuklapaksha  NAKSHATRA: Punarvasu  RASHI: Mithun (Gemini) K.Ch.  LUCKY COLOUR: Blue  LUCKY NUMBER: 3 BIRTHDAY FORECAST: A new environment

at work will help you to improve efficiency and also bring in fresh opportunities for promotion or expansion in business. Positive chances are indicated on your work front. You will work in a more independent manner and your existing business will be expanded. You will take short trips for work and pleasure. A new relationship established recently will develop into a romantic affair. You will do a lot of entertaining at home. BABIES BORN TODAY: Will be obedient, sweet natured, attractive, healthy and longlived. Generally, fortunate, helpful, respectful and will not tolerate dishonesty from others. Will be creative, artistic and an interest in medicine. Happiness, fame and success in life are indicated.


ARIES (March 21 - April 20): Travel on a business tour to an important centre is likely and will prove profitable. Try to explore new regions previously not visited. The employed are likely to receive job offers from an organization that has been their client for long. Think twice for it may not be a good idea to change. Personal life runs smoothly, though you will miss moments of leisure and romance in the company of your beloved. A journey for work or religious function will be fruitful.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 20): At work some planning restructuring is needed. Looking at new avenues for work will be to your advantage. Success in your efforts is assured. Personal relationships may leave a lot to be desired. See that you don’t put your trust in the wrong person.




GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Look forward to making new alliances in new business ventures. Those working independently or as consultants will sign a major contract. A new friendship could create problems with a close associate who will be feeling very possessive about you. Handle the situation tactfully.

CANCER (June 21 - July 21): You will feel happy and satisfied as some of the problems which were causing you worry get sorted out much more easily than expected. Pending Legal problems will now be speeded up. An assignment of some importance will be completed in time. You may have to undertake a discussion for negotiating a delicate issue for a youngster.

LEO (July 22 - August 21): Opportunities abound and you are at your best when under pressure. However whatever happens today may throw you off guard about a certain issue that you may have overlooked. Expenses could exceed your budget but your tactful handling of the situation will save the day. Stress and anxiety may leave you feeling exhausted by the evening.

VIRGO (August 22 - September 21): Make the most of the good trends present in your work. You will get an opportunity to work on a prestigious project independently. Stability and growth is assured to you in your job and business. There will be a fresh offer for investment that can prove beneficial. In matters of love you need to repose more trust and faith in your partner to achieve harmony. You will realize the slip and make amends. LIBRA (September 22 - October 22): There are opportunities galore, provided you are game to taking risks. If looking for a new residential Accommodation you will receive an offer at a bargain. You can also now explore possibilities of expansion in business activities as the period is good. New friends and exciting romance is also likely.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): You may be asked to conclude an important assignment sooner than expected and this could throw your normal routine out of gear. Close associates and friends will go out of their way to help. Working late could affect family life and your mate may choose to be difficult.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Financial commitments are fulfilled and work in hand completed. At a meeting or seminar you will receive a good response. Those in creative field will sign a fresh contract. Travel for work or pleasure will be enjoyable, romantic for some is likely.


CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Take the plunge and implement new plans and schemes. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results, though you may face some criticism. In your natural exuberance to keep everyone happy you could neglect your mate or beloved who may be feeling ill at ease or left out.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): You can look forward to an opportunity to make sudden profit. A lucrative deal comes your way just by being at the right place at the right time. Your regular help may not turn up today throwing you completely out of gear. Try to make the best of the present circumstances.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20): There will be certain new developments around you, which bring an opportunity for growth. Accept fresh proposal for a job or business, which may entail a lot of travel. Financially you stand to gain today. The married will feel more relaxed and will succeed in making up with their mate.



QUICK CROSSWORD 4685 ACROSS: 3 Native-born Israeli (5) 8 Condemned or denied? (5) 10 Gives out or pours forth (5) 11 Blend, combine (3) 12 Sensory appendages of insects? (5) 13 Denoted depicted or suggested (7) 15 A prefix meaning "within" (5) 18 Prefix for dermis or glottis (3) 19 Reproductive cells of fungi or ferns (6) 21 Keep away from others (7) 22 ___ up : slackens or diminishes, abates? (4) 23 Colorado resort (4) 24 Wild, rabid or savage (7) 26 Gambling (6) 29 ___ Fleming : creator of James Bond? (3) 31 Pants (5) 32 Fear or mental anguish (7) 34 Long or indefinite periods; ages (5) 35 Jamaican popular music (3) 36 Vice ___ : the inverse? (5) 37 Verses (5) 38 ___ down: decreases the speed or velocity? (5) DOWN: 1 "J" in J & K? (5) 2 Neuter (7) 4 Wade in, being impressed (4) 5 Directions for making a dish (6) 6 ____ acids : main ingredients of proteins? (5) 7 Metric unit (5) 9 Barking sound from a pup (3) 12 Hit the ____ : get very very angry? (7) 14 BSE deal (3) 16 A group of three? (5) 17 Retired Kiwi batsman Nathan ___ (5)


SUDOKU 1871 Sudoku is a number placing puzzle based on a 9x9 grid such several given numbers.To solve a Sudoku puzzle, every digit from 1 to 9 must appear in each of the nine vertical columns, in each of the nine horizontal rows and in each of the nine boxes.


Difficulty Level 


Today’s clue: H equals P

The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another.

19 Exerts to a great extent (7) 20 Singer Building architect (5) 21 Units (5) 23 Deer meat (7) 24 Open (6) 25 Maximum, in short (3)

27 Exclaimed in amazement, joy, or surprise (5) 28 No bid (5) 30 You need one to send a letter (5) 32 Afresh; all over again (4) 33 ___ out : make last longer? (3)

SOLUTION TO YESTERDAY’S QUICK CROSSWORD ACROSS: 4 Potash, 7 Attorney, 8 Llamas, 10 Funds, 13 Moot, 14 Apso, 15 Bang, 16 Aug, 17 Slaw, 19 Jump, 21 Jharkhand, 23 Eoin, 24 Iamb, 26 PSY, 27 Cosy, 29 Aviv, 32 Mesh, 33 Proto, 34 Wapiti, 35 Ethereal, 36 Censor. DOWN: 1 Haifa, 2 Stens, 3 Pros, 4 Pylon, 5 That, 6 Stay up, 9 Logjam, 11 Ups, 12 Doshi, 13 Mawkish, 15 Bar, 16 AMD, 18 Lancet, 20 Unbar, 21 Joy, 22 Hay, 23 Escape, 25 Pit, 28 Osier, 30 Vowel, 31 Voile, 32 Miss, 33 Peek.

IRREGULAR SUDOKU 1690 To solve an Irregular Sudoku puzzle, every digit must appear once in:  Each of the vertical columns  Each of the horizontal rows  Each of the regions

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H Y M H K Y ' E





H B M V A E Y E ,


Y F M O T J ,






M I F .

YESTERDAY’S SOLUTI ON: Hello seeker! Now don't feel alone here in the New Age, because there's a seeker born every minute

Afternoon WORD MINE









How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed. Today’s ratings: 22 average; 25 good; 27 outstanding. YESTERDAY’ S SOLUTI ON: deferent, DEFERMENT, dent, enter, entered, entree, fend, fender, ferment, FERMENTED, fern, freedmen, freemen, mend, mender, need, rend, rent, rented, teen, tend, tender, trend.





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Marshal death clouds Vettel’s Canada win


ONTREAL: Sahara Force India celebrated its 100th race in style, scoring seven points with Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil finishing in seventh and 10th places respectively at the Canadian Grand Prix here. Starting 17th on the grid, Di Resta drove a magnificent race and climbed to seventh position which he managed to maintain to pocket six points at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve yesterday. His team-mate Sutil, who started eight, was lucky to get away with a spin in Turn 2 early on while fightingValtteri Bottas ofWilliams for sixth and lost his chance of finishing eighth when he was given a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags for the Lewis Hamilton/Fernando Alonso fight. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix for the first time to claim the 29th victory of his record-breaking career. Starting from the pole position, the defending triple world champion finished 14.408 seconds clear ahead of second-placed Fernando Alonso of Ferrari who fought from sixth spot on the grid to finish on the podium. Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton finished third, while Australian Mark Webber came fourth in the second Red Bull ahead of Monaco winner Nico Rosberg of Mercedes. Jean-Eric Vergne of Toro Rosso came up with his best-ever sixth place finish ahead of Force India's Di Resta. Sutil finished 10th in the second Sahara Force India car behind Felipe Massa of Ferrari and Lotus's Kimi Raikkonen. Di Resta, expectedly, was over the moon to finish seventh after starting as

Nehwal starts title defence in Indonesia

JAKARTA: Three-time champion Saina Nehwal will look to fashion a turn around when she returns to her favourite hunting ground at the Indonesian Super Series Premier badminton tournament to defend her women's singles title from today. The World number two Indian has been going through a lean patch this season. Though she reached the semifinals of the All England and Swiss Open earlier this year, Saina has not been able to win any tournament since last October. The Olympic bronze medallist also suffered a couple of defeats to lowerranked players like Yui Hashimoto of Japan in the Indian Open and Juan Gu at the Thailand Open. But the 23-year-old from Hyderabad, who has scripted many memorable wins at the Istora Gelora Bung Karno Stadium here, will look to get her bearings when she opens her title defence against local player Lindaweni Fanetri today. The 2009, 2010 and 2012 winner has been clubbed in the second half of the draw and is likely to meet seventh seed Chinese Shixian Wang in the quarterfinals if she can get past the two initial rounds.

Adrian Sutil of Sahara Force India during his race in Montreal, Cananda. [R] Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel celebrates his win at the Canadian Grand Prix. low as 17th on the grid. "To finish the race in seventh having started 17th is a great result and a top job by the team," he said. "I didn't manage to get any long run data on Friday so it feels extra sweet to make this one-stop strategy work with a very long stint on the mediums. It also feels good to come back so strong after a difficult qualifying session," Di Resta said. "The tyres lasted very well, the lap times were competitive and the team told me it was my deci-

sion about when to make my stop. As soon as I felt the tyres starting to drop off, I came in. Then it was a case of looking after the supersofts for the final few laps," the Briton said elaborating on his race strategy. Sutil added, "That race was quite an adventure so it's good to come away with a point given everything that happened. "I had a spin when I tried to overtake Bottas, which cost me quite a few positions and I was lucky nobody hit me when I was in

the middle of the track. I dropped back and the pack was bunched together, which is when Maldonado ran into the back of me and damaged my rear wing," he said. "Even with all those things I was running in eighth until the drive-through penalty. I don't think it was a fair penalty because I too had to lap so many cars today and it sometimes took one or two laps, and that's normal for this circuit. The penalty cost me two positions and three points," the German said.

Olympic hero Hidayat to bow out in Indonesia J

AKARTA: Indonesia's former Olympic and world champion Taufik Hidayat will this week bring down the curtain on a colourful career which made him one of badminton's biggest stars and an icon in his home country. The 31-year-old will receive a rapturous and emotional send-off at the Indonesia Open in Jakarta, a tournament he has won six times with his distinctive, languid style which makes the fast-paced sport seem effortless. However, Hidayat's chances of bowing out with a seventh win are low, with no major titles to his name in recent years and facing a tough field that includes the world number one and two, Malaysia's Lee ChongWei and Chen Long of China. And fans who had been hoping for one last showdown between Hidayat and his arch-rival Lin Dan were left disappointed after the Chinese star pulled out last week, saying he wanted to focus on the world championships in August. Hidayat -- who famously wept at Athens 2004 as he was awarded Indonesia's first Olympic gold medal -- said he hoped spectators would support him "all the way, whatever

Red Bull's triple world champion Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday but his victory was overshadowed by the death of a marshal, the first fatality in Formula One in over a decade. The worker was killed after being run over by a mobile crane that was removing the Sauber of Esteban Gutierrez from the side of the track after he crashed in the closing stages.Vettel, oblivious to the unfolding tragedy, captured his first Formula One victory on North American soil and extended his overall lead in the championship to 36 points over Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, who finished second."It was a great race and I had a great start, which was important," Vettel said. "Finally we got our first win, it's off the list now and it was great to win."

TRAGEDY Hours after Vettel's win, the sport's governing body (FIA) announced the death of the marshal, which overshadowed a relatively incident-free race. "The recovery vehicle had lifted the car to return it to the pits and while doing this the worker dropped his radio and attempted to pick it up," said the FIA statement. "As he did this, he stumbled and was hit and run over by the recovery vehicle."

IN BRIEF Bindesh rides in to way to semis

MUMBAI: Local favourite Bindesh Chitalia downed unorthodox Atul Deshmukh in the men’s (plus 39) singles quarter-finals of the MCF Silver Jubilee All Mumbai ranking table tennis tournament held at the Mandpeshwar Civic Federation at their sports complex at Borivali today. Bindesh started on an aggressive note as he went up 2-0 before Atul made his presence felt. Mixing chops and jabs with telling effect, Atul forced Bindesh into making mistakes as the latter tried to smash his way out of trouble.

Kumar improves his performance in round two of Scirocco R-Cup

the result is". He will start against a qualifier on Tuesday. But the 2005 world champion is giving little away about his retirement plans, telling AFP: "I will remain focused on helping develop badminton, but the details are still secret." Hidayat is renowned for his fiery temper and earlier in his career, he was notorious as the bad boy of badminton, drawing comparisons with outspoken tennis great John McEnroe. He once split from the

Indonesian Badminton Association and based himself in Singapore, and on one occasion was ordered off the courts by security staff after a stand-off with officials at the Southeast Asian Games in Thailand. Hidayat reportedly attacked a spectator at the 2001 national championships, and he also walked out of a match during the 2002 Asian Games -- which he later won -- in a dispute over linejudging.

PUNE: Sandeep Kumar displayed marked improvement in his performance at Scirocco R-Cup 2013 as he claimed 17th and 16th spot overall finishes in the Race 2 and Race 3. He scored 12th spot finish in the Junior category in both the races. South African driver Kelvin van der Linde claimed victory in both the races to take top spot in the championship. The Scirocco R-Cup season moved into the second round of the season with Race 2 and Race 3 being conducted at Spielberg, Austria.




IN BRIEF CSA looking at US baseball techniques for talent management

JOHANNESBURG: Cricket South Africa (CSA) is looking at the lucrative American baseball system in order to improve on its performance and talent management plans at the domestic level. CSA has sent High Performance Manager Vinnie Barnes, Youth Cricket Manager Niels Momberg and provincial side Highveld Lions head coach Geoffrey Toyana to attend the Leaders in Performance Conference in New York to study the most competitive and professional sporting environment in the world. "We decided on this because not only will it give Vinnie the opportunity to get up to date with the latest techniques and thinking in the performance aspect of sport but we have also arranged for our delegates to visit the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees baseball franchises," CSA general manager of cricket Corrie van Zyl said.

Abhijeet Gupta hopes to make amends

VARNA, BULGARIA: Grandmaster and former world junior champion Abhijeet Gupta will be looking to make amends when he begin his campaign at the Grand Europe Golden Sands Chess tournament. All set to start as the highest rated Indian once again, Gupta would be hoping to get back to winning ways soon. After a lacklustre show in the preceding Albena tournament, Gupta hasn't got much time to recover as his last loss in the event happened only on Sunday in the last round but the Indian has shown in the past that he can be very good when wounded. It's a huge Indian participation here made possible by the support coming from Sports Authority of India. As many as 42 Indian participants here outnumber the local Bulgarians who are 38 in all.

Astha leads in Usha Southern India Ladies golf

BENGALURU: Astha Madan carded an evenpar 72 to start her campaign on a confident note in the Usha Southern India Ladies golf tournament. Continuing her strong progress on the Usha IGU Ladies circuit this season, Astha Madan made a superb start as she had four birdies, including three in a row from 10th to 12th, at the 6118-yard KGA Course. Astha, fourth at last weeks Usha Karnataka Ladies golf, had contrasting fortunes on the two parts of the course. On the front nine, she was three-over with bogeys on fifth, seventh and eighth, while she birdied 10th, 11th and 12th and again the 15th, before a bogey on 18th.

ICC hands Ramdin two-match suspension

LONDON: West Indies wicket-keeper Denesh Ramdin was suspended for two ODIs and also fined 100 per cent of his match fee after he was found guilty of conduct contrary to the spirit of the game in an ICC hearing. The decision means that Ramdin will miss tomorrow's Champions Trophy clash against India and June 14 fixture against South Africa. Ramdin was charged with wrongly claiming a catch of Pakistan skipper Misbahul-Haq in their first match of the tournament. Ramdin had pleaded not guilty to the offence and appeared in an ICC hearing, where match referee Chris Board found him guilty. "West Indies' Denesh Ramdin has been fined 100 per cent of the applicable match fee and suspended for two (2) ODI matches after being found guilty of a Level 2 breach of the ICC Code of Conduct during the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 match against Pakistan on Friday," an ICC statement said.

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BCCI suspends Raj Kundra, launches clean-up drive for IPL


EW DELHI: Stung by the IPL spot-fixing and betting scandals, the BCCI today cracked the whip by suspending Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra on charges of gambling and unveiled a 12-point 'Operation Clean-up' in a bid to restore the Twenty20 League's credibility. The BCCI's all-powerful working committee, which gathered for an emergency meeting here, discussed the raging scandal and took the decision to suspend Kundra pending an inquiry. Kundra thus becomes the second team owner, after N Srinivasan's son-inlaw and Chennai Super Kings Team Principal Gurunath Meiyappan, to be suspended from cricketing activities. The Board also decided that the two-member panel -- comprising Justice T Jayaram Chouta and Justice R Balasubramanian -- which is currently investigating Meiyappan and CSK would also probe Kundra and the Rajasthan Royals. "The Working Committee today decided to suspend Raj Kundra on allegations of gambling on IPL VI matches till the pendency of inquiry," BCCI's interim chief Jagmohan Dalmiya told reporters after the meeting. "Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar had grilled Kundra for 11 hours and he had admitted to gambling in IPL matches and also IPL CEO Sundar Raman has got a complaint from a closed source. I will not reveal the name of the source," he said. "Obviously, Rajasthan Royals' role in the whole issue is being looked into but without getting hold of the facts, we don't want to frighten anybody," he added when asked why Rajasthan Royals have not been suspended from the IPL. Dalmiya was forced to call the meeting after the Delhi Police

BCCI Interim President Jagmohan Dalmiya with newly-appointed secretary Sanjay Patel during a press conference after a BCCI Meeting in New Delhi on Monday. claimed that Kundra, a minority (11.7 per cent) shareholder in Rajasthan Royals, had confessed to betting during the IPL matches. If the charges are proved, Rajasthan Royals face the prospect of being terminated from the IPL and to avoid this fate, the franchise has already distanced itself from Kundra. Among other decisions, the working committee ratified the name of Sanjay Patel as the Secretary and also elected Mumbai Cricket Association President Ravi Sawant as the Treasurer, a post left vacant by Ajay Shirke in the wake of the spot-fixing scandal. BCCI's Anti Corruption and Security Unit chief Ravi Sawani also tabled his report on the three tainted cricketers -- Test pacer S Sreesanth, Ashok Chandila and Ankeet Chavan -- who have been arrested for alleged spot-fixing. The working committee decided to forward the report to the Board's disciplinary committee. The Committee has decided to

issue chargesheets to the concerned players. The panel will be without N Srinivasan, who stepped aside as Board President after Meiyappan's arrest. Arun Jaitley and Niranjan Shah are the other two members of the panel. "The sealed report of Sawani was not opened at the meeting as the committee found it prudent to hand it over to the disciplinary committee," a BCCI official said. "As is the process of natural justice, the players, once they are out of judicial custody, will be summoned for presenting their side of the story before the final verdict is pronounced," he added. The Board members discussed at length on how to restore the credibility of the game and drew up an action plan called 'Operation Clean-up' which envisages a series of measures to curb corruption in the IPL. The Board has decided to bar cheerleaders and after-match parties for players and support staff besides ensuring a strict code of conduct to be

BCCI’s ‘Operation Clean Up’ for the IPL 1. Removal of sleaze; no cheerleaders, no after-match parties for players and support staff. 2. Strict code of conduct to be followed by players, support staff and franchise owners. 3. Restriction of movement in players' dug-out and dressing room. The owners from now on will be restricted from entering the dug-out and dressing room during matches. 4. All players and support staff of franchises need to furnish their telephone numbers with the BCCI before the start of the tournament. 5. Adequate number of ACSU officials in the team hotel as well as the ground to supervise the proceedings. 6. Jamming of cellphone towers at the ground during matches. 7. Captains' meeting to be held in order to get more suggestions and prepare elaborate blueprint. 8. No national selector will be allowed to get associated with any franchise in any capacity. 9. All the players need to disclose every financial transaction they are carrying out with any particular organisation or person. 10. Franchises need to furnish all details of the remunerations and contractual obligations of players and support staff. 11. Players from now on will be prohibited from using ear plugs and microphones. 12. Security control policy will be formulated soon. followed by players and support staff, owners. It has also decided to restrict the movement in players's dug-out and dressing room. "The owners from now on will be restricted from entering dug-out and dressing room during matches. All players ands staff of franchises need to furnish telephone numbers with the BCCI before the tournament," Dalmiya said.

I have been made a scapegoat: Kundra N

“What’s happening in BCCI is not bothering team”


ONDON: The day-to-day happenings in the BCCI since the IPL spot-fixing scandal broke out has not bothered the Indian team, according to captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who said that his his players were only focussed on the ongoing Champions Trophy. "As players, we can only control the things we are able to," Dhoni told mediapersons ahead of his team's second group league encounter against the West Indies at the Oval today. "We don't get to read newspapers and there are no channels. So we are not disturbed here. We can focus on cricket and do our own team exercises," he said.

EW DELHI: Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra expressed shock at BCCI's decision to suspend him on charges of gambling in IPL and said he was being made a "scapegoat" by people in powerful positions. "I am shocked and upset at the unilateral decision taken today by the BCCI and will fight the grounds of suspension," Kundra said in a statement. "All sorts of accusations were made against me without proof, by people in powerful positions. It is sad that without accurate facts, I am being made a scapegoat and put under trial by the media based on unproved claims," he added. Kundra became the second team owner, after N Srinivasan's sonin-law and Chennai Super Kings Team Principal Gurunath Meiyappan, to be

suspended from cricketing activities. The 37-year-old British Indian businessman was suspended by BCCI's all-powerful working committee, pending completion of an inquiry. Kundra said he was committed to the development of sports in India and was hurt by the allegations which were lebelled against him. "All those who know me are aware that sport is my first love. I own a minority 11.7 per cent share in Rajasthan Royals as well as a majority share of the Super Fight League in India which has become the largest MMA league in Asia within a year of its launch," he said. Kundra said he could have batted on betting website legally if he wished to but he didn't do it as he is well aware of ACSU rules. "People need to realise that as a British national and NRI, IF I wanted to bet I could have done so off-shore on ANY betting website legally," he said.

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L Mourinho ‘happy’ at Chelsea return CHELSEA: Jose Mourinho insists he is a different manager from the one that first took charge of Chelsea in 2004, describing himself as ‘the Happy One’. Mourinho proclaimed himself to be the ‘Special One’ when he spoke to the press on his arrival at Stamford Bridge, but he appeared more reserved as he was unveiled as the new Chelsea manager on Monday afternoon. Taking his place in front of over 200 journalists, Mourinho expressed his delight at returning to a club he loves. “I am the happy one. Time flies, it looks like it was a couple of days ago but it was nine years ago when I first became manager and since then a lot of things happened in my professional life,” Mourinho told reporters. “I have the same nature, I am the same person, I have the same heart and the same kind of emotions related to my passion for football and my job, but of course I am a different person. “If I have to describe myself I would describe myself as a very happy person. It is the first time I arrive in a club where I already love the club, before I had to build an emotional relationship and I only came to love the club a little later.” The Portuguese guided Chelsea to back-to-back titles during his first spell in charge and expectations are high amongst the Blues faithful that he will deliver more success this time around.

ONDON: With eyes firmly set on a semifinal berth, a confident India will seek to keep the momentum going when they take on an unpredictable West Indies in a crucial Group B match of the ICC Champions Trophy at the Oval here today. Both the teams have won their opening group matches in contrasting fashion, and know very well that a win here will almost guarantee a spot in the last four stage of the tournament, being held for the last time. While reigning world champions India defeated injury-hit South Africa by 26 runs in Cardiff after posting a commanding 331 for 7, the West Indies eked out a close two-wicket win over Pakistan in a low-scoring game on Friday. But come today, the clash will be a battle between many players who have solid 'knowledge' of each other. Having just played the Indian Premier League, India and the West Indies are studded with key players who are aware of each other's strengths and weaknesses. Interestingly, rival captains Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Dwayne Bravo are Chennai Super Kings teammates while Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle turned out for Royal Challengers Bangalore.

dropped to accommodate Rohit Sharma as an opener in the first match against the Proteas, and the runs came in torrents after an initial period of graft. The lessons learnt from the warm-up games were clear. But application and pitch occupation will be crucial. India's opening pair of Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma blunted South Africa's pace attack with a match-winning 127-run stand in the tournament's opening game in Cardiff. And it is unlikely that India will disturb Cardiff's winning combination that saw Dinesh Karthik promoted to No. 4 and Dhoni up at No. 5 ahead of Suresh Raina. On the other hand, in spite of their enormous potential, the West Indies remain a fickle lot. The fact that they left out Test captain and all-rounder Darren Sammy from the playing XI against Pakistan in the opening game reflected the team's depth and confidence, but the batting frailties surfaced as the Caribbeans escaped with a two-wicket victory while chasing a modest 170 against Pakistan. West Indies have the experience and the talent to give the Indians a India’s Shikar Dhawan will have to ensure a good start run for their money. The Oval's for India to counter the in-form West Indian batting side. track has no gremlins and if the top order of Chris Gayle, Johnson But this will be a clash where na- Charles, Darren Bravo and tional prestige will be at stake and Samuels can see off India's new no quarter will be given nor asked ball bowlers, Umesh Yadav, Bhufor. In-form West Indian batsman vneshwar Kumar and Ishant of each other, but we also have a lot of Marlon Samuels has already Sharma, it could turn out to be a our players mixing with the Indian sounded the warning bells, saying high-scoring affair. The first 15 players in the IPL," Gibson told the Caribbeans will look the Indi- overs have held the keys to success reporters at the pre-match press ans in the eye and have the arsenal in the Champions Trophy so far. conference. "Our players, Dwayne West Indies have a 2-1 win-loss to rattle them in English condi(Bravo), Chris (Gayle), (Kieron) Pollard tions. From an overall team per- record against India in the Chamespecially and Sunil Narine have been spective and build-up, India look pions Trophy. Both Caribbean starring in the IPL, so hopefully they've stronger on paper. Their batting wins, interestingly, came on subgot a lot of information to share when looks in awesome form with three continental wickets in 1998 we get back this evening. We'll have a back-to-back 300-plus scores in (Dhaka) and 2006 (Ahmedabad), really good discussion about the Indian conditions where the ball has done respectively. India beatWest Indies players and stuff like that, and those by seven wickets in Johannesburg a bit early in the innings. guys will form the main part of that With a slight change in the bat- in 2009 with medium-pacer meeting," added Gibson. ting order, Murali Vijay was Praveen Kumar bagging 3 for 22.

Banking on inputs from our IPL stars, says Gibson LONDON: West Indies team is banking on quality feedback from its Indian Premier League stars ahead of their Group B clash against India in the ICC Champions Trophy. West Indies coach Ottis Gibson said the IPL stars are expected to provide "intelligence" on the Indian players in their team meeting as he admitted that the Twenty20 league inputs will play a crucial factor for the Calypso Charmers. "Well, that's one of the key things, I think. Everybody has got video of each other now. We watch so much footage

Pakistan stop South Africa to 234/9 B TODAY’S MATCH

Group B


Match 6

West Indies To be played at: Kennington Oval, London Time: 15:00 Hours


IRMINGHAM: Prolific batsman Hashim Amla (81) crafted a superb half-century but Pakistan rode on intermittent strikes to restrict South Africa to 234 for nine in their crucial Champions Trophy match, here today. Despite a splendid job by Pakistani pacers upfront, South African batsmen did succeed in getting good starts, however, they were guilty of not converting those into big knocks. Faf du Plessis (28), skipper AB de Villiers (31) and JP Duminy (24) all departed after making small contributions. Amla too gifted his wicket on a extravagant shot, a reverse sweep, as he was batting confidently and hardly looked like troubled by any bowler. His 81 came off 97 balls with nine shots to the fence. South Africa did not have the kind of batsmen who could get some quick runs to give fillip to the innings towards

South Africa's Hashim Amla plays a shot off the bowling of Saeed Ajmal during an ICC Champions Trophy agaisnt Pakistan in Birmingham, England. the end. Pakistani pacemen were not unplayable but they did extract good bounce off the pitch to

trouble the Proteas. Brief Scores: South Africa 234/9 in 50overs [Hashim Amla 81] vs Pakistan.

India off to winning start in Men’s World Team Squash C’ship

NEW DELHI: India survived some anxious moments before prevailing over Argentina in their opening group fixture of the WSF Men's World Team Squash Championship in Mulhouse, France. The long opening day finished with a thriller when eighth seeds India were forced to fight back from a match down to beat 21/24 seeds Argentina 2-1 at the 24th staging of the event since 1967. It was outsider Robertino Pezzota, who rocked the boat, when the 30-year-old ranked 159 in the world recovered from 2-1 down to beat Indian number two Harinder Pal Sandhu - ranked almost 90 places higher - 11-9 2-11 6-11 13-11 11-6 in a 99-minute marathon. It was midway through the match that all the lights in the venue failed, leaving the three glass courts in complete darkness.


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