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Use the Social Business Software to Increment Your Team Collaboration Your enterprise is a miniature version of the business network that facilitates your operation with external partners. It consists of various teams that are assigned to do specific tasks. You need to ensure that there is a great amount of collaboration between the teams so that their joint efforts help produce a comprehensive and prolific result. Many fail to understand that optimized independent performances barely create the effect that a combined performance does. Each team has to complement the others to facilitate unhindered workflow. Today the competition has increased to such extremities that it has become imperative to have a definitive business social networking platform that demonstrates profound capabilities. The group collaboration software provides a competent business social networking platform with some amazing benefits 1. Accentuates Team Collaboration The group collaboration software leverages the social business network in your enterprise by facilitating each member to receive news feeds, email or sms alerts on projects they are involved with. This ensures that all information is shared universally among the team members and everyone is aware of the current status. Each team is provided with a library for storing and maintaining their documents. A simple project module is available for allocating the tasks to team members and monitoring their activities. 2. Easy Communication The software provides an interactive platform where you can instantly communicate with anyone from any location through the browser-based mobile applications. You can post discussions and leave public as well as private messages for the concerned person. You can send updates from your phone via the mobile applications or through an SMS. It also provides you the facility to customize the email alerts that you want to receive so that you can still remain in contact with your team members without logging in. 3. People Management The software facilitates the individuals in your enterprise to create their profiles. You can view their latest activities and assess their talents and capabilities. This helps you to easily select the most eligible candidates for your assignments. 4. Training The traditional style of training employees is redundant and impractical. The social business software provides you relief from time wasting and expensive methods by facilitating you to upload the training modules in the group library. The team members can view these modules and add their comments, discussions and feedbacks. This helps the new recruits tremendously as they can find all the information from scratch in this library. 5. A Secure Architecture The social business software provides secure access and controls to only your employees and authorized individuals. The services can be securely accessed from any mobile device. The social business software is a wise option for a prosperous future in business. Know more on: Enterprise microblogging software & Social Software

Use the Social Business Software to Increment Your Team Collaboration