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Promoting a Purposeful Team Collaboration with the Business Social Networking Business operations have moved on from the confines of enclosed space to seamless platforms. The advent of internet has extended new ways of conducting a business. Just as the operational methods have transformed, so have the principles and theories. In today’s fast-paced environment high level of collaboration and coordination is a must to facilitate responses and prompt actions. A business has to rely on technological solutions for amalgamating individual efforts and rendering some spectacular results. There is a need for increased transparency that assists in viewing the progress and making spontaneous modifications when necessary. The constitutional philosophy of business is to induce a productive coalition of distributed teams, and this can be achieved by spurring a prolific business social network within your organization. The business social networking process aims at leveraging efficiencies, reducing costs and risks, boosting lean management and enhancing revenue earning prospects. This process helps your team members to evaluate the projects comprehensively and acquire solutions faster through interactive discussions and chats. The process also provides you the facility of receiving updates in real-time on any web-enabled mobile. With organizations becoming more and more mobile and distributed, Enterprise Microblogging provides an efficient alternative to email-based communication. Enterprise microblogging software enables your teams to create microblogs for discussing the issues and challenges associated with the projects as well as its progress. It provides a common platform for initiating communication amongst the teams. All real-time messages are broadcasted to each and every team member either as SMS alerts or through emails. The software allows images, documents, audio and video files to be attached to the messages. It demonstrates compelling search engine capabilities that facilitate quick searches. The microblogging software boosts online team collaboration by facilitating the creation of libraries and allows quick and secured access to only authorized team members. This eliminates the requirement for training new employees as they are at par with the current team members as they can easily view the flow and understand the status of the project. It Events can be created or can be managed by creating an event calendar. All relevant links are shared with the attendees. Apart from this the Microblogs also facilitates individuals to create their personal profiles and that allows them to share strategy, results and insights quickly and take proactive measures. Such an environment of free communication provides a multitude of benefits – from fostering new ideas to identifying successors for key positions. The social business software provides a stimulating environment for operating a business with assured returns. They now have an agile system

Promoting a Purposeful Team Collaboration with the Business Social Networking