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KINESIOLOGY THERAPY NEAR ME Renew You Wellness Centre - where a combination of Kinesiology, NeuroTraining and Naturopathy help retrain and support your Nervous System to Recuperate from your imbalances.

KINESIOLOGIST NEAR ME Kinesiology uses a muscle test to register your imbalances. Your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your subconscious. All of your imbalances are reflected in your nervous system and identified by a change in your muscle response. Once the cause of the problem is identified, Kinesiology then seeks the best solution to enhance your own natural healing. The skill of the Kinesiologist is muscle monitoring. This technique relies on the fact that your muscles are connected to your nervous system, which in turn is connected to your brain. Anything that registers in your brain as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.

Kinesiology is done using specific challenges that will reveal what stresses you. The responses that show in your nervous system can be verified by the Kinesiologist by using the change of response in your muscles.

This can be any kind of stress – health, finances, relationships, goals, specific events in your life, inherited patterns, learning difficulties, anything at all. After revealing the cause of the stress, kinesiology can then reveal the most appropriate solution - i.e. the best way for you to resolve this particular problem.

MELBOURNE KINESIOLOGY Kinesiology works with mental and emotional stresses, physical problems, injuries and illnesses, energy issues and more.

BENEFITS OF KINESIOLOGY THERAPY Kinesiology is for anyone of any age, who wishes to improve their heath, remove stress from their life, find a solution to a problem, achieve a goal, improve personal potential, feel better about themselves, regain their personal power, experience freedom and enhance their joy in living. Solution orientated Kinesiology uses a system where the individual person is able to direct their own process through the natural laws of healing.


We offer a range of treatments to nurture and support your body's natural recovery & recuperation. Our range of treatment options means we can tailor your recovery plan to exactly what your body needs. We use a combination of the different modalities to rebalance your nervous system and help you to make the positive changes you need in your life to feel happy and well.


Lyndy is the owner of the Renew You Wellness Centre. She draws on over 35 years of experience in health care & clinical practice. Lyndy's background is in medicine where she worked as a nurse for many years, as well as being a nurse teacher at Chisholm and Monash University. Lyndy has studied Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Kinesiology/Neuro-Training. She now practices as a registered Kinesiologist/Neuro-Trainer & Naturopath and incorporates her knowledge of these modalities into her consultations.


Private sessions in Kinesiology provide you with one on one time to train your nervous system to be more integrated and to access your natural abilities to maintain the changes. This allows you to create what you want, rather than what you don't want. The results allow you to heal yourself, work through the old habitual patterns and develop new supportive ones.

MELBOURNE KINESIOLOGIST Our experience in both the medical and natural health industries means we can offer a holistic approach to your health.

We have the knowledge & background of a highly trained nurse with the understanding & contemporary thinking of a natural therapies practitioner.

The result for you is a complete analysis and treatment plan that is tailored to your body, mind & spirit. A session with us will leave you feeling renewed but more importantly feeling confidant that someone understands your issues and that you are on the path to finding long term solutions for your health & wellbeing.


Kinesiology Therapy Near Me

kinesiology melbourne  

Our Website: Stress is one of the biggest problems in the world and may be caused by a variety of different thin...

kinesiology melbourne  

Our Website: Stress is one of the biggest problems in the world and may be caused by a variety of different thin...