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Neural Organization Therapy Module 1 Workshop (3 days – 24 hours) 

assists the student to learn the philosophy and terminology of all the N.O.T workshop material

reviews the relevant Anatomy and Physiology and the Kinesiology information required as a prerequisite

some basic N.O.T. procedures are practised

160 page book includes 80 pages of copies of the overheads used in the Basic and Advanced workshops

This is not a pre-requisite for everyone attending the N.O.T Basic Workshop, however it is very highly recommended

Many students have found this workshop enabled them to grasp a greater amount of the workshop material the first time through

Prior learning before enrolling: -

250 hours of General Kinesiology training


40 hours of Anatomy and Physiology or Touch For Health 1, 2, & 3 plus Basic Anatomy and Physiology


Basic Hyperton -X

Testimonials re FOUNDATION FOR N.O.T (Now N.O.T. Module 1) "I found the Foundation For N.O.T course to be absolutely inspirational and it has got me practising more of the N.O.T technique with my clients. After my first Basic N.O.T course I was a bit overwhelmed by all the knowledge and had found it very difficult to assimilate. The Foundation N.O.T course has not only cemented some of the principles for me in the Basic N.O.T but has given me both enthusiasm and a measure of confidence which I never would have thought possible, thank you so much Trevor." Debbie Pannowitz, Sydney NSW Nov 2003 “The N.O.T. Foundation was an absolute god-send when I came across it in June 2003. The information I was longing to find was all there in a bound manual I could hardly believe it. It provided me with such knowledge which explained in depth why I was doing what I was doing. N.O.T. Foundation pulled together the Basic and Advanced N.O.T., which I did in 2001, in a cohesive way. It also gave me confidence and further faith in the use of N.O.T. Whilst this is not a pre-requisite to the Basic and Advanced N.O.T. its importance and value should not be underestimated. I would highly recommend it. I would go so far as to say that without the Foundation you cannot be a proficient N.O.T practitioner.” Jennifer Kusmenko, Melbourne Nov 2003

Neural Organization Therapy Module 2 Workshop (6 days – 50 hours) You will learn to deal with the innate Survival Reflex Systems of the body. Day 1: Basic Neurological Switching, the Cloacal Labyrinthine and Ocular Centring / Righting Systems and Neck Righting Reflexes. This involves Left/Right brain integration and the gait. Day 2: Cranial Injury Complex / Head Injuries / Whiplash. Day 3: The Limbic / Immune System especially for allergies and all immune disorders. Nutrition with the different food groups - protein, fats, carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients (carotenoids, flavonoids, cruciferous compounds. The Six Stages of Nutrition Day 4: Survival Systems of the TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) are addressed starting with: the Universal TMJ Complex, the Digestive TMJ, the Dural Defence TMJ, Hiatal Hernia, Valves (Ilio-Caecal, Cardiac, Pyloric, Houston), and Pelvic Injury. Day 5: Category II (Pelvis of the Skull - Structural Jaw). Day 6: Category III (Lumbar / Disc) are taught. Plus Amalgam toxicity, the Dangers of Root Canals, the development of the teeth/jaws in the child (Dental Orthopaedics), how to deal with bruxism. Review of all Basic work and examination.

For more information contact or phone 07 3261 5436

Neural Organization Therapy Module 3 Workshop (7 days – 60 hours) You will learn the following:Day 1: The first day covers the "Emotional Clock Clearing" which deals with a very powerful reprogramming via the fascia of the eyes "in relation to" emotional issues / trauma. Day 2: Introduces Extremities ie, knees, hips, ankles, shoulders, elbows and wrist. Day 3: Here we cover Scoliosis - how to identify, evaluate and correct the "condition" of Scoliosis. Day 4 & 5: Explores the problems with:- - Dyslexia - ADD - ADHD - Specific Learning difficulties Stuttering - Reading - Writing - Spelling - Study and how to find deficits and make major changes to the person's body and nervous system. Day 6: Learn about the Endocrine / Hormonal System and how to balance it. Day 7: Learn to evaluate and balance the Circulatory and Cardiac Back protocols:- plus Kidney protocols are explored and taught. We cover total clinical procedures, showing how to use N.O.T most effectively in the clinic. This is followed by a review of all Advanced Techniques and examination. Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion for each workshop attendance after successful examination

As your confidence with the PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL AND EMOTIONAL / MENTAL workings of the human body grows so will your confidence as an N.O.T. Practitioner. The more life experiences the better. “I believe every practitioner should do Hyperton-X and Neural Organization Therapy (N.O.T.) before they touch another human being in practice" Dr Patrick Rozanski D.C., N.D., D.O., Nambour QLD, after September 2007 workshop in Brisbane.

N.O.T. Information  

Discription of whatis in each of the 3 N.O.T. modules.

N.O.T. Information  

Discription of whatis in each of the 3 N.O.T. modules.