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The Stomach Meridian Nausea Do I have the ‘Flu’ Jab or don’t I ?


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Effects of Farming & Cooking Methods on the Nutrients in Our Foods

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What do New Changes to the Certificate IV Mean for You?


Do I have the ‘Flu’ Jab or don’t I ?


Helping Children Grieve in a Healthy Way


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PKPTM Standing the Test of Time


KSA Graduate Spotlight Maria Brady


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Effects of Farming & Cooking Methods on the Nutrients in Our Foods




The Stomach Meridian


Contact us? Kinesiology Schools Australia 9/57 Gawain Rd Bracken Ridge, QLD, 4017 (07) 3261 5436

Kinesiology Schools Upping the Standard! Welcome to the latest edition of KSA magizine. Over the last few months quite a few of the KSA colleges have been privileged to have Dr Susan Eardley from the University of Southampton in the UK talk to them. Susan talked about her research into Kinesiology and how it helps pain. There are many types of Kinesiology and Dr Eardley chose PKP to be the test model for her research because of its quality and success. PKP has proven itself time and time again over many years. As spoken about in previous issues, Kinesiology is going through an education revamp by the national training authority. This happens from time to time. Hopefully this will up the quality of some of the other Kinesiology colleges. Every time the ASQA makes changes every college has to make adjustments to their courses. KSA will be adding extra non Kinesiology units only. The high standard of the ICPKP courses, which is what KSA teach is still well above the requirements of the new standards. Once again KSA will not be lowering our standard to match the minimal standards required. You can be assured you will be leaders in Kinesiology. The Brisbane campus is presently looking for a larger premises. The college will still be on the north side of Brisbane within a few kms of the freeway for easy access from the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. If all goes nicely the move will happen within the next two months. The Sydney campus is also on the move and will be located only 10 minutes from their current campus. Its so exciting to see Kinesiology Schools Australia growing, along with recognition of Kinesiology worldwide! The future looks bright! Regards

Danny Liddell C.E.O. Kinesiology Schools Australia 3

What Do New Changes to the Certificate IV Mean for You? Recently Kinesiology Schools Australia has upgraded the Certificate IV in Kinesiology qualification offered to HLT42812. Jenne Burns, (Principal of Narre Warren campus in Melbourne) asks Susan Koschel-Gatenby (Principal Hervey Bay campus) some questions around this topic. Jenne: So, we have just upgraded from HLT42807 to HLT42812, how will this affect our students? Susan: Students who are currently enrolled can complete their Certificate IV under the qualification HLT42807. This is the Qualification Code that has been offered at all our campuses for the last 5 years. Existing students who are currently enrolled may also have the option to upgrade their Certificate IV qualification to the new code HLT42812. The existing students will need to complete new home study units in order to upgrade. Any new students as of 1st July will be enrolling in the HLT42812 course across all campuses. (With some campuses introducing the new code before this.) Jenne: Will it cost more for the students? Susan: Each individual KSA campus is responsible for setting its fees for the qualifications offered. Existing students who choose to upgrade can expect additional fees related to the additional home study units added. Students should contact their local campus to discuss their individual situation. New enrolments can expect to see some price increases from last year’s fees. Obviously with more materials provided, and more student supervision or assessment results in more fees.


Jenne: Why is KSA upgrading the Certificate IV? Susan: KSA’s Certificate IV course (following the BKP units) has always focused on providing students with significant opportunities to practice any new skill in class, with ample opportunity for formative assessment. This kind of assessment offers the student to practice the skill in the classroom situation, and to receive feedback on areas to improve or upgrade as they work. Over the weeks and months of the training, teachers see an increase in the student’s confidence, competence and understanding of the techniques and protocols learned. KSA is upgrading our Certificate IV units to be in line with the new qualification code released last year. The AQTF (and its regulating body ASQA) are now placing more emphasis on Summative Assessments that evaluate the student’s competency level at a particular point in time. KSA’s upgraded qualification is reflective of this summative approach. Much of the ‘new’ material covered was previously assessed more informally in the classroom, so these new home studies are really backing up the practical skills students have picked up in the classroom. For students who learn best by time spent reflecting and recording their insights, the upgrade will be invaluable. And on that note, I think the students who are able to help a client link the significance of a particular technique with their own situation really have valuable edge in the market place. So they are not simply ‘doing this technique’ to the client, but are really working with the client to create long term changes. Reflection and

integration helps the student assist the client will assist the student to bring together theory to make the connections. and practice. There will be more case studies with specific questions that get the students Jenne: Will this have any effect on past to show how they apply the techniques based students and graduates? on their understanding of the principles of kinesiology and their knowledge of anatomy, Susan: Past graduates will still have their physiology and nutrition. It ties it all together qualification HLT42807. quite nicely. Some industry associations or Health Jenne: How do these upgrades help Insurance Funds may ask for upgrades in the students to be better kinesiologists? future, but I’ve not heard anything about that at this stage. Susan: The current ICPKP material used by KSA delivers excellent units that covers For past students who have outstanding kinesiology in the most holistic way; imagine assessments, they really should contact their they are the bricks. I like to think of the new campus as soon as possible. There will be a upgrades as being the mortar between the deadline in the next 9 months or so when KSA bricks. I think it will help students to be able can no longer give out the old qualification and to work with an individual client, then step students will need to complete the new units. back and reflect holistically on the next steps or challenges relevant for that client. Some Jenne: When will this take affect? students are already doing that well, for others it will help them to achieve it. Susan: All KSA campuses must implement the Certificate IV upgrade by 1st July 2013. Jenne: Thank you for keeping us up to date with the way KSA is taking a leading Jenne: and the Diploma is being improved role in excellent kinesiology training in too. How will this benefit the students? Australia with continuing improvements, and bringing competent professional Susan: The improvements in the Diploma will kinesiologists into the community. be seen as additional home study units that

Advanced PKP Units

PDG302 – Pelvic Diaphragm October 12th & 13th 2013

We are excited to announce that Danny will be teaching the following advanced units this year.

The purpose of this unit is to develop skill and understanding in using Kinesiology techniques to correct energy imbalance in the pelvic diaphragm and identify pelvic diaphragm incompetence and/ or dysfunction.

PDG 301 – Pelvic Girdle August 17th & 18th 2013

To develop skill and understanding in using Those completing this unit will be able to Kinesiology techniques to correct energy imbalance balance muscle energy of the pelvic diaphragm in the pelvic girdle. range: coccygeus (ischiococcygeus), levatorani (iliococcygeus, pubococcygeus), deep and Those completing this unit will be able to use superficial transverse peroneal muscle, pelvic postures #1, #2 and #3, intervertebral disc bulbospongiosus, ischiocavernosus, sphincter aerobic / anaerobic function, dural torque, pelvic urethrae, anal sphincter and apply uterine lift and shoulder gaits, sacral wobble and universal technique; discuss the emotional components and sacral techniques. social implications. Contact Kinesiology Schools Brisbane Campus for more details (07) 3261 5436 or 5

The evidence seems confusing and the choices far from easy to make

Do I have the ‘Flu’ Jab or don’t I? Dr. Bruce Dewe MD, Founder ICPKP

When it comes to the ‘flu’ jab it seems hard to know what to do. You are going to have to make up your own mind because the reports are confusing. The NZ Ministry of Health figures show hospital costs for influenzarelated admissions dropping from $7.3m in 2010, to $5.3m in 2011, and just $1.5m last financial year. It’s tempting to say, “Wow! That seems good”.

Last week I attended a lecture given by a nephrologist (kidney specialist) who has retired because she was denied funds to research fully the correlation between kidney failure and vaccination. She has repeatedly seen drops in renal (kidney) function after vaccination for the ‘flu’ and pneumonia (that is a required essential for all people being admitted to many hospitals in the USA).

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told us in February that the 2012-2013 ‘flu’ season vaccine reduced the risk of ‘flu’-associated medical visits from flu A (H3N2) viruses by one half and from flu B viruses by two-thirds for most of the population. However, in the fine print you read VE (vaccine effectiveness) was estimated as 47% against influenza A (H3N2) virus infections and 67% against B virus infections and also that ‘A’ and ‘B’ were not the most prevalent viruses!!

Avoid the Immune System Busters - for me, the most important thing is to support and strengthen my immune system.

Other reports say that flu A (H3N2) and flu B viruses were not the common ones and the commonest ‘flu’ (which the CDC called a ‘flulike illness’) was actually another major virus that the ‘flu’ jab did not cover. That’s why people who had a jab still got the ‘flu’. Opinions vary. Dr. Mike Godfrey, a former director of a Bay of Plenty health clinic who hung up his stethoscope four years ago was reported in the NZ Herald as saying that research conducted by the respected Cochrane Collaboration and the CDC has convinced him the ‘flu’ vaccine is “useless”. In his retirement Dr. Mike is growing berries known to support the immune system.

2. Being overweight: increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Excess fat cells adversely affect your immune system. They trigger the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body, leading to chronic inflammation. When the inflammation is ongoing, healthy tissues get damaged. Mice studies also show that overweight mice make fewer antibodies after receiving common vaccinations. Antibodies are a measured immune response to vaccination.


1. Lack of exercise: Non-exercisers have more infections like colds - compared to those who exercise. The inactive also have poorer sleep quality and more obesity. Moderate, regular exercise, like a daily 30 minute walk, increases the level of blood leukocytes, an immune system cell that fights infection.

3. Eating foods high in sugar and fat: Sugar suppresses immune system cells responsible for attacking bacteria by about 40 percent.

year students who were lonely had a weaker immune response to a ‘flu’ vaccine than those who felt connected to others. Do the positive Immunity Builders: 1. Regular exercise increases the blood level of leukocytes, an immune system cell that fights infection.

It begins within 30 minutes of ingestion and last for up to 5 hours. Less than 100 grams of a sugar solution reduces the ability of white blood cells to overpower and destroy bacteria. (says the Environmental Law Centre UK). Remember it’s for several hours after a sugary drink you see this effect (and you increase you diabetes risk by 20% with just one can/day.

2. Get more antioxidants into your diet, which with vitamins and phytonutrients boost immunity & neutralize free radicals. The top antioxidants are in coloured fruits and vegetables, including berries, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, apples, red grapes, kale, onions, spinach, sweet potatoes, and carrots. They are also in Tré, Carotenoid Complex, Flavonoid Complex, Cruciferous Plus, and NeoLife’s Vitamin E, Vit C, Vit A, Zinc and Multi-min. Elderberry, found in Tré protected against the 1918 ‘flu’ epidemic.

Healthier alternatives include unsweetened apple sauce, tea sweetened with stevia and low-sugar bran muffins. Other immune-boosting foods include fresh garlic, for its antiviral and antibacterial Fried foods can increase your LDL, (’bad’ properties and NeoLife’s Garlic Allium cholesterol) and reduce your HDL, (‘good’ Complex, with its onions, leeks and chives. cholesterol). This causes lowered immunity My mother’s home-made chicken soup was a and increases your risk for heart disease good immune booster too. significantly. Replace fried food with moderate amounts of healthy fat sources, such as nuts, 3. Adequate sleep: Fatigue depresses seeds, avocados and vegetable oils. immunity and insomnia causes a rise in inflammation in the body. Swap white bread and other refined foods for the 100 percent whole grain alternatives. 4. Relax more and handle stress: ESR Nutritious options include oats, barley, quinoa, emotional stress release. We tell you this wild rice, brown rice and air-popped popcorn. because it works for us, and it’s free. 4. Experiencing constant stress: Chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to illness, from colds to serious diseases. Chronic stress raises your stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, which suppress your immune system. Get our free iPad App and teach yourself ESR - emotional stress release. Go to: No iPad email us. 5. Being socially isolated: People who feel connected to friends have stronger immunity than those who feel alone. In one study, first

5. Laugh: Comedy has a positive effect on your immune system. 6. Take Pro Vitality+ and extra Tre-en-en. Read the Super Supplements book and share your knowledge with others.


Helping Children Grieve in a Healthy Way An article by Parijat Wismer Principal Kinesiology Schools Australia Byron Bay Campus , first published in “Informed Voice” 2005

Parents want to protect children from pain and suffering. However, when a loved one dies, parents, close friends and acquaintances are often at a loss as to how to handle this loss and what to say to a child.

on his lap.

It may be our discomfort and difficulty facing our own pain that prevents us from being able to be present with our children. There is not a right or wrong way to mourn, it is a very personal experience.

This night gave us something priceless.

I hadn’t thought about grieving before and how I would talk to my son. I did know that many of my clients had locked the pain of loss somewhere into their bodies and this affected Is it appropriate to allow a 4 year old to see their wellbeing many years later. grandma dead? What if a classmate dies? What if the beloved nanny leaves or is dismissed? I wanted to make it meaningful for us and an Loss can include the death of someone a child emotionally precious experience. knew well, or a pet, moving home and losing friends, parents separating or older siblings We hugged as a family, kissed grandpa leaving home. good-bye. What came spontaneously was that despite a cold night, we stayed up most Children are often excluded from processing of it. Wrapped in blankets we sat in the room loss by not being allowed to see, feel and be with grandpa and talked about life and death. with loss or death. They need an explanation, We cried holding each other and we smiled an acknowledgement that they too can feel remembering how much we had liked his deeply. Through including children in grief, company. they gain emotional intelligence. Grieving as a family is bonding and healing. If you My son wanted to know about my grandparents, have trouble doing that, ask for help from an what happened when they died and what experienced grief counsellor. happened with funerals, rituals and how we coped. We talked a while, sat in silence, I recall a client who grew up in Africa, telling hugged and cried. None of us was ready to me how she secretly cried for her black nanny, leave the room to go to bed. What happens who was dismissed without warning. She had to us after we die? I spoke openly about my been the only woman who had shown her love understanding and explained that he would and kindness. She disappeared overnight from need to search and discover what was true for her life without a trace. him.

By the morning, grandpa started to smell dead, he was obviously not with us any more. We were able to say good-bye when the funeral director came to pick him up. The funeral had My younger son was 13 when my husband’s to be organized. Comfort came from touch father died. He was the only child home at the and knowing that we would come through this time. When we got the call that grandpa died, together as a family. we simply packed a few clothes, got in the car and started driving. We got to his house a bit A child’s perception over two hours later. Grandpa was still sitting Children have strong feelings and will show in the chair where he died, his body still a little them differently at different ages. warm around his back. The fluffy cat was sitting 8

They also interpret what we say in their own associated with it. I use logic. a process called “age recession” to visit the These are a few examples of how the well time in the past, where meaning adult can cause enormous stress in we felt traumatized. a child by wanting to give comforting words. The balancing process is gentle, using “God called your Daddy to heaven” Child’s many different tools, logic: “If God called Daddy, when is he calling including finding a my Mum or even me?” new perspective, acceptance and making “He passed away peacefully in his sleep” Child: peace, acupressure, colour, sound and touch. “I don’t understand, does it mean this can happen when I go to sleep? Am I in danger?” One of my first Kinesiology clients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome was a young This child may fight going to sleep and have girl aged 13. The teenager tested as having nightmares. no willingness to get better on a subconscious level. When we explored it, she blamed herself “We lost her, she’s gone away”. Child: “Maybe for the death of her Nana, who had died we will find her or she’ll come back if I’m a many months earlier. Once we uncovered good girl.” the misunderstandings and allowed her to be vulnerable, feel and talk about it, the healing “At least she is at peace now”. Child: “It must could begin. She hadn’t cried and the family be my fault, I’ve been fighting with her. If I was was in so much pain at the time, that nobody a better person, she would not have died…” had noticed or been able to give attention to the enormous distress this girl experienced. It is easy to see how many misunderstandings happen unintentionally. Sometimes supporting a child during grief is too big a demand of a parent who is also Accessing the buried traumas with grieving. This is where other family members, Kinesiology friends and professional counsellors need to In my work as a Kinesiologist, I assist clients to step in. discover and process unhealed life experiences which are preventing them from being well in Don’t assume that your child must have a present time. problem. Some children are very wise and when they feel safe and loved, understood Each being remembers events with a strong and supported they grieve and heal in their emotional component. The body knows how own way. This is especially so, when they are we dealt with it, even though we may not be included in the whole process. Pay attention able to access and speak about it consciously. to the signs children may give you that they Kinesiology techniques, using body feed- are struggling. In small children, observe how back, allow you to find the blockages that now happy they are, how often they cry, if they hold you back from being healthy and happy. regress from their age or become angry, clingy The intention is to find a specific sequence of and fearful. The older child may begin to wet support for the person to activate their inborn the bed, get into trouble at school, stop their ability to heal. We are balancing physical, hobbies and fight with you. The teenager may nutritional, emotional and energetic issues, be withdrawn or suddenly take dangerous releasing stress and strengthening the body. risks. Some children get ill, so as to have their Kinesiology offers methods to access unhealed needs met. I have worked with a couple of girls emotional wounds from the past gently and that began suffering from eating disorders after allows release of the trauma and stress a close friend died. 9

A young man I met through my work blamed himself for the suicide of a classmate at high school. Several years later, he suffered from low vitality and depression. No drug therapy would have initiated a healing process. At the time of the death, he just closed up and became withdrawn. When he consulted me, he didn’t have conscious access to the hidden pain and emotional cause for his depression. What can you do? Be lovingly present and open. Allow a child to grieve in a supportive environment. This will support emotional growth through learning how to deal with intense emotional experiences and can prevent illnesses and dysfunctions many years later.

mementos, scattering the ashes in a special place, photos, planting a tree, spending time at the cemetery after the funeral is over, listening to the dead person’s favourite music are just a few ideas. Bring expression to their pain through painting and drawing feelings. Be Support for all ages are love, physical contact, gentle with the child, encourage movement including them in what’s going on, talking about and play. This allows a healthy processing of the loss, giving space to be and feel. However, their grief. the needs may change with age. The adolescent needs to have opportunities to Flower essences are wonderful allies. You may discuss issues of life and death. Take time to find a practitioner who will make up a specific listen to their feelings. Your spiritual beliefs and mix or you may buy some Rescue Remedy or teaching will play a role in the way you talk, but Emergency Essence from your Health Food be careful not to stop them from feeling and Shop. Flower Essences are gentle remedies being open because you want them to see the made from the energy of flowers. They are a world the way you do. support for the whole being during emotional times. Children and adults bring their history to the event. How did you learn to cope with emotional Little children may benefit from drawing, sand pain? Is this the first experience of loss? Have play and stories. They often relate loss to you felt or buried these feelings before? Are separation and abandonment, so need lots of you so overwhelmed that you simply have no reassurance. capacity to support anyone else? Older children need your honesty. Show them your willingness to talk about what is going on for them. Take any perceived responsibility for the death off their shoulders and allow them to be their age. Some children feel like they need to take on a parenting role for siblings or even the grieving parent as a result of comments like, “Mum depends on you now”. Relieve them of this burden.

Reach out to others, we are not meant to suffer alone!

If you know that you are holding unhealed grief inside, you may want to take your own steps towards healing now. As a parent you will be better able to support your child in times of emotional pain. If you feel helpless around other people’s pain, you may want to learn some new skills, like how to listen You may need to help them talk about their without judgment, how to be lovingly present feelings and find a meaningful ritual. It’s ok without over caring and protocols for First Aid to ask them how they would like to remember in emotional emergencies. a loved one who has died. Keeping some 10

HLT42812 Certificate IV in Kinesiology Brisbane Campus Starting in September 2013

ENROL NOW! Kinesiology Schools Australia offers the most comprehensive, student-centred training in Kinesiology worldwide. The Kinesiology components of KSA courses are written by Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe, authors of the ICPKP International Kinesiology Diploma. There are three programs within PKP, the CERTIFICATE IV in Kinesiology, the DIPLOMA in Kinesiology and Post Graduate Studies. This is truly an exciting course.

Certificate IV Information Evening Friday June 14th 6:30pm– 8:30pm 9/57 Gawain Road Bracken Ridge, QLD 4017 (07)3261 5432 Bookings Essential

Kinesiology Test Kits



Homeopathic Kinesiology Test kits for Allergens, Foods, Heavy Metals, Schuessler Tissue Salts, Vaccinations& GNLD Supplement. Order from your local campus or contact KSA Brisbane directly (07) 3261 5436 or Click Here for prices and full list of inclusions in the kits. 11


Kinesiology Training June 22-June 30, 2013 Sonaisali Resort Fiji May be Tax-deductible!

‘Parijat is a very vibrant and super professional teacher. I learnt more, and opened my horizons in relation to the new material. Fiji was an amazing experience, highly recommended.’ Sharon Tal , Kinesiologist & counsellor , Melbourne ‘I sleep better, and I’m generally more relaxed. People tell me that I look younger, and vibrant. I actually feel better and more loving towards myself.’ ‘Life was always great... and now, since Fiji with you beautiful souls, it is even GREATER! Thank you all, ‘being heard’ and ‘speaking from the heart’ was an important jewel I brought home from my time in Fiji with you all. Fiji Participants 2011

your mind and memory sharp and learn special balancing exercises for the eyes. What about libido? What about strength and stamina? Chi-Tonix for Better Relationships 1 day $220 Relationships with self, partner, children, family, work colleagues can all improve by choosing our attitudes, communicating clearly and finding common focus. Can be used to work with couples and is fully applicable to your personal life. The Chi of Money and Self-Esteem 3 days $595 Overcome blockages to financial wellness and create success in your business.

New workshops by Parijat Wismer. Work with money as energy and open up to She brings 27 years of experience to her new possibilities. trainings. All workshops are open to everyone, Kinesiology can help you change your Kinesiologists and friends. paradigms and money sabotages so your beliefs, attitudes and strategies support you. Chi-Tonix for Peak Performance and Stress Resilience Self-esteem is vital in creating financial 1 day $220 Reduce stress rapidly while things are abundance. Build the self-esteem needed to happening. Improve your sense of being in create a successful life. Learn strategies to find charge of your life and your reactions to stress, your way towards goals that are in alignment prevent overwhelm and stress-related illness. with your core values. Discover what’s been Come and enjoy a day of fun learning and stopping you so far and change it. Create a making a positive difference in your future! more fulfilling life. This is not just another stress management workshop, though it contains common This is a workshop for your own financial elements. Ask us about teaching this workshop wellness as well as giving you skills to work with clients. to your clients. Chi-Tonix for Vitality and Longevity 2 days $375 These two days follow the Stress Resilience day and give you tools to enhance vitality. Included is how to balance for healthy sleep, how to prevent pre-mature ageing and keep 12

We are negotiating a super deal for you, so flight and accommodation is kept low (depending on your level of luxury required...) Book your intention ASAP, join our email list for Fiji. Book into the workshops 02 6685 7991

PKPTM Standing the Test of Time Danny Liddell, Principal Kinesiology Schools Australia

Another Kinesiology college is trying to portray and that the student would need to do more KSA and ICPKP as being out of date with its studies to complete each of these modalities. information and techniques. Many of these modalities have also been around for a long time and therefore according Let’s take a look at why they are saying that. to their reasoning must also be “out of date”. After all the college involved is teaching Touch For Health as part of their Certificate IV. If This same college occasionally replaces the PKPTM is out dates and behind then they must courses they teach. I doubt it is because they be teaching a dinosaur. I am not trying to pick are not good enough or because they are out on Touch For Health when I say that. I have a dated. I ask, is it simply because the college lot of respect for Touch For Health. It is where does not want to pay the teachers? The college Specialised Kinesiology started and is as writes its own courses and claims they are the effective today as it was in the 1960s. best and most effective, yet I believe, they have not been around long enough to make such Their argument has many flaws. If you listen to claims. As they are only recent courses there their reasoning then acupuncture and Chinese are not enough people that have completed medicine would be so out of date that it would these courses to justify any such statement. not work and western medicine would be 100% accurate. We all know that both these I have been using PKPTM for 18 years and am two statements are far from the truth. booked out for months in advance. My clinic has been voted the best business in health, which TM As we know PKP has been around since the includes doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists early 1980s. Over the years it has been refined, and all other health modalities. We won these improved and has proven to be reproducible awards by using PKPTM. To me this says it all. and very effective. It also has the best and PKPTM obviously works and is VERY effective. most holistic protocol I have seen in the 18 The clients are the ones that vote. We do not years I have been in Kinesiology. I am very enter ourselves into the awards. confident in saying that as I have studied many Kinesiology modalities over the years. PKPTM New research comes and goes. Some of that has past the test of time in many countries research makes dramatic changes to the way and has been used by many thousands of things are done. Other research is fine tuning practitioners over the years. things that already work or simply making alterations to things that already work. Frank The involved college uses these comments Mahony, the creator of Hyperton-X said it well about PKPTM and KSA when they tell people in HT-X basic. He was talking about HT-X but about their course. Their course includes Touch it goes for PKPTM and all health modalities as For Health and parts of a number of other well. He stated (not in these words) that not Kinesiology modalities. They forget to mention all aspects of what we do in Kinesiology are that they only teach part of these modalities 100% accurate and we don’t fully understand the reasons why they work. But the fact is that they work. If anyone makes such a comment please put them in their place and ask how long have these new courses been in effect? Have they proven the test of time like PKPTM most certainly has? 13

KSA Graduate Spotlight Maria Brady How did you come to study Kinesiology?

Tell us about your business?

Back in 2005 I decided that I would go and fulfil my long standing dream, of becoming a Counsellor, as I loved helping others. People seemed to be drawn to me and told me all of their issues and problems. Of course I had many issues and problems myself at the time! Whilst I was in the middle of study, I looked at what I was learning and felt that there was still something missing. I was not sure what it was and so I went on a seeking adventure. It was about August or September of that year, when I stumbled upon (now I know that there are NO accidents!) an advertisement for the “Living Now” Festival. I thought that if I go there I just might find what I was looking for. It might have been Naturopathy, Homeopathy?

In September 2012 I officially launched my very own Mind & Body Centre, in Cleveland. This had been my dream for many years and it is now a reality that I love living each and every day. My dream has always been to provide 110% customer service to my clients. My centre is like walking into an Asian Day Spa. The clients love the ‘experience’ of feeling pampered each and every time they enter the doors. Their journey begins by sitting in the beautiful “Tranquillity Room” with Asian furniture, overlooking a tasteful wall of bamboo, plants and a water feature, and so much more! My dream is also to provide a one stop shop, where my clients can be pampered with quality practitioners, from other modalities, within my centre.

When I got to the Festival, I walked in the main doors and saw, in front of me: massage tables; How do you help people in your Centre? charts; and a man doing this strange thing to someone’s arm? I looked at the sign and To put it into a nutshell, I help them realise their couldn’t even say the word, I saw, before me. own true potential, worth and empower them to listen to their own intuition. My love, passion I noticed that this man (Danny) was doing a and expertise, if you will, are on the Emotional short 20 min talk about kinesiology. I decided side of the triangle. I suppose, when it comes to sit in the talk and right then and there I down to it, I combine the counselling and the knew that I had found what I was looking for. Kinesiology, which helps my clients recognise, Danny explained how Kinesiology gets to the Root cause of issues and problems, whether it is Mental, Physical or Emotional. He did a demonstration on someone and even though I didn’t know what or how he did what he just did, with that lady’s arm muscle, she said that something had changed. I spoke to Danny about Kinesiology, and after this brief conversation, I was eager to start learning. 14

deal with, and shift their issues and stresses so much faster. Using Kinesiology tools and techniques, there is no need for my clients to continue with the same programs, patterns or beliefs they might have been carrying around with them, and in some cases might seem like a lifetime! What is your biggest success as a Kinesiologist? One of my successes that come to mind is of a woman that had been in pain for so many years prior to coming to see me. She was at the end of her rope and didn’t know what else to do.

had been given a label (“Dyspraxia”). When I started Kinesiology (Cert IV), a year later, I released so many things that were holding me back. I was able to conquer my fears (of not being able to read and stand in front of a class and talk), and imagine and dream of a brighter future. A future where I am enough, just the way I am. Since then, I have helped many clients with their issues and limiting beliefs, and held many workshops, teaching about the power of beliefs, thoughts and words and how they can affect us in more ways than one.

She heard about Kinesiology and thought she’d give it a go. She saw me a couple of times and there was improvement, however still in pain. She then said that she was going to be staying at her daughters for about one month and would see me when she got back. When she did, she was agitated and said to me “I don’t understand?” Whilst staying at her daughters she was in NO pain at all and as On a professional level: I was always trying to do it on my own. I kept putting one foot soon as she came home, the pain was back. in front of the other but just surviving. I I asked her many questions about the have surrounded myself with some amazing differences between her place and her Business mentors over the last couple of years. daughters. We found was that her daughter This is something that I will always continue to had no carpet! During the kinesiology session, have in my life. Realise that this is one of the I discovered that every home she had ever most important things you can do to keep you stayed in had carpet, and that there was an accountable and have someone else believing emotional issue, of abuse, in her first home in your dreams and to show you the next step. (with carpet). The session was over and for I mentor some of my clients and also find this her ‘home reinforcement’ she needed to go very rewarding, as I get to teach what I have and steam-clean her new carpet (of 2 years) learned over the years. to get rid of the chemicals. The next time I saw her, she gave me a huge hug and said that the And what advice do you have for Kinesiology pain, that she had been living with for years, Students? had all but gone. Believe in yourself and your new found What have been your biggest challenges? abilities! Don’t think that you need to remember everything because that’s what the charts and On a personal level: my biggest challenge books are for. Work from your ‘Heart Brain’ was overcoming my limiting beliefs that I had instead of your ‘Head Brain’ and allow the had since I was 7 years old. These beliefs information to flow to you intuitively. Trust your were crippling: I was slow, stupid and not intuition! good enough and shy. I really struggled at school. At the age of 38, I discovered that I 15

Red Flags Training What advice would you have for anyone that is thinking about starting a career in the health industry? If you are drawn to this industry, then you must already be drawn to helping people (and have probably been doing so for many years – consciously or unconsciously). Keep learning and growing to expand your knowledge and awareness. We need more great practitioners in this world, more now than ever! Anything else you would like to say? I am very grateful that I met Danny, that day, back in 2005. My adventure into this amazing phase of my life has been so rewarding and fulfilling. Kinesiology has been the best healing of my life’s challenges and has allowed me to grow and expand my awareness. I know that I make a difference, both in the lives of my family and friends, and my client’s lives, as I see the light bulb moments they have. It is such a privilege for my clients to allow me to be a part of their healing journey. I am also on the lookout for amazing practitioners (Massage, Reiki, Crystal Therapies, Reflexology, Bowen, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Nutrition) to work from my centre. Please contact me if you are interested or know someone who might be. Maria Brady Ylia Mind & Body Centre Cleveland Q 4163 Ph: 0423 829 722 email: 16

A great weekend was had by all as Dr Dewe and Jenne Burns shared experiences from their medical days in various hospitals, clinics and situations with a group of kinesiology students in Melbourne. Red Flags is about staying within the boundaries of safe clinical practice, and helps the Natural Health Practitioner to recognise medical conditions that need to be referred to a medical practitioner or sent to hospital. Having the easy to follow flow charts is a great asset to all those in Natural Therapies and adds to the knowledge at our fingertips. Thank you Dr Dewe for making this available to KSA. As members of the Health Industry, kinesiologists need to develop an understanding of the assessment routine, diagnostic process and treatment implementation used in conventional Medical Practice as well as most Natural Therapies and Traditional Health and Healing Modalities. Red Flags will be presented in Byron Bay early 2014 so stay tuned for the dates.


Case Study: Behavioural Problems Jenne Burns, Principal Kinesiology Schools Australia Narre Warren Campus

First session: 3/4/2013 History MM is a 10 year old boy who presented with his mother. His mother told me that he has core muscle weakness, anxiety, is always hot and sleeps with the bedroom fan on 3, as he likes the breeze on his face. He has a habit of licking his fingers and when his anxiety is increased he licks all the way up to his elbows. Sometimes when sitting quietly watching the TV he licks his fingers and arms.

eggs and toys.” It was messy and widely spaced on the page. He wrote with his left hand in very tense and jerky movements and the fingers were scrunched up tight. His hands were tightly clenched and the fingers jerked and moved constantly in jerky and spasmodic movements even when not writing, so I focused the session on his arm and hand muscles. We started with his Supraspinatus muscles, which needed correction. We did the corrections NE and NV and traced the meridian, while he spoke to me about his cheerfulness and lack thereof, how he found it hard making true friends and he did not like the other kids at school because they picked on him. For the last couple of years he has had several close mates. He still has one who can fluctuate between being a friend and bullying MM.

When MM was 4 years old the family moved from England to Australia. MM was a bubbly happy child. He became introverted at school where he was bullied. He changed schools after the bullying became physical. At the new school MM was in a class with a behaviourally challenged child and this appeared to trigger Then the sustained finger mode showed the licking of fingers and arms. so we corrected this with NL’s. The emotion was overwhelmed by anxiety which related Outcome for the session to the way he felt at school and his friends, or lack thereof again. We also corrected his I asked MM what he would like to change in infraspinatus, supinator, pronator teres and coming to see me, as it was his choice. His extensor carpi radialis. mother agreed. He was quietly spoken yet confident and very respectful to me and he MM was very cooperative and agreeable made good eye contact. working with me to correct these muscles. I was surprised at his freedom in communicating MM said he would like better handwriting, so I about his emotions. There were a couple of got him to do some writing on a page. times he did not say much so his mother and I discussed what the emotion meant and he He wrote “My Easter was fun because I got listened and agreed.


At the completion of the session MM’s homework tested up to be Vitamin B ½ twice daily; Drinking water – 2 of his own drink bottles a day; and talking to others including his friends at school.

finger modes to correct.

Then towards the end of the time we thought we would check the muscles from last week and the unlocking ones were pronator teres and supinator. The emotion relating to these muscles was feeling smothered by his younger Following this, MM wrote on the page “ I am sister. The sister was present at this session swimming today at 11 so I get better.” and was putting in her little comments even though she had been asked to keep quiet and The writing was closer, neater and straighter. out of the conversation. Apparently this is what It was amazing. happens at home also. Second session: 9/4/2013

MM’s homework was to continue the same as last week, especially making sure to drink the It was school holidays so MM came back a water. week later for his second consultation and he reported he had been feeling less anxious, Follow up: and was impressed with his writing which had maintained its new neatness. He seemed more I spoke to MM’s mother 2 weeks after the relaxed and chatty. second session. She said that for a week the

nervous cough was a lot worse and drove her MM wrote on the same page as last session mad. Then it lessened and she has found it as a pre-activity, and the writing was again less noticeable. He has stopped licking his smaller and closer together. fingers and arms and now when watching TV he sits just resting his face on his hands. MM He had a nervous cough which had presented has his fan on 1 at night now instead of 3, and earlier in the year. It was like peeling off the is happy not to have it blowing so hard and layers of the problem. The cough was like a fast. He has also stopped jerking his fingers nervous panting and strange breathing, which and clenching his hands. disturbed and irritated his mother. On the table having his balance, MM was dehydrated constantly, so we looked at his metabolism of water and balanced that. Then because they both wanted to look at his strange cough and breathing, we put his breath phases in circuit and used finger modes. His blood chemistry tested, showing his serum potassium as increased in his urine. General muscle fatigue also tested under serum potassium. MM’s adrenals and nor-epinephrine then tested as being under energy. This led us straight back to water having an assimilation problem in his kidneys. We found it interesting how it was all related, and continued with the

Conclusion: I am very happy with the results of MM’s sessions, as is MM and his parents. His hand writing improved dramatically, and his nervous cough, twisting and jerking hands and fingers have eased. I chose to present this as a case study because it demonstrates how results can be significant after only one or two sessions. I am continually impressed at the impact Kinesiology can have on any situation presented. 19



finally reaching a page headed “Nausea and Vomiting”. I have never given much thought about the concept of vomiting and as unpleasant as the experience can be, I have always felt great relief at its completion, certain that whatever was bad within, was now out! Nausea on the other hand has often been on my mind. I have experienced it many times; during my three pregnancies, following a particularly indulgent feast on occasion and sometimes having that feeling without even knowing why.

So when I saw that we were addressing this topic, I thought finally the mysteries of nausea would be unlocked. That said,Dr. As part of my final year studying for the Dewe’s response to my question wasn’t what Postgraduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic® at I expected. Kinesiology Connection, I was most fortunate to experience a week-end of study with Dr He simply asked me to write a 250 word Bruce Dewe and Jenny Burns, co-presenting summary on nausea. Just like that, no the “Red Flags” course. This was the last time educated, scientific or kinesiology perspective that Dr Dewe would be teaching Red Flags, on nausea, it was me who had to work it out. and the learning took place using interesting, Note to self for research: anxiety brings on humorous and personal anecdotes in addition symptom of nausea. to a series of detailed symptomatic flow charts on various illnesses. So what is nausea? Simply put, it is the sensation of the stomach wanting to empty Over the course of the week-end we proceeded itself which may or may not be followed by to work our way through the flow charts, vomiting. It is symptomatic of many different conditions including: Gastrointestinal Causes: - Food allergies / Intolerances - Food poisoning - Gall stones - Gastritis / Viral gastroenteritis - Reflux - Hiatal Hernia - Irritable bowel - Peptic Ulcer - Over eating - Eating a high fat meal - Infections 20

Other Causes: - Motion sickness - Vertigo - Concussion - Pregnancy - Anxiety / Fear / Stress - Electrolyte imbalance - Diabetes - Cancer Treatments ie chemotherapy / radiation - Heat exhaustion - Side effects of medications - Migraine - Exposure to smoke/ toxic fumes Life Threatening Causes: - Appendicitis - Bowel obstruction - Brain haemorrhage - Heart attach - Kidney failure - Liver failure - Poisoning - Sepsis The causes of nausea are many and varied as it is multifactorial and is dependent on its specific aetiology. Nausea may be a response to the body’s need for sodium bicarbonate to prevent against the damage of increased acid.

to buffer acid levels there, leaving a residue of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It is this increased level of hydrochloric acid that is one of the causes of nausea. As we have seen there are of course other causes of nausea. We respond to the world and our environment with emotions, each emotion enlists a complex physical response in our bodies. When we experience fury or anger, for example, our heart rate increases, our blood pressure rises, adrenalin flows, cheeks become flushed, facial expressions change and muscles become ridged. The physiological and neuroendocrine changes associated with experiencing emotions influence all aspects of our body, including the digestive system producing gastrointestinal distress. One of these symptoms can be nausea. So what can be done about it? There is certainly not a one size fits all relief and luckily for us we can draw on our Kinesiology modes to access deeper issues. On a personal level, as strange as it seems I have found that last thing you actually feel like doing is the best solution, eating! Sucking on a lolly like barley sugar has taken the edge off for me by relieving the intensity of the symptoms. Also applying pressure to the Neuro Emotional points for stomach worked in the same manner.

The main organ that produces sodium bicarbonate is the stomach, which produces it by drawing sodium, chloride, carbon dioxide and water from the blood to increase stomach alkalinity. When the stomach produces sodium bicarbonate it is absorbed back into the blood Useful remedies include nutritional solutions such as; Ginger & Wild Yam root = found in GNLD Feminine Herbal Complex, B Complex and Peppermint. Other non-nutritional remedies include applying a heat pack, ensuring the person is well hydrated and stimulating the Neuro Vascular, Neuro Emotional or Neuro Lymphatic reflex points for Stomach. The topic of nausea is certainly a perplexing one. There is no one simple solution but the good news is that there are many options to help alleviate the symptoms. 21

Effects of Farming & Cooking Methods on the Nutrients in Our Foods Kylie Evans, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, Brisbane Campus

With the increase of chronic disease in the 21st century it is important to consider the impacts that farming and food processing have on the nutrition of the foods we are eating. These influences can affect the available nutrients, and affect our health in negative and positive ways. In the 21st century a new group of nutrients called antioxidants, including vitamin C, is being studied due to increased interest in nutrition, fitness and beauty (Kaur & Kapoor 2001). Antioxidants and Health Free radicals cause oxidative stress in the body, causing altered DNA, RNA, proteins, impaired cell function and inflammatory responses contributing to cell damage, disease progression and aging (Rolfes et al. 2009). Environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides create free radicals in the body, as do some normal metabolic and immune system processes (Kaur & Kapoor 2001).

including acting as an antioxidant, a cofactor in the synthesis of collagen, aiding in absorption of iron, modulating neurotransmitters and the immune system (Ball 2004). Through these actions Vitamin C (and its reduced form ascorbic acid) has been shown to lower the risk of a number of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, eye diseases and neurodegenerative diseases (Jacob & Sotoudeh 2002). Biodynamic Farming vs Conventional Farming Biodynamic farming is an organic system with additional requirements based on preparations indicated by Rudolf Steiner (Australian Government 2009) and involves a holistic perception of Nature (Demeter 2012).

Organic farming, encompassing biodynamic farming, prohibits the use of chemicals, and therefore little to no chemical residue is found in organically grown foods. This has been found to be the main reason people choose Oxidative stress has been associated in organic foods over conventionally grown many chronic disease including cancers, (Bourn & Prescott 2002). cardiovascular disease (Korus & Lisiewska 2011), atherosclerosis, inflammatory conditions Biodynamically grown food has been shown (Young & Woodside 2001), cataracts, to contain greater antioxidant activity than rheumatism, aging and auto-immune diseases conventional (D’Evoli et al. 2010). D’Evoli et (Kaur & Kapoor 2001). al. (2010) found that biodynamic strawberries synthesize more pytochemicals and contain Antioxidants neutralise free radicals by more bioactive antioxidant molecules donating electrons to the free radical (Rolfes (measured by trolox equivalent (TE)), et al. 2009) and are found in fruits and anthocyanidins, ellagic acid, and flavanoids vegetables with phenolic flavanoids, lycopene, than conventional strawberries, see Tables 1 carotenoids and glucosinolates being the most and 2. This could be related to the increased studied (Kaur & Kapoor 2001). use of compost in biodynamic farming and/or the use of herbicides that block the synthesis of Vitamin C and Health phenolic compounds in conventional farming (D’Evoli et al. 2010). Vitamin C has many actions in the body, 22

Biodynamic mmol TE/kg 16.9 ± 2.4 14.35 ± 2.0 1.30 ± 0.3

Crude Extract Water-soluable Water-insoluable

Conventional mmol TE/kg 13.4 ± 1.6 13.99 ± 0.2 0.79 ± 0.02

Table 1: Antioxidant activity of biodynamic and conventional strawberries (D’Evoli et al. 2010).

Biodynamic mg/100g 62.2 ± 1.9 38.8 ± 7.7 0.05 ± 0.009 53.3 ± 1.8 0.05 ± 0.003 0.17 ± 0.01 1.99 ± 0.06

Ascorbic acid Pelagordin-3-glucoside Cyanidin-3-glucoside Ellagic acid Myricetin Quercetin Kaempferol

Conventional mg/100g 45.9 ± 2.1 24.9 ± 1.05 0.02 ± 0.001 37.9 ± 0.32 0.06 ± 0.006 0.12 ± 0.01 1.26 ± 0.07

Table 2: Levels of ascorbic acid, anthocyanidins, ellagic acid, and flavonols in biodynamic and conventional strawberries (D’Evoli et al. 2010).

D’Evoli et al. (2010) also found the levels of ascorbic acid to be higher in the biodynamically grown strawberries (Table 2) and attributes this to the biodynamic compost used that is rich in organic nitrogen. Heimler et al. (2011) studied the polyphenol content and antioxidant activity of Batlavia lettuce. They found that the yield was higher in conventional farming, but the polyphenol and antiradical activity was higher in the biodynamically grown lettuce. Table 3 shows a summary of the results. Farming Method

Polyphenols as gallic acid (mg/g sample)

Nthocyans as malvin-3-0glucoside (mg/g smaple)

DPPH. IC50 (mg/mg sample)

Flavonoids (mg/g sample)

Hydroxycinnamic acids (mg/g sample)

Total Polyphenols (mg/g smaple)






















Table 3: Amount of Polyphenols, anthocyans and antiradical activity (expressed as IC50 i.e. the amount of sample(mg) which inhibited the activity of 1 mg of DPPH (1,1-dihenyl-2-picrylhydrazil radical)), Flavonoids, Hydroxycinnamic acid and total polyphenols (Heimler et al. 2011).

Including the fact that biodynamic vegetables biodynamic farms that also influences people’s contain more antioxidants and vitamin C than preference to biodynamic over conventional conventional farming, it is the sustainability, farming (Garcia et al. 1989). mineral nutrition and quality of the soils of 23

Raw vs Cooked Vegetables The preparation of a food can also have an effect on antioxidants, the concentration of and bioavailability of antioxidants can either be increased or decreased by cooking and depending on the particular vegetable (Pellegrini et al. 2009). Vitamin C can also be easily lost in cooking because it is a water-

soluable vitamin and is lost in the cooking water when boiling (Haas 2006). A comparison of the total antioxidant capacity (TAC) of vegetables was conducted by Pellegrini et al. (2009) which showed that TAC depended on the method of cooking, a summary of the results can be seen in Table 4.

Table 4: Effect of different cooking methods on vegetable total antioxidant capacity values measured by Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC), ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and total radical-trapping antioxidant parameter (TRAP) assays (Pellegrini et al. 2009).


In comparing raw to boiled it was shown that boiling artichoke, beets, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, chicory, green beans and potato increased the TAC. Whilst the TAC was decreased in asparagus, carrots, corgettes, spinach and turnip tops. It was generally seen that vegetables belonging to the Brassica family increased in antioxidant capacity after boiling (Pellegrini et al. 2009). A study of the antioxidant compounds in raw, blanched and cooked kale found that the antioxidant activity of raw kale was significantly higher than blanched or cooked kale. Blanched kale retained more antioxidants than cooked (Korus & Lisiewska 2011). Somsub et al. (2008) conducted a comparative study on the vitamin C content after cooking and found that in all vegetable samples that the vitamin C content was dramatically decreased in all samples that were boiled. To retain the most vitamin C content in cooking it have been found that steaming is the best, as the vegetables aren’t immersed in the water while cooking (Haas 2006; Somsub et al. 2008; Vallejo et al. 2002).

vitamin C it would be recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin C either raw, blanched or steamed. The nutrition of the foods we eat are influenced by how it was farmed and the methods by which it was prepared. Biodynamic farming provides vegetables that may be higher in antioxidants and vitamin C and lower in pesticide residue than conventional farming. Cooking of vegetables can either increase or decrease the availability of antioxidants, though cooking generally decreases the vitamin C content. Making informed decisions on how we prepare our foods, and where they come from can help to prevent chronic health conditions in the 21st century.

This variability between vegetables may have something to do with the nutrients in the food and whether it is available to be used. Carotanoids in particular are increased in foods that are cooked, for example the lycopene, β-carotene and α-tocopherol content of tomatoes has been shown to increase significantly after oven baking at 160° for 20 mins (Hwang et al. 2012). Certain foods, such as legumes, have been found to need to be cooked to removed antinutrients, such as α-galactosides, trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitors, phytates, lectins and polyphenols which inhibit trypsin, chymotrypsin and reduce the availability of minerals like copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, iron and calcium (Satya et al. 2010). Therefore, when deciding if it is best to eat vegetables raw or cooked for their antioxidant content each vegetable needs to be considered individually. To obtain the highest amounts of


muscles form a musculotendinous ‘cuff’ around the head of the humerus, enforcing joint security. Especially effective during robust shoulder movements, they permit the major movers of the joint to work without risking joint dislocation.

Supraspinatus Jenne Burns, Principal Kinesiology Schools Australia Narre Warren Campus

One of the most important muscles for kinesiologists to check is the Supraspinatus muscle as it is the indicator muscle we use in accessing the brain. Supra means above and spinatus refers to the spinous process, so the location of the muscle is above the spinous process of the shoulder blade. It is also a muscle commonly involved in shoulder problems. The supraspinatus is a thick triangular muscle that occupies the whole of the supraspinous fossa, arising from its lateral 2/3rds and from a strong fascia which covers the muscle and completes the osteo fibrous sheath in which it is enclosed. From these points the muscular fibres converge to a tendon, which passes across the capsular ligament of the shoulder joint which it is in close contact with, and is inserted into the highest of the three facets on the great tuberosity of the humerus. The socket at the glenohumeral joint (glenoid fossa) is too shallow to offer any bony security for the head of the humerus. As ligaments would severely limit joint movement, muscle tension must be employed to pull the humeral head into the shallow scapular socket during shoulder movements. Four muscles fulfil this function – the supraspinatus, along with infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis (SITS). These 26

The SITS muscles have come to be known as the rotator cuff muscles even though the supraspinatus, (along with the deltoids) is an abductor of the shoulder joint and not a rotator. Indeed among some health care providers, supraspinatus is known as the “rotator cuff’ in the context of a “rotator cuff tear.” As the supraspinatus muscle is part of the shoulder girdle and as such supports it, also test and correct infraspinatus, and teres minor, subclavius and subscapularis, the deltoids, upper and middle trapezius, pectoralis major clavicular and pectoralis major sternal. The shoulder joint and the supraspinatus muscle/tendon are subject to early degeneration from overuse. The problem is generally one of chronic physical contact and friction, known as impingement, between the acromion, the coracoacromial ligament and the distal clavicle above, and the tendon of supraspinatus and the subacromial bursa below. Those with a down turned acromion or a previously dislocated offset acromioclavicular joint are especially vulnerable to supraspinatus tendonitis and subsequent tearing, subacromial bursitis, limitation of shoulder motion, and pain. All overhead activities such as those of professional curtain and blind hangers, ceiling plasterers, and bowlers at cricket, and acromial loading such as hose carrying firemen, and those carrying heavy bags by straps over the shoulder, pursued over a long period can induce changes like bony spurring, and bursal destruction with impingement signs and symptoms. To test the supraspinatus muscle the client holds a straight arm outward and forward 15 degrees each way, palm facing the groin. This can be done sitting standing or lying. The Kinesiologist applies pressure to move the lower arm inwards towards the groin. Stabilise

on the opposite shoulder. With the client lying nuts, and whole grains – and will strengthen it is sometimes more comfortable to stabilise the Central Meridian and the supraspinatus. the opposite hip. When working with a client who has hip The supraspinatus muscle is the indicator problems always also check the muscles of muscle of the Central meridian which begins the shoulder, as we find the contralateral joints at the perineum and proceeds up the midline can often be compensating for each other or of the body, sternum and throat to just below affected by each other. the lower lip. The central meridian is the reservoir of energy for the yin meridian and The Central meridian speaks to us about assists in energising our brain and mind. issues relating to self respect and success Therefore it is an important muscle to check versus overwhelm, shame and shyness. and correct when working with the brain, When we feel we have done something wrong and those people with learning difficulties. the shame we feel prevents us from treating Children who are slow learners will often show ourselves with self respect, and having the an unlocking supraspinatus and could benefit confidence to really be ourselves. When we from corrective treatments. Dyslexics will can forgive ourselves for that which we feel often show bilateral muscle weakness. The was wrong, and not be overwhelmed by it, we neurolymphatic in the front shoulder crease is can treat ourselves with respect and achieve rubbed, the neurovasculars on the forehead the success in whatever we choose. (ESR points) and on the anterior fontanelle are gently held, the neuroemotional at the sternal As you can see the supraspinatus muscle plays notch is rubbed and the meridian is traced a major role in clients with shoulder problems, upwards. The nutrition that will energise the learning difficulties and hip problems and as brain is salmon, tuna, sardines, other fish, such is one of my favourite muscles. brains, eggs, yoghurt, brewers yeast, soy,

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Hyperton-X Kinesiology Course With Danny Liddell Friday July 26th 6-9pm & Saturday July 27th—Sunday July 28th 9am—5pm

Hyperton-X is a form of Kinesiology that specialises in 6 main areas by releasing the excess (hyper) tension (tonic) in muscles: • Flexibility • Learning Difficulties • Emotional Trauma • Sports (performance & injury recovery) • Pain Relief • Allergies

Kinesiology uses the muscles like a keyboard on a computer, to gather the information from the many programs that make us magnificent humans work the way we do. We can then change, delete or add new programs to improve its efficiency. All techniques are simple, safe and effective. This course teaches how to correct imbalances and emotions that affect pain, allergies, the way we learn, play sport and recover from injury. All techniques are easy to learn and even easier to use. Hyperton-X is designed for people with no previous experience in Kinesiology or health. It can be used for family and friends, sports clubs and is even used by professional health care practitioners. 27

The Stomach Meridian The Stomach Organ

Affirmations / Goals

The main job of the stomach is to digest My stomach functions proteins. It then allows the mixture of food at optimum levels and enzymes called ‘chyme’ to enter the duodenum in order for all the other food types My stomach has adequate enzymes to be digested such as carbohydrates and fats. and acid to break down my food The stomach is one of the principal organs in the digestive system. The stomach holds the swallowed food for up to four hours depending Emotional Component on the amount of food, churning it to a pulp and initiating digestion, then passes it on by • Difficultly in digesting life and degrees into the duodenum. assimilating new information • Feeling stuck in a pattern of fear, limitation, worry, guilt and despair • Behaving in a superior, arrogant, controlling way; thinking that you are Muscles better than others or feeling inferior and second best Pectoralis major Clavicular • At times can be self-obsessed and Levator Scapula demanding, wanting everything your Anterior Neck Flexors own way Posterior Neck Extensors • Difficulty in expressing yourself and Brachioradialis • dealing with rejection • Feeling attacked and punched in the ICPKP Database, Dr Bruce Dewe stomach The Secret Language of your Body, Inna Segal.


The Earth Element The Earth Element metaphor corresponds to the foundations, the ground, the soil, the dirt. The Earth element is associated with the Season of Late Summer, and is said to be a time of transition not only between Summer and Autumn, but also between each of the seasons.


In your current phase of change, do you feel like you have enough roots to nourish your growth and enough stability to give form to your dreams? Do you feel like you have your feet on the ground or do you need to be more grounded and centered? The Stomach Meridian function involves receiving potential nutrients and initiating the digestive functions. The 35 million cells in the stomach have multiple functions. The Stomach Function involves taking in new materials and new ideas, mixing them and temporarily storing them for further assimilation. The Stomach Meridian is particularly associated with the mouth as the beginning of the digestive system, but must necessarily involve the sense of smell, vision, etc. As it is often said, digestion truly begins in the brain and the Stomach Function has a strong mental/emotional component as well as a dietary component. We come into first contact with potential nutrients and new ideas through what we see, smell or hear and digestion occurs best when it involves a full appreciation with the five senses.

Carolyn King and Debbie Rossi graduating from the KSA South East Melbourne

Touch For Health, John Thie

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Kinesiology Schools Australia Magazine May 2013  

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