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Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of North’s Environmental e -Newsletter. This newsletter is brought to you by North’s Environmental Affairs Team; it will give you insight on what is happening in the world of environmental. For comments, questions or to submit an article for future newsletters, please contact Kinesha Allen at ext. 3517 or Daniel Noack at ext. 1501. Did you know….. that North has been #1 over all Smithfield Packing facilities in Sustainability for the last 2 years?

JAN 2013

Leaking 1 Drop per second wastes 2,642 gallons a year. Environmental Awareness

$1,000,000 Water Conservation Team North has implemented a Water Conservation Team that will be tasked to help reduce water usage throughout the facility. The team is made up of Management, Superintendents, Supervisors, and Crew leaders in every department. The goal of the team is to identify areas that consume more water than is needed. Once the team identifies areas that can reduce water usage, the implementation of projects, controls, and maintenance will be used to ensure water is utilized appropriately. The team’s focus will reduce the amount of water used, the energy used in the processes, the pretreatment needed for the wastewater, and the cost associated with it. Water conservation comments or questions Click Here!

Pollution prevention is EVERYONE’S job. Each employee is responsible for helping to eliminate or reduce pollution and or waste in the area that they are working. The primary responsibility of all employees is to: conserve fresh water, prevent chemical leaks and spills, minimize production solid waste and increase recycling. To report or to discuss any environmental issues or concerns, talk with your Supervisor, a member of Maintenance or call Environmental at ext. 1501 or ext. 3517 100% Compliance 100% of the Time

Environmental 2012 Year in Review Awards, Accomplishments & Recognition

Become more environmentally conscious in 2013!  Volunteer in your community (Berry Hill Rd. Clean ups / Clean the Bay Day)  Use E-cards instead of traditional mail  Completely stop Junk mail  Bank online exclusively  Cook more at home  Bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store

American Meat Institute Tier 4 Environmental Recognition Award for continuous dedication to environmental improvement

HRSD Silver Award for pollution prevention

VA Governor’s Environmental Excellence Honorable Mention Award for Sludge Composting Project

VA Governor’s Environmental Excellence Honorable Mention Award for Community Outreach Project

The Virginia Recycling Association Excellence in Recycling Award for Outstanding Partnership

HRSD Pollution Prevention Partner Award for significant pollution prevention achievements

Smithfield Foods Environmental Honorable Mention Award for improvements to Environmental training

Received a grant from Hampton Roads Planning District Commission for supplies to conduct more community outreach events

Did you know…..over 13 award applications to various organizations were submitted for several North environmental projects in 2012?

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JAN 2013  
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