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Issue Thirty Six

Red & White

Be inspired to make and create for your home

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Red and White


The combination of red and white is widely known as a powerful colour scheme. In Asian culture for example, red is traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, happiness and joy hence red is often selected for festive occasions like wedding ceremonies and during the New Year’s holiday. Red has the power to evoke a multitude of emotions. Whatever your intent, red makes a statement in a big way. It is often associated with love as can be seen with love hearts and red roses on Valentine’s day. Since red is representative of vigour and fire, decorating with red in the home is equally powerful for drawing positive energy while white can provide the complementary balance and unity of Yin-Yang. White is the colour of peace and innocence, of calm and comfort, simplicity and cleanliness. It radiates clarity, purity and newness. It is tranquil and soothing.

Placing both these colours together, you have a striking winning combination. With this proven 'ticket to success' all you need is some project inspiration, and this is where we can help. Whether you intent is to brighten an area of your home, to make a gift for a loved one, or to make something practical, we have the solution. Brimming with 'crafty' goodness, we hope you have as much fun as we did creating with red and white.

Warmly Lenna & Janice

Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

“I’m a needlework designer and author with a focus on contemporary hand embroidery. I love that there's a huge variety of stitches available to surface embroiderers and my aim is to help keep the art of hand embroidery alive and evolving by coming up with fresh, contemporary designs that use as many of these stitches as possible.� Kelly


Designer Profile

Kelly Fletcher of Kelly Fletcher Needlework Design

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my husband. We’ve been here for five years this time round. We moved to London, UK, for about three-and-a-half-years and lived in a different area of Joburg before that. We live in a fairly old area of Joburg, with lots of big trees and old properties but easy access to the city. Our flat is old but it has big rooms with high ceilings and it’s on the top floor so we can see out for quite a way. Our area is fairly liberal, integrated and attracts creative types; our street has good restaurants and shops, as well as a

design college and hairdressing school – all within easy walking distance. Our living room is my work area. I have a space set up in one corner for my computer and supplies and share the dining table when I need a bigger work surface, for cutting or if I want to get my sewing machine out. I embroider on the couch in the day as it’s in front of the window and the light is best there. And then I move to my desk at night, where I have a daylight lamp. I’d love a dedicated studio, but am happy to have this space for now.

“I thought I’d end up in the quilting world because of my love for fabric but embroidery caught my attention and I get more and more into it every year.” I enjoy most needlework, but hand embroidery is definitely my favourite. Initially, I thought I’d end up in the quilting world because of my love for fabric but embroidery caught my attention and I get more and more into it every year.

Designer P hoto Gallery

Because my brand is me, I wanted to use my name in my business name. And I wanted to emphasize the design aspect of what I do, as creating patterns and editorial projects are the main aspects of my business. I went with needlework rather than embroidery as I do incorporate a bit of appliqué and sewing into some of my patterns and projects, so it’s more inclusive. I’ve been selling PDF patterns online and working with publishers on editorial projects for almost seven years now. I moved my online shop from standalone to Etsy in 2013 and it’s been a good move for me. I also have a shop on Craftsy. Because of my experience in the publishing industry, I’ve done a lot of work with magazine, book and kit publishers in the UK, US, Australia, Germany and South Africa so far, which I love. My style is creative surface embroidery and my designs have been described by customers as “modern”, “contemporary”, “elegant”, “deceptively simple”, “a breath of fresh air”, “unique”, “fun to stitch” and containing “surprising details”.

Redwork in the Round Designed by Kelly Fletcher Approximate Size 8” (20cm) round

Pure hand embroidery bliss is at your fingertips with this stunning botanical hoop art project. Redwork traditionally incorporated only a few basic embroidery stitches, which were used to cover the lines of a picture usually featuring animals, children, nature or kitchenware. Kelly’s design puts a contemporary spin on redwork by using a number of different surface embroidery stitches, including two variations of the popular redwork stitch, Blanket stitch. Yet her design stays with tradition in drawing on nature for inspiration.


Requirements 11” (30cm) square white cotton fabric 11” (30cm) white cotton voile backing fabric (optional) DMC embroidery thread #347 (very dark salmon) Crewel needles No 7 and 9 Milliners needle No 7

Step 1

4” (10cm) embroidery hoop 8” embroidery hoop for framing (optional) Sharp lead pencil or fine tipped water soluble marker General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Requirements 1 yard (90cm) red fabric 1⅛ yard (1 metre) white fabric 9” x 21” (23cm x 54cm) pink fabric 25” x 70” (63cm x 180cm) cotton batting 25” x 70” (63cm x 180cm) backing fabric (wideback fabric) or 1½ yards (1.3 metres) backing fabric (based on 44” wide) 12½” (32cm) length binding fabric DMC Embroidery thread #321 Red No 9 Crewel needle Embroidery hoop Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Walking foot Water soluble marking pen General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Red Bow Bed Runner Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 22” x 67” (56cm x 220cm) A ¼” seam has been used throughout this pattern Length is based on fabric 44” (112cm) wide

Simple piecing with a touch of hand embroidery combine perfectly in this striking bed runner, an attractive bedroom accessory.

Step 1 ~ Hourglass block ~ From your selected background fabric, (white) cut three 4¼” wide lengths of fabric. Cross cut into 4¼” squares (22 squares). Cut each square diagonally, both ways to form four triangles per square (88 triangles). From the pink fabric cut three 4¼” squares. Cut each square diagonally both ways to form twelve triangles.


Step 1a Step 1

Mini Project Requirements Cotton 8 ply yarn remnants in white, pink and red US 0 (3.25mm) crochet hook Tapestry needle Three 1¼” (3cm) needle felted balls

Shop Requirements

Crochet stitch guide Crochet Terms British vs American British double crochet (dc) = American single crochet (sc) British treble (tr) = American double crochet (dc)

Handy Hint

Crocheted Daisy Garland Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size ~ garland length 22” (55cm) flower 3” (8cm) British terms are used in this pattern

This sweet, crocheted garland would add some extra happiness to any little girl’s bedroom. It would look ideal draped across a bedhead, mantel or window. The possibilities are endless! Handy Hint ~ This sweet garland is made up of two daisy flowers and three felt ball embellishments. The flowers are crocheted from cotton yarn oddments using three different colours. Use your imagination and have some fun to come up with other colour combinations and different kinds of embellishments. The garland can be made to suit any length required.

mn Requirements 7” (18cm) square Linen/ cotton blend ivory fabric No 7 Crewel needle 6” (15cm) wooden hoop Pilot Frixion pen for transferring design Pink/red pencil crayon for cheeks DMC embroidery threads #3799 Charcoal, #326 Red, #648 Light Grey, #818 Pale Pink, Black and White Embroidery hoop General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Embroidered Little Red


Designed by Kate Popovski of Lili Popo Approximate embroidery size 3¼” x 5¼ (8cm x 13cm)

When Kate was invited to include a project in our Red and White issue, it is no surprise that the popular tale Little Red Riding Hood came to mind. Kate’s design is too cute for words. If you enjoy hand embroidery, you are in for a treat as you create your very own work of art!

Step 1 ~ Use the pattern provided to transfer the design onto the right side of your fabric, making sure that it is centred. Use a lightbox and a Frixion pen to trace the design. You could also trace the design using a sunny window. Stitch all the outlines using 2 strands of DMC embroidery thread #3799 (Charcoal) and a Back stitch, except the flower in her hand, grass stalks, button, hair, cheeks, and eyes.

Step 1 Step 1

Requirements 1 yard (1m) length of red and white gingham main bag fabric 1 yard (1m) length lining fabric, pockets and ties 1½ yards (1.5m) of Pellon Peltex 71F single-sided fusible ultra firm stabilizer 2” x 3½ yards (5cm x 3.5m) black webbing for the bag handles Rotary cutter, mat and ruler General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements


Market Tote

Nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix!

Designed by Cherilyn Dunn Approximate Size 13” square (33cm) Length is based on fabric 44” (112cm) wide A ¼” seam has been used throughout this pattern

Take this stylish tote bag on your next shopping trip. Not just beautiful but practical too, this project is sure to become a favourite.

Cutting Instructions ~ From the red gingham main fabric: Cut two 17” squares for the outside of the bag. From the lining fabric cut: Two squares 17” for the inside lining, one 8” strip the width of the fabric then cross cut it into 8” x 10” rectangles for the ties and two 8” x 12”rectangles for the pockets. From the Pellon cut: Two 17” squares for the body of the bag, two 8” x 6” rectangles for the pockets. From the 2” black webbing: Cut two 52” pieces of webbing for the bag handles.

Step 1

Mini Project Requirements Fat quarter of white print or plain fabric Acrylic paints—Red, Yellow Ochre and White Large paintbrush Small paintbrush No 9 Sharps needle and cotton thread Fibrefill or wool roving for stuffing Turning tool Glue Wood stand or river stone General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements


Step 1

Red & White Fairy Mushrooms Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 4” (10cm)

“Oh have you seen the fairies dance upon a summer night?” Delight your inner child and make these brilliant, red fairy mushrooms to celebrate the mystical realm of fairies. They would look ideal on a sunny window sill or in a child’s bedroom.

Step 1 ~ From the pattern provided, draw the circles on your fabric using a lightbox or well lit window and a sharp lead pencil. Cut out on the line. Cut three rectangles from the same fabric, 2¾”x 3” (large), 2” x 2¾”(medium) and 2” x 2½” (small).

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