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Issue Thirty Two

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For generations women have sewn and made beautiful and functional items for their homes and loved ones. Many of these items are handed down in a family, they become a reflection of the people who made them, used and cherished them throughout the years. As custodians of these items we continue to love and admire them, preserving them for the next generation to follow so they too can remember a time gone by. In rediscovering and admiring some heirloom items that were once tucked away, it is satisfying to contemplate that special items we now make could become the heirlooms of the future. With a sewing machine, needle and thread, or crocheting hook, combined with today's fine laces and quality fabrics ribbons and yarns, you too can quickly and easily re-create the look and feel of heirloom-quality projects.

In this issue you can explore an exquisite collection of patterns and age old techniques that have been given a modern twist. Each of the projects included echo an earlier time, yet the simple techniques described are easy to learn and require no special tools. Perhaps you will be inspired to make a beautiful project from this issue that will become the next heirloom item in your family, what a wonderful gift for future generations!

Warmly Lenna & Janice

“I enjoy experimenting with a broad variety of different types of embroidery techniques, including ribbon embroidery, crewelwork, stumpwork, crazy patchwork, painting on fabric, canvaswork and appliqué. I am passionate about colour and about nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration.” Lorna

Designer Profile A fully qualified high school teacher of Physical Education and Psychology, I originated from South Africa, where I was initially very much involved in the quilting world, teaching applique, candlewicking and crazy patchwork.

Lorna Bateman of Lorna Bateman Embroidery

In 1988 I stumbled across the exciting world of 3-dimensional and textured embroidery and the work of international textile teacher designer and author, Lesley Turpin-Delport, from that moment on I was hooked. Lesley trained me in a variety of

embroidery techniques, resulting in me teaching embroidery on a full time basis, initially as a franchise teacher for her, in a studio from my home. I travelled extensively in South Africa as a teacher, and was invited to teach an embroidered miniature applique quilt at the National Quilt Festival in 1998. Together with my students, we held an exhibition of our work every two years in the local art gallery in Port Elizabeth.

“I am passionate about colour and nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration. ” I moved to the UK in 1999, together with my three boys. Being a single mum, I did not want the boys to become “latchkey kids”, so I worked part-time at our local sports centre and at the same time set up a business from home, teaching embroidery and importing embroidery kits and threads from South Africa. After three years of considerable growth in my business, I gave up part-time work and concentrated more my own business. During this period, I also participated in some of the big craft shows in the United Kingdom as a stallholder and also demonstrated how to embroider with silk ribbons. People were fascinated by the craft, which continues today, and it was then that I realised that a beginner’s kit would help them no end in getting started on a new craft. So my first kits evolved, and have been evolving ever since, now including creative embroidery, stumpwork, silk ribbon and beaded embroidery designs.

Designer P hoto Gallery

Stitching and embroidering has been part of my life now for about twenty eight years after having tried many crafts from pottery making and folk art painting to patchwork, quilting and watercolours. I love attending workshops and experimenting with different crafts. There are so many books available now as well as tutorials online, so there are many avenues open to those wanting to learn a new craft. My advice is to experiment with as many styles and techniques as you can, until you find your passion! Each day I try to find time to stitch but that is not always possible. For me the daily challenge is finding enough quiet time to explore and develop new ideas and then the time to embroider. I am passionate about colour and nature and often use flowers and landscapes as sources of inspiration. I am never without a camera, it accompanies me whenever walking which is usually four to five times a week if possible.

Requirements Three 7" (18cm) squares of Dupion silk fabric Two 7" (18cm) squares of muslin for backing/lining Two 3" x 5" (8cm x 13cm) light weight wadding (batting) 3" x 5" (8cm x 13cm) wool felt 4mm hand-dyed silk ribbon for flowers Chenille needle No: 20, 22 and 24 (for ribbons) Crewel needle No: 9 (for stranded cottons) Crewel No:4 (for Palestrina stitch edging) Green hand-dyed stranded embroidery thread (for stems) Green stranded embroidery thread for edging Embroidery scissors Template plastic or thin cardboard 6” (15cm) embroidery hoop Packet of pearl seed beads and beading needle General sewing supplies

Victorian Roses & Wisteria Scissor Keeper

Shop Requirements


Designed by Lorna Bateman Approximate Size 3” x 5” (8cm x 13cm)

Indulge your senses with this stunning scissor keep project. It is a winning combination of exquisite silk ribbon and hand embroidery on quality Dupion silk fabric in soft, muted hues. This heirloom quality project offers those who enjoy hand embroidery with thread, an opportunity to enhance their skills by learning some simple ribbon embroidery techniques and stitches. Spoil yourself or someone you know with this elegant addition to any sewing basket.

Step 1

Requirements 3½” (9cm) antique finished purse clasp Five 4” x 6” (10cm x 15cm) velvet pieces Foundation paper 10” x 12” (25 cm x 30cm) Weaveline fabric stabiliser 6” (15cm) length lace pieces Various lace embellishments Decorative Ric Rac 10” x 12” (25cm x 30cm) lining fabric DMC embroidery threads to match Pearl beads and small sequins Pearl 8 cotton No 9 Crewel needle Vanishing marking pen General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Crazy Quilt Evening Purse Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 3½” x 6” (9cm x 15cm) A ¼” seam has been used throughout this pattern Create this delicate evening purse using beautiful velvets, lace and embellishments from your craft box. This simple crazy quilt design will show off your beautiful soft velvets and is easily achieved using the foundation pattern method.

Step 1 ~ Print two copies of the foundation pattern sheet, preferably onto foundation paper or lightweight paper. Cut out each pattern on the dotted line. Note that the printed size is the stitching side. The back of the paper is where the fabric is placed ready for stitching. Starting at A1, place a piece of velvet onto the back of the pattern right side facing out, with a generous ¼” seam allowance all around the piece.


Step 1a

Video Demonstration

Foundation Pattern for Crazy Quilt Purse

FOUNDATION PATTERN Follow along in this tutorial and learn how to use a foundation paper pattern to make the crazy quilt panel for the front and back of the purse.

Requirements A fat quarter each of large floral print fabric and small floral print fabric 36” (92cm) length of 1” (2.5cm) wide lace 4½” x 4” (12cm x 10cm) piece of decorative lace 12” x18” (30cm x 46cm) fusible Pellon Matching thread Sewing needle General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Elegant Lingerie Pouch Our most treasured Designed by Janice Kellaway Approximate Size 6½” x 11½” (17cm x 29cm) folded A ¼” seam has been used throughout this pattern

family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

Keep your pretty lace handkerchiefs or delicate lingerie in this easy to make pouch. Coordinate beautiful florals fabrics with some exquisite lace to achieve an elegant, heirloom style. A quick and easy project to make.

Step 1 ~ Cut a rectangle 5½” x 18” from your large print feature fabric. This is the centre of the front panel. Cut two rectangles 3½” x 18” from your small print fabric. Pin and sew the two small print rectangles to each side of the centre panel along the 18” length using a ¼” seam allowance. The panel should measure 12½” x 18”. Cut two 18” lengths of 1” wide lace. Pin lace strips centred over each seam line on the front panel. Sew down both sides of the lace to secure using matching thread.

Step Step 1 1

Requirements Seventy 6½” (18cm) squares of coordinating large floral fabrics Seventy 6½” (18cm) squares of cotton batting One100g ball and one 10g ball of Ecru size 5 DMC Perle thread No 3.25mm (USA D or UK10) crochet hook Rotary cutter, mat and ruler Walking foot for sewing machine Vanishing marker pen Sharp pointed tapestry needle General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Stitch Guide

Heirloom Lap Quilt Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 32” x 49” (80cm x125cm) A ¼” seam has been used throughout this pattern This pattern uses British crochet terms

This unique quilt project is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. It combines soft, romantic floral fabrics with delicate rows of crochet and can be easily adapted to suit any size required. This project is perfect for using up fabric and batting off cuts from other quilt projects. Draped over a chair or displayed at the foot of a bed, this quilt will be admired by all.

Step 1 ~ Iron all your fabrics, then cut 70 x 6½” squares. Cut the same from the cotton batting.

Crochet Terms British vs American British double crochet (dc) = American single crochet (sc) British treble (tr) = American double crochet (dc)

Step Step 11

Requirements 8” (20cm) length floral fabric 18” (45cm) centre and back 6” (15cm) lace trimmed doily 8” (20cm) lace trimmed doily Size 14 pillow insert DMC embroidery threads #152 #3859 # 950 flower colours #371 green stem and leaves 4” (10cm) embroidery hoop No 9-10 Crewel needle Water soluble marker pen Rotary cutter, mat and ruler 14” (35cm) strip Velcro General sewing supplies

Shop Requirements

Pretty Ruched Pillow


Designed by Lenna Green Approximate Size 14” (35cm) round A ¼” seam allowance has been used throughout this pattern Length is based on fabric 44” (112cm) wide

Create a stunning pillow for your home. This project is the perfect combination of soft, pretty floral fabric, delicate lace trimmed doilies and simple hand embroidery. It will add a touch of romance to any chair or bedroom.

Step 1 ~ Cut out your templates using the pattern supplied. Join the template sheets as indicated. I have incorporated some old lace doilies into my design, embroidering on one and then appliquéing this over the top of the bigger one. Alternatively you could use a doily that is already embroidered or use one feature crocheted doily.

Step 1 Step 1

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story. Erin Flett

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Kindred Stitches Magazine Issue 32 Heirloom  

Inside this issue 7 unique projects with full size templates and 10 other inspirational projects to make: * Sew an heirloom quality quilt em...

Kindred Stitches Magazine Issue 32 Heirloom  

Inside this issue 7 unique projects with full size templates and 10 other inspirational projects to make: * Sew an heirloom quality quilt em...