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December 2011


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Kindred Sisters Staff: Lynn, Jennifer, Judy, Peggy, Shewolf, Rainbow Our Mission: Kindred Sisters’ mission is to provide a forum of news, events, and ideas for, by, and about lesbians and their kindred sisters of all classes, races, ages, ethnicities, and abilities. Kindred Sisters, PO Box 141674, Gainesville, FL 32614

Kindred Sisters “Giving Women a Voice” December 2011

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Holiday Needs

Peaceful Paths will also be accepting general gift donations during the holiday season. These items are used for those families that enter our program after the Adopt-a-Family program deadline. General gifts should be new and unwrapped. Toys, clothing, art supplies, electronics, movies, and gift cards make great donations. Keep in mind that all gifts should be non-violent and should have no aggressive content. Food donations and grocery store gift cards for the holiday season will be accepted as well. We can also use gift wrap, gift bags and boxes, tags, and tape. All holiday donations should be dropped off at our Outreach Offices at 2100 NW 53rd Ave, Suite A until December 19th.

Peaceful Paths needs your help to match families in need with community donors for our Adopt-a-Family Program. We have 40 families left to adopt this holiday season, ranging in size from single women to a mom and 5 kids! If you have the ability to purchase items for a family in crisis, please contact Lori Anglon at 352-377-5690. Adopting a family is easy and rewarding. You can choose the size of the family that you would like to adopt and will be given a list of wish items from which to purchase specific items. Wish lists typically include things like clothing, toys, household items, and inexpensive electronics for each member of the family. Some families may also ask for food, which is an added bonus that you can choose to provide. All gifts should be new and unwrapped and need to be delivered to the agency by December 16th.

Cover: This month's cover art is provided by J.S. Bucholtz. She says, “I began oil painting a very long time ago when I was in my teens and took a few courses in art. I studied for a short time in upstate New York with Roy Lichtenstein and later on in the ‘60s at New York University. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Greenwich Village Art Show during the ‘60s when I lived in Washington Square in New York. I exhibited in the Washington Square Village Art Show for several years. My passion is for oil painting although I am involved in some sculpting and photography which I did for a while on a professional level. After a very long hiatus, I began painting again and my recent works can be seen at the Greenfield Gallery in Kissimme, Florida.” Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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How WILL You Commit to Shopping Local This Season? We’ve seen all the news and we all know we’re tired of big-box corporations bleeding us over the holiday season. This year find unique and useful gifts for the people you love from Wild Iris Books. With our increasing inventory – we’ve got great ideas available for any budget. Don’t forget all of our amazing local vendors – Rock ‘n Glass, HaldeCraft, Monica’s Prairie Creek Soap Works, Jewelry by Vrinda, Herbs and Teas from Dawn’s Enchanted Garden, Jade & Pearl, and our variety of local authors with books on the shelves. Find the joy of giving again this holiday season, and leave the madness of shopping without community behind!

Sinister Wisdom at Wild Iris Books Wild Iris Books is happy to announce our renewed relationship with Sinister Wisdom. We now carry Sinister Wisdom on our shelves. These ladies have forged and continue to blaze a path to give lesbian voices an arena and they have the honor of being the oldest surviving lesbian literary journal. Help them celebrate 30 years of bringing lesbian voices to the forefront in an explosion of words and images by picking up your copy at Wild Iris Books today. Page 2

All Things Wild Iris VIEW FULL EVENT CALENDAR AT WILDIRISBOOKS.COM Music with Loves It! - 12/6/11, 8pm Come rock out with the fun and funky duo that has been described as embodying everything from gospel to soul to country to folk ... The show is free, but be sure to bring some extra dollars to throw in the musicians tip jar! Café Colette will be ready with food and drink to enjoy during the show. Go to for a sneak peek! Transgender Support Group - 12/7/11, 7-9pm Open meeting for transgender people and allies. Discuss issues and support each other in a safe space. Maria Carter Acoustic Concert - 12/10/11 Doors Open at 7pm, Show at 8pm. Come hear musical goddess Maria Rios (formerly Maria Carter) perform old and new songs. $5-10 (sliding scale) Pagan Group Meet-Up - 12/14/11, 7-9pm Open meeting for the Pagan community. All are welcome. Soap Making 101 - 12/21/11, 6-8pm Have you ever wanted to make your own soap? In this class we will make soap using lye, oil, water and essential oils. Learn about the difference in oils and additives used in soaps as well as how to use molds and natural herbs and dyes. Registration: $25/person (includes all supplies) Feminist Open Mic The Open Mic will be taking a break for December – but we’ll be back the last Tuesday in January for more amazing performances!

802 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601 352-375-7477 ● Store Hours: Tue–Thu, 12-8pm Fri–Sat, 12-5pm ● Sun, Closed Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Be An Angel…

Sponsor a Child for the Holidays The Guardian ad Litem Program is looking for angels to sponsor children for the holidays. There are over 600 children in the court system in this circuit who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Many of these children will not receive gifts without help from community businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals who are willing to sponsor them. To sponsor a child for the holidays, please call the Guardian ad Litem Program at 352374-3656. You can make a huge difference in a child's life! Please call today. Gifts must be delivered to the Program Office in Gainesville by December 12th.

Support Grassroots Feminist Media! Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism is an international grassroots print publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women in the US. Published four times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism. Rain and Thunder has been published for over 12 years and continues to fill a much needed gap in the realm of independent feminist media. Our pages offer a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers. Please visit our website at to learn more about subscribing and contributing. Rain and Thunder can also be reached through email at or by mail at PO Box 674, Northampton, MA 01061, USA.

A Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality GetUp! in Australia released a commercial on November 24th from the perspective of one half of a gay couple in love. It builds to the big moment that they want legalized — a proposal to get married. Polls in Australia show support for marriage equality has increased to almost two-thirds of voters. But Prime Minister Julia Gillard remains opposed, arguing that “the institution of marriage has come to have a particular meaning and standing in our culture and nation and that should continue unchanged.” In the commercial, the couple seems like any other that might fit that “meaning,” except for their gender. Groups such as The Third Way in Washington have argued based on new research that it’s a message of commitment like this one — and not about benefits or rights — that will be most effective with voters. See the ad on youtube: excerpt from Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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Barbara Grier, Lesbian Icon, Dies by Victoria A. Brownworth

Barbara Grier, lesbian publisher, activist and archivist, died Thursday, November 10, of cancer. She was 79. When I first met Barbara Grier, I was 19 and knew even then that she was one of the most important lesbian figures I would ever meet. More than 30 years later, after I've interviewed countless other lesbians over the years, Grier still ranks as a mover and shaker of iconic proportions. For a lifelong queer activist, Grier grew up in unlikely circumstances, in the heart of the Midwest — Kansas and Missouri, where she lived for decades — the daughter of a feminist mother before the word feminist was even known. In the many interviews I did with her over the years, Grier was always succinct about her origins: The pioneer spirit of the Plains states had infused her. She was born to be a pioneer, she believed, and she was one. Irascible and cantankerous, with a dry and acid wit, she could make a sailor blush and have you laughing till you cried. She worked hard and expected everyone else to work equally hard, because to her, there was always something else to be done. Grier was a librarian and archivist by trade and an activist by avocation. The two great loves of her life, her first partner, Helen, and then the woman she spent over 40 years with, Donna McBride, were also librarians. McBride survives her. Grier told me many stories over the years of how she came to lesbian activism — through meeting the town butch dyke as a child, through wooing Helen at the library, through meeting McBride and, as she said about their relationship, “falling as deeply in love as anyone ever could.” Grier was one of the few out lesbians of the 1940s and 1950s. She was a contributor to and then editor of the pivotal lesbian magazine— the first official such publication in the U.S. — The Ladder. She wrote under the names Gene Damon, Vern Niven, and Lennox Strong. In 1973 she cofounded Naiad Books with McBride, whom she had met while working for The Ladder. The Ladder, founded by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon as a publication for the Daughters of Bilitis, which they also founded, published monthly between 1956 and 1970 and had an initial mailing list of less than 200. In 1968, Grier took over from activist Barbara Gittings as editor of the mimeographed, brown-paper-wrapped magazine and immediately sought to expand both its readership and its content. Within a month of Grier’s ascension to editor, The Ladder went from 24 pages to 48. Its mailing list grew to 3,800. Grier also broadened the content to include more news and a much more feminist slant. In 1973, after The Ladder folded due to internal controversies in which Grier was a major player, Grier cofounded Naiad Books, later Naiad Press, which at the time of its closing in 2003 was the world’s largest lesbian publisher. Naiad published mostly romance and mystery novels — accessible lesbian work. Grier told me that she wanted lesbians in Kansas to have books they could read that were about themselves in an era when very few lesbians were out. The books were first distributed solely through mail order, utilizing the list Grier Page 4

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

was accused of (and admitted to) stealing from The Ladder. Some of the best-known lesbian writers of the past 25 years were first published by Naiad, such as Katherine V. Forrest, whose Curious Wine is still considered the first novel in the genre of “new” lesbian fiction. Grier also published the young Sarah Schulman. The list of awardwinning and prolific romance and mystery novelists — Barbara Wilson, Lee Lynch, Isabelle Miller, Valerie Taylor, Karin Kallmaker, and a host of others — put accessible lesbian fiction on the literary map. The late photographer and artist Tee Corinne created many of the press’s early book covers. Grier’s lifelong passion as an archivist of lesbian writing led her to revive many out-of-print works of lesbian poetry, memoir and fiction. Ann Bannon, Jane Rule, and Gale Wilhelm were among the writers whose early pulpfiction novels she revived. She also reprinted the work of Renée Vivien and Gertrude Stein. In 1985, Grier published Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence. Grier told me she paid a half million dollars to the authoreditors, Rosemary Curb and Nancy Manahan, both exnuns. The book created national controversy and Grier came under fire for allowing excerpts to be printed in Penthouse magazine. But the book was enormously influential and shifted the tone of lesbian publishing. Grier’s legacy is as a major figure of the lesbian literary world. In 1992 she established the Naiad Collection at the James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center of the San Francisco Public Library. In an interview in 2003, Grier told me it took two vans to take the entirety of books, letters, magazines, and other memorabilia such as T-shirts, posters, buttons, and the like which she had painstakingly archived over the years from her home in Tallahassee to the library. It is the largest collection of lesbian letters in the world and includes such iconic writer-activists as Audre Lorde, Andrea Dworkin, and Rita Mae Brown, among others. Grier leaves behind her longtime partner and a plethora of friends and colleagues. She also gave the world a body of work that was definitively the foundation for the lesbian literature of the 21st century and beyond. excerpt from Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Founded by Maria & Shakti Rios, High Vibration Spiritual Living seeks to open the door to spiritual understanding and enlightenment for all. There are many paths to truth, and their particular perspective seeks to bring love and illumination into the lives of all those they touch. They teach the wisdom of many masters, including modern scientists! Within every human being is a beautiful, powerful spirit-soul. At HVSL, they want to help you remember who you are. Recurring Courses: Spiritual Prosperity (3-day seminar, monthly) Mysticism & The Universe (10-week class) Tantra & Love (7-week class) 1219 W University Avenue, Suite 1 Gainesville, FL 32601

World Aids Day December 1st World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. It is common to hold memorials to honor persons who have died from HIV/AIDS on this day. Government and health officials also observe the event, often with speeches or forums on the AIDS topics. Page 5

Poetry Corner

Just For Fun

Cool Nights Reach to me in the darkness and find the comfort of my warm hands Speak to me of our love without words without consideration Let hesitation serve only to give power to our gift The smoothness of touch of breath of our kiss Is a journey of enchantment under the cover of darkness

“New Study Reveals Majority of Americans Want” A study of more than 1,200 subjects by the Consumer Research Institute at Loyola University has found that a significant majority of U.S. citizens want. "Regardless of their age, gender, class, education, or religion, Americans are remarkably alike in their capacity to want," Dr. Stanley Murcheson told reporters Tuesday, noting that 33 percent of survey respondents indicated they not only want, but want really bad. "And among those who want, a growing number also demand, feel entitled to, and actually expect." The study concluded that while more Americans than ever desperately need, fewer than 6 percent of them will ever get. excerpt from

by Karen Chadwick

In the Spotlight Margaret Cho "Comedy was all I ever wanted," declares Cho in her memoir I'm the One that I Want (2001). "When I began, I don't think anyone believed I would go anywhere," but the bisexual actress turned stand-up comedian has become one of the most prominent Asian Americans in show business and in glbtq culture. Born to Korean immigrant parents on December 5, 1968 in San Francisco, California, Moran "Margaret" Cho draws from her "bicultural" experience as Korean-American as well as from everyday queer culture to forge her seductive style, which is enticing and amusing and never fails to surprise. excerpt from Page 6

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Book Review ‘The Wide Road’ by Carla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian Sinuous, seductive, rife with sexy, feminine energy, The Wide Road is hard to categorize. It blurs the line between poetry and prose, gender and sexuality, body and story, universality and individuality. Like a road, the “story” of this book flows forward—a landscape ever changing and narrated by “we.” It is a melding of voices, female voices, in the most symbiotic way imaginable. To read The Wide Road is to dive into a mystery: “Today it’s sexy for you to never know who we think we are.” Early on, the narrator declares, “we come closer to facing/ the frightening malleability/ of gender,” and those themes—awareness and malleability—carry throughout the text. As the narrator witnesses, the city becomes the body which becomes a house or a crowded room or a beach vacation. Later, “we” says, “It is not always with clarity that we experience our sexuality,” but sexuality is all over this book, so clarity proves unimportant, or at least secondary. To say The Wide Road is disorienting doesn’t do it justice, though it is at times jarring, incongruous, hard to swallow. If it is those things, it is also acutely observant, high-spirited, erotic, full of movement and flights of fancy. Harryman and Hejinian are “two of the most honored innovators of language,” and that is more than apparent in the delicate, whimsical, but disarmingly direct and unbound words that cross these pages. Written over the course of many years, passed back and forth between them, much of the book (purposefully) obscures any sense of bifurcation: “we” may suggest more than one, but throughout “we” is one, lacking the desire to declare or insist upon individuality. In the center of Kindred Sisters — December 2011

the book lies a collection of letters written between the two women, exploring politics, sex, power, language, but even in the place where their individuality is maintained (by use of names), the thread of connection binds them together. They lift one another’s thoughts, they circle back to previous conversations, the reader might imagine them in a room together finishing one another’s sentences. In the last section, again the “we” is split, this time namelessly, yet organically, indicated by a line running down the center of each page. You might be wondering about a plot, or characters, and they do exist in The Wide Road. Nameless men; Diana, goddess of love; Basho; Marquis de Sade; Scheherazade and others enter and exit the story fluidly. Yet plot and characters take a backseat to what is more important—the highly charged language, the movement of the story (and yes, this is markedly different than what one might think of when thinking of plot), and the curious bond that draws the two writers together into “we.” What works in The Wide Road is invigorating, thought provoking, at turns playful and serious; what doesn’t always work are the moments when the reader is plunged into opacity, uncertainty, and occasionally the poetic fragments that jar the narrative. But to be “dangerous with language,” as Belladonna’s mission statement states, is to accept the occasional bump in the road for the thrill of the journey. The Wide Road by Carla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian, Belladonna, Paperback, 982338742, 148pp, December 2010 excerpt from

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Building Up the Immune System, Part 1 by Woody Blue

ZOWIE!! I was hit by a nasty cold and went down for the traditional 9 days. Traditional? Without antibiotics or heroic preventive measures, colds generally follow the pattern - 3 days coming, 3 days on, 3 days going. Once the hurricane hits, hunker down and let the immune system wage its battle. In my case it was a vicious fight. I don't take any pharmaceuticals, antibiotics or over-thecounter drugs. My weapons are herbs, broths, increased vitamins and minerals, and plenty of rest. I have to say, the "rest" is a constant push/ pull thing. Cancelling work, reading magazines, being quiet can get old quickly. On the other hand, trying to do something constructive seemed to wear me out and retard the healing process. Inconvenient as it is, resting and staying warm is probably the number one thing you can do to combat illness. When ill, your immune system goes to war and on a microscopic level it isn't pretty. War machinery goes into effect. Master plans are drawn up to identify and isolate the enemy and then build suitable weapons to attack and destroy the invader. Huge macrophages, like drone planes, are built and sent to the site to eat the enemy and break its body into small useless bits. Nutrients are gobbled more quickly than tax dollars to supply the war machine. Even I, as a peace activist, support this war effort. Letting the battle play itself out, by resting, is one way I can do that. Another way of helping out the war machine is by supplying it with warriors. In the case of the immune system, this means increasing the number and kinds of friendly bacteria in the gut, which is the seat of the immune system. This does not mean eating an extra cup of yogurt. These days most people have heard of probiotics, which is another name for the friendly Page 8

bacteria in your gut that pulls the nutrients from whatever you ingest to help your body absorb it. Without these friendly bacteria, your immune system lacks the ability to ward off disease. It has been estimated that there are upwards of 100 trillion bacteria that inhabit the gut. For identification purposes, these bacteria are divided into different "strains." A 'strain of bacteria' is basically the same species of bacteria but with different functions. For example, of two bacteria of the same species, one can be pathogenic (causes disease) while the other isn't. No two strains perform the same function so it's necessary to have many strains. Some would like to divide the strains into 'good' and 'bad', but some nutritionists and bacteriologists agree that all the strains make up an 'ecosystem' for the gut and keep everything balanced in a healthy body. In an unhealthy body, pathogenic bacteria outnumber other 'friendly' strains, resulting in illness. The strategy therefore, is to repopulate the gut with 'friendly' bacteria in order to build the immune system. When we are healthy, we can use fermented foods, like kimchee, and cultured dairy products, like yogurt, to populate the gut. When unhealthy, it's best to take a probiotic supplement, one that contains 8 - 16 different strains of bacteria. I suggest you shop around for a good probiotic, one with several strains, and enteric coated so your stomach acid doesn't kill it off on the way down to the gut. There are reasons why gut bacteria get unbalanced. Refined sugar is a food that kills off the friendly bacteria in the gut. Because so much sugar is in the American food supply, largely in the form of sodas, processed foods and fast foods, most Americans have a poor supply of friendly bacteria. As a result, most people are susceptible to illnesses that come along. Another reason that gut bacteria is unbalanced is because many people eat factoryKindred Sisters — December 2011

farmed meats which are riddled with antibiotics, which kill off bacteria. Pastured, grass-fed animals do NOT contain antibiotics or hormones and don't break down your gut flora. Many people choose to fight a cold with an antibiotic, prescribed by their doctor. If you choose to go this route, be aware that the treatment is means to kill off ALL the bacteria, leaving you without a natural defense. This is why we sometimes get better, than re-contract an illness and a stronger antibiotic is needed. Perhaps sometimes an antibiotic is needed, but it's wise to repopulate your gut vigorously with probiotics once you stop taking an antibiotic. Probiotics is just one method of fighting a cold. Getting toxins out of your body is another good strategy and one of the best elimination methods is a sauna, steam bath, or sweat lodge. Before going into a sauna, use a body brush and dry massage your entire body. This removes the dead skin and opens the pores so the bad stuff can get out. Fifteen minutes before taking a sauna, take a couple of Tbs of coconut oil to help your body sweat. Don't take too long a sauna. Usually 30 minutes is recommended. An infrared sauna heats the body without heating the air. This is helpful for those not able to sustain a high air temperature. In the sweating process, toxins are released. Those with rheumatoid arthritis, stiffness and chronic fatigue have reported positive benefits from this type of sauna. An infrared sauna is available for use at the Center for Wholistic Wellness on NW 6th St. Beth charges $30 for a half hour session and the sauna is big enough for two people. After a sauna, shower in lukewarm to cold water to rinse the sweat from your skin. The colder the water, the quicker your pores will close and let the toxins you just eliminated go down the drain. The outdoorsy type might want to jump in a cold tub which achieves the same effect. The lymph system is the transport and filtration system that sorts through the good and bad microorganisms. The lymph nodes are filtering places and binds them into the mucus which we blow and spit out during out colds. Lymph flows slowly, approximately 3 Kindred Sisters — December 2011

liters/DAY, as opposed to blood which flows at a rate of 5 liters/MIN. There are no pumps or gadgets to help lymph flow. There is only the prodding of the skeletal muscles, the movement of the lungs, and the contraction of smooth muscle fibers. This means that if we stretch our muscles and do deep breathing, the lymph fluid can find its way out. We can also support the lymph by drinking lots of purified water to keep the flow going. Herbs and tonics, vitamins and minerals, and assorted grandma recipes are helpful to combating a cold. I've run out of space, so I'll visit these topics in my next article. Woody Blue is a holistic health counselor specializing in massage and nutrition. You can contact her at 352375-0539 for more info.

Thursdays 6-7:30pm Jan. 5 thru Feb. 9

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Home Van Pet Care Project by Elizabeth Howard, Project Coordinator

Dear Sisters – Greetings from Home Van Pet Care Project. I want to begin by thanking Kindred Sisters for the ongoing publication of this newsletter. You are very helpful to us in our work to feed the animals of the homeless and low income citizens of our community. During this special time of year when we are reminded to be thankful for the goodness in our lives, of the giving and receiving that means so much … we at Home Van Pet Care Project send heartfelt thanks to all the individuals and groups who support our work with the animals of the homeless and low income pet owners in our community. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! This last month, two young women responded to our request for help to clean up our Tent City Cat Colony area. This is the only colony that we maintain and we love those kitties very dearly. Audry and Jenn were respectful and hardworking … and they read about it in Kindred Sisters.

rest, relieve some of their stress and show them how to do the best possible job even with limited resources. This month we had a table at the annual Breakfast on the Plaza that is sponsored by the Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry. The coalition donated a quantity of dog food and we matched this with cat food, treats and samples that were given on the spot to dog and cat owners. We gave information about spay/neuter and about our Wednesday pet distribution time and location. In addition, the Honor Society at Howard Bishop School invited us in for a brief talk about the Project. This is a great group of students who do many community service projects. They are sponsoring a pet food drive for us in January and February. This will require a volunteer to pick up the donations on a weekly basis and deliver to our storage address. Please consider volunteering for this task. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we need extra quantities of dry food for both dogs and cats as well as small cans of food for both. Cold weather and rain call for more nourishment for both animals and people. We love to have treats at Christmas as well as extra collars and leashes. Tarps and running lines and rope are always handy. We give these with the pet food on Wednesdays when requested.

Please keep the cat colony in mind this year as you are making Christmas gifts. We need helpers to visit and feed this cat tribe and the time is coming when we may need to relocate them and find homes. This will be a tough decision and an arduous process. We For more information, to volunteer or to will need helpers, adopters and donate pet food and supplies, contact funding to do this properly. Our primary feeder has Elizabeth Howard, Coordinator, been absent and so we do need to think about the or 352-473-9423 for dropfuture of the tribe. We will keep you advised. off locations or for pickup. Financial donations can be made payable to Home Van Pet Care Project, Dog-wise we are keeping our eyes on the best of Inc., and mailed c/o Elizabeth Howard, P.O. Box care and sometimes less than the best. Your 14305, Gainesville, FL 32604. You can also donate donations help us provide wholesome food and then more: license tags, running lines, treats, tarps through our PayPal at our blog, http:// We are a and bedding. When we help the pets we set the 501(c)3 charitable corporation so all donations are minds of their “owners” (caretakers, guardians) at tax deductible. Page 10

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Pride Community Center of North Central Florida Announces our 9th Annual Holiday Party!

Join us for the PRIDE & PUNCH Holiday Party at the Community Center at 3131 NW 13th St.

December 8th 8:00 - 10:00 pm

There will be snacks, wine, and nonnon-alcoholic drinks. More importantly, there will be good company and great conversation!

Shake Rag Art & Culture Center Shake Rag is an artists collective of working studio spaces. The art work is eclectic and exciting for the public and stimulating for the artists. Come by to see artists working and consider purchasing a one of a kind original piece of art. They mount at least 6 art shows a year and also have various musical events. Workshops and classes are often presented in the space. The Gothic church building and beautiful shaded property is available for private functions also. Some studio space is available for rent and also associate display space. Every Wednesday at 10am-noon Shake Rag hosts "Coffee Talk", a free social event with coffee, treats and wonderful live music. Shake Rag is in need of members, artists, financial donations, and community love and support. Can Kindred Sisters — December 2011

you help this amazing haven and gathering place keep its doors open and help preserve a center of artistic expression? Send your offerings and inquiries to Hours: Mon & Wed, 10am-2pm; Tue & Thu, closed; Fri & Sat, 10am-5pm; Sun, 1-5pm. 301 State Road 26, Melrose, Florida 352-475-2924 *Special Holiday Events* December 10 at 2pm Aztec Fire Dancers!! FREE to the public. See a special dance with children's participation requested. Bring your cameras! The performance is for one hour so come early to get the best spot. At 8pm the "Imposters" Dance Party with a requested donation at the door $10. Refreshments available. Page 11

Learn to Meditate Take a break from your busy life to relax and unwind. Meditation is a simple practice that everyone can learn which can help you:

Greenest Car of 2012 The Honda Civic Natural Gas was ranked the 2012 Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal. The announcement was made at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. The Civic was up against a range of green vehicles including the Ford Focus Electric, the Mitsubishi i, the Toyota Prius V, and the VW Passat TDI. The winning Civic, selected by a panel of automotive and environmental experts, is the only assembly line-produced natural gas passenger vehicle available for sale in the U.S. Its fuel is in large part produced domestically and is on average 30 percent cheaper than gasoline. It also boasts a 38 highway MPGe fuel economy rating the cleanest running internal combustion engine that has been certified by the EPA.

- Reduce your stress - Feel healthier and happier - Improve your relationships - Discover real, lasting inner peace

2nd & 4th Wednesdays each month 6:00 pm Each class consists of guided meditation and teachings on Buddhist concepts. Everyone is Welcome! Sacred Earth Center 3131 NW 13th St #41, Gainesville, FL For a free Modern Buddhism e-book, please visit

Though finding a natural gas fueling station near you might be tricky, owners can purchase a wall-mounted refueling appliance for home use. On a full tank of compressed natural gas, the Civic Natural Gas can get 240 miles - two and a half times the per-charge capacity of your average all-electric vehicle. Weighing the pros (range, fuel economy, and ecofriendliness) against the $26,155 price tag and infrastructure constraints (public refueling stations are still not widespread), the range anxiety that afflicts the EV market may rub off (what happens if you can’t get to a natural gas refueling station in time?). But considering the environmental benefits, drivers may be willing to bet that the infrastructure will follow shortly. excerpt from Page 12

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Recovering the Spirit Recovering the Spirit from Sexual Trauma is a book, authored by Kylie Devi, including some of the most powerful voices of our time, offering solutions to a pervasive cultural illness, one that has been shoved under the rug for too long. It is a protocol for healing – our desire is that it will reach 1 million people by 2015. The book explores areas that rape impacts, such as negative beliefs we carry about ourselves, our relationship to our physical bodies, how to heal and release toxic shame and guilt, letting go of our “victim” stories and patterns to live fully free and empowered, connecting with authentic anger, reclaiming meaning and connection, creating the sexual life we would like to have, becoming aware of what desire means to us, and reconnecting with the divine inside. There is also a focus on connecting with our authentic life purpose and learning how to actualize that from whatever stage of healing we are at. Powerful voices such as Bethsheba A. Rem (performance poet Queen Sheba), Brooke Elise Axtell, Founder of SHE: Survivor Healing & Empowerment and Persephone Media, Franchelle Ofsoske Wyber, Cherokee Medicine Woman and Founder of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand, Darlene Ouimet, blogger at Emerging From Broken, and many, many more will be represented in this unprecedented work. This book is now available for pre-order at $15. Your pre-order will make this amazing work available to the world sooner. There is information in this book that can reach and help millions. Pre-order this e-book now for just $15! Recovering the Spirit will be released in February 2012 with your help! About the Author: I was born to write, and it is with passion and a great sense of humility and honor that I share the alchemy of words with you, wherever you may be on your path. My intention is to offer you a glimpse of the transformative journey from pain, chaos, and total self-destruction, into a life of clarity, bliss, and service to the Divine. This has been my road, and it has been long, arduous, and full of color. I realize our human family is in challenging and wonderful times, and I believe personal and spiritual transformation is key to creating a culture of acceptance, love, and enlightenment. I believe that our deepest wound can become our greatest gift, and it is in this Spirit that I offer these writings to you. I have dedicated my life to the healing of trauma, and my particular area of experience and interest is that of sexual trauma and rape. Many of my writings will reflect this. If you have been affected by this in your life and find yourself struggling in any area (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, socially), and would like to connect with me, please feel free to leave commentary on my website or to find me on facebook. I am happy to hear your story and to share mine. Much Love, Kylie Devi THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE HEALING OF RAPE AND SEXUAL TRAUMA, THE HEALING OF OUR HUMAN FAMILY, THE HEALING OF OUR WORLD

For more info or to place your order, go to Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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WhatÊs Happening? Nov 16 - Jan 2: ICE! ICE! is Florida's favorite frigid Christmas tradition, with over 20,000 square-feet of frosty 9-degree bliss played out in a winter wonderland of exciting hand-carved ice sculptures. This year it features five 30-foot ice slides and an all-new, awe inspiring tribute to “Shrek the Halls”. Tickets: $20-26. Don’t miss the SNOW! playground (for best deal purchase combo ticket with ICE!). Gaylord Palms Resort, 6000 W Osceola Parkway, Kissimmee. Dec 4, 5pm: Women’s Dinner & Movie Relax with the gals, enjoy a nice dinner, & catch a movie -- all for just $5! Can you think of a better way to spend a Sunday evening?! See full details on outside back cover. Dec 6: Rainbow Bingo Play bingo on the 1st Tuesday of every month at the Pride Community Center, 3131 NW 13th St. Fun, Cash Prizes! Early bird bingo at 6:30pm. Regular bingo at 7pm. $15 at the door includes all early bird & regular games. Food available for purchase. Dec 6, 8pm: Music with Loves It! Come rock out with the fun and funky duo that has been described as embodying everything from gospel to soul to country to folk ... The show is free, but be sure to bring some extra dollars to throw in the musicians tip jar! Café Colette will be ready with food and drink to enjoy during the show. Go to for a sneak peek! Wild Iris, 802 W University Ave, Gainesville. 352-375-7477 Dec 7, 11:30pm: Lesbo A Go Go The University Club presents The Merry XXX-Mas Show, a sexy burlesque female Go Go Girl’s Production! Free Beer 10-11:30pm. Show begins at 11:30pm. Cover: $4. UC, 18 E University Ave, Gainesville. Dec 8, 5:30pm: One Spirit Place Join Wild Iris Books as we welcome local author Beverly Anderson for a free lecture and book signing of One Spirit Place: The Powerful Connection Between Body & Soul. The journey of the soul and the physical person are closely intertwined. If your desire is to have a higher understanding of your life purpose and Page 14

create profound positive change in your current life situation, the key lies in understanding the powerful connection between the physical person and their soul. Wild Iris, 802 W University Ave, Gainesville. 352375-7477 Dec 8, 6-9pm: "Winter Wonderland" Museum Nights at the Harn! Join us for a wonderful evening of fun, hands-on art activities, performances, and free food at the Harn Museum of Art (310 Hull Rd, Gainesville). This is a free event! Enjoy winter holiday-themed activities, which include an ice sculpting demonstration by Celeste Forron, live holiday music by the all-female a cappella group The Sedoctaves, and a scavenger hunt based on the “Art of Giving.” Create a work of art focusing on the holiday season and warm up with hot chocolate and sweets. Dec 8, 8-10pm: Pride & Punch Join us for the PRIDE & PUNCH Holiday Party! There will be snacks, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. More importantly, there will be good company and great conversation! Pride Community Center, 3131 NW 13th St #62, Gainesville. Dec 10: Total Lunar Eclipse Dec 10, 2pm: Aztec Fire Dancers FREE to the public. See a special dance with children's participation requested. Bring your cameras! The performance is for one hour so come early to get the best spot. Shake Rag Art & Culture Center, 301 State Road 26, Melrose, FL. 352-475-2924 Dec 10, 3-7pm: Winter Gift Fair Blue Oven presents the second annual Winter Gift Fair in the Sun Center, Downtown Gainesville! The purpose of the Winter Gift Fair is to educate our North Central Florida community about the importance of “buying local” and to encourage our community to keep its holiday gift and goodie dollars circulating among local artisans, farmers, food entrepreneurs, and vendors. Think outside the big-box giftbox this holiday season and buy locally – buy differently.

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

WhatÊs Happening? Dec 10, 6-9pm: Night of Stars Don’t miss this Winter Jazz Event presented by Alachua Habitat for Humanity Women Build at Tioga Town Center Amphitheatre, 105 SW 128th St, Gainesville. Picnic Dinner provided by Saboré. Cash Bar provided by Tipple’s Brews. Tickets: $30 w/picnic dinner; $20 w/o dinner. Tickets available at Great Southern Music, Habitat Thrift Store, Hoggtowne Music, Saboré, & Tipple’s Brews.

Dec 11, 7pm: Roller Derby Holiday Bout The Ocala Cannibals Roller Derby is hosting our 2nd annual December scrimmage for Toys for Tots. This year's event will also be our inaugural bout at our local skating rink (Skate Mania, 5461 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala). Join us for the "North Pole Revolution" as Santa takes on the elves. Doors open at 6:30 and the bout starts at 7:00. The entry fee is a $5 donation or a new unwrapped toy.

Dec 10, 7pm: Artist Margaret Ross Tolbert Create! announces a special event to be held in the Scarlet Hill Theater at the Larimer Arts Center at 216 Reid St in Palatka, FL. We are delighted to present prominent artist Margaret Ross Tolbert who will give an illustrated talk entitled "AQUIFERious and Beyond". The event is free and open to the public. Reception will follow the presentation. Margaret Ross Tolbert is a world renowned painter based in Gainesville.

Dec 12, 7pm: What Would Jesus Buy? The Civic Media Center will screen the film "What Would Jesus Buy?" Produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, this examination of the commercialization of Christmas in America follows Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse (the end of humankind from consumerism, over-consumption and the fires of eternal debt). COST: $3-5 donation suggested. Civic Media Center, 433 S Main St, Gainesville. 352-373-0010

Dec 10, 8pm: Maria Carter Concert Join Wild Iris Books as we welcome Maria Rios (formerly Maria Carter) to fill our space with intense melodies, piercing lyrics, and her incomparable vocal stylings. $5-10 (sliding scale - give what you can, because proceeds from this show will benefit Wild Iris & help produce Maria's upcoming album!). Doors open at 7pm. So grab your friends, and head down to the Iris to support local music, Maria, and your neighborhood feminist bookstore! And if you haven't been yet, here's the perfect opportunity to grab some food and drink from Cafe Colette! Wild Iris, 802 W University Ave, Gainesville. Dec 10, 8pm: “Imposters” Dance Party Don’t miss the "Imposters" Dance Party! The “Imposters” are a local Beatles tribute band & put on a great show. Requested donation: $10. Refreshments available. Shake Rag Art & Culture Center, 301 State Road 26, Melrose, FL. 352-475-2924 Dec 11, 12n: Feminist Brunch Since our last brunch was such a success, we've planned another one for December. Join Gainesville Area NOW at Eastend Eatery for brunch on the east side (1202 NE 8th Ave). FMI, email Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Dec 13, 6-8pm: PFLAG Gainesville Meeting PFLAG Chapter forming in Gainesville & the community is invited to help shape this Chapter as it forms. Hopefully PFLAG Gainesville will officially launch in January 2012. For more info on these meetings at the United Church of Gainesville or about PFLAG Gainesville, email or visit our site under construction at Dec 16-18: Santa Over the Rainbow Friends of Rainbow Springs will once again bring Santa Clause to Dunnellon. Bring a child or become a child yourself for this one of a kind experience. Walk through the wonderland of lights that decorate the headsprings area of Rainbow Springs State Park. See Mr. and Mrs. Clause come up the Rainbow River on a lighted boat and then head towards their cottage where pictures are taken. Visit with Santa’s elves and listen to carols. Visit the Friends of Rainbow Springs; see the real Mr. and Mrs. Clause during their Florida stay and feel the magic of the season! Gates open at sunset and close at 8pm. Fees: Special $1.00 admission applies. 352-465-8555

Page 15

WhatÊs Happening? Dec 16, 6:30pm: GAAP Holiday Party Don’t miss Gainesville Area AIDS Project's annual holiday party at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St #62. Dec 17, 9am-12n: Ichetucknee Time Machine Take a fascinating journey by van into the Ichetucknee forest, to the site of the 17th Century Mission de San Martìn de Timucua. Learn all about the ancient Timucuan capital of Aquacalyquen. This special interpretive program is space-limited, and reservations are recommended. The tour will begin at the Head Spring parking lot, at the North Entrance off Elim Church Road (County Road 238). Some portions of the tour include walking, so long pants, sturdy shoes, and insect repellent are highly recommended. Fees: Park entrance fee of $6.00 per vehicle (up to 8 people). Call 386-497-4690 to reserve a space and for additional details. Dec 17, 7pm: NOW Holiday Potluck Every year Gainesville Area NOW celebrates the season with our good friends. You! Help us Stuff the Feminist Stocking again this year. Please bring a dish to share. Spouses, partners, friends, and kids welcome. Held at 6825 NW 43rd Pl. FMI, email Dec 17, 8pm: A Solstice Celebration An evening of Songs of Peace and the Season from some of Gainesville’s finest musicians sponsored by Veterans for Peace. Doors open at 6:30. Requested donation: $10-$30. Held at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th St. Donations of clothing & personal care items for the homeless accepted at door. Dec 19: "Life of Brian" & Holiday Reception Please join the Civic Media Center for the Annual Winter Screening of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” Come early for the holiday reception with coffee, spiced cider, baked goods, & more at 6pm. Film begins at 7pm. Suggested donation: $3-5. CMC, 433 S Main St, Gainesville. 352-373-0010 Dec 21, 6pm: Soap Making 101 Have you ever wanted to make your own soap to give away as gifts or to sell? In this class we will be making soap using lye, oil, water and essential oils. Page 16

You will learn about the difference in oils and additives used in soaps as well as how to use molds to shape your soaps and how to make them look beautiful using natural herbs and dyes. Registration is $25 per person and includes all supplies – Register with a friend and save $5 each! Wild Iris, 802 W University Ave, Gainesville. 352-375-7477 Dec 22: Midwinter, Yule, Winter Solstice Dec 23, 12-3pm: The Bizzarre Loco Locally Produced Entertainment & Gifts Galore! FREE EVENT at Dragonfly Graphics, 319 SW 3rd Ave, Gainesville. HEAR outdoor acoustic music by your favorite local bands. EAT poor-durves (made locally by our vendors). Drink water…and adults can have wine after 5. WATCH LIVE screen-printing in action. We will have our Nostalgic Line ready to print. For a shirt we provide you pay $10, or bring in a shirt of your own and pay $3. Free Dragonfly Graphic Anniversary T-shirts (while supplies last). SHOP locally and support local vendors and learn more about their services. MEOW for our first ever Favorite TShirt catwalk show! Contact Aimee Anderson: if you would like in on the action! No vending fees & entertainers can split tips.

Ongoing Events AA Meetings in Gainesville LGBT Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings on Sundays at 7:30pm at Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. AA Meetings in St. Augustine LGBT AA Meetings held at 7pm on Saturdays at Flagler Hospital in the Alicia room. Buy Local at the Weekly Farm Market! Everything Fresh. Everything Local. Every Sunday, 25pm. Fresh baked bread, Farm fresh eggs & produce, Unique ethnic cuisines, Homemade soaps, candles, & more! Citizens Co-op Courtyard, 435 S Main St, Gainesville. Confidential HIV & STD Testing - FREE 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month at 4-6pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. Kindred Sisters — December 2011

WhatÊs Happening? Craft Market Local artists/crafters sell their treasures! Last Sunday of each month at noon-5pm at The Doris, 716 N Main St, Gainesville. Food! Music! Farm Stead Saturday Saturdays, 9am-3pm, at Crones’ Cradle Conserve, 6411 NE 217th Pl in Citra, FL. Farm Tours & Organic Produce! 352-595-3377 Gainesville Area NOW Meetings Gainesville Area National Organization for Women meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. Public Welcome. Gainesville Area Women’s Network GAWN is the friendliest networking in town. Supportive women gather for lunch, to network & learn from each other & guest speakers. Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Sweetwater Branch Inn. To register, call 352-215-1621. Interweave A group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender individuals & their heterosexual allies. Meets at 6:30pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville, 4225 NW 34th St. Potluck, presentation, & discussion. Lesbian Readings & Potluck Come and eat good food, bring something you have written that you want to share, and/or come and listen to others read. Some womyn come just to the potluck, some just to the readings, and some to both. It's good communion with a small group of womyn as we share our stories and food. Normally every 3rd Saturday of the month (sometimes changes). Time: 6:30 - Potluck; 7:30 - Readings. Held at different womyn’s houses, always handicap accessible. Info: Madeline 352-335-3138, Bridget 352-485-1453. Melrose Music & Refreshments CoffeeTalk at the Shake Rag Art & Culture Center every Wednesday, 10am - noon, in the Old Gothic Church, 301 SR 26, downtown Melrose. Join us for cool art, great music, stimulating conversation, poetry, & maybe dancing. We have the coffee…bring Kindred Sisters — December 2011

fruit or pastry to share. 352-475-2924 PFLAG Ocala Group meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6-8pm at the Ocala Public Library (Room B). FMI 352-857-1739. “Sister Song” - Gainesville Women's Choir All are welcome; no experience needed. Rehearsals every Wednesday at 7pm at Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St Ste 62. For more info contact Ruth at 352538-4927 or Stonewall Democrats of Alachua County LGBT Democrats & supporters meet monthly on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6pm at the Alachua County Democratic Hdqtrs, 901 NW 8th Ave #A-3. Transgender Gainesville Discussion Group Meets on 1st Wednesday each month at 7pm at Wild Iris Books, 802 W University Ave, & focuses on education for the public. Meetings on 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7pm are closed support meetings held at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St. What the Animals Tell Me Every Wednesday at 8:30pm Flash Silvermoon hosts a live internet radio show for animal lovers. Listen to the live stream or check the archives later: Youth Discussion Group PCCNCF hosts a weekly “Youth Discussion Group” for GLBT youth between the ages of 14 & 18 years old on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm at the Pride Center, 3131 NW 13th St, Gainesville. FMI call 352377-8915

Don’t forget to inform us of your up-coming events!! Just email

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An iPad App Shakes Up the Family Image Not sure how to explain gay and lesbian parenting to your kids? Artist and TED speaker Raghava KK suggests doing it with art. Pop-It is a new iPad app designed by Raghava that breathes "fresh" and subtly endearing life into what he describes as a "quirky look at the parentchild relationship." Radava says his gender diverse app promotes open-mindedness by addressed issues of gender and sexuality in an array of watercolors painted with his hands and feet. By default, the images show heterosexual parents engaging in a variety of activities with their kids. Give your iPad a shake and the same parents are replaced by a lesbian couple. Shake one more time and two dads appear. "History needs to be more open to interpretation," the 41-year-old said in an interview with Forbes, which why he—with the counsel of his wife— decided to put his art to a more mass marketed use.

Cyber Connections Florida Gay Campers

A bunch of fun men and women who like to camp and party. group/floridagaycampers

Lesbians of the South

For networking, communication, & mutual support among lesbians of the southern states. group/LesbiansoftheSouth

LEZgo Events

Produces and promotes events for lesbians throughout Florida. group/LEZgoEvents

LGBT Ocala

A social group bringing together the LGBT community in Ocala, FL, Marion county and surrounding areas.

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North Central Florida Lesbians

Community networking exclusively for lesbians with ties in North Central Florida. NorthCentralFloridaLesbians

Go Paperless! Kindred Sisters now offers a paperless option for the magazine! Please email us at if you would like to read the magazine online rather than have it mailed to you. Page 18


This group is established to give Pride Community Center of North Central Florida a way to make announcements and notify the membership of upcoming events.

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Poetry Corner So the student needs to know. This business of being a feminist is a full time occupation. The job of handling little girls as tenderly as they touch their teddy bears that perhaps ironically bear no feelings, is heavy. I mean, how do you tell teenage girls they are precious, beautiful without offending their urgent need to be sexy, their overarching belief that their budding beauty, their unsophisticated sensuality is based solely on how many boys gawk at them in the hallway I mean, I could say all day that Lil Wayne is the inconspicuous genocide of our people, that Nicki Minaj is probably as lost as the girls I am finding tied up like Christmas ribbons to little boy bodies; grappling under bleachers during football games, but— everything becomes the same. The same strain; the same cliché lecture by a woman thought to be a lesbian because her tongue is a loose cannon and besides, doesn’t she live alone? Who does she go home to if not a man? And I can, I mean I’ve tried to convince such girls otherwise, that the size of their breasts shouldn’t be what measures they think are best fit to be an extra in some low budget rap video, that the word hoe is not something to smile at, bat eyelashes over or open legs to. That despite popular belief, some old man on the street saying your ass is heaven sent isn’t actually a compliment, that if I lent all of my tears to their eyes, they still wouldn’t be able to see how much I cry over them— it’d be too blurry. This business of being a feminist is a full time occupation. The job of going back and forth between questions of Do I actually like women or do I just find fighting for their rights appealing? As if I am going shopping for a new dress just to have some strange, slight resemblance of an acquaintance slowly shed it off me after ten minutes of conversing and exchanging phone numbers and favorite colors and maybe, when I am lying on that bed, eyes closed heart shut, I will remember to ask myself if this is what patriarchy is doing to me. Making me feel as if my body is more interesting, more intriguing than my intellectual ability and when he is done orgasming, I wonder if I will go into the bathroom and have enough bravery. Enough bravery to look in the mirror and see those girls’ tears staring back at me; sliding down my cheeks like traffic and after I lick the salt off my lips, I will forget that I lent those girls my tears so I must stop crying; I will remember that in the possibility of failure, they are my surviving. And no matter the politics of my sexuality, the democracy of my identity my love my intimacy, runs deeply. I’m just saying that this business of being a feminist is heavy. A full time occupation. A job where the nights leave me unarmed. Heart loaded, trigger happy, falling into woman arms. by Jazmine Davis

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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Freebies - Part 2! In Jacksonville, CUMMER MUSEUM, which also has a wonderful children’s section with very sophisticated stuff. In Gainesville, HARN MUSEUM is FREE and amazing. In St Augustine, LIGHTNER MUSEUM is free to locals, and ABSOLUT GALLERY is FREE, international, exciting. DOWNTOWN ST AUGUSTINE is a free stroll thru space and times past, and only one mile from me! NIGHTS OF LIGHTS is the holiday lighting that will soon illuminate my town, and gets better every year. In ORLANDO, I used to enjoy the luminarias (candles in paper bags) in a neighborhood near Loch Haven Park. Several blocks of paper bags with lit candles, well organized, until they ran out of steam about it. CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is FREE, too, if you had to pay, we would have to tax it. Mennello Museum is not quite free, but has a senior discount and has the biggest collection of Earl Cunningham, an untaught genius of folk art from St Augustine.

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BIG TREE PARK - there are several in Orlando: one is in front of Mennello and one is north of SANFORD along 17-92 and used to be a source of drinking water from the SPRINGS there. AND SPEAKING OF SPRINGS: there are so many in FLORIDA, you can’t keep count, but there are many I have not yet visited. MY FAVORITES: BLUE SPRINGS, JUNIPER SPRINGS, and on and on. THEY ARE MAGICAL MYSTICAL BLUE and used to be the poor folk’s alternative to air conditioning. THRIFTING, have I mentioned THRIFTING as one of my favorite FREE pastimes? WALKING is FREE EXERCIZE, and I GET TO DO THAT IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD, so I can catch up on every little plant that is blooming its head off. STORMS! In Florida, we have spectacular storms and an old Peace Walk friend used to love walking on the beach at Pagoda, when a storm was brewing. She even enjoyed getting doused on the way home (never more than a mile away) and called it THE BEST PART OF FLORIDA! by Rainbow Williams

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

What Does it Mean to be Transgender? Let's face it, many people are confused when it comes to transgender and transsexual people. Even within the LGB community, there is much confusion and sometimes outright discrimination against transgender men and women. We've compiled this guide to help both straight and gay people to better understand what it means to be transgender. Men and women who are transgender, or who are transitioning, will also find some valuable tips and tools here. What should I call a transgender person? This is one of the first questions many people have. It can be difficult to know which pronoun to use when referring to someone who is transitioning between genders. As a general rule, the term transgender refers to people whose gender identity somehow differs from their gender or sex at birth. This doesn't depend on whether or not they've had sex re-assignment surgery. Those that have are typically called transsexual though many may simply like to be referred to by the gender that have now become. Read more on transgender pronouns. What's the difference between transgender, transsexual, and cross-dressing? As indicated above, transgender and transsexual both refer to men or women who identity as the gender they were not born as. In other words, a transgender man was born a female. Transsexuals are understood to be transgender people who have started or finished sex re-assignment surgeries. Cross-dressing, on the other hand, is something that some gay, transgender, and even straight people do. It means to dress like the opposite sex either for fun, to experience life as the opposite gender, or for social or political reasons. Let more about differences between these terms. Why Shouldn't I Use the Word 'Tranny'? The words 'tranny', 'he-she', 'she-male', and 'it' are considered derogatory to transgender people. Although common in both straight and gay communities, you should avoid using these words; find out why. Do All Transgender People Get Sex Re-Assignment Surgeries? No, they don't. Some people choose to never have sex re-assignment surgeries and instead live as the opposite sex without any medical attention. Others do they surgeries and/or take hormones. You can learn more about the options available to transgender people by reading this article. What Resources are Available to Trans People? Transgender people have every right to live full and happy lives, just like everyone else. In order to live fully and completely, trans people must have access to all the freedoms and pleasures enjoyed by others. Here's how that can happen: • Spirituality is a large part of many peoples' lives. Several churches and religious organizations are open to gay, lesbian, and transgender people. • Cities around the United States are becoming more trans-friendly. Salt Lake City is a good example. • Around the world, activists are getting more and more pumped about helping transgender people live the lives they want and deserve to live. A trans-women in Ecuador, for instance, is giving free make-overs. • Artists and authors are taking interest in trans stories. 'My Right Self' is an example of an exhibit documenting the trans-experience. • The Tranny Hotel event is another great way to learn more about transgender people. It also gives transgender artists a chance to showcase their work on an international scale. • Trans people often face difficulty when traveling outside their home countries. New passport rules are excerpt from changing this. Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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Equal Giving by Maggie Lyon Varadhan

What bars women from giving inwardly? How can this trend be reversed? Women are constantly called upon to act courageously and lion-hearted. We have little trouble giving soulfully to our kids, our partners, our friends, our jobs, and humanity. But when it comes to taking the risk of loving ourselves profoundly, we get stuck. What’s fascinating is that this blocked generosity is such a universal theme, blind to age, orientation, and life experience. I am not talking here about failing to treat ourselves to material stuff, but about failing to treat ourselves with non-material stuff, namely mindful care and subterranean respect. Of course we spend a lot of time coming up with excuses for why we are shoddy at exploring our inner lives, the most common being that we feel we are acting selfishly when we do, or at least that the world seems to think so. Yet I believe these blanket theories root down far deeper, to flawed primordial belief systems of inadequacy, which have been etched into us by our families and by culture at large. These afflictions of low self-value serve as piercing incentives to turn us away from ourselves. However convoluted, women have been trained to shun and even fear our own attentive affections, lest once softened by our inward gazes, we grow disarmed to our collective pain. What pernicious thinking, and wow does it hurt! A wonderfully courageous way of beginning to build back our self worth and to give inwardly is through the cultivation of gentle spirit practice. Spirit practice is nothing short of opening up a benevolent conversation with our rich internal landscapes. Through getting quiet and taking interest in the lighting up of our interiors, we can restructure our faulty programming, and learn to deeply love. In Buddhism, there are two expressions of this type of devotion, loving-kindness and compassion. In order to practice these elements wholly, we must enact them with equanimity. In other words, we must offer to ourselves, as proportionately as we do to others, both authentic friendliness and genuine openness to our suffering. We start with our bodies and with our breath. Sit quietly and think of the thing that as a young girl was most soothing to you. For me, it was my grandmother’s hands rubbing the low of my back. One of the first exercises recommended to me by a lovely female priest at the Zen center where I lived almost twenty years ago was to imagine my own warm nurturing hands on my spine and to feel them providing that safe solid feedback, that glowing steadiness. Can you do this for yourself, in your own intuited way? Our foremost job as amicable and sincere women is to learn to give inwardly in addition to giving outwardly. Once our newly directed focus is allowed for, an essential relaxation, an expansive letting down occurs. The self-dialogue swings in and out, rhythmic and equal, like the most balanced of inhales and exhales. We cannot deny our inner worlds. Our intimate, inflowing journeys start right now; all women at a time, with bravery, sensitivity, and aplomb. Maggie Lyon Varadhan is a writer on wellness and spirituality, and a holistic lifestyle consultant. She drew on her training in nutrition, intuitive healing, energy medicine, and natural health to found Lyon Lifestyle in 2009. She is devoted to supporting women in connecting inwardly, empowering themselves, and thereby transforming their lives. Along with her monthly blogs, Maggie also writes regularly for Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation. excerpt from Page 22

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Sacred Earth Center The Sacred Earth Center is a non-profit Healing Chapel ~ a Sacred Space offering prayer, Meditation, Ceremony, Counseling, and Healing for the Whole Being ~ body, mind, and spirit. We are an interfaith chapel, honoring and supporting the individual’s path of direct revelation. We are a training chapel for Spiritual Healers and Ministers and a teaching center for individual spiritual development. This is a Sacred Space of Transformation, building and nurturing community. We are transforming the Earth through transforming ourselves, through supporting each other’s transformation, and through direct relationship and healing with the Earth Mother. Workshops Held at the Center: Recovering the Spirit from Sexual Trauma Psychic Awareness Healing Arts and Techniques Meditation Medical Intuition and Psychic Reading Aura Photography Moon Astrology …and many more

Massage Chair Mondays every Monday 3:30-5:30pm Treat yourself to a 15 minute chair massage for only $10! Rev. Kristina Adams, LMT 352-222-1475

Sacred Earth Center, 3131 NW 13th St #41, #42, & #51, Gainesville, FL 352-275-8537,

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AstroFlash It is an incredibly exhilarating time to be alive if you can get past the genuinely unsettling chaotic energy that coexists. Those of us who were activists through the challenging times in the late Sixties and early Seventies have been longing to see the youth move from seeming slumber to outrage as our human rights are daily eroded and the promise of a shining future looks like a dim lie. That being said, as I look to the scenes of peaceful rebellion in the streets all around the world not only by young people but all manner of people who are being marginalized by the 1%, I feel my heart expand with pride seeing that torch of freedom not only being passed but soundly carried. These are not your mama's demos either with 21 st Century Technology greasing the wheels! However for the most part, the police and the Feds are up to their same old violent tricks. The desire for peace and freedom is alive and well and it feels like Redemption. Many of these folks have finally awakened to the inequities and basic Con job that has been perpetrated on the people for the first time in their lives! This time IS first and foremost a time of Awakening! Ask yourself, "How am I being awakened?" We see Vets, grandmas, moms carrying signs and their kids, people heretofore sucked into the system joining the usual suspects, the politicos, labor and free spirited folk occupying the streets in all the major cities. So what does this have to do with Astrology you might ask? Plenty! For the last year or so I have been predicting just such a fomenting rebellion due to the long transit of Rebellious Uranus which has been in harsh aspect to Revolutionary Pluto. What else could we expect. Both of these energies tend to push the edge hard and when they are in a chaotic relationship with each other there will be no room for denial or artifice, the Truth will come to the surface and this predictably points strongly to our institutions and corporations with Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect will not even be exact til June and making its final jab at the end of 2015. I am not trying to over emphasize these energies but I am trying to be clear that we are not all going to go back to life as we knew it in 2001 or even last year. At the Hub of this wheel, we are needing to take a good hard look at POWER in all its manifestations and applications. Who has it and who doesn't. Why can the Oil companies [Pluto, underground resource held by corporation, Capricorn] bleed the people and ruin the environment as they make record profits? Why is College Football more important than protecting the safety of young children? Whose Family Values are these! Who has the POWER? As the transit of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn really hits the fan, the 99%, the Power of the People will ideally take some creative steps to show the 1% Corporate Power how they are extremely outnumbered. The Month of December begins with a Venus/Pluto conjunction and I predict, and I am not stretching my Third Eye too much for this one, that for the next 6-8 months we will be hearing about sex abuse scandals from all the places where adults can have authority over young people. The world of college and high school sports will shake the rattling skeletons out of their collective closets as the abused line up free at last to find the courage to heal and name their perpetrators. Saturn in Libra sternly sits watching the drama reminding us that the Laws of Karma apply to all. As her three rings get closer to trining [harmonizing]Neptune she offers up this Truth. With this energy in mind, I also predict that evidence about the continued destruction by BP of the Page 24

Gulf Waters, people, fish, birds and wetlands will come to the surface like the nasty balls of tar that they left behind. We are on a great Collective Adventure and everyone can play, no exclusions, even if you might want to be. The more we embrace the changes the gentler the journey. I say this knowing fully that some of these changes may feel very UN embraceable. Those people who have "easy charts" IE charts where there is little inner conflict, can find such times really hard because they are used to an easy roll through life. Those who have faced challenges and struggles as a more regular part of life are better equipped and will probably have better inner life rafts and survival strategies. This would be an excellent time to check in with your astrological charts or have one charted to help you better navigate the current kozmic white water. Hint! Call Flash Silvermoon 352-475-2432 Because we have been suffering with the Corporatization of the Planet this effects all of us. For years I can remember many of us calling for the Fall of Patriarchy which is a fantastic idea and I always included, and do not let it fall on us! This is the trick as I see it. There is a true New World struggling to emerge from the birth canal with the hands and hearts of millions of midwives holding that Sacred Web like a swaddling cloth to both protect this new life as well as gently and forcefully pull it to existence lest it suffocate in utero. We are the Midwives, women, men children and the animals all finding ways to do our part to support this New Incarnation. Your way needn't look like my way and vice versa but I do believe by our personal awakenings [Uranus] we will collectively converge to co create this New World. If many of you have been having an unusually tough time with issues of the physical body, it's not just that we are aging, or that the chemtrails are toxing us out, this may also be true but mainly our physical bodies and particularly our nervous systems are trying to adapt and recalibrate to the higher frequencies that are surrounding us. Uranian energy can be really wicked on the nerves. I find the flower essences, stones and gem elixirs wonderfully useful to dial the intensity down a notch particularly if you are an Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra or have planets in these signs. When I made the Gem Elixir for Earth Changes, the stones who volunteered for the job were those that grounded, elevated and generally soothed the spirit. Message for me is that in order to move more gently through the shifts we need to be grounded, peaceful and inspired The mainstream medical model does not understand these needs so I am offering you some hands-on ways to support yourself as we go through these "Interesting Times" some like the Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs and Stones can be bought at my shop at Moonhaven in Melrose. By the way, murky little Mercury Retrograde escaped my mention last month is pretty cagey. To fly so low under the radar that the Astrologer can't tell on you is quite a feat! Let me illuminate,as of Nov. 24 - Dec .13 Mercury has gone and is in retrograde. Basically this means that you really need to dot the I's and cross all the T's and be very careful with your important communications and best not to commit to anything long term now as you simply will not have all the information. Dec.10 we will experience the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini and this should be a most amazing pause in space to refresh, reboot and explore the possibilities of experiencing life from a different perspective. The opportunities abound for you now and can empower you to reach in and out for new energies and solutions. Quantum Leap anyone? Winter Solstice should be quite the night of surprises as trickster Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Uranus squares the Sun with Pluto nearby for good measure. On this Holy Day, we here at Moonhaven like to literally or symbolically leap over the fire leaving behind what we no longer need and leaping towards our better future. Its a powerful moment and do try this at home with or without fire as a way to draw a better future. Sisters, should you wish to join our Circle at Moonhaven for Solstice please see the invitation below and see more Solstice info on my BLOG at Last but not least, we have a Capricorn New Moon on Xmas Eve and I must say that it makes me wonder just what might occur under the Solstice Tree or who will be falling down the chimney. The Sun ,Moon and Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn and squared by little old Uranus so again, there is a feel of anything can happen. We may want to look at the Occupy encampments for some kind of breaking news. I wouldn't be surprised either if the Mid East erupts more profoundly. Again we are faced with digging in deep to see what really matters to us on all levels and how far we are willing to go to make it happen. Where do you stand and what do you stand for?

For some reason I felt like giving everyone a song this month enjoy! Aries - Life is just really getting interesting. A few months ago life looked bleak but I have a spring in my step and a smile on my face and I am so ready to embrace all the wonderful things that are unfolding in my world. I admit that my faith was tested to the max but I guess I didn't have to ditch my soul in the used karma lot after all. Now the trick is to just keep up with this new energy that has unleashed itself on my life. Song - I'm on the Edge Taurus - Still livin' large with my buddy Jupiter, talk about shopping! What could be better than having Jupiter conjoining your Sun for the holiday season with so many sales and so little time. Yes we will be havin' some retail therapy I will be Occupying the Mall. Can't one bring the message and shop? I can buy stuff for the Occupiers, there, now I feel better. Song - Money Gemini - I will be flying around this Full Moon playing hide and seek with the Earth. I love that kind of tension anyway especially if there are plenty of opportunities for social interactions. That nasty Mercury retro gossip about me was just trash toss it in the fire. Why not get the party season on early. Gotta go tell everybody better hit FB and Twitter and email and text and then Blog about the whole thing. Song - Let's Give Them Something to Talk About Cancer - Oh my all this Capricorn stuff sitting opposite me feels so damn heavy but actually it kind of keeps me from losing my balance sometimes. Home is feeling warm and cozy albeit always a little crazy but thats's the way I like it. I have grown accustomed to my peaceful lake being more than rippled over these last years and so I decided to like surfing. Follow it up with some delicious treats and we 're good. Song Take Me to the River Leo - Rrrrr that just felt good doing that. Don't want to get rusty in this colder season. Fortunately, I can usually find a good way to feel energized. Why I could just curl up next to a big Yule Log and see who cuddles up next to me but then I really do prefer the chase so better rethink that one. I must say that very few of the planets are giving me any juice to speak of and Neptune is trying to tell me that swimming is good for lions. Think again. Fire thank you. Song - Light My Fire Virgo - Am I a human being or a human doing? The momentum is intense but I rather work than remain idle which is good because the universe seems to want me busy. I am beginning to understand what I really want and need and I am amazed by how simple it is. Somehow I always made such a big complicated deal about everything while the thing that gives me serenity is simplicity. Who knew? Song - Peaceful Easy Feeling Kindred Sisters — December 2011

Libra - I am as usual trying to balance so many things but what is new is that I am actually doing it. Saturn has given me more spine so that I am more able to commit when I say that I will and find the fence not the best place to be seated. I see the protesters on the streets and want to join, to stand up and there is no part of me for a change that has a dissenting voice. Nice to see such changes when I look in the mirror. Song - Man in the Mirror Scorpio - I can see where I really have to wing it this month but fortunately I am pretty good at that. The part of me that likes to hole up in my den like a black bear is showing signs of coming out. As many want to commence socializing, I can't imagine something that I want less. My good times are one on one and baby I am selective. I may not always choose the best companions but I am never bored. Song - Black Magic Woman Sagittarius - I can feel the Yule fires licking at my heels and I can't wait to leap joyfully over the flames. I have not been acquainted with my desires for some time and if it's quite fun to contemplate the mischief that I might make! It is my nature to be a bit of a Centaur but for a long time I was feeling more like a work horse. My soul is dancing and I feel more like Pegasus. Song - Up Where We Belong Capricorn - I am tired of being the heavy. OK Saturn rules me but I am so much more than that. I really don't want to support all these old tired rules that seem to form the foundation of the corporate world as we know it. It has been a long time coming and I am exhausted beyond words but I am ready to let the transformation begin. No longer will I be a cog in the wheel not even the squeaky one that gets oiled either. I am out! Song - Long Time Comin' Aquarius - I am just bowled over by the beautiful Occupiers. It does my heart good to feel that all my ideals might one day be realized. Pretty hard there in the 90's when nihilism seemed to have sway but I find myself smiling a lot. I can't even believe how much I am actually feeling, I am not much of a feeler usually but I guess I am unveiling a little bit about me that I didn't know. Song - Born this Way Pisces - Feeling so much inspiration that I don't know which door to open first. Guess I'll draw a Tarot Card for direction or maybe I'll read my see my dilemma? Sometimes too many choices can be disconcerting but I am sure I will just feel my way into the right spot and then fly. Some folks don't like Neptune very much but I sure do. Love that free fall feeling of being swept up in the Bliss Wave. I feel a new CD coming! Song - Express Yourself !

Through My Monthly Astroflash, I have endeavored to offer more gender neutral astrology to speak to all sexual preferences and identities. If you know your Rising sign, your personal reading will be more accurate if you read the passage for that sign as well as your Sun sign. For deeper questions and readings of an Astrological or Psychic nature, feel free to call 352 4752432 for an apt. or contact me through my website Thursday Dec 22 come Celebrate Winter Solstice with us at Moonhaven in Melrose with sisters of the Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women. Potluck 6pm and Circle under the Magnificent arms of the Grandmother Tree 7pm weather permitting we will be part indoors and part out by the fire. Bring food or drink & a wrapped gift. This is something to pass on and it needn't be new. Bring your drums and rattles or use ours and whatever you need to be comfortable. [please no chemical bug sprays or un natural fragrances some of us are very allergic] We will have a fire if we are able. It’s always good to have some come early ideally when it’s light to create the circle if you can help. Call to RSVP and get directions before the evening. 352-475-2432 Moonhaven is 20Min from the East Side of Gainesville Page 25

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Classifieds PFLAG GAINESVILLE CHAPTER FORMING: the Gainesville community is invited to help shape this Chapter as it forms. There are 2 gatherings for this purpose: Nov 14, 6-8pm, & Dec 13, 6-8pm. Hopefully PFLAG Gainesville will officially launch in January 2012. For more info on these meetings at the United Church of Gainesville or about PFLAG Gainesville email or visit our site under construction at GAINESVILLE WOMEN'S CHOIR Women's choir forming in Gainesville. All are welcome: no singing or music-reading experience required. Rehearsals weekly on Wednesdays at 7pm at PCC, 3131 NW 13th St. 352-538-4927

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FOR RENT: Beautiful home between Hawthorne and Gainesville. Newly renovated 3BR, 2BA on 5.5 acres in quiet rural neighborhood. Wonderful locale within minutes of bike, jogging and horse trails, yet only 12 minutes to downtown. Pets ok, including horses. $700/month plus own utilities. Call 352-213-8232 LGBT TRAVEL SITE: Created to help LGBT travelers find reviews on gay-friendly destinations (or not so gay friendly). Check it out and leave a comment or two on your last travel experience. Ex: Was the location gay friendly? Why or why not? ATTN: PCCNCF Members As part of the PCC Membership Rewards Program, you can receive 1 free classified ad every month! Contact us for details:

Kindred Sisters — December 2011

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“Bloomington” Director: Fernanda Cardoso Cast: Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer, Katherine Ann McGregor, Erika Heidewald, Chelsea Rogers

Ex-child actor Jackie leaves the entertainment world behind and heads to college at a Midwestern university, where she meets engaging professor Catherine, who has a reputation for breaking the hearts of other women. Jackie ignores her friends' advice and begins a fervid romantic relationship with Catherine, which is eventually threatened when Jackie has an opportunity to return to acting. (83 min)

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