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Paul the Superhero Paul is very sure: He is a super hero. Pauls parents don‘t believe in his super abilities. Even though Paul is all but a little boy who makes up stories! Paul refills his super hero powers during his way to school. He has to take care not to touch a manhole cover – that would delete his super hero power for this day. And that would be very bad. His mother is not at all aware of this! She pushes him all the time: “Paul, hurry up“, “Paul, don‘t hang behind“. At the same time Paul not only has to watch out not touch a manhole but also to save the world. There is, for example, this strange man he comes across again and again. Paul is absolutely sure that this is an alien. And this alien has only got one thing in his mind: To control the world! Every time Paul passes the alien he murmurs silently: “sit hallelo, sit hallelie“. With this magic spell he destroys any power of the alien, so he can become no danger to anybody. But what is his mother saying? “Don‘t hang behind, Paul, hurry up.“ One day Paul has to save the world again: On the schoolyard. Is Paul really a super hero?

Michael Fuchs Karsten Teich Paul the Superhero 48 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 16.5 x 24.5 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-10-1 Young Readers

The Un-Bearable Backpack “It would be nice to buy something different,“ Mr. Schnurrbert says to himself, when the handle is torn off of his old shopping basket. “Maybe I should buy myself a backpack, for a change.“ But if you are too trusting, a sneaky fellow like Sam Shopkeeper might tie something other than a backpack onto your back; a voracious bear, for instance! And so equipped, good-natured Mr. Schnurrbert sets off on a wild adventure filled with strange surprises that he that he most certainly didn‘t bargain for...

Monika Spang Markus Spang The Un-Bearable Backpack 38 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 25 x 21 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-15-6 Age: 5+

The Truth of the Elephant Five blind scientists are lying satisfied in the sun after unravelling the meaning of live. Suddenly an elephant steps in front of the sun. “There is an animal or man standing hindering our warming up“, says one of the scientists– the five wouldn’t be scientists, if they weren’t to find out the reasons. The first one is investigating the trunk and says: “It is a firehose of a fire engine. We only have to set a fire and the car will move.“ But already the next scientist represented a complete different opinion. He only touches the legs and is very sure: “In fact, it is a fast growing oak tree.“ The third one only touches the tail and argues this must be a toilet brush, another one touches just the ears and says: “In fact, it is a magic carpet“ – after which the others roll on the floor laughing. But the laughing dies very fast – the five scientists are getting into a big argument…

Martin Baltscheit, Christoph Mett The Truth of the Elephant 36 pages full colour illustrations Size: 30 x 20 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-08-8 Age: 5+

Educated in a way of monsters To act like monsters is the greatest thing in the world. Monsters act like monsters. Some children act like monsters, too. But children of monsters are most suitable to act like monsters. In monsters schools they learn more about how to make their rooms untidy, how to be unfriendly to adult monsters and of course how to burp. In subjects like ”burping“, ”smell of sweat“ and ”sudden crying in previous silence“ they learn everything a monster has to know. In the kindergarden the teachers already teach the little monsters useful things, for example ”Saying-No“. In this book, children learn how real monsters act – in the attachment they find out the difference between education of monsters and humans. And yes – there are small but nice differences. Humans are shaking hands while looking into their eyes. Monsters would never do this. How monsters welcome each other? We don‘t tell now– but it‘s in “Educated monster-way“…

Michael Fuchs Marie Hübner Educated in a way of monsters 32 pages full colour illustrations Size: 35.5 x 24.5 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-29-3 Age: 5+

Fred & Anabel. A Lovestory. Cat Fred and goose Anabel had a wonderful summer. But then the fall came. Anabel was starting to freeze – and had to fly in a southward direction. But Anabel can‘t hick it without Fred. And Fred misses Anabel as well. After all spring follows winter. And actually Anabel and Fred weren‘t that far from eachother. A story about friendship, separation, desire – and love.

Lena Hesse Fred & Anabel 36 pages, full colour illustrations ISBN 978-3-938766-34-7 Age: 4+

Right now a film production company is producing a film of this story.

Red Riding Hood‘s Trick It all begins as in Grimm‘s Brothers‘ fairy tale: Red Riding Hood sets out to visit Grandmother. On her way, she meets the big bad wolf, who licks his lips in anticipation as he imagines her as his next meal. From this point on, the story differs from the original. Red Riding Hood is skilled at making shadow-figures. At precisely the right moment, she frightens the wolf with a clever shadow-figure of a hunter. The frightened wolf escapes before any harm comes to Grand-mother. Red Riding Hood‘s Trick is a fairy tale about a strong, determined girl, with many shadows, impressive illustrations and a surprised wolf.

Ulrike Persch Red Riding Hood‘s Trick 36 pages full colour illustrations Size: 24 x 22 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-02-6 Age: 5+

Grandpa is Grandpa Grandpa is fed. Grandpa drives a scooter. Grandpa makes nonsense. Pepe is sure: Grandpa must be a baby! But Pepe‘s mother has another idea about who Grandpa is. With the family photo album, she explains that Grandpa is her father. So Pepe learns that Grandpa is Grandpa. A book about Pepe, his Grandpa, his mother and about old and young people. Grandpa is Grandpa is Lilli Messinas first children‘s book. She studied – like Anke Kuhl and Manuela Olten – under supervision of Professor Linke at the University of Art in Offenbach. The illustrator has also illustrated “Peter and the Wolf”

Lilli Messina Grandpa is Grandpa 28 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 24 x 22 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-05-7 Age: 4+

Jakobs Eleven Jakobs Eleven Jakob wakes in the middle of the night – seeing a robot and a badger standing in front of his bed. They came to pick up Jakob. Because in this precise night the football-space-world-champion-ship is taking place. The best teams of the galaxies are playing against each other. By the way, in the Earth-Team, there are no humans playing - they are to bad. Which men would win a header duell against a giraffe? BUT: The team of the blue planet has got a top coach each year. This year Jakob has been chosen. Of course Jakob accepts and he also takes Selma, his twin sister, to the the football-space-world-chamionship. A difficlut job is waiting for Jakob: How, for example, should he let his team play against a monster team? And how against the elfs? What if the krokodile gets injured? Luckily, Selma is with him...

The illustrator has also illustrated “Educated in a way of monsters” and “The little Weight-lifter”

Antje Neugebauer, Marie Hübner Jakobs Eleven 48 pages, colour illustrations Size: 12 x 17,5 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-09-5 Young Readers

The little Weight-lifter The little Weight-lifter and the Weather-Max The somehow slow however smart little weight-lifter captivates by its natural art of beeing. Even when he meets an obvious swindler, who claims being able to make the weather, at the end the little weight-lifter gets what he asked for, a super rain. Everything is a question of patience and attitude. In the future there will be more fantastic and instructive stories of the little weight-lifter, as well as his friends the little bus-driver and the little running-man, his experiences with weather-maker, bus-pirates, the search for luck and last, but not least, the ultimative weight to be be lifted. Günter Merlau, Marie Hübner The little Weight-lifter 36 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 24 x 22 cm, inclusive audio-CD ISBN 978-3-938766-04-0 Age: 4+

Mr. Fresssack and the Bremer Stadtmusikanten The musicians of Bremen are living lucky and contently on a farm. One day Mr. Fresssack comes – pretending to be a big wizard – promising to make everybody lucky with a fat bag full of money. From there on, everything is going to change… A book with audio-CD from author and songwriter Rio Reiser. The story and the radio play are from Rio Reiser – one of Germanys most famous songwriter. Ten years after his death the Kinderbuchverlag Wolff has published his first children’s book. The radio play was already produced in 1973, now taken up – and illustrated by Manuela Olten. Rio Reiser, Dietmar Roberg, Manuela Olten Mr. Fresssack and the Bremer Stadtmusikanten 44 pages Size: 22 x 22 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-03-3 Age: 5+

The tooth, the sock and the astronaut dog That Otto and Maya met each other and want to live together happily until their end of time, could be a coincidence – but don‘t have to be a coincidence. Nevertheless, that Otto‘s dog wants to be an astronaut is surprisingly anyway. The tooth, the sock and the astronaut dog is a book including Otto, his dog, one tooth and Maya of course – things that apparently aren‘t affiliated with each other. But wait and see!

Antonio Lozano, Birte Müller The Tooth, the sock and the astronaut dog 32 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 24,5 x 22,5 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-19-4 Age: 4+

Peter and the Wolf Peter and the Wolf The German publisher Kinderbuchverlag Wolff in corporation with mell-o-tron has recorded a contemporary version of the classical musical story „Peter and the Wolf“ by Sergej Prokofjew. This edition also includes an audio CD, which can be recorded in different languages. The illustrator has also illustrated “Grandpa is Grandpa”

Michael Fuchs, Lilli Messina, Andy Blöcher Peter and the Wolf 32 pages, full colour illustrations Size: 24 x 22 cm ISBN 978-3-938766-16-3 Age: 5+

Contact & Information Address Kinderbuchverlag Wolff Franziska Seymer KastellstraĂ&#x;e 30 D – 60439 Frankfurt phone +49 69-506821 34 If you need further information, please contact Ms Franziska Seymer: Take a look at to see the video presentations of our licenses.

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