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Kind Design pride ourselves in developing original visual solutions for a wide-range of clients.

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Our skills cross both printed and screen based platforms. We enjoy developing successful branding solutions and are interested in building long-term supportive relationships with our clients. We provide consistently high-quality communication material which is tailor-made to suit our clients’ needs. Kind Design care about the work we produce and the world we live in. Our ideas aren’t recycled but we do have an environmental policy.


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Client: Crime Reduction Initiatives

Branding Design Print Film Illustration Photography Annual report Exhibition stands Leaflets / flyers Business cards

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Looking for Lundy Direction of travel arrow

Once you get out to Baggy Point, if the weather’s good, you should be able to see Lundy Island. It’s 11.18 miles (18km) off the coast to your west. Why not use your compass to help find it?

Needle (red end points north)

Lundy is a great place to see rare birds, plants and amazing sea life such as seals. In 2010, the sea around Lundy became the UK’s first full Marine Conservation Zone which means trawlers are banned from fishing in certain areas. As a result, there’s a great variety of fish there. And where there’s fish, there’s always the chance of seeing seals. Look out for the seals’ round heads bobbing in the water near the rocks. They are probably

What do you call a man with a seagull on his head? Cliff!

taking a mouthful of air before they dive down to get a tasty fish.

1969 Lundy Island was bought by

British businessman Jack Hayward and given to the National Trust. Dial

Navigate your way around Which way is the wind blowing? Baggy Point can be a very windy place - that’s why the seabirds love it so much. Using your compass, try to work out which way the wind is blowing and write it down on your report sheet.

Surf’s up Can you guess the height of the waves at Croyde Beach?

Housing arrow and orienting lines

How do sheep keep warm in winter? With central bleating!

©NTPL/Joe Cornish

Client: The National Trust

Illustration Concept Design Copywriting

Hare hideaway this shy, rarely seen animal can sometimes be spied in the fields behind Middleborough Hill. Seals can hold their breath for 15 minutes underwater while they catch fish.

Have you seen a foxglove or a Hebridean sheep?

Client: Tinderbox

Illustration Concept Design Print, using bespoke techniques Copywriting

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Client: Hair Additions

Illustration Branding Concept Design (web and print) Print, using bespoke techniques






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