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KIND selected competitions/awards



YONAV PARTANA ,ST,MSc.Arch Yonav graduated from the Parahyangan University-Architecture (2002) and Master of Science specialized in Architecture, Urbanism and Building technology, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands (2005) . He worked for ONL Office, Hyperbody Research Group, The Project for Nancy Exhibition “Future for Cities” – Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2005. In 2010, along with Adjie and Ajiv, Yonav established KIND and is now responsible for Gunadarma University Development and Project Director for development of largest Mosque in Indonesia-Masjid Sriwijaya . In addition he teaches the architecture design studio in Gunadarma University since 2005.

ADJIE NEGARA,ST,MAUD,IAI Adjie graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology-Architecture (2002)and Master of Arts Urban Design,NUS, Singapore (2010). He started his professional career at the Rekamatra In 2002, he joined DP Architects Singapore in 2003 and the award winning international design company ALSOP/SPARCH in 2007 as Architect. His extensive experience in mixed-use and urban projects also includes designing high profile projects around the world such as Arzanah Masterplan and Rihan Heights Development in Abu Dhabi. In 2010 he was relocated to Jakarta for SPARCH business development while working remotely for SPARCH Projects in Singapore,Malaysia,and China.

AJIV PARNATA,BSc,MSE Ajiv studied architecture at Diablo Valley College (2004) and graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology,USA (2008) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. He then pursued a Master of Science Degree, also in Economics, at University of Indonesia (2011). Along with Yonav and Adjie, he currently works at Gunadarma University Development Team, focusing on interior design. Additionally, he has designed and managed numerous projects such as department store at Rasuna Epicentrum, libraries, office spaces, classrooms, and residential projects. ent.

VINCENTIUS HERMAWAN,ST,MMSt Vincent graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology-Architecture (2000) and Master Degree of Membrane Tensile Structure, Anhalt University Dessau, Germany (2009) . He co-founded KIND in 2010. Vincent made a significant contributions to mixed use and largescale project designs in Jakarta and other major cities in Indonesia and Asia. He was responsible for the design of Senayan City,The Peak Apartment, The CIty Tower, and etc. As a director of KIND’s design team, he has won several international and national design competition including Menara IA ITB and, Masjid Daarut Tauhid.


Fauzan IP Feri NI Pelangi TP Siti A Taufiq DT

(former)COLLABORATORS Adi H Achmad D.Tardiyana Christian Aryo Laksmi Tunggadewi Luh Putu Ayu Lucia W

Ngurah Satriawan Nyoman Sulandika Puri Advanty IL Rachmat Gusriharso Rina Bonang Rully Adrian

Rully Heriawan Rida Sobana Tiyok Prasetyoadi Venty Vergianty



2005 One Stop Shopping Gallery, Jakarta 2010 Menara IA ITB, Jakarta intl Jury : William Lim 30.000m2 office tower 2nd Award 1st Award 2010 Masterplan Masjid Sriwijaya , Palembang 2004 Church St Anna, Jakarta 15 Ha Masterplan,Grand Mosque/ 1st Award Offices/School/University 1st Award 2003 Masjid Daurul Tauhid, Bandung 1st AWard 2010 Masterplan of KBP, Bandung Green design Mixed use/ Theme Park/Hotel/Resort 2003 Bekasi City Main Entry Gate, Bekasi 2nd Award 3rd Award 2010 Office of Bank of Indonesia, Solo 9000m2 Office Tower 3rd Award

2003 UII Masterplan, Yogyakarta Finalist

2010 Plaza Singapura, Singapore Facade/Plaza/Public Space Finalist


Busway Shelter, Jakarta 3rd Award


Itenas Main Entry Gate, Bandung 1st Award

2009 NTB Islamic Center Masterplan, NTB Mataram-Indonesia Grand Mosque/School / Office/90.000 m2 2nd Award 2008 TIM Masterplan, Jakarta Finalist 2007 2006

Gedung Pusdata Dep.PU, Jakarta 2nd Award

PHCC Mixed Use-60.000m2 , Ho Chi Minh City, (DPA) 1st Award

2001 Andonowati House-Gallery, Bandung Finalist

MENARA IA-ITB Jakarta (2010)

1st Award 30.000m2 sustainable office tower


MASJID SRIWIJAYA Palembang(2010)

1st Award Masterplan of 12 ha Grand Mosque and Islamic Center in Palembang, Sumatera Selatan


Kota Baru Parahyangan Jakarta (2010)

2nd Award 10 ha sustainable design masterplan resort/park



3rd Award New Office for BI Solo and Urban Design Competition


Gedung Pusdata PU Jakarta (2007)

2nd Award National Design Competition


Masterplan Grand Mosque NTB Nusa Tenggara Barat (2009)


2nd Award 10 ha Masterplan of NTB Grand Mosque-Islamic center,consists of Mosque,Convention Center,Offices,School.

adjie negara/v.Hermawan/C.A.Wibisono

One Stop Shopping Center Jakarta,Indonesia (2005) 2nd Award National Design Competition


Andonowati’s House Bandung(2001) Finalist


ITENAS Main Entrance Bandung(2002) 1st Award


Bekasi City Gate Bekasi (2003) 3rd Award


Busway Shelter Jakarta (2003) 3rd Award



Manhattan,USA (2010)

International Design Competition


Origanization of the Islamic Center Head Quarters Jeddah(2007)

International Design Competition



National Design Competition




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