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How to Make Air Conditioners Eco Friendly and Save Energy? Air conditioners are the ultimate luxury appliances invented ever - this is my feeling when I come home from the busy roads in hot weather. The fatigue caused by traveling by public transport and the work stress during the day takes a toll on the temperament but the cooling system at home really makes for a soothing atmosphere. I was wondering how the eco friendly versions of cooling and heating systems work and found out the following.  Proper Appliance Installation: The most important energy saver tip while choosing an air conditioner is to consider the room size and the appliance’s capacity. These two factors are very important to have effective cooling or heating and as a result it cuts down energy consumption too. Consider this - a furnace in a metal extraction plant is meant to function for a certain mass at a particular temperature. If you think you can maximize the output of the furnace by increasing its temperature and extracting other components from the crude ore, then you are mistaken. The furnace will not only consume extra energy but might ill function sooner than it’s meant to.  Energy Star Certification: By choosing energy star rated air conditioner you ensure that the technology is in sync with delivering eco friendly output. The numbers of stars vary from brand to brand, technology used and also the price range of the appliance. Although the price is generally more for more number of stars allotted to a product, the first time investment (of buying) will save your forthcoming energy bills.  Proper Insulation: Just like an undersized air conditioner would use more energy, an oversized temperature control appliance will draw extra energy to cool an uninsulated room. Depending on the general weather conditions and number of other electrical appliances being used in the room the experts would suggest the right size needed for your device as well as the kind of insulation that would boost its performance.  Appliance Maintenance: It goes without saying that an air conditioner needs regular servicing and that is not because it tends to dysfunction but because the filters inside it need to be cleaned. Clogged or unclean filters stop the airflow which in turn can cause damage to the device apart from being inefficient.  Thermostat Settings: This point is the most novice like used factor with commercial as well as residential users. It is beneficial to understand that a furnace or a cooling appliance is meant to function at its optimum best when used under specific circumstances and temperature. Yes, it is correct that you have a remote control for

changing the temperature settings according to the weather but keep it as high or low as comfortably possible depending on the nearest room temperature.  Heat Pumps: These are devices that help circulate the air around the room. A cheaper option of this would be a ceiling fan, though this can be applicable only in residential spaces considering the reasonable roof heights. In commercial buildings and industries heat pumps substantially reduce the energy consumption.

Author Bio: Kim William is a Barrie based expert on heating and cooling equipments. Kim writes regularly about updates and innovations in the field of indoor ventilation, she is also a consultant for numerous air conditioning companies in Barrie and surrounding areas.

How to make air conditioners eco friendly and save energy  

Air conditioners are the ultimate luxury appliances invented ever - this is my feeling when I come home from the busy roads in hot weather....

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