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logo effect version and current version

BRANDING M7 INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS This project, co-realized with Fog’s communication agency, was developed for an enterprise consultant. The M7 Company comes from a business field aimed at strategic consulting. Their earliest branding project was practically non-existent, so there was the need to remake the brand. The concept of integration was successful and approved by the client. With the brand defined, it was possible to develop the stationery, the business card and the application in other medias. application black version

stationery samples

business card apresentation

logo effect version applicated


Also in Fog, this project involved an unusual client. It was about an Australian homemade pie store named Alfie’s, which is situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands. For this project it was requested a branding project that referred to a European style and that, at the same time, would convey credibility to the clients. It was developed a brand in the form of a stamp. There was the possibility to use three different colors, following the client’s request. It were also developed a die-cut business card, disclosure posters and some stamp applications on coffee cups.

an Pie

ustrali Made A Freshly

an Pie

ustrali Made A Freshly

ian Pie l a r t s u Made A y l h s e r F

current logo and coloured versions

an Pie

ustrali Made A Freshly

logo coffee cup application

businness card

promo poster

BRANDING FRENTTE BUILDER/DEVELOPER The branding project was realized by the agency, serving the Frentte company, which operates in the field of civil engineering. The logo’s construction came from the construction of a lozenge grid, evoking the illusion of depth. It was a hundred percent approved by the client and thereafter the black and white applications and the business card were made. (above) logo, (under) application

white version applicated

business card apresentation

MUSIC IN MUSEUMS PROJECT The museums musical project, idealized by the SEEC/PR (Secretary of State for Culture of Paranรก), consisted in a mensal musical presentation with local artists in many institutions from the museums network in Parana.

The disclosure flyer and the banner were also produced every month, and those both gave identity to the event.

monthly released flyers


FOLDERS OF EXHIBITIONS Over two years as a trainee in SEEC/PR, I produced about 20 projects, like many art exhibitions, in which one I had to make a disclosure folder, signaling event banners and plot on the wall. “Volúvel” was the first folder I made for the artists P.Jota and Rimon Guimarães, both nationally recognized. The exhibition was held at Contemporary Museum of Art of Paraná. “Fickle” exhibition- folder

“Public and Private” exhibition- folder and banner

Some exhibitions involved more than one artist, in favor of a single theme. An example is the “Public and Private” case from the artists Lindalis, Aline e Juliana, exhibited at João Turin’s Museum. The last folder was made for an artist collective at Andrade Muricy’s Museum. This one was my last job at SEEC/PR. “various artists” exhibition- folder

COLLEGE PROJECT REDHEAD PACKAGE The package project was realized for the Package Design subject. The proposal was given by the teacher and the students should develop solutions to the problems. In this particular case, the briefing was a matchbox with waterproof sandpaper. Furthermore, it was important that the project had an environmental conscience. A better explanation: there was a matchbox, and the sandpaper was inside of it. Moreover, there was a compartment for used matches.

front view

side view/detail

COLLEGE PROJECT TE INDIAN SPICES The proposal was to create a set of packages, maintaining the identity and aggregating a concept. In this case I made packages for Indian spice. In which package, there was a spice sachet. The unusual shape was completely in harmony with the Indian culture, as well as the graphics and the colors. This project was also realized for college.

COLLEGE PROJECT CIELO WINE Having as a proposal a package for a dummy wine, it was created a modular package that, by the time you connected with some other packages, you had a small wine cellar. The packaging was made of wood and the graphics were printed by laser on the surface. The bottle followed the concept and, with a label printed on transparent paper, slightly interfered in the view of the internal liquid. Besides the bottle, there was a booklet of recommendations and descriptions for the wine lovers.

CHILDRENS’S BOOK BREMEN’S MUSICIANS This project was realized for the illustration subject. The idea was to develop illustrations for one of the Grimm Brother’s tale. I chose Town Musicians of Bremen for the beauty in the story. The illustration followed a strippeddown style, with a more realist dash, followed by graphics, stain and brushes.

CHILDREN’S BOOK PROJECT “THE GIRL WITH MANY EYES” This Project was realized for the children’s book subject. The illustrations were made based on the poem “The Girl With Many Eyes”, by Tim Burton. By the characteristics of Burton’s movies, I chose grayscale to paint and green was the color I chose to write the poem over the illustrations.


2010-2011 works