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A Perfect Caribbean Wedding A wedding is special to everyone’s life and also a memorable day for their families and guests. A Caribbean Wedding is quite similar to the American wedding but due to the mix culture of Europe and Africa, it gives a special kind of culture and for that people from different part of the world come here for their wedding though the tradition of Caribbean wedding may vary between different islands. In Caribbean wedding, very few people are invited and most of them are invited by mouth to mouth, a few important people are invited by card. Both the bride and groom come to the church from their houses with their best outfits. After that the father of the bride escort the bride down the way of the church and the wedding ceremony begins. After ceremony the groom lifts the veil of the bride and kisses her. The people of Caribbean are really passionate about their weddings. They spend lots of money in their wedding and not to lose the special moments in their weddings they hire good Caribbean Wedding Photographers who can capture the different emotions of bride and groom. In Caribbean different type of people like different types of photos, some people like portrait photography, some people like contemporary. There are lots of good specialized Caribbean wedding photographers from different islands like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad &Tobago and Saint Kitts. The Caribbean does not think about the money because they know that it is the photographer who can make the wedding extra special. The Caribbean photographers are really good in capturing the scenic beauty of island with the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, wedding reception comes and it may be for the whole night. In the reception the guests dance with each other with the Caribbean traditional music and one lucky man can dance with the bride. A special kind of stage show is organized by both the families. The bride and groom received lots of gifts. Roman Catholicism is the main region of Caribbean. The food of the wedding party is really special In Caribbean .The most important thing in wedding party is the wedding cake though many people like traditional Caribbean food like roasted red meat and black cake. After the reception gets over, the newly married couple spends a long time alone and after a few days they go for the honeymoon. The Caribbean wedding is one of the best traditional weddings in the world because of the mixed cultural tradition of Europe and Africa. For More Information Visit at: photography.php

A Perfect Caribbean Wedding  

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