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Industrial Design Portfolio 2013

Kim Risager

Kim Enig Risager Phone +45 3095 6525 E-mail Skype kimrisager Linkedin Pinterest EDUCATION 2011-2013 MFA Advanced Product Design Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden 2009-2010 Industrial Design Introduction Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden 2008 Classical Drawing Course The Animation Workshop, Denmark 2005 – 2008 BA Industrial Design The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design, Denmark WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 Whirlpool, 5 months, sponsored MFA thesis collaboration 2011 Pilotfish, 6 months internship, industrial design 2010 – 2011 designaffairs, 6 months internship, industrial design 2003 – 2009 AFS Intercultural Programs, volunteer, program coordinator, magazine editor & layouter Languages Danish Native proficiency German Bilingual proficiency English Full professional proficiency Swedish Elementary proficiency Spanish Elementary proficiency

2 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Fastronomy Product: Single serving cooker Topic: Human centered design. Strategic design. Completed: 2013, MFA thesis project. Done in collaboration with Whirlpool EMEA

Background. In 2012, 40% of Scandinavian households had only one occupant and this trend continues to grow. Daily, these households face the challenges of cooking for one in order to resist the temptation of consuming convenient ready-meals: Since 1980, the amount of home cooked meals has dropped from 72% to approximately 50%. Design. The Fastronomy Cooker is a mini-kitchen and ordering service that offers the convenience of readymeals while providing the quality and control of traditional home cooking. It can replace cooking in the oven, frying in a pan and boiling in a pot with hot air and steam in a glass. Recognition. Finalist in Spark>Concept 2013 (ongoing). Project report is available upon request.

3 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Research User insights. Interviews & shadowing was conducted with 7 single person households in Umeå, Sweden.

Market analysis The visual expression map is a method used to synthesise and analyse general market and trend research in order to identify opportunity areas.



“ I don’t want just another appliance.


Design opportunity: Connect services and products


Expert interview with food historian Ken Albala from Pacific University, California was conducted via Skype.


Tangible sh



Ac ce ss or



Intangible Recipe website

Design opportunity: Entertaining cooking

“My problem is that I have to eat every day. I get bored.” “Food is often just something to get going with what I really want to do.” Entertaining 4 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

project Framing Problems.

Lack of

Goals & wishes.





Lack of

Skills 5 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Whirlpool Brandboard. Keywords: 6th sense & experience.

Styleboard. Keywords: Simplicity & tactility.


Development Ideation workshops.

Sketch development.


Concept evaluation with professional chef, BjĂśrn NorĂŠn.

Evaluation in kitchen environment.

6 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Form refinement in soft foam.

final design Online Delivery Service Single serving portions. Fresh, raw ingredients. Variety of meals depends on how you choose to mix & match and cook it.

7 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Cooking on sticks Hanging food for air flow, energy efficiency and temperature precision.

User scenarios When you’re tired. 1. Season.

2. Insert.

8 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

When you’re inspired. Additional steps to do between step 2 and 3. 3. Turn lid 90° to cook at default.

2.1 Activate bluetooth.

2.3 Cook with (own) ingredients with add-on cooking basket.

2.2 Change and create cooking sequences.

Features Refill water like on a coffee machine.

Take out glasses for easy cleaning.

Hot air can replace oven heating, grilling and frying on the pan. Steam can replace boiling - even rice and pasta.

Cooking with circulating, halogen heated steam and hot air allows for a faster and more even result than traditional cooking.

9 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Hyperion Product: Hard hat for mining Topic: People centered design / Design methodology. Completed: 2012 Done in collaboration with New Boliden and Atlas Copco

Background. Hyperion was designed in collaboration with personnel from the Swedish mining company NewBoliden to cater specifically to the needs and tough environment in modern sub-surface mining. Design. Next generation of mining helmets with optimal work light and head-up-display features that would both increase safety and strengthen the bond between the workers and the machines they operate. Recognition. Winner of reddot design award 2012 and IDEA Bronze Student 2013. Finalist in Spark>Concept 2013 (ongoing). Project report is available upon request.

10 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013


1300m underground, inside New Boliden’s Renström mine in Sweden.

Tough environment.

Shadowing miners.

You can’t go into the mine every day thinking of the possible danger. You wouldn’t be able to do your job. Testing equipment.

11 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

No light.

Professional mining operator.

Interviewing miners.

High noise.

Development Research synthesis

Ideation Visibility, safety, connectivity

Sketch development Rugged, light-centered, hi-tech

Current equipment

12 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Refinement 1:2

13 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013


Features Watch where you Walk.

14 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Adjust the light angle to your Work.

Signal to your co-wokers.

Full HUD Informs of approaching colleages and displays the interface for the radio and information from the vehicle.


Connection to vehicle Approaching miners are recognized by an ID tag in their helmet to prevent collisions. The vehicle functions as an extension of the radio antenna, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote corners of the mine. The helmets weight’s is minimised by turning the helmet into a reciever of information from the vehicle.

Communication In-ear microphone and headphone for music and communication. Incoming messages overrule music. Active noise cancellation cancels out up 70% of the surrounding noise.

15 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Protection Under the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell is a shock absorbing foam (such as ‘d3o’ and ‘Poron XRD’) which is soft in normal state but hardens and absorbs up to 90% of the energy at impact. A builtin fall detection system detects if the miner has been hit; it calls for help automatically.

Hultafors Product: Electric screwdriver Topic: Brand analysis / Parametric modelling Completed: 2012

Background. The brief was to design a 3,6V electric screwdriver for a brand that did not yet have one in their product range. Design. This Hultafors electric screwdriver translates the simplicity and sturdyness of Hultafors’ current tools to that of an electric device. The amount amount of screws in the shell is reduced from 12 in the reference model to three in the final design.

16 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Background Product analysis

Brand analysis

Form exploration & clay mock-ups


Designed around an ergonomic and well-balanced grip.

Tension 12 screws 2 shells 1 Battery 1 Engine 1 Switch board 1 DC jack 1 Washer

The tension lies in the transition from the grip to the head.

Red accent

The colour red is primarily, not consistantly, used in the boarder area between grip and head.

17 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Parametric modelling Construction

Colour exploration

9 fewer screws

than reference model. Reduced from 12 to 3 screws.

Comparison to existing Hultafors tools.

18 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Model making 3D printing

19 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013



Final design

Working prototype next to a Hultafors hammer.

20 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Eno Product: Smoke detector Topic: Industrial sound and light design Completed: 2012 Group work with Ayse Gรถkce Bor, Malene Kettner, Daniel Jansson and Martin Edlund. Design. Eno has a gentle warning before the actual alarm. It warns the user that the smoke amount is increasing. By physically lowering its center piece when smoke is detected, Eno makes it easy to mute. The warning and alarm sounds have been designed to give an organic and calm sound while still being a clear alarm sound.

21 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013



Todays smoke detectors Conceptualization

can easily cause a false alarm when you e.g. cooking in your Problem definition. Todays smoke detectors often kitchen. Most people deal with this by taking cause false alarms while cooking. out the batteries to stop the alarm. Batteries that easily can be forgotten to be put back in. If the alarm goes off, they are generally difficult to turn off. Many people deal with this by taking out the Most smoke detectors also has an alarm batteries. sound that creates a feeling of panic for the user rather than making him/her alerted. In addition, most smoke detectors have an alarm sound that creates a feeling of panic rather than a feeling of being alert.

it n ur


22 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Function definition

Our smoke detector concept Eeno has a system were a softer warning sound alerts the users that smoke amount is increasing and giving them a chance to easily mute it before it sets of an false alarm.

User sound testing

The smoke amount feedback is made visually by light and the change of shape of Eeno. The warning and alarm sound has been designed to give a more organinc and calm sound that still is sharp enough to preceive as an alarm.




Warning sound User reaction: Short, delayed reaction User comments: “It´s an eerie sound” ”It’s the kind of sound you want to investigate” Alarm sound User reaction: Imidiate reaction User comments: “Time to go!” ”Someone needs to fix something”


If smoke is detected... • an orange light turns on, • a soft warning sound starts, • the center piece moves down as the smoke level increases.

The mute function can be started early, if you know there will be smoke - eg. from cigarettes or cooking.

Eno keeps detecting and indicating smoke levels in muted state.

If the center piece reaches its lowest position... • the light turns red, • a more alarming sound takes over. Mute for 15 minutes by tapping the center piece, if the smoke is under control.

23 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Features Click here for a user scenario.

Normal state. Warning state. Muted state. Alarm state.

Click here for a function overview.

24 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Urban Composter Product: Domestic food waste composter Topic: Strategic Design / Brand analysis Completed: 2012 Done in collaboration with Whirlpool

Background. This project was done as part of Whirlpool’s initiative “Sensing the Future”. The goal was to uncover relevant trends and design opportunities that would allow the user to get closer to nature and to lead a more authentic live. Design. This composter lets you decompose your food scraps Nature’s way, avoiding any greenhouse gas emission. This concept updates the heritage of garden composting to modern life by giving it a shape and design that makes it desirable on display in your home. Recognition. Winner of reddot design award 2013. Finalist in Spark>Concept 2013 (ongoing) and iF Design Award 2013. Project report is available upon request.

25 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Problem framing

Problem. 1/3 of the food that is produced is wasted or lost. That’s 70 kg per person every year. 97% of this rots in a landfill where it will produce methane.

1/3 of all food

Goal. To enable urban households to easily manage and monitor by composting at home with as little effort and as big impact as possible.

is wasted or lost.

Wish. To create a desirable object that users want to show off to their friends in order to spread awareness of food waste.

26 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Common core / Design language The common core is a three-dimensional shape that describes the design language of a series of products within a brand. This common core to the right, represents my desired design language for future composter products. It was inspired by Whirlpool concepts and various ancient, current and conceptual products. The shape should provide relief from the fear of having garbage inside your home. It should look almost clinically clean. The shape should be approachable and to follow Whirlpool’s values, it had to convey the idea that it was carrying something precious, like the wine inside a greek amphora.

27 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Composters today are percieved as dirty, something you hide away. Or better yet: keep outside. Their design suggest the same.


Aerobic composters

Anaerobic bokashi bins

Conceptualization Form exploration

1:1 testing

28 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Concept variations

Shape refinement

Stand exploration


Input Birch

Input funnel The average Scandinavian wastes 7 kg food per month.


Plastic with high gloss ceramics finish

Floating stand Standing in front of the composter, it will give the impression that it is floating above the base.

29 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013


Plastic with light gloss ceramics finish


Bright, high polished metal with reflective properties

Compost Fertilizer

Grinder The compost process is sped up by increasing the surface of the food.

To open, wave your hand above the motion sensor in the lid.

Once the lid is open, scoop in your food scraps.

Composter Aerobic bacterias are added to the food scraps in an environment with controlled aeration, moisture and temperature.

Output containers 1) Plant-nourishing compost, reduced by 50% in volume. 2) Concentrated liquid fertilizer.

Water flushes the scraps down into the grinder. Once the lid has closed again, water will clean the input area.

As more food is decomposed, the compost container is filled. This is indicated by a growing circular light on top of the lid.

Waste no food. Compost.

30 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Thank You. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

31 Kim Risager / Product design portfolio 2013

Product Design Portfolio 2013  

Selected projects from 2012-2013

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