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7 July 2018 Remember to exchange your ticket for a wristband at the Festival Office

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Hang around at a busk stop and support a local musician. WORKSHOPS 15 accessibility


Doug Jenner, Chairman Thank you for supporting our third Kimpton Folk Festival - the biggest yet! More than anything folk musicians are storytellers, and what a wealth of stories will be told in Kimpton today - on concert stages in storytelling tents, at workshop venues and ‘busk stops’ - and of course, in the village pub.

Kimpton 17 reaches out See what else our organising Kimpton Folk Events has its own story to tell body is doing besides running too – which you can read about on page 17. It’s a folk festival. such a thrill to see the children of Kimpton School Important stuff opening today’s programme – this is a direct 18


result of the work we are doing in outreach.

New this year are beginners’ workshops in ukulele, poetry, harmony singing and spoons, plus an Indian Dance workshop at the school, pub open mics - and two star-studded evening concerts. Kimpton Folk Festival is supported by grants from London Luton Airport Ltd, Near Neighbours Fund – via BLCF; Kimpton Parish Council; Tesco Bags of Help Scheme and by our generous and dedicated band of volunteers. Have a wonderful time today - please pop into the Festival Office to say hello or share any suggestions or comments.

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the venues

The Memorial Hall Concert 1 1.00pm-3.00pm Kelly Oliver & Said the Maiden The London Klezmer Quartet

Concert 2 4.30pm - 6.30pm Luke Jackson While, Matthews & While

The Church

Licensed bar

Concert 1 2.30pm-5.15pm Blathnaid Lynn Will McNicol & Luke Selby Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente Concert 2 8.00pm - 11.00pm Jackie Oates & Mike Cosgrave Jaywalkers The James Brothers

Licensed bar

There are 3 concerts at Kimpton Memorial Hall. Concert 3: 8.30pm-11.30pm Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage Urban Folk Quartet Kimpton Church is hosting 2 concerts.

Hall Concert 20172017 Church Concert

All visitors attending concerts in The Church are reminded that Kimpton Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul is primarily a place of worship. Pease respect the Church and it’s grounds. Thank you.

The Green

Free entertainment all day, culminating in a summer ceilidh for all. Craft stalls, First Aid tent and the finest of food and drink. Concert 2 Pimms Bar Daisy’s Vintage Ices The Melt Van A taste of summer from Ice cream like it used to taste! Scrumptious toasties, Fairtrade tea and barista Kimpton Horse show. Pat’s Whole Foods coffee, hot chocolate. Cakes! So good - and so good for you! Yummy home-baked treats Thyme for Food from Kimpton Pre-school. Gorgeous gourmet burgers. Little Reds Woodfired Pizza Master Crepes Melt-in-the-mouth and made as only the French know how. The Good Grill Guys Gorgeous street food.

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The taste of old Italy.

Prosecco Van Put some sparkle into your afternoon. Farr Brew Bar Delicious craft ale.

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Garden Fields

Hosting a wide variety of activities for kids big and small! • • • • • •

‘Within the Walls’ garden project woodcraft for all ages Children’s storytelling with Alexandra Adult storytelling with Davina Felt Workshop with Barbara Face painting with Zoe Soft drinks and sweets from the Girl Guides

Plus a selection of children’s games!

Dacre Rooms

This historic village venue is hosting 4 workshops in: • Spoons (beginne rs) • Poetry (beginners)

• Ukulele (beginners) • Harmony singing (improvers)

The Boot

ste! you!

Our popular and thriving village local hosts ‘come all ye’ sessions and Open Mic concerts at the back.

The School

A brand new venue for 2018 Kimpton Primary School hosts an exciting new traditional Indian Dance workshop featuring The Nritham Dance Academy.

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the artists

Blathnaid Lynn

Winner of the 2015 Gaelic Voices competition, Blathnaid, who was brought up in Northern Ireland and Devon, has performed with British Folk Punk band The Levellers and has appeared as a singer at clubs and events around the UK. She is known for her unique and individual interpretations of well known traditional material.

Church Concert 1

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar

Memorial Hall Concert 3

Russell’s powerful vocals and driving guitar style and Algar’s All-Ireland winning fiddle playing have made this duo one of the most sought after acts on the British folk scene. They won the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award in 2013, the Horizon Award for best breakthrough act in 2014, and a nomination for Best Duo in 2015.

Concert 2 Sanders Hannah & Ben Savage

This duo creates music that sounds classically timeless yet still feels refreshingly unique. A chance meeting at their local Black Fen Folk Club in Cambridge revealed shared musical interests and sympathies which over time have developed into a unique and intimate blend of American roots and English folk music that is as happy and joyful as it is intense.

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Memorial Hall Concert 3

21/06/2018 20:01:14


Jackie Oates & Mike Cosgrave

Church Concert 2

Jackie Oates is a singer and fiddle player with a pure, haunting style. Her distinctive treatment of English ballads and songs and velvety voice have justly gained her a reputation as a celebrity in the new folk scene. Jackie is joined by long-term collaborator and multiinstrumentalist Mike Cosgrave.


Taking their influences from folk, bluegrass, country and western swing music, Mike Giverin, Lucy Williams and Jay Bradberry have created one of the most entertaining and widely regarded young bands on the British folk scene. The Jaywalkers sound is innovative, rooted deeply in tradition, and frankly exhilarating!

Church Concert 2

The James Brothers

Church Concert 2

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James Fagan from Australia (bouzouki, guitar) and Jamie McLennan from New Zealand (fiddle, guitar) are musicians at the very top of their tree. Performing traditional and contemporary songs and tunes from their respective homelands, the pair’s blend of quirky humour and high octane musical pyrotechnics always leaves audiences on their feet roaring for more.

21/06/2018 20:01:16

Herts Musical Memories Providing a lifeline for people with dementia and their carers through song We are a new charity and we need your support Know anyone who may benefit from attending our sessions throughout Hertfordshire? Contact: Kerry Brabant 0208 950 5757 or email:



Smash or scrape?

No problem - we’ll get it like new in no time, – and probably for less than you’d think!

Unit 5, Claggy Road, Kimpton SG4 8PZ Call us on:

01438 833 661

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the artists

Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente

Church Concert 1

2017 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award winners Pablo and Josie are highly accomplished musicians who play an eclectic mix of traditional Scots and English folk. Josie’s crystal clear, pure voice and Pablo’s dynamic and sensitive guitar create a sound that is at once beautiful and haunting.

Kelly Oliver

Kelly’s 2016 album ‘Bedlam’ was released to rave reviews and was rated among the best albums of the year by Folkwords. Since then her reputation has steadily grown and she was recently described by ‘whispering’ Bob Harris as being a ‘vital voice in the British folk scene’. We are delighted to welcome Kelly back for her second Kimpton appearance.

Mermorial Hall Concert 1

The London Klezmer Quartet

Memorial Hall Concert 1

KFF 18 Programme A5 16pp 06-06-18 V1.indd 9

Klezmer at its beguiling and seductive best - the band combines the subtleties of the original tradition with a kick-over-thechairs party vibe. Performing continuously since 2009, LKQ are popular throughout the UK and have had six sell-out tours to Australia. Known and loved throughout Europe, they have broadcast live on BBC Radio 3 and 6.

21/06/2018 20:01:19

the programme


Memorial hall Concerts

the church Concerts





Kelly Oliver & Said the Maiden The London Klezmer Quartet CONCERT 2 4.30pm-6.30pm Luke Jackson While Matthews & While CONCERT 3

8.30pm-11.30pm Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage Urban Folk Quartet

TICKETS Concert 1: £10 Concert 2: £10 Concert 3: £20

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Blathnaid Lynn Will McNicol & Luke Selby Josie Duncan & Pablo Lafuente CONCERT 2 8pm-11pm Jackie Oates & Mike Cosgrave Jaywalkers The James Brothers TICKETS Concert 1: £10 Concert 2: £20

the green



12pm - 12.30pm School singers 12:45pm - 1.15pm Jem Bosatta 1.30pm - 2pm Will McNicol & Luke Selby 2.15pm - 2.45pm The James Brothers 2.55pm - 3.20pm Nrithram Dance Company 3.30pm - 4pm Jaywalkers 4.15pm - 4.45pm The London Klezmer Quartet 5pm - 5.30pm Said the Maiden 5.45pm - 6.15pm The Devines 6.30pm - 7.30pm Ceilidh with Fiddlebridge

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7 July 2018


dacre rooms Workshops

1pm - 2pm Spoons


2pm - 3pm Poetry

3pm - 4pm Singing

4pm - 5pm Ukulele

kimpton school Workshop

3.45pm - 5pm Indian Dance


garden fields

12pm-1.30pm free Session 1.30pm-3pm Open mic 3pm-4pm Session 4pm-5.30pm Open mic 5.30pm onwards Session

Stories for children

Open mic and sessions


1.30pm - 2pm 2.45pm - 3.15pm 4.00pm - 4.30pm

Stories for adults

2pm - 2.30pm 3.15pm - 3.45pm 4.30pm - 5pm free

Ticket information

Pre-purchased tickets

Please exchange all pre-purchased tickets for festival wristbands at the Festival Office which opens at 10am Tickets for The Memorial Hall and The Church concerts These are available from the Festival Office. Afternoon £20

Afternoon plus church concert 2 £35 Afternoon plus hall concert 3 £35

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the artists

Luke Jackson

With a bold, distinctive voice and a sweet, percussive guitar style, Luke is a captivating live performer. His debut album ‘More Than Boys’ released in 2012 to great reviews, was followed up by ‘Fumes and Faith’ in early 2014. His 2015 release ‘This Family Tree’, was described in a 5 star Maverick review as ‘Two words. Bloody brilliant.’

Memorial Hall Concert 2

Said the Maiden

Since St Albans friends Jess Distill, Hannah Elizabeth and Kathy Pilkinton reunited several years after leaving school, their discovery of a mutual love of folk music led to the formation of ‘The Maiden’. Now gaining increasing momentum on the folk circuit, they are about to release their second album.

Memorial Hall Concert 1 Concert 2Folk Quartet Urban

Since its formation in 2009, this multiaward-winning band has ignited global audiences with its brand of high-energy, genre-defying music. Utilising funk grooves, middle-eastern melodies, afrobeat, north Indian rhythms and more, their show has blazed a trail across the world at everything from secluded coves to 30,000 capacity festival fields.

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Memorial Hall Concert 3

21/06/2018 20:01:31

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the artists

While, Matthews & While

Comprising mother and daughter Chris & Kellie with long-term singing partner Julie Matthews, this appearance is a rare outing for a folk supergroup and a genuine coup for Kimpton. Julie and Chris have been nominated 10 times for BBC Folk Awards ‘Best Live Act’. Kellie is a long-term collaborator with many of the giants of UK folk.

Memorial Hall Concert 2

Will McNicol & Luke Selby

Church Concert 1

Multiple award-winning guitarist Will and jaw-droppingly dexterous drummer Luke weave their own brand of musical enchantment with a combination of intricate, melodic fingerstyle and explosive yet highly sensitive rhythms. This is a union of two of the finest musicians in their field. If you missed them at Kimpton last time, don’t do so again!

Busk ConcertStops 2

“Slow down, you move too fast…”

As you move around the village, please take time to stop and support our very talented buskers - in the time-honoured fashion! You’ll notice that we have busk stops at various strategic spots around the festival. These musicians add so much colour, atmosphere and magic to the day, and they love an audience - and the odd coin thrown in their direction!

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Buskers 2017

21/06/2018 20:01:34


workshops Learn a new skill or improve an existing one. £5 on the door. Dacre rooms and the school 1pm-2pm Spoons with June Rowlands In the Dacre Rooms

2pm-3pm Poetry with Ilse Pedler In the Dacre Rooms

3pm - 4pm Harmony Singing with Said the Maiden In the Dacre Rooms 3.45pm-5pm Traditional Indian dance with Sujatha Chenilath

In the school 4pm-5pm Ukulele with Euan Tees

In the Dacre Rooms

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Take your spoons along to a music session and be part of the music making. June is also an accomplished fiddle and viola player and she is a Trustee of Kimpton Folk Events. She has taught spoons for many years and will be teaching at the Wessex Folk Festival in June this year. Spoons will be provided.

A workshop for all abilities, even those who have never written a poem before. Participants will leave with the drafts of at least two poems. Ilse has had poems published in many magazines and anthologies. She was shortlisted in the National Poetry Competition and is ‘Poet in Residence’ at Sidmouth Folk Festival this summer. Paper and pencils will be provided. A fantastic opportunity to learn tricks and techniques to bring harmonies into your singing. Said the Maiden - Jess Distill, Hannah Elizabeth and Kathy Pilkinton - are winners of the Bristol Folk Festival’s prestigious Isambard Award and are sure to wow you with their original versions of traditional songs. Bring your own voice.

Church Concert 2

If you love learning new dance styles, this is for you. Sujatha, Artistic Director of the Nritham Dance Academy, will introduce you to Bharatanatyam - the most ancient and classical art form in Southern India. This is sure to be a popular session, so make sure you arrive early! If you’ve never held a uke before, this workshop is for you. You will be led step-by-step through the basics so by the end of the hour you will be able to accompany a song or tune. Euan is an accomplished ukulele player and has taught many beginners’ workshops over the years. Ukuleles will be provided … with the opportunity to buy one and take it away!

21/06/2018 20:01:38



Full participation for all We believe that the arts are for everyone but we also recognise that some people may experience difficulties in enjoying particular events.

We are committed to ensuring that all the events we stage - including Kimpton Folk Festival – are as accessible as possible. • Our signage incorporates ‘Communicate in Print’ symbols • Concert venues at The Memorial Hall, The Church, The Green, and The School are all wheelchair accessible • Parking for disabled visitors is available at The School • Toilets for disabled visitors are available near the entrance to the Recreation Ground and at the Memorial Hall. We are fully committed to achieving full accessibility for all, in partnership with the people we support, their support networks and our Trustees and volunteers. To this end, we recognise that accessibility is an area for continuous improvement. If you need to let us know about your access needs in advance, or if you are disabled and need to arrange a free carer ticket, please send an email to:

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reaching out

the kimpton folk events story Long, long ago, back in the mists of time - 2015 in fact - some local musicians thought about starting a folk festival. It seemed such a simple and beautiful idea. Taking things forward, the group certainly kept the beauty of the idea ever before them, even though notions of simplicity were soon lost. They say there’s no such thing as a straight line, and that’s a good way of describing how things developed. At the beginning there was no plan to set up a new Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but this ended up being the best way for us to achieve our stated aims and objectives. And what are these? They’re too numerous to outline here, but these five are useful to tell you some activities in which our charity has been involved. 1. Provide a family day-out and work to further develop a sense of local community among families and local residents.We have developed and grown the Kimpton Folk Festival you know and love. 2. Generate increased interest in the folk arts We have staged a highly successful series of concerts featuring such high profile artists as Wild Willy Barrett, Aurora Coulson and Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys. 3. Provide a stage for local musicians to showcase their talents We have been running a programme of popular 50-minute ‘pop-up’ con certs featuring local musicians. 4. Encourage young people to develop an interest in the folk arts We have engaged music specialist Paul Scourfield who has run two highly successful workshops at Kimpton School. We are currently in discussions with music departments of local secondary schools. 5. Build links in our community through music We have run a very successful music coffee morning for elderly and more lonely citizens, with several more scheduled. This summary, just a brief outline gives you an idea of the ongoing dedication of our team of Kimpton Folk Events Trustees: Bernice Edwards, Sam Gibbs, Doug Jenner, Brian King, Di King, John Rowlands, June Rowlands, Bill Redway, Richard Stewart and Allie Smith. And our dedicated committee members: Martin Hicks, Jackie Worboys, Gordon Glen, Jon Palmer, Annie New, Neil Cain and Ellie Smith.

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If you cannot find what you are looking for on this page, please look for a committee member, recognisable in their lime green festival T-shirts. Child protection at all indoor venues, children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. See full details of our child protection policy at the Festival Office.

Dogs are welcome at all outdoor venues but please use designated dog bins to dispose of waste. Guide dogs for the unsighted are welcome at all venues.

Festival Office is located in Kimpton Pre-School, High Street next to the school and opposite The Boot pub. This is the ‘nerve centre’ of the festival and the place to come for assistance and information. Fire and Emergency - a full fire and emergency policy is available in the Festival Office. If you need advice or assistance at any time, please approach one of the festival team, recognisable in their lime green T shirts.

First Aid - A First Aid group is in attendance all day on The Green. There is also a First Aid box in the Festival Office. #kimptonfolk - use our hashtag for all the latest updates, competitions and announcements through the day and to share your pictures and posts.

Lost children - should a child become lost, please contact the first aid group in attendance on the Green. Lost property - if handed in this can be reclaimed from the Festival Office.

Parking for disabled visitors is available at The School.

Stalls offering a wide range of food and drink are available on the Green, alongside a selection of vendors’ stalls. Supporters - this year’s event has been supported by grants from London Luton Airport Ltd, Near Neighours Fund - via BLCF; Kimpton Parish Council; Tesco Bags of Help Scheme.

Terms and Conditions of ticket sales are given on our website and are also available at the Festival Office. Toilets are located at the Car Park, Church House, The Dacre Rooms, the entrance to the Recreation Ground and the Memorial Hall.

Toilets for disabled visitors are available near the entrance to the Recreation Ground and at the Memorial Hall. Traffic - please be aware of traffic when crossing Kimpton High Street and other thoroughfares around the village.

Uneven ground - please be aware of the possibility of uneven ground and falling branches whilst on the Green and when accessing footpaths between venues.

Volunteers - many people have put themselves forward to help and without them today’s festival would not have been possible. If you would like to help at a future festival, please could we have your details at the Festival Office.

Our Supporters

Kimpton Folk Events Kimpton Folk Events is a registered charity working to promote the folk arts in Kimpton and its surrounding community by staging festivals, public concerts, recitals and sessions.

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Kimpton Folk Festival Programme 7 July 2018  

There's a fantastic line-up for this years annual Kimpton Folk Festival - showcasing the very best of established and emerging artists. Read...

Kimpton Folk Festival Programme 7 July 2018  

There's a fantastic line-up for this years annual Kimpton Folk Festival - showcasing the very best of established and emerging artists. Read...