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Topic: Important pieces not covered by the law of attraction The Law of Attraction and Flaws behind the Secret The Law of Attraction, the most known secret, had raised a lot of eyebrows. While a lot of people loved the idea, the premise around changing your life by just visualizing it made skeptics go mad with apprehension. Sure, it helps to have a positive outlook in life, but getting rich through just thinking positive? That is so not happening, except if you win the lottery. The Law of Attraction has been watered to a great degree by the amount of publicity it has gotten. Publishers who wanted to achieve fast publicity had eliminated the gritty details of the secret. Their emphasis has been put on just thinking positive to achieve positive results. Achieving your dream life by just thinking about it has received a lot of questions from realists. Sure, we all hope to have a better life, man after all will never be contented. It is just that achieving a better life requires a whole deal lot of work than just sending out positive energy. One of the things, the Law of Attraction had failed to take into account is the premise that opposite poles attract. This is not only true in physics, human nature itself had shown signs on the veracity of this claim. Gregarious persons attract the silent types. The greedy latch on to the generous, and the lazy attracts the workers. The nice girl falling for bad boys are no longer news worthy. If you train a careful eye around you, you will find more living evidences of the negative attracting the positive. The Law of Attraction also defies the fact that our choices, directly and indirectly affects others. It is more centered on what you want and not whether others will suffer because of it. You have a dream job or a dream relationship. The Law of Attraction states that if you keep on thinking positively about it, it will be yours. Social responsibility is not taken into consideration. The idea of achieving a better career, relationship, and in essence, a better life by just thinking positive and visualizing it so well it will come to realization is tempting indeed. However, a lot of things have to be considered. First, you have to set your goals and work hard to achieve it. Thinking that, one day, it will be yours is not enough. You have to do something about it. You also have to take into consideration the people who you may trample as you reach your goal. The cliché about having to kill others just to survive, thus, survival of the fittest, is well for the age of the barbarians. Remember, with our claim to civilization comes social responsibility.

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The Law of Attraction and Flaws behind the Secret  

Important pieces not covered by the law of attraction