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Topic: Self-Publishing is great but no exposure Exposure: A Hurdle for Self-Publishers Self-publishing was once considered as unscrupulous as vanity publishing. But with so many authors who achieved success through self-publishing, it is now possible to self-publish with respect. Famous authors like Stephen King, Beatrix Potter, Victoria Holt, and even Mark Twain, had once gone through the path of self-publishing. Shunning the traditional publishers, they undertook the full role of taking editorial control of the content, arranging for printing, marketing the materials, and often distribution. Motives for self-publishing vary from being rejected by traditional publishers to desiring full control of their books. Authors, who are new and had not established their names in the publishing world, are often rejected by the traditional publishers. Publishing, after all, is business. Publishers would tend to undertake jobs with less risk as possible. Authors may also choose to self publish because they want full control. When working with a publisher, an author gives up a degree of editorial control and has little influence on the design of the book, its distribution and marketing. A book for an author is sometimes like a child. They’d want to personally care for it and nurture it until it is released to the reading public. Self-published authors also get to keep all sales proceeds and thus the profit, if the book turned to be a success. However, promotion and marketing for self-published books are critical. Exposure, after all, could make or break a book. Traditional publishers could give authors all outlets to promote and provide exposure for the book. Without the association to traditional publishers, authors are left alone to search for channels to endorse their works. They must undertake book publicity which means developing lists of editors and reviewers who could put in a good word. Bookstores also tend to buy from larger publishers and distributors. They cannot afford to deal with thousands of self-publishers. Thus, the competition to get into bookstores is extreme. Not only is self-publishing physically exhausting, it also is financially onerous. Still, lots of authors believe that the possible success of their books is worth all the effort. Some had found ways to give themselves exposure like coming in as guests in small-town TV and radio talk shows. Also with the advent of the worldwide web, advertising and exposure are made easier and faster. The success of self-published books would boil down to an author’s initiative and determination.

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Exposure: A Hurdle for Self-Publishers  

Topic: Self-Publishing is great but no exposure

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