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Topic: How to become a magazine publisher Make Publishing Your Business Do you love the feel of smooth magazine pages? Do you often spend the day just browsing through magazines? Noting some mistakes here and noting improvements that could have been done there? Dreaming to, one day, put together, design and ultimately publish your own magazine? Then, if you have the talent, loads of guts and the right attitude, you might make it as the Best Magazine Publisher, not just of the year, but of the Century. So, start early and make the following tips your life’s mantra. 1. Grab the right degree. Yes, folks. Education, after all, is essential. Having a Bachelor’s degree in publishing, business, design or communications is a big edge if you are eyeing for a publisher’s position. Nothing could breeze you through your future interviews faster than your hard-earned diploma.

2. Stock on experience. Back your degree up with the right experience. Your degree would be useless if you don’t work in the industry. Start small, even as a photographer or writer and slowly work yourself up to designer or editor. By starting in the lower rung, you will know how to create a magazine from the ground up.

3. Read, read and read. Of course, you already have a vision of your dream magazine. But if you want to become a successful magazine publisher, you need to read a wide variety of magazines and books in publishing. Aside from giving you fresh ideas, reading would also keep you up to date with what other publishers are doing. In short, it will give you the current lay of the land.

4. Make things happen . Becoming a magazine publisher won’t take overnight. The climb to become one is steep and proving that you are a great one is steeper. Media magnates like Felix Dennis and Hugh Hefner didn’t become moguls by just lying down and letting things happen. They make things happen. So, gather your guts and start working. You will never run short of challenges if you are a magazine publisher. That’s why you have to prepare, not just your portfolio, but yourself, emotionally and mentally. Don’t rush. Instead, keep your own pace steady and sure. Go and make things happen!

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Topic: How to become a magazine publisher

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