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Topic: The power of positive emotions in your business, finances and relationship Think Positive for a Better Life Have you, at some point, thought that your life is a complete mess? Your finances had skyrocketed to an all-time low and everything, from your career to your personal life, is turning lousy. Bad luck seems to be following you and even contaminate every little thing you touch. You think you are cursed. Well, it is time to think that maybe, bad luck does not really want you. It is just that you are attracting it. The more you worry, the more life gives you things to worry about. The more you feel down and depressed, the more life gives you reasons to be. Uncanny, right? Well, it is called the power of attraction. Simply put, negative attracts negative while positive attracts positive. More and more people are finding out the power of having positive emotions. The universe is full of powerful threads that connect us all. You just need to radiate the right energy to attract the right thread. This is called the power of visualization or having the ‘inner eye’. You have to start thinking of how you wanted your life to be. Visualize it and set up your goals around it. And before you knew it, you had achieved the life you wanted. A human’s emotion is a powerful tool—a power that is often overlooked and understated. A basic example to illustrate this is attracting somebody from the opposite sex. A person who sends out vibes of fear, desperation, and uncertainties are bound to repel the opposite sex away. The thing is, they often attribute it to not being good-looking, or not being rich enough. The truth is, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie to have people swarming over you. You only need to radiate the right aura. People are naturally drawn to positive energy. A happy and optimistic person will automatically attract people. People who had mastered the art of positive attraction still encounters problem. They just get out of it faster by focusing on positive things like great turning events that will get them out of the problem. They don’t list things that might go wrong. They focus on things turning right. Start mastering your emotions. Radiate an optimistic energy and see for yourself how changed your life will be.

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Think Positive for a Better Life  

The power of positive emotions in your business, finances and relationship

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