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Topic: Why you should have an online magazine

E-Mags: Glamour on the Go Fast. Hectic. Demanding. That’s three words for today’s career women. Nevertheless, however busy a woman is, she still craves for her daily dose of glamour and glitz—may it be the latest and juiciest gossip about the elusive Angelina Jolie or the perky Natalie Portman, the newest discovered way to stay slim and sexy, or the hottest must-have dress and accessories for the season. After all, glamour and success must go together. But blast it! No time to go around grabbing magazines (you might not like what you got), and they are just so bulky to bring to the office. Thank God for online magazines! Here’s the scene. Grab a cup of steaming cappuccino at Starbucks, and while waiting for your files to load, start browsing your fave online magazine! Have a sip with a cup of delicious steaming gossip—who’s going out with who, who’s pregnant, getting divorced, and loads of other chitchat. Ogle at the hottest pics of hotties like Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and start your day right. Browse through a wide variety of articles—may it be how to further your career, get over your ex (and get a new lover), and even world issues. Everything is at the tip of your well-manicured fingertips. Indeed, online magazines are a woman’s best friend. Online magazines are fast becoming a rave in the worldwide web scene. Magazine publishers are starting to dominate the web. For one, the market for viewers and subscribers are limitless what with the gigantic number of people from all over the world being hooked with the net. All you need are great graphics, glamorous contents, the right variety of ditz and glitz, and you’re on! What’s more, you can immediately get feedbacks from readers and even get fabulous contributions. No sweat and you’re on your way to magazine greatness. May you be a reader or a publisher; online magazines are the next big thing. Bulky, heavy printed magazines are fast becoming a thing of the old (we’ll be saving a lot of trees there). You can grab a magazine anytime, anywhere. No need to flip. All you have to do is click.

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E-Mags: Glamour on the Go