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Topic: How to become a valid member of the press without a degree or formal training Ace a Press Membership without a College Degree Almost all how-to sites would tell you to “Get a journalism degree first” in order to become a valid member of the press. Well, I’m telling you, that is not always the case. Sure, a degree in journalism, English or communications is beneficial, but it does not have to come first. You can still become a journalist, and be great at it, even if you did not go to college or had achieved a degree not related to journalism. Before venturing to the world of the press, you must possess the right characteristics and skills. For one, you must have a good writing style. You need not go to college to be able to write well. For most, writing is a talent they’re born with. You could also improve your writing skills by reading books and studying the writing styles of other journalists. Next, you must possess the nose and the ears—the nose for news and the ears for information. You must be able to tune in to your surroundings so well; you could spot a news-worthy event even from the distance. If you think you are all that, then, there would be no stopping you from being a top journalist even without a degree. And here are a few tips to help you achieve your goal. •

Experience is the best education. Junk the diploma. What you need more is the right experience. Start small by doing internships or even by contributing your articles. This way, you can hone and develop your writing style and even get your readers’ feedbacks. Also be sure to work in a newspaper or magazine company so you will get a good background on how the industry really works.

Choose your niche. The journalism world is wide with lots of paths to choose from. You have to choose which path to choose and thus, channel your resources to that specific field. You can choose either to focus as a newspaper reporter, investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, or be a broadcast, photo, sports, or online journalists. The choices are varied and so you must carefully decide which to take.

Socialize. Get out and meet people. You must know who’s who in the press world. Getting the right contacts and knowing the right people is critical.

Always remember to think big but don’t mind to start small and who knows, you might be the next John Chancellor.

Ace a Press Membership without a College Degree  

Topic: How to become a valid member of the press without a degree or formal training