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Topic: How to get businesses to give you their advertising and marketing dollars Great Earnings through Web Marketing You can’t hide it. Our world is already a world. Almost everything today had entered the worldwide web. Even companies who are not involved in e-commerce are either building their own web sites or looking to advertise online. Indeed, with the millions of people all over the world hooked up in the internet every second, the market opportunity seemed endless. With the growth in the number of businesses who wish to advertise online, advertising sites are also cropping up. But don’t get intimidated. You can still go in the running to attract businesses to give you there advertising dollars. First thing first, you must create a reliable, popular, high traffic site. It must be designed in a way that is both SEO and user friendly. The graphics must also be both tasteful and eyecatching. Using loads of sparkle and glitter is not necessary. All you need is the right amount of glitzy and sleek graphics to channel elegance and professionalism. If you are still new in web advertising, don’t hesitate to sign up in affiliate programs like or even flash your ads in relevant online resources like Google AdSense for free. Remember, e-advertising still requires some old-school advertising. You have to advertise yourself. Create an advertising niche. Accepting all ads from all companies under the sun is not the way to go. Your visitors must have a clear vision on what your site is for. For instance, if your site is about gardening, then accept ads related to gardening. One, your visitors will be garden enthusiasts and will most probably avail of the gardening products and services in your ads. Also, people who are looking for good gardening-related companies are most likely to search for gardening sites. You can even run free ads from time to time. This is especially recommended to those who are just starting out. Give customers a free trial run. This way, they can have a ‘taste’ of your services. It also wouldn’t hurt to make an article about celebrities from time to time. You can have specials on celebrities and their gardens like featuring the Desperate Housewives and their real (not reel) gardens. Just think of Marcia Cross or Eva Longoria in their knees surrounded by flowers. That’s major drawer for you. Bottom line is, you need to make your site popular. You can innovate ways on how to attract and keep the attention of your visitors. Dream and create. And the advertising dollars will follow.

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Great Earnings through Web Marketing  
Great Earnings through Web Marketing  

Topic: How to get businesses to give you their advertising and marketing dollars