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Topic: The importance of graphics on your site Great Graphics for a Great Website The graphics design could make or break your website. Thus, choosing the right graphics for your site is critical and should neither be understated or overstated. The typical net browser only spend a few seconds browsing a page before going to look for a better one. Your graphics is like your website’s cover and they do judge the book by its cover, thus the website by its graphics. Your graphics must be designed to impress and keep your viewer from going on to the next page. Or else, your site will be lumped in the ordinary website category. An attractive website should not necessarily be full of sparkle and glitter. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewers. Remember, your graphics will be your viewers’ first point of contact so you must make sure that it creates a favorable impression. It has to look professional and sleek to achieve the maximum impact. If your site aims to sell products and services, the graphics must be so designed to represent your company’s commodities. At first glance, the viewers will know what you are promoting and will then be attracted to browse through your site. Putting in pictures of glamorous stars like Nicole Kidman, Jessica Alba or Gwyneth Paltrow could also catch viewers’ attention and would make them stop. Your graphics must also be functional. Looks will be worthless if your graphics are not functioning properly. Your viewers will not want to go through your site if the graphics are proving to be nuisances. The graphics should be so designed that viewers can navigate with ease. They should not be given the impression that your site is a puzzle or maze they have to work out. Viewers will be encouraged to come back to your site if they found it user-friendly. Your website’s graphics must both be flawless in both looks and function. At first sight, looks matter but you won’t also be able to make your viewer go through your page if your graphics are not functioning properly. Proper balance between looks and function should be achieved. This is no easy task. That is why there has to be proper coordination between the designer and web manager. The graphics design must represent the site or the company’s principles and branding strategy. It must achieve both a polish, professional, and functionally reliable look.

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Great Graphics for a Great Website  

Topic: The importance of graphics on your site