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Magnat RV2


RV 2 – Stereo tube amplifier 1 | A clearly arranged front panel for easy use. The most important control being at the centre - the volume control 2 | Preamplifier and driver stage with selected 12AX7/ECC 83 and 12AU7/ECC82 tubes that have been burned-in for 60 hours 3 | The remote control is confined to the basic volume and mute functions. Milled from solid aluminium with an irresistible haptic quality 4 | Push-pull power amplifier with selected and burned-in 6550 output pentodes: Guaranteeing a particularly dynamic sound 5 | A removable cover to protect the tubes is included

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'Naturalness' and 'musicality' are attributes that are frequently used to describe the sound of a tube amplifier. Among music enthusiasts, high quality tube amplifiers enjoy the reputation of being the ultimate with regard to sound reproduction. However, there can be huge differences between tube amplifiers in terms of design, complexity and the results they deliver. Many modern designs have been predominantly developed under the maxim of keeping the price low while offering the greatest visual impact. It has resulted in a surplus of tacky chrome and shiny gold tube ‘temples’ with poor reliability and usually very disappointing sound quality. Magnat's RV 2 amplifier has been developed by a German-English team and is conceived after the classic tube amplifiers from the 50s and 60s. The team's objective was to achieve the best possible sound quality, combining a high degree of reliability and compatibility with modern speakers. The basis in achieving these goals is perfect mechanical integrity. Vibration that might be detrimental to the sound was to be excluded from the outset. The chassis of the RV 2 was therefore manufactured from solid sheet steel with aluminium reinforcement within. Internally, the four main sections namely the input stage, power supply, output stage and tube preamplifier, are separated by shielding plates. This elaborate design and the inclusion of substantial transformers accounts for the majority of the total weight, which is in excess of 23 kg. This extremely robust structure provides a perfect foundation on which to build an electronic circuit. The signal path follows the “weak-on-strong" principle, i.e. the weakest signal (phono) is amplified immediately after the input. The phono preamplifier was designed and developed by German analogue specialist Walter Fuchs. Both moving coil and moving magnet pickups can be connected. Extreme accuracy is achieved through the use of very low noise operational amplifiers and tightly toleranced passive components. The signal passes via the input switching circuit to the volume control and preamplifier/driver stage. The power amplifications stage then boosts this to a level appropriate for loudspeakers. The power transformer is positioned centrally to ensure close coupling between power supply and the output stage. The preamplifier circuit is designed according to the SRPP (Shunt Regulated Push Pull) principle. This circuit, favoured by numerous Japanese and French preamplifier specialists, is renowned for its high linearity and extremely low distortion. The tube types used are selected Russian 12AX7/ECC83 models. These tubes have an outstanding reputation with regard to reliability and sound quality. A high quality ALPS potentiometer is used for volume control.


Magnat RV2 The power amplifier is a push-pull class AB circuit with an output of 50 ws into 4 or 8 立. This configuration demonstrates that the quality of the sound is of greater importance than a nominally higher wage rating. The circuit, implemented with Russian manufactured 6550 tubes, combines reliability, tremendous clarity and a high degree of compatibility in terms of speaker selection. The type 6550 output pentode so highly valued by European and American experts, is famous for its dynamic and authoritative sound. The driver stage comprises the powerful 12AU7/ ECC82 tubes. All tube stages are constructed on a very stable epoxy resin board. Of course, all of the tubes are pre-selected for lowest noise. Prior to final assembly of the RV 2 amplifier, all pre-amp, driver and power tubes are subjected to a 60-hour burn-in test. Defective tubes or those not complying with our stringent quality specifications are identified and rejected. Tube experts all agree that the quality of the output transformers is of significant importance for playback quality. Many low-budget tube amplifiers use output transformers with cheap toroidal cores. These are not used in legendary classic tube amplifiers or modern high end designs due to the negative effects on the sound. The output transformers are custom wound for use with this particular configuration of 6550 tubes. EI-cores manufactured from the highest quality, grain oriented laminations are used. The power and output transformers are subjected to a complex vacuum impregnation process before being potted in vibration-resistant, airtight housings. Even the best circuits can only display their true strengths with an exquisite power supply. All of the circuits in the RV2 unit are supplied with separately stabilised supply voltages. This produces an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and enhances long-term stability. In addition to the mechanical design and electronic circuitry, a great deal of attention has also been paid to a variety of details in the RV 2 unit. The substantial speaker terminals are gold-plated and encapsulated in acrylic. All critical audio components are manufactured to exacting tolerances with only high-quality film capacitors and metal film resistors used. The tube bases also play an important role. The power amplifier is equipped with extremely durable and temperature-resistant ceramic sokkets. Elsewhere, sockets with precision-milled, gold-plated contacts are used for all of the other tubes. This prevents contact problems even after numerous hours of operation. The unit is supplied with a reassuringly solid, full metal remote control. It enables the volume to be adjusted easily and conveniently from the listening position. All of the controls and switches are also milled from solid aluminium. The development, materials and attention to detail that have gone into the RV 2 are not geared towards short-term gimmickry. They enable the connoisseur to enjoy numerous hours of deeply rewarding immersion in perhaps the most beautiful medium known to mankind: Music.

1 | Selected Russian models are used for the tubes. These tubes have an outstanding reputation with regard to reliability and sound quality 2 | The RV 2 presents a very tidy and clearly laid-out appearance from above. The pre- and power-amp tubes and output and power supply transformers are arranged very clearly 3 | Even the smallest components such as the tube sockets in the preamplifier are equipped with precision-milled and gold-plated contacts to optimise sound quality 4 | High-quality components and a neat layout: The inner workings of RV 2

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RV 2 Principle Power handling RMS/max.

Stereo-tube amplifier 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD < 1.0 %, 4 Ω, 2 x 50 W 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD < 1.0 %, 8 Ω, 2 x 50 W


403 x 190 x 325 mm (375 mm incl. control knobs and connectors)

Cabinet surface

Black TEST ifidelity 02/11 “very good!” areadvd 03/11 “Outstanding”, Price/performance: excellent LP 04/11 “A logical development” stereoplay 05/11 “HIGHLIGHT”, Price/performance: outstanding PlusXaward 2011 for “High Quality” & “Design” Trenddokument 01/12 “The equipment is perfectly matched on one target: reproducing music.” PlusXaward 2011 “Best Product of the year 2011” Stereoplay Leserwahl 2012 Winner of the reader’s choice of Stereoplay Highlights 2012, 1st ranking, Amplifier up to 5000 €

10 10

Magnat MA RV2800 & MCD 850


1 | The connector panels on the MA 800 and MCD 850 are clearly organized and tidy 2 | Tube pre-amplifier of MCD 850 3 | All functions may be controlled with the elegant full-metal remote control 4 | A brushed eight millimetre thick aluminium front panel rounds off the design on both components

Specifications see page 81

Stereo amplifier tube pre-amplifier Tube Super-Audio-CD-player The development of separate audio components allows our design team to focus on achieving the best possible sound quality free of the constraints of size and issues of internal interference. The products can be conceived and realised without unnecessary compromises. This is apparent in the Magnat 800 Series. Both units, a full stereo amplifier and a Super Audio CD player, were designed and developed in Germany by an experienced team. The central approach was first to focus purely on the quality of sound and then on flexibility of use. It was achieved through a process of carefully considered design and well implemented manufacturing techniques which incorporate the use of premium quality materials and components. The two units possess a robust mechanical design with low-resonance properties. Tubes (vacuum tubes) are employed in all areas that are particularly critical to sound quality. The MA 800 is a full amplifier with separate MC and MM phono inputs, a dual mono, tube preamplifier coupled to a power amplifiers using discrete transistor circuitry. Input selection is achieved via high-precision encapsulated relays with the switching being located directly behind the gold-plated RCA input sockets. The sophisticated phono stage was designed by analogue specialist, Walter Fuchs. Two separate inputs are available for the phono stage, one for the 'moving magnet' (MM) pick-up and one for the 'moving coil' pick-up (MC). This means that two different cartridges may be connected simultaneously and selected using the remote control. Audiophile low-noise operational amplifiers and closely toleranced passive components have been used in the design of this phono stage. The separate power supply is fitted next to the phono stage. This extraordinarily sophisticated design is characterised by excellent channel separation and very high signal-to-noise ratio. The selected input source is displayed on the front mounted dot matrix display, which may be switched off entirely or whose luminance may be adjusted to three levels of intensity. The heart of the MA 800 is the tube operated line stage that amplifies the selected input signal. An ECC82 (12AU7) is used for each channel. These tubes are manufactured in Russia and are burnt-in for 60 hours and then selected in pairs before use. The double triode uses an SRPP-type circuit and thus delivers extremely linear results with vanishing small levels of distortion. The power is supplied through a separate power supply. The generously dimensioned output stage delivers the required power. It is configure using discrete circuitry and incorporates high-performance power transistors from Japan. A total of 110 ws continuous output is available to each channel, while up to 400 ws is available for short bursts of power. Thanks to the high damping factor, difficult low impedance loudspeakers may be used without difficulty. A sophisticated protective circuit will, in extreme cases, prevent damage to amplifiers and loudspeakers.

12 12

Magnat MA RV2800 & MCD 850 Twin power supplies, which separately feed the left and right output channels, also contribute to the amplifier's excellent channel separation and each of the 6 power supplies within the MA800 derives its stability from the massive toroidal transformer whose design also minimises the possibility of interference from stray fields. Despite the MA800â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s considerable specification it is not an old fashioned, power hungry, device. It has a stand by mode which, thanks to a special power-saving circuit, allows it to only consume a single w when not in use. The volume is controlled by a solid aluminium knob that is coupled to a high-precision ALPS motor-driven potentiometer. As a result, adjustments to the listening level may also be made with the elegant, aolid metal remote control handset. The large loudspeaker connectors are gold plated to ensure a good quality connection over time and are encapsulated in acrylic insulation. They allow very secure connections to be made even when attaching very heavy gauge loudspeaker cable. Two pairs of connectors are provided for each channel so that bi-wiring is easily possible. The MCD 850 is a CD player with Super Audio CD mechanism, a tube output stage and a sophisticated power supply. The appearance of the MCD 850 SACD player has been chosen to compliment that of the MA 800 and so it also features the finest mechanical and electronic components. The outward appearance impresses with its clean and elegant front panel. The controls, the display and the CD/SACD drawer have been arranged in such a way as to create a highly sophisticated appearance while simultaneously allowing simple & intuitive operation. The 16-digit alpha-numeric display provides users with all the information they might require. As with the MA 800, its luminance may be adjusted in three levels or the display may be switched off entirely. The technical design is based focuses completely on the need for maximum performance. The entire audio section, including the power supply, has been fitted on a single circuit board. The mechanism and micro-controller's power supply has been fitted on a second separate circuit board. This prevents the sensitive digital to analogue converters and subsequent amplification stages from suffering any adverse effects. A precision mechanism with Sanyo laser unit has been employed as the drive. It is additionally screened from external interference by a metal cover. The smooth-running and vibration immunity of this mechanism are truly excellent. The data stream generated is transformed into an analogue signal by the latest generation Burr Brown D/A converter which retains the full dynamic potential of SACD. The dual mono filter stage is fitted with exceptionally low noise operational amplifiers and thus guarantees a wide and linear frequency range far in excess of 40 kHz. The sonic highlight of this unusual SACD player is the tube output stage. A selected low-noise CC88 double triode has been employed in each channel. This circuit guarantees exceptionally linear and low-distortion signal transmission. As with all Magnat tube systems, the MCD 850 only uses burnt-in and selected tubes manufactured in Russia. These are coupled to the outside world via two high-quality, goldplated, RCA sockets. The audio signal for the separate headphone amplifier is taken before it reaches the tube stage. The volume may be easily adjusted with the remote control while the output level at the RCA sockets remains unchanged. Two digital outputs (optical and coaxial) are available for digital storage media. The two separate power supplies are fed by an R-core transformer with good regulation and minimal radiated stray fields. The MA 850 also has a stand-by facility to save energy when not in use. An elegant remote control is supplied with the two systems so that all functions on the MA 800 and MCD 850 may be readily controlled from the listening position. It has been made from aluminium and is characterized by its ease of use. This remote control may also be used to adjust the volume and mute functions on the Magnat RV1 tube-operated full amplifier. Intuitive operation, a precise design utilising the finest materials and performance to satisfy any audiophile characterize both components and guarantee the ultimate listening pleasure.

1 | The dot matrix display may be deactivated or set at one of three levels of brightness. The knobs on the front of the MA 800 have been machined from solid aluminium and fitted with highly precise motor-driven potentiometers 2 | The components possess a technical design that is absolutely clean and that right down to the final detail has been conceived to produce audiophile sound

Specifications see page 81


1 | The ECC 82 valves have been carefully burnt-in and hand selected before use 2 | Detail of the separate MM and MC phono input section

MA 800 Principle Output power Nominal power Peak power WxHxD Colour

Tube amplifier 2 x 110 W 2 x 75 W 2 x 200 W 430 mm x 125 mm x 330 mm Black

MCD 850

MA 800

TEST Audio 04/09 High-End Class, outstanding Area DVD 04/09 EXCELLENT Stereo&Video 01/09, Russia “Saturate sound, reasonable price.” HiFi Test 05/09 Price/performance: very good - good Top Class Stereo 10/09 Price/performance: very good

MCD 850 Principle Frequency response CD SACD Playable formats WxHxD Colour

Tube SACD-player 5 Hz – 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB) 5 Hz – 40 kHz (± 0.5 dB) CD-Audio, SACD, SACD-Hybrid, CD-R, CD-RW 430 mm x 90 mm x 330 mm Black

TEST stereoplay 11/08 HIGHLIGHT AudioVideo 12/08, Russia Recommandation Stereo&Video 01/09, Russia “Saturate sound, reasonable price.” HiFi Test 05/09 Price/performance: very good - good Top Class PlusXAward 2009 awarded for High Quality Stereo 10/09 Price/performance: very good

14 14



1 | Purist design for simple operation 2 | Burned-in for 60 hours prior to installation: MA400's preamplifier tube 3 | Everything to hand: The full function remote control 4 | Solid aluminium front panel used by all 400 series

Specifications see page 81

MA 400 – Stereo amplifier with tube preamplifier MCD 450 – CD-player MT 420 – FM/AM tuner The Magnat 400 series components have had the benefit of the experience gained during the evolution of the 800 series models. Like their more expensive counterparts, all three units have been designed and developed in Germany. Throughout the process, sound quality was given top priority. As in all of Magnat's electronic components, significant emphasis was placed on a solid mechanical configuration coupled with good ergonomic design. The MA 400 is an integrated amplifier incorporating a tube preamplifier, a power amplifier with special audio IC and a phono input for moving magnet pickup systems. The phono preamplifier has been implemented with very low noise operational amplifiers. Through the use of carefully selected precision components the circuit follows the RIAA equalisation curve to within 0.3 dB across the full frequency range. It also features a carefully implemented 18dB/octave sub-sonic filter operating below 16Hz to minimise unwanted noise such as that from warps or vinyl ripple. A key factor in the overall sound quality is the ECC88 tube used in the preamplifier. This double triode is selected prior to assembly and burned-in for 60 hours. At the heart of the power amplifier lies the integrated audio amplifier LM4780TA from the Performance Series of American semiconductor specialist National Semiconductor. This high-tech chip is characterised by high bandwidth and an excellent slew rate of 20V/μsec. The amplifier is short-circuit proof and a thermal overload protection device ensures safe operation. Sound quality and stability were given higher priority in the selection of this device than high "paper specifications". Delivering 40 ws of continuous power per channel and with a short-term provision of more than 150 ws of total power the LM4780TA’s high damping factor ensures trouble-free control of even the most demanding speakers. However, the key to exceptional sound quality and dynamic performance is not simply a high specification output device, but in the quality of the power supply that feeds it. A highly efficient, custom designed toroidal transformer is used in the MA 400, which is unusual in this price range. Elaborate and separately stabilised supply rails as well as generously dimensioned buffer capacitors (2x 10,000μF for the power amplifier) ensure unfettered dynamics, low noise levels and outstanding channel separation for the individual amplifier sections.

16 16

Magnat MUSIC RV2 SYSTEM 400 The MA 400 features a convenient and energy-saving standby function with a power consumption of less than one w and a full-function remote control which also controls various other models in the M400 series. The substantial speaker terminals are gold-plated and encapsulated in acrylic. These also guarantee a secure connection of larger speaker cables. Special attention was focused on two aspects of the CD player MCD 450: The drive mechanism and the digital/analogue converter. A CD transport with Sanyo optics has been used to ensure reliable operation and accurate retrieval of the data stream. The mechanism has a metal cover to shield it from external interference. The crucial digital data is then converted by the high-quality PCM 1796 24-bit digital to analogue converter from Burr Brown. This device is characterised by a very high dynamic range and vanishingly small levels of distortion. The dual mono analogue filters and the output buffers are equipped with low-noise operational amplifiers and are operated from individual fully regulated supply voltages. All of the important circuits (i.e. power supply unit, decoder, digital/analogue converter and analogue output stages) are accommodated on a computer optimised circuit board. This ensures a high degree of operational reliability and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The unit can be operated either through its carefully arranged front panel or via the full-function remote control. These can also be used to select special features, such as the repeat and free track programming functions. A clear alphanumeric display provides access to all of the relevant information. The MCD 450 is also equipped with a standby function to ensure minimal power consumption when not in use The MT 420 tuner is a classic FM/AM RDS tuner for ultra-short and medium wave frequencies. The tuner has been designed according to the superheterodyne principle and combines excellent reception properties with a high degree of selectivity and low distortion values. The elaborate audio output stage is equipped with low-noise operational amplifiers. The same board also accommodates the power supply unit, which ensures multiple stabilised supply voltages are available for the individual circuits. All of the key functions, such as station tuning, automatic scanning, stereo/mono switching and the retrieval of stored stations can be accessed via controls on the front panel. The clear display always indicates all of the important information. These functions can also be accessed via the remote control. Up to 40 stations can be stored, radio frequencies can be selected directly, and all RDS modes (such as PTY, radio text and time) can be easily summoned. Common features exhibited by all units include the high mechanical integrity of the design, the substantial solid aluminium front panels with metal buttons & switches, simple intuitive operation and above all, the focus of this range; Optimum sound quality.

1 | Substantial speaker terminals and high quality input jacks 2 | Amplifier with tube preamplifier and elaborate power supply provision 3 | MCD 450 CD player with shielded transport mechanism 4 | Clear & elegant layout of MT 420 tuner

Specifications see page 81


1 | Generously dimensioned power transformer 2 | Clear legible displays

MA 400 Principle Output power Nominal power Peak power WxHxD Colour

MCD 450

Tube amplifier

Principle Frequency response

2 x 40 W 2 x 32 W 150 W 430 x 91 x 287 mm Black

Playable formats

MT 420

MCD 450

MA 400

TEST avmagazin 03/11 Price tip

WxHxD Colour

CD-Player 20 Hz – 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB)

MT 420 Principle Frequency response

FM/AM Tuner FM: 87.5 – 108 MHz AM: 522 – 1620 kHz

CD-Audio, CD-R, CD-RW 430 mm x 76 mm x 287 mm Black TEST HiFi Test 04/11 Outstanding

WxHxD Colour

430 mm x 76 mm x 287 mm Black

TEST areadvd 04/11 Outstanding

TEST Very Good


Magnat MC1


1 | The MC 1 stands out with its compact dimensions and the highest quality standards 2 | The hand-selected double triode tubes are concealed behind the acrylic glass window 3 | The remote control provides access to all the MC 1 functions 4 | Single component solution – the MC 1 combines the quality of high-grade components in one unit

MC 1 – Stereo-SACD-Receiver with tube pre-amp Many music-lovers are looking for a compact and multifunctional music system. They dislike conventional hi-fi systems made up of separate components because of the space they require or their intrusive aesthetic appearance. However, the more ‘home friendly’ midis and minis available on the market along with a large number of „design-oriented“ solutions are not given serious consideration by serious hi-fi enthusiasts because of their poor performance. Magnat’s Music Center 1 combines for the first time, the advantages of high-grade separate components in one compact unit. The MC 1 comprises a tube pre-amplifier, a high-performance transistor power amp, a Super Audio CD player and an FM/AM tuner of the highest quality all within a single enclosure. The constructional quality of the MC 1 is evident at first glance from the milled, 8 mm thick aluminium front panel. The switch and control knobs are also machined from solid aluminium. Such attention to detail is also reflected inside the unit. All the signal paths are located on one elegant, geometrically optimised circuit board. The amplifier actually consists of two separate components. An ECC 88 double triode tube is at work in the pre-amplifier, which greatly influences the sound. This classic tube type guarantees particularly transparent and three-dimensional music reproduction. The tubes used in the MC-1 are hand-selected and undergo a 60-hour soak test before final assembly. The tube also amplifies the signal from the built-in phono pre-amplifier. Many musiclovers all over the world still prefer the sound of an analogue record to all other storage media. In order to reproduce all the finer qualities of vinyl records, the phono amp is of discrete design but does incorporate selected, low-noise operating amplifiers. To be able to supply demanding high-performance loudspeakers with a perfect signal and drive them with authority, the power amp is equipped with transistors from the Japanese component specialist, Sanken. They produce a dynamic output of 160 ws, which also offers plenty of reserve for high levels to be reproduced without strain.

Specifications see page 82


Magnat MC1 The power supply used is also of great relevance for the sound: The MC 1 has a carefully dimensioned supply featuring a generously specified toroidal transformer. In addition to its high efficiency, the minimised stray field is also an important feature of this design. The transformer is cushioned within the enclosure which affords it a high level of mechanical isolation. The quality of this unique tube/transistor amplifier is easily a match for high-quality individual components. The inbuilt CD player can also reproduce Super Audio CDs perfectly. The Super Audio CD increases the treble range and a dynamic range of over 120 dB. The special linear-type Burr Brown digital-to-analogue converter guarantees optimum sound quality of both Super Audio and conventional audio discs. A drive mechanism from the Japanese manufacturer, Sanyo Industries, has been used in order to provide a more stable platform for the disc. This precision mechanism outperforms the more commonly found, low cost drives by virtue of its greater stability and mechanical integrity. The tuner is designed according to the „super heterodyne“ principle, combining high tuning precision with the acoustic advantages of a particularly low level of distortion. The tuner of the MC 1 also features RDS capability and a sizeable memory of up to 80 stations. Automatic search tuning is another obvious function as is the option of manual frequency selection. Despite its technical sophistication and exceptional performance, the MC 1 is very easy to use. An easily readable VFD display gives information about the unit’s most important functions, including the clock and sleep-timer. All the unit’s functions may be controlled on the unit itself or via the clearly laid-out, metal remote control. To emphasise the audiophile nature of the unit, the MC 1 has Direct Sound Mode (DSM). When this is activated, the tone control network is de-activated and by-passed. However, the bass and treble controls can be switched in where the speaker placement, room acoustics or even the recording being played requires it. The build quality of the MC 1 is also clearly evident in relation to the inputs and outputs. All of the sockets are gold-plated, for example. The loudspeaker terminals are also very substantial gold plated items clad in transparent acrylic insulation. Now, the committed music-lover only needs one unit: the MC 1 – and of course, two high-quality loudspeakers.

QUANTUM 700 | 1 | The MC 1 has all the important connection points. Particularly important in this respect are the loudspeaker outputs which, apart from their generous size, are also gold-plated and encapsulated 2 | The high-quality and clear visual impression is also reflected inside the MC 1. All the signal paths are located on one single tidy and geometrically optimised board 3 | The tubes used for the MC 1 are hand-selected and undergo a 60-hour load test before final assembly

Specifications see page 82


MC 1 Principle Power output RMS/max. Power handling RMS/max. Peak power WxHxD Cabinet surface

SACD/CD-Receiver 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD < 1.0 %, 4 Ω, 2 x 80 W 20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD < 1.0 %, 8 Ω, 2 x 60 W 1 kHz, 4 Ω, 2 x 150 W 360 x 110 x 360 mm (400 mm incl. control knobs and connectors) Black

TEST 12/07 Top Class, Price/performance outstanding techno G 12/07, Croatia High-quality Music Center Audio 01/08 Best Buy, Price/performance & equipment outstanding Play 01/08, Russia Price/performance very good Plugged 02/08 “... a pleasure!” Alta felidad N° 202/08, Spain “.... one of these products that from time to time surprises...” Stereo 03/08 “Price-performance-hit” AVFBild 03/08 Good Sound, high amp power sehr gut PREIS/LEISTUNG

Digital tested 03/08 Result: very good! AF Digitale online 03/08, Spain “Magnat is a generator of emotions” What HiFi 04/08, Russia „...painting it in bright colours with delicate accuracy.” Plus X Award 2008 achieved for ease of use Area DVD 09/08 REFERENCE

22 22

Magnat MC RV22 S


1 | Elaborate: Solid aluminium front panel and high-gloss wooden side panels 2 | Crucial for sound: Pre-amplifier using tube technology 3 | It is also possible to control all of the functions using the supplied remote control 4 | USB and RCA front inputs for portable storage devices, such as iPodÂŽ, MP3 player, etc.

MC 2 S â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Stereo-CD-Receiver-Set with tube pre-amp and bookshelf speakers The MC 2 S from Magnat is a complete but compact stereo system with serious audiophile credentials. The intention was always to match the sound quality of separate hifi components. This involved taking a significant number of critical design & constructional decisions. Overriding these was a need to allow the various solutions chosen to work together to give a satisfactory acoustic balance. The MC 2 S comprises an integrated amplifier, CD player with USB input and an FM/AM tuner. This substantially built component has a solid aluminium front and lacquered wooden side panels. The amplifier is of a hybrid design. A selected and "burned in" ECC 88 double triode tube operates in the pre-amplifier. This is responsible for the stress-free and musical sound characteristic. It acts as further proof of why so many music lovers still prefer the sound generated by tubes. The main amplifier uses high-performance ICs from Thomson that have been specially developed for audio applications. This "wide voltage/high current" type is characterised by its tolerance of the varying and frequency dependent loads imposed by typical loudspeakers. At the heart of any good amplifier is the power supply and the MC 2 S features a generously specified and highly efficient toroidal transformer. The integrated CD player is equipped with a tried and tested laser pick-up from the Japanese manufacturer Sanyo and is able to play MP 3 files. The MC 2 S's Superhet tuner with its RDS/radio text function has the capacity to store 40 stations in its memory. The station search function can be operated manually or automatically. The functions of the MC 2 S can be monitored on the easy-to-read display. These functins can either be controlled on the device itself or via the supplied remote control. The MC 2 S can be adapted to various room acoustic conditions through the use of variable sound settings. The unit is equipped with several additional inputs, including USB and RCA sockets to enable the simple connection of modern portable devices.

Specifications see page 82

24 24

Magnat MC RV22 S The supplied speakers are connected via hefty terminals which can accommodate heavy gauge cables. These are a 2-way design that utilise bass reflex loading. A particularly sophisticated bass-midrange driver with a lightweight,co ated paper cone with high self damping properties operates in a fibre-reinforced, non-magnetic ABS chassis. The high-performance voice coils are also air-cooled. The 25 mm fabric dome tweeter is driven by a highly efficient neodymium magnet. The E1-MDF cabinet has been reinforced through the use of solid, highgloss side panels. The speaker system has been developed with the aid of the Klippel速 laser measuring system. In order to fill large rooms with sound the MC 2 S is also equipped with an additional subwoofer output which can be used to connect active subwoofers of all sizes.

1 | The selected and "burned in" ECC 88 double triode tubes 2 | Clear layout: The simple configuration of inputs and outputs. 3 | The inner workings: High-quality components and a neat layout 4 | The main amplifier uses highperformance ICs from Thomson

Specifications see page 82


1 | Noble impression: the MC 2 S in the living environment

MC 2 S Principle Output power Nominal power 4立 Nominal power 8立 Peak power 1 kHz 4立 WxHxD Cabinet surface

CD-Receiver with tube pre-amp 2 x 40 W 2 x 30 W 2 x 100 W 340 x 99 x 305 mm Black with wooden side panels in glossy black varnish

Principle Power handling RMS/max. WxHxD Cabinet surface

2-way bookshelf-speaker, bass reflex 80/140 W 182 x 270 x 255 mm Black vinyl, side-panels high-gloss black

Electronic components  
Electronic components  

magnat Electronic components