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About Me 101 Kimberly Federics Welcome. Here you will see a compilation of my creative works. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communication; my focus was on advertising and business. I am a Creative Strategist who’s account management oriented and results-driven. I am proficient in oral and written communication with a proven ability to work analytically, creatively and effectively with others under highpressure work environments. I see problem solving as an opportunity and enjoy developing insight into consumers psyche. I’m comfortable with calculating media specs and enjoy researching as well as consulting. Advertising is more than just a passion; it’s a reflection of life and culture that captivates all of us. I bring innovation and creative solutions to the world of advertising. My portfolio contains summarized versions of my creative briefs, press kits, interactive media and power points, full versions available upon request.

iii Kimberly Federics: Creative Works

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Creative Works Baskin Robbins Burberry Dove Honda



■■ Alzheimer’s Association ■■ Lane County Animal Servicers.

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Kimberly Federics: Creative Works


01 Baskin Robbins International A demonstration of an international campaign that incorporates the feature film “Men in Black 3,� utilizing out door space, print-versions available upon request.

1 Kimberly Federics: Creative Works

Baskin Robbins Challenge

■■ Competing with healthier alternatives ■■ Embracing international niche while preserving home market

Practical Considerations

■■ Utilizing dual markets to deliver message ■■ Mandatory: brand colors

Creative Brief Baskin Robbins wishes to expand its international market. It’s also looking to increase franchises in Southern California. It needs a successful strategy for penetrating new markets. Baskin Robbins will be appearing in the upcoming “Men in Black III,” it is important to capitalize on this opportunity. They need to connect with the same market as the feature and an abroad audience. Teenagers 11-18 are the feature’s market. Internationally 15-30. Consumers want Baskin Robbins pervasiveness and fun loving qualities.

The Brand

Strategy Explore print and outdoor options.


■■ Portraying brands widespread appeal to a diverse audience ■■ Show brands fun-loving qualities

BR is a leader in classic ice cream and treats. The tone of voice is friendly, exciting and entertaining. The brand fits the personality of a 10-year-old boy who enjoys playing with friends, games and eating sweets. His dislikes would include homework and healthy food.

Kimberly Federics: Creative Works


01 Burberry Written copy for Burberry campaign, meant for print in a men’s magazine.

l a i t n e s s E s. s a l C

3 Kimberly Federics: Creative Works

Classy, Anywhere.

Clas eve sy, nw h you ’re n en ot.

Burberry Creative Brief Finding an innovative way to advertise to a complex market. Maintaining brands reputation as a versatile and classic commodity. Burberry needs to service a diverse market while connect with its target market ages 25-35. The brand has withstood the test of time. Consumers want to hear about Burberry’s quality and finesse as a timeless classic.


■■ Convey brands core principles ■■ Emphasize relevance

The Brand Burberry is a well-established brand; it is accessible luxury. The tone of voice for Burberry is sophisticated, professional, successful, friendly and sharp. The brands personality is a 35-year-old bachelor who works at a financial firm. He enjoys golfing, traveling and sailing. He dislikes mess and cheaply made products.


■■ Penetrating a new market ■■ Not alienating current market

Practical Considerations Burberry needs a new strategy to expand on the traditional target market, 25-35, by recruiting younger and older consumers. They need a proactive approach for delivering their message. Mandatory: check pattern and logo must not change.

Kimberly Federics: Creative Works


01 Dove Campaign to appeal to a feminist audience, meant for print in women’s magazine.

Real Beauty!


Kimberly Federics: Creative Works

Dove Creative Brief Dove has traditionally been ineffective with advertising to women of color and feminist. Women ages 25-45 should be addressed. Dove consumers are looking for a product that makes them feel beautiful and socially responsible. It must be positioned as a superior cleanser and moisturizer.

The Brand Its tone of voice, and personality is compassionate and sensitive. Dove cares. The brand could be compared to a woman age 27 who enjoys bubble baths and chocolate. A dislikes would be crude humor.

Challenge In the past, Dove has been in hot water over a campaign that appeared racist. They need to pay close attention to how they address their market. Dove has had difficultly appealing to a feminist market.

Strategy The brand should revitalize and engage consumers in a new light. Dove’s message should encompass its vision. Become a spokesperson for sustainability and women’s empowerment.

Practical Considerations Dove must be cognizant of previous campaign failures; they must employ an innovative yet cautious marketing strategy. The brand’s ambition is to be feminism. Dove’s images should encompass its message.

Kimberly Federics: Creative Works


01 Honda Campaign As Head of the Advertising Department I presented PowerPoint presentations to Honda Representatives and implement a campus wide-event for 23,000 students. Below you will find a summary of a creative brief, interactive applications, PowerPoints and an overview of the event.

PowerPoint: Creative Brief Presented to Honda


Kimberly Federics: Creative Works

Over 2,000 Post and Pre Surveys: Consumer opinion and event success

Development of Honda Insight Online Game

The Brand

Creative Brief The campaign targets University of Oregon students, they are hyper-connected and are over-exposed to advertising. They expect information on-demand. This group is environmentally conscious but the message has become nagging.

The tone of the brand is imaginative, inspirational, thrill seeking and caring. Honda sees themselves as visionaries. The brand’s personality fits with a 21-year-old young adult who is liberal, enjoys driving and the outdoors. His dislikes would be working in an office and paying bills.


■■ Overcome its direct competitor, Toyota’s Prius ■■ Tap into a niche market that is accustomed to oversaturation

Honda Strategy

■■ Express the Insight’s spirit of adventure, costefficiency and sustainability ■■ Show the Insight as the more economical option Honda takes you farther by giving you more gas miles and more possibilities

Practical Considerations Honda has always had reliability and fuel-efficiency in its back pocket. Mandatory: the Honda logo stays the same and is visible in every advertisement. The audience has a positive perception of the Honda Brand. Our team believes we have identified what ties the audience to the Insight: More.

02 Press Kit Full version are available upon request.

Kimberly Federics: Creative Works


Team Captain

Speed Dating Fundraiser

01 Summary Created an original concept as a Team Captain for “Ducks for a Cure,” the Alzheimer’s Association’s First Annual Speed Date Night. I utilized “The Eugene Weekly,” Facebook and distributed flyers. I helped to raise $71,819 for the event. Ducks for a Cure


Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy

From the success of the event I was asked to be the Stage Manager at the Memory Walk.

Alzheimer’s ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■

The Brand Support Fundraise Advocate Treatment


■■ Generating awareness and participation thus funding ■■ Acting as a liaison between local & natl. efforts

Creative Brief Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia affecting more than 26 million people; this number is projected to quadruple by 2050. It is a goal of the Alzheimer’s Association by 2025 to find an effective treatment. Alzheimer’s Association Walk is most well known activity to generate funds, where individual teams compete to raise money.


■■ Building memories ■■ Outdoor ads ■■ Viral Videos

Memory Walk at the Park


■■ Encompass original market while embracing new fundraising niche ■■ Mandatory: logo and brand congruency

Event Entertainment

Gov. John Kidshopper

Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy


Pitch Letter Fact Sheet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 29, 2009

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Kim FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FOR MORE INFORMATION: Federics Backgrounder September 29, 2009 Speed Date Kim Project Coordinator Federics FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MORE INFORMATION: Speed Date ProjectFOR Coordinator 541.954.0245

September 29, 2009

Kim Federics 541.954.0245 Speed Date Project Coordinator September 30, 2009 541.954.0245 The Alzheimer’s Association Speed Date Night Charity Dear Members of the Media, The Alzheimer’s Association What: The Alzheimer’s Association’s First Annual Speed Date Night Charity. I have an event that will create an interest, it’s local The Alzheimer’s Association is an organization dedicated to assisting human-interest piece.Various The and “Ducks Formembers, A Alzheimer’s Cure” eighteen walking group, will developing funding. Alzheimer’s Who: community andThe over, interested Association in raising provides host its first annual Speed Date Night Charity on October 1, 2009. information referrals support to individuals affected by Alzheimer’s awareness and moneyand to fight the Alzheimer’s disease. disease. Where: The Beanery, Eugene,for Oregon Proceeds from the event 152 will West help Fifth fundAve. research the 97402 Ducks for A Cure Alzheimer’s Association. The proceeds from this event will be When: 8 p.m. Thursday October 1, 2009 used to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease. A walking group formed for the Memory Walk that seeks to raise money Why: The fromAlzheimer’s the charity Association. speed date will fundFor research onproceeds behalf of the Ducks A Cure and wishes to raise We would appreciate it iftheyou could mention our event infor2009 support advancement of patients research, to care and support awareness for Alzheimer’s and for the Memory Walk on October your news telecast and help drawFor attention to the Alzheimer’s those by Alzheimer’s disease. 11thus .affected Ducks Athe Cure will donate the money generated from the Date Night Walk. Charity to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Alzheimer’s Disease I’ve attached additional information. If you would like Alzheimer’s Disease, most commonly further information please visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s webreferred to as dementia, is an degenerative terminal disease that affects 5.3 million people in page, Thank incurable, you for your time andand consideration. Respectfully Submitted,

the United States. Approximately every seventy seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association webpage, Alzheimer’s is the seventh-leading cause of death. Alzheimer’s is estimated to cost Medicare 1.48 billion dollars each year. Speed Date Night Charity

The Ducks For A Cure will host first annual Speed Date Night Charity. The Speed Date Night Charity is open to all community members, 18 and older, in Eugene/Springfield area. There will be a $10 cover charge for all participants,


Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy

02 Press Kit Full version available upon request or click documents.

Association SPEED DATE


A Benefit for the Alzheimer’s Association Hosted at the Beanery 152 W 5th Ave Tickets $10.00 Speed Dating Starts at 8:00pm 18 and Over

Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy


Creative Brief Lane County Animal Services provides a cost effective way for cats and dogs to be sterilized. They provide a safe haven for abandoned animals and enforce safety. They fulfill an essential need to the community. LCAS needs to increase funding.

The Brand The brands tone is compassionate and genuine. It resembles a woman who loves animals and her community. Her dislikes include violence and animal cruelty.


■■ Taxpayers are hesitant to give LCAS more funding ■■ Overcoming the notion that public shelters are self-sufficient


■■ Need to effectively communicate to Lane County the importance of funding ■■ Utilizing outdoor ad space


Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy

01 LCAS A project and ride along with law officer, done to help Lane County Animals Services.

LCAS Final Project Analysis

Media Memo

Practical Considerations The campaign should target taxpayers of Lane County. The message should be clear and impactful, and speak to those who are able to adopt and/or contribute. The business’ issue is the facility doesn’t have enough resources. It needs community recognition. The marketing campaign needs to be compelling and be tasteful. The campaign needs to tug on heartstrings.

Kimberly Federics: Philanthropy


01 Flyers A collection of a few flyers I’ve made for friend’s birthday party and a promotional event.


Kimberly Federics: Résumé

Freelance 102 Thank You Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d be wonderful to hear from you.

You can reach me at:


Kimberly Federics: Résumé



Kimberly Nicole Federics Education University of Oregon Eugene, OR - 12/09 Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Communication with a focus on Advertising, and a Minor in Business Administration. Major GPA: 3.5  Moderate proficiency in Spanish  Course Highlights: o Agency Account Management  Analyzed advertising management strategies, client management, psychology of advertising as well as business and creative aspects. Learned how to develop a thorough process for concepts from the ground up by creating creative briefs, copy, design and execution o Creative Strategist  Explored innovative ways of developing brands and how to implement useful strategies  Related Courses: Communication Economics, Communication Law, Economics, Finance, Financial Accounting, Information Gathering, Management, Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Mass Media and Society, Principles of Advertising, Psychology, Visual Communication Mass Media, Writing Design Concepts and Writing for the Media Advertising Campaigns Course Eugene, Oregon - 09/09-12/09 Head of Advertising Department for National University Competition for Honda Insight  Lead team members, collaborated with other department heads from brief to execution and maintained trusted relationship with client to achieve campaign goals  Allocated and managed the advertising budget, tracked and reported press on campaign, developed and guided timelines, managed production research and process, which included over 2,000 student surveys, Facebook, Twitter, viral videos, game development, obtained local sponsors, purchased student complimentary gifts, food/beverage, as well as implemented advertising for campus wide event to over 23,000 students  Conducted weekly reports to client and internal team, maintained thorough follow-ups and ensured alignment among all team members


Kimberly Federics: Résumé



Work Experience


Echo Lake Entertainment Beverly Hills, California - 09/10-01/11 Development Intern  Worked as a liaison between clients and executives by greeting clients, setting up conference calls, status calls, delivering confidential material and maintaining organization in work place  Provided research on talent, travel accommodations, potential projects and script development  Summarized and presented material for conference meetings with executives, managers and full staff The Walt Becker Company Los Angeles, California - 09/10-01/11 Development Intern  Maintained client relationships by welcoming and conversing with each client  Simplified and presented material as managing points for executive team  Budgeted and placed orders for office needs


Alzheimer’s Association Eugene, Oregon - 07/09-10/09 Team Captain for “Ducks for a Cure” and Stage Manager for Memory Walk  Helped to raise $71,819 for Alzheimer’s research  Initiated and created an advertising campaign for the first annual Alzheimer’s Association Charity Event  Selected to be Stage Manager for Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk because of exceptional performance as Team Captain Alpha Phi Corvallis, Oregon - 10/05-10/06 Director of Philanthropy  Motivated members to become involved in campus philanthropic events, while building communication and working with multiple fraternal organizations, as well as developing annual fundraising opportunity.

Kimberly Federics: Résumé


Portfolio Design by Kimberly Federics


Compilation of my creative works and a quick glimpse into my mind.

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