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March 2014

Hello there This last month I have been absolutely blown away by God’s amazing provision!!! And what significant provision it has been... As Jaime and I prepare to move our family to Cusco to pioneer a blueberry farming development project (see my last newsletter for more details), every now and then I am confronted by doubt and wonder whether we are on the right track. Has God really told us to go? Are these doors He is opening for us or just coincidence? As the time to move gets closer, these questions tend to come more frequently. Yet, over this last month, God in His goodness and grace has confirmed His plan for us again and again, particularly through His supernatural provision for our family. Since August last year, when Jaime resigned from his work at World Vision to be able to work on his university thesis, our family has been living off the support that we receive from my ministry partnership team. With all the added expenses of the imminent move, I must admit that I was starting to stress about how we would actually be able to afford to relocate to Cusco… And then God…. In this last month God moved on the hearts of two friends of mine to sow into the next season of our ministry. One graciously sent us an email saying that he had sent the amount necessary for the airplane tickets for our whole family to fly to Cusco. Another gave so generously that it covers a significant amount of what it will cost for us to move our furniture and belongings to our new home. Apart from that God also prompted other friends of ours to become a part of our partnership team. What confirmation! The generosity I have experienced in this last month, from both God and man, has brought such a peace to my heart and increased my excitement for what is to come. It is a humbling thing to know that other people are willing to sow into what God has called you to do. I would like to thank each and every one of you!!! Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your faithfulness! Thank you for being a part of this exciting adventure with us! We can not do it without you! Much love, Kim

Renova…. This last month we have had a wonderful development in Renova… we have new partners in our venture! The Yamakawa family, close friends both my in-laws and Jose Luis, has joined the Renova team. A strong Christian family, their passion is to see families restored, especially the relationships between parents and their children. They also have a lot of experience in business and in the import/export industry, which will be a great blessing to us further down the line. It really is so exciting to have them on board. The photo to the left is of our three families together accompanied by a few other friends.

This week we also defined our mission statement. I would like to share it with you so that you can have greater insight into the mission and values that will be guiding our work. Renova Holdings is a ministry focussed on restoring relationships in families and communities as we seek to express the Kingdom of God in life, in relationships and in the life plans of all those involved in our projects. Our Foundations: 

The Word of God is a guide for our lives. God’s grace and acceptance are the model for the way in which we relate amongst ourselves

We understand development to be a process through which people, families and communities are able to draw closer to God’s original plan and purpose for their lives so that they can express their potential and live life fully.

We consider ourselves as servants of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and in so doing we seek to support the local church in its efforts to continue the process of restoration in the families and communities in the areas in which we minister.

Christian Surfers Peru…. This last month Peru was host to the Rip Curl Girls Pro surfing championship. This was a significant event on the international surfing calendar as many aspiring young women surfers came to compete to gain a place on the ASP World Tour.

This provided Christian Surfers with an incredible opportunity to reach out to and serve some of the top young women surfers from around the world. Throughout the four days of the competition we had a tent on the beach where we provided fruit, water and surfboard wax for the competitors. This also provided us with the opportunity to pray for them before their heats if they were willing or wanted prayer. We were also able to give a personalised bible to each of fifty five girls who were competing. Fortunately we had Surfer’s Bibles in Spanish, English and Portuguese, so we were even able to give most of the girls Bible’s in their own language. I was blessed to be around when we gave the Japanese competitors their bibles. There was a delay in the competition that day and the Japanese girls were sitting just in front of us. While one the girls was waiting she picked up the Bible and started to read it. I couldn’t help wondering whether it wasn’t perhaps the first time she had ever read a Bible or if it was the first Bible she had owned. It was a special moment.

It was also incredible to see how much favour Christian Surfers had with the competition organisers. On the Saturday evening there was a special dinner for all the competitors at a local restaurant. Here Christian Surfers was invited to open the whole evening!!! One of the competitors from the US, who is a member of Christian Surfers USA, performed a few songs and then I was given the opportunity to share a short message and pray for all the girls. This really was a great privilege as some of the best up and coming women surfers were present from countries as far a field as Japan, Australia, South Africa and France. On a Sunday morning most of these young women are more likely to be found on the beach than in a church, so to have the opportunity to share God’s Word and His love with them was very special. I shared Psalm 93:4, that speaks of how God is mightier than the waves of the sea and drew a parallel between that and life’s waves and how we can rest in the knowledge that God is mightier than any of the circumstances that life might bring our way. I am trusting that it will be a word that remains in their hearts and can bring them closer to God.

Please keep us in your prayers…. This month Jaime and I would like to start off our prayer requests by asking you to join us in thanking God for the displays of His goodness to us over this last month... 

On the 7th of April we celebrate Kai’s first birthday. Please praise God with us for this amazingly precious gift that is a constant source of life and joy in our home.

We thank God that the Yamakawa family have joined Renova. Please pray that God will forge a strong bond between our families and give us wisdom as we work together.

We thank God for His amazing provision for our move to Cusco and for the people who have sown so generously into our ministry.

We thank God for each and everyone of you, for your prayers, your encouragement and your support!

Please continue to trust with us for the following... 

We need to find land on which to build our green house within the next month. Please pray that God will lead us to the right contacts and that we will find land in an ideal location and at fair price.

Please pray that despite our business, Jaime and I will be diligent in always seeking God first and relying on His strength and power.

Thank you so much for your prayers! It is such a privilege for us to have such a faithful team supporting us in the ministry that God has called us to here in Peru.


Testimonies of God's faithfulness in our ministry in Peru

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