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Testimonies from December 2012

Hi there Happy 2013! I really pray that you and your family had a special time over the holidays. I must apologise for not having sent my December newsletter sooner. This last month has been an exceptionally full one in this part of the world. It has been a lovely time though and looking back on some of my prayer requests from November I am amazed at how God has responded to so many of them. Thank you for your prayers and for trusting with Jaime and me in some challenging circumstances. We are trusting that this coming year will be one in which God is truly exalted in our family and ministry and that He will guide us according to His purposes. My pregnancy continues to go very well. I am now six months pregnant with just over 15 weeks to go. Time is flying so fast and our little boy continues to grow. Thank you also for being a part of this new season of our lives. It is the most amazing blessing to know we have the support and prayers of such a faithful team. We pray that this coming year will be one of much joy for you and your family! Much love, Kim

SA/Peru Mission 2012/13... Last month I mentioned that Bianca Joseph, a leader from the Every Nation Church in Stellenbosch, was coming to Peru to visit. She felt very strongly that God was calling her to come and serve the church for a month and, despite not having a specific mandate or ministry focus at the time, she chose to step out in faith and obey God’s leading. It was a great blessing having her here. In the first week of her stay she accompanied me and Dalila Corea (see photo right) to see the ladies in Piedras Gordas prison. We left to go to see the girls at 7am in the morning and only returned home ay 7pm in the evening. It was a long day with most of it having been spent in long queues of security checks. It was so special to see the girls again and quite an emotional reunion for all of us. The spiritual climate in the prison is very heavy and many of the girls are struggling with depression; two have even attempted suicide. It was wonderful to have Bianca there is help minister to the ladies. We were also thankful to be able to get in a number of small gifts for the girls. During her time with us, Bianca also managed to visit the ladies in Santa Monica prison and was a part of our Christmas celebration in the library in 19A. Much of her time was also spent in one on one discipleship moments with people. When she left she mentioned to me that she felt God had fulfilled His purpose in bringing her to Peru.

Faith in Action... We have also had an incredibly busy and productive month with the youth from Fe en Accion. In December we held a special graduation ceremony for all those who had completed the nine training sessions. It was a special celebration as many shared what being a part of Fe en Accion had meant for them. On the day following the graduation we held a one day retreat just outside of Lima. This was a powerful time of reflection and celebration for all of us. One of the students, Damaris (photo bottom left), shared the following about her experience being a part of Fe en Accion… “For a long time I was searching for a way to worship God, not just with words, but also with my actions and God placed in my path World Vision and this group, Fe en Accion. I have learnt so much from the leaders and from the other students, all of whom share this same purpose, to be an agent of change.”

Now that the students have completed the academic component of their training in transformational development, we wanted to give them the opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice. As a team we thought that an ideal opportunity would be for them to accompany me to the two children’s libraries each Friday and Saturday until the end of February. This is a great answer to prayer as it really helps for me to have the extra support in the libraries each week. I am also trusting that some of the students will be able to continue going even once their holidays end. In this way, both libraries will continue to have a strong base of volunteer support even after I have gone on maternity leave. Last Friday we had our first meeting in 19A. Seven students attended and much of our time was spent planning the activities for the rest of the month (see photo bottom left). It is wonderful to see how excited the students are and an amazing to have their contribution of creativity and experience. Both Seùor Rios (the community leader from 19A) and Seùora Leonor (the community leader from Simon Boliva) were touched that these young people would give of their time to serve the communities. Please trust with us that it will be a significant time for both the students and for the children as we spend these next two months together.

Christmas in 19A... This Christmas we were blessed to have the support of 14 students from Fe en Accion in our Christmas celebration in 19A. About a week prior to the party we were still short of gifts, paneton and hot chocolate (two standards at any Peruvian Christmas celebration). But God in His faithfulness provided more than enough, so much so that by the end of the celebration we had gifts to spare and so much hot chocolate left over that some of the mothers from the community bought jugs to fill with hot chocolate to take home. In total about 85 children and a number of adults from the community attended the celebration. It was a wonderful opportunity to provide a tangible expression of God’s love at such a special time of year.

Saints in Cells…. Last month I asked for prayer that the prison strike would end. Well just a few days after I had sent my newsletter out the strike was called off and we were able to visit the girls in prison again. Thank you for praying and trusting with us! Thank you also for praying for Mary and the time she spent raising her financial support in order to be able to return to Peru. She was trusting that she would have her full support by the end of 2012, which was a huge faith goal. But God responded and Mary arrived back in Lima last week. It is so good to have her back in Peru! With most of the ladies having been moved to Piedras Gordas, there are now only 9 foreign ladies remaining in Santa Monica. We continue to visit them each Thursday and managed to have a small Christmas celebration with them (see photo). We continue to trust that they will have a genuine encounter with Jesus!

Please pray... 

Next Wednesday we will be going in to Piedras Gordas prison again. Please pray that God will give us much grace, wisdom and strength and that it will be a powerful time of ministry to the ladies. Over the next two months Jaime will be travelling to the provinces of Ayacucho, Cusco and Huaraz as he helps to launch a training programme that equips parents and churches to nurture the faith of the children they lead. Please pray that God will protect him as he travels and that the training sessions will be a success. Please continue to pray that the students from Fe en Accion will have a powerful experience of community transformation as they serve in the libraries.

Jaime and I would love to hear from you: please write to us at or you could call on +51 990 50 1552. My skype name is kimmysol.

Therefore Go...News from December and January 2012/13  

Here are some of the latest updates and testimonies from the ministry that Jaime and I are involved in in Peru.

Therefore Go...News from December and January 2012/13  

Here are some of the latest updates and testimonies from the ministry that Jaime and I are involved in in Peru.