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Testimonies from April and May 2013

Hello there Our little boy is here! At 19:53 on Sunday 7 April, Kai Mateo Ruiz Caro Solomon made his entrance into the world, our family and our hearts. I was blessed to have a very quick and relatively pain free labour and although Kai’s position was a bit complicated, I was able to have a natural birth. Thank you so much for all your prayers in this regard. I could so clearly see God’s hand upon us in each step of the way and I have no doubt that it was greatly due to the faithful prayers of my family and friends. In 2006 (before I even met Jaime or came to Peru) I felt that God gave me a promise for our children from Luke 1:14; that our children will be a joy and delight to us and that many will rejoice because of their birth. As Jaime and I spoke about what to call our son, we wanted a name that reflected this promise and in so doing declared his God-given identity. Kai means “to rejoice” in Finnish. It also has a number of other very special meanings: In Japanese it means to restore or renew; in Hawaiian it is ocean and in German it means Warrior or “defender of the bridge”. Since the moment of Kai’s birth we really have seen this promise come to pass. It has been incredible to see how people have responded to meeting him with incredible joy. It is my deepest prayer that this will be something that characterises his whole life. Kai is now seven weeks old. He has almost doubled his birth weight and, although he gives his parents sleepless nights (especially his mom), he also fills our lives with such joy. Thank you so much for sharing in this amazing new season with us and for the part you have played in every step of the way. Jaime and I are so thankful for your prayers and support! Much love and God bless, Kim

Fe en Accion... Apart from the delight of being the mom of one very cute little boy, perhaps the next greatest joy in my life over the last two months has been seeing how the students from “Fe en Accion” have taken responsibility of the children’s library in Simon Bolivar. They have been visiting the library faithfully each Saturday and have organised games and creative activities far more fun than I ever was able to. As a result there are a number of new children who are attending the library now. On Mother’s Day I had the special surprise of being given a Mother’s Day card made and signed by the kids from the library. It was such a special gesture and touched my heart to know that, in God’s grace, He has worked through me to touch their lives and spread His love. It really is wonderful to know that the work there is continuing even while I can’t be there. As soon as Kai is big enough hopefully both of us can go to the library together  Fruits of the Vision Fest: As a result of the Vision Fest concert held in March, two new Fe en Accion groups have been formed, one running on a Thursday and the other on a Friday evening. In total 30 new students have joined the group. Excitingly it seems that the work Jaime has done with Fe en Accion here in Lima will potentially be used as a model for working with youth in the World Vision offices across the whole of Peru!

Some of the new members of Fe en Accion 2

Prison ministry…. A very special moment occurred at the family baby shower (which, considering Kai arrived a month early and the shower happened after his birth was more like a “Welcome Home Kai” party). As we were leaving, each guest was given a white crocheted bootie with some sweets inside as a token to remember the celebration. These booties, I was told, has been made by the ladies from our Bible Study in Piedras Gordas prison as a gift to me and to Kai. I was greatly moved that these ladies had made such an effort for us (there were over 60 booties that they had made). A number of the girls have been released from prison in the last month. Please keep them in your prayers as, once they have their “freedom” again, many of the ladies struggle to make wise decisions and end up in very compromising situations. Trust with us that they will continue to stay strong in their faith and will make decisions that honour God. I am hoping that once Kai is a little bigger, I will be able to run a bible study for those who are on the outside.

New Things…. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, this is a season of many new things for our little family. On the 14 June, Jaime will be leaving World Vision in order to focus on completing his university thesis. Please pray for us at this time: trust with us for God’s financial provision; that Jaime will be able to complete his thesis in the allotted time and most of all that God will give us clear guidance as to where He would have us serve in the next season. Thank you so much. We so treasure your partnership with us in our lives and ministry! Jaime and I would love to hear from you: please write to us at or you could call on +51 990 50 1552. My skype name is kimmysol.


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