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the valentine’s gift guide (for every budget!)


moments | february 2010

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05 QUIZ: IS HE INTO YOU? Even the most perfect relationships can inspire doubt. He loves me… he loves me not…take this quiz to see if your man is truly smitten. 15 VALENTINE’S GIFTS ON A BUDGET Whether you’ve got $10 to spend or $1,000 there’s a gift out there for your sweetheart. Whether you say it with flowers or bring on the bling, these treats are sure to please. Plus: tell us about the best (or worst) Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received. 05 MOVIE REVIEW With an all-star cast, Valentine’s Day will either soar or stink. What’s your vote?


23 HOST A VALENTINE’S DAY SOIREE Valentine’s night is the perfect time to host a party—whether you’re flying solo or coupled up. We’ve broken it down for you: from appetizer ideas to floral arrangements to music mixes, everything you need for a fabulous fete. 27 SAY I LOVE YOU IN ANY LANGUAGE Dazzle your darling by declaring your love in 10 different languages. If that doesn’t win you points, we don’t know what will. moments | 02


moments | february 2010


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30 WHAT TO WEAR ON 2.14 Any outfit just won’t do on the most romantic night of the year. But you don’t have to drop serious dough either. Here, tips on pulling together a sexy look, right from your own closet. 32 DIY VALENTINE These fun, fresh, and easy to download Valentine cards will make your kids the hit of their homeroom. 34 VICIOUS V-DAYS Have you ever had a horrible Valentine’s Day? These readers have, and they were willing to share their stories. Which one was most awful? 38 LEGEND HAS IT There’s no definitive answer on how or why Valentine’s Day began, but there are some very good guesses. Vote on which tale you think is true and you’ll be entered to win a trip to Paris, the city of love.



41 I SAID YES! If we’d gotten such a romantic proposal, we’d have said yes too! Here, stories of the most memorable marriage proposals. Have your own perfect proposal story? Share it! The winner gets a weekly delivery of 1-800 Flowers for an entire year! moments | 03


is he

YOU? Whether it’s your long-time hubby, a newfound fling, or a guy you’ve been admiring from afar, there are tell-tale signs that your man is into you. Take this quiz to find out whether yours is smitten or so not interested.


You purposefully shut off the heat or mess up your computer settings and then ask your guy for a hand to fix it. When you call he:

a. Sends you the phone number of the nearest electrician. b. Solves your dilemma, and then casually asks if you’ve eaten dinner. c. Leaves work early so he can swing by and troubleshoot.


There’s only one piece of bread left while you’re out to lunch with friends, and you both reach for it at the same time. He:


It’s almost Valentine’s Day. What will he most likely get you?

a. Shoves it in his mouth before your hand even grazes the basket. b. Lets you have it. c. Offers to split it with you.

a. A kiss on the cheek and a few pats on the back. b. Flowers and a box of your favorite chocolates. A promise to be your on-call handy man when c. ever you need him (wink, wink). moments | 05

quiz: is he into you?


A friend asks you and your crush to help her plan her husband’s birthday bash, which will involve some sly teamwork. What’s his reaction?


While out to a movie with friends, your guy is most likely to:

a. Quiet anger. He looks as though he’s got way better things to do than research best karaoke bars. b. Earnest enthusiasm. He’ll do anything for a friend and he’s always up for a party. c. Restrained excitement. If you didn’t know better, you’d think he was glad to have some extra time with you.

Mostly A’s He’s Just Not That Into You

If you had even a speck of hope that your crush might want to share more than social circles, banish the thought from your head ASAP. (And please don’t share it with anyone.) Now, get back to daydreaming about other potential V-Day dates.

a. Shush you during the previews. b. Save you a seat. c. Send you a funny secret text.

Mostly B’s He’s Sort of Into You

There’s definitely chemistry between the two of you, but it will never be more than fantasy as long as he’s not sure where you stand. This guy would never make a first move, but if you start sending subtle signals, you might see a different side…


You wouldn’t be extremely shocked to find out your man:

a. Is married. b. Has his eye on another woman. c. Has a photo of you on his nightstand.

Mostly C’s He’s So Into You

How can you stand the romantic tension?? This guy is head over heels and dying for some alone time. No time like the present! Head straight for the mall, buy a new little black dress and have a very happy Valentine’s Day. moments | 06

quiz: is he into you? Not sure if your man is into you? State your case here and let other’s vote! Back on the Market

I’m newly divorced and ready to start dating again. There’s a fellow-divorcée that I have my eye on but we used to run in the same group of couples. I’ve bumped into him around town a couple of times and he’s charming and flirtatious. He always keeps me a little longer than I would expect, asking about me and my life. I feel like he’s definitively interested in me but never actually asks me out. Jana Nashville, TN

Vote here!


78% He’s into you!

The Big Talk

I’ve been seeing this guy for about six months. He calls me regularly and we date weekly but we haven’t had the “are we boyfriend/girlfriend?” conversation yet. I don’t want to be the one to initiate the talk for fear of pressuring him, but it’s been six months! Carrie Columbus, OH


66% Sorry, no go!

Give Me Some Spark

I’ve been married for 12 years. My husband is a wonderful man and we’re very intimate on an emotional level but when it comes to sex? Non existent. We both went through stages of trying to lure one another into bed but at this point he doesn’t even try. Leslie Livingston, NJ


56% Coin toss!

moments | 07

the valentine’s day gift guide (for every budget!)

On Valentine’s Day, different relationships call for different price ranges. Your eternally single girlfriend? A close co-worker? Your rock steady spouse? No matter who it is, everyone appreciates a little extra love on the most romantic day of the year.

Under $25 All Smiles Cookie Gift Box $24.00

Some people just aren’t big on the idea of Valentine’s Day...but these colorful cookies will brighten their day! Send these happy treats to the Hallmark haters in your life and they’ll be grinning ear to ear in spite of themselves.

Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix $12.00

The best thing about this pancake mix is that it can be enjoyed by literally everyone—single friends, work spouses, and party hostesses alike. Buy a few to have on hand in case you receive an unexpected Valentine’s Day treat!

moments | 16

Under $50 24 Long Stem Red Roses $49.99

They’re a classic gift for a reason: they never fail to take your loved one’s breath away. According to the famous Victorian language of flowers, the red rose symbolizes true love, which makes them the perfect gift for the one who stole your heart.

Dogwood Flower Earrings $50.00

When in doubt (or of course, when in trouble), jewelry is the way to go. Adorn your gal with these statement making earrings from J.Crew. She’ll wear these with absolutely everything and you’ll get brownie points when she gets tons of compliments!

moments | 17

Under $100 Rose Romance Bundle $79.99

Send all the romance you can muster in one fabulous gift: fresh red roses, an adorable bear and gourmet chocolates in a heartshaped box. Everything you’ll need to woo your Valentine at a price you’ll gush over.

Ember—The Amazing Massage Candle $55.00

We all like to cuddle up during the cold season. This revolutionary candle is scented with three delicious natural oils that put you in the mood. When it melts, the wax transforms into massage balm. Oh, and it also nourishes and hydrates the skin, but that’s just an added bonus to the excitement they’ll provide!

moments | 18

More Than $100 Clos Pegase Decadence Wine Gift Basket $199.99

Escape to your favorite spot for a romantic picnic and present this allinclusive gourmet treat. With four bottles of wine to choose from and plenty of savory snacks, you’ll have everything you’ll need to make the moment magical.

Pave Diamond Cable Heart Ring $590.00

One word: diamonds. When it comes to sweeping a gal off her feet, it doesn’t get much simpler than that. This exquisite piece will undoubtedly remind your Valentine where her heart is every time she lifts a finger.

moments | 19

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