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“I want to kiss you in places that would make my lips jealous...” -Crow



Up You Mighty Race Greetings, Hotep, Peace and Love, As-Salaam Alaikum, My beloved, Namaste, Brothers and Sisters, I and I- one of these salutations should suffice (and from here on, it will)- but if my initial introduction failed to satisfy all our diverse black factions, somebody would question my Blackness. This much you will come to know and trust- my name is Aquarius Khan, a child of the Sun and the Earth, I’m a proud Afrikan man living in America, I recognize and celebrate the beauty and power of the Black race- and I love my people- worldwide. From the dawn of civilization, the term ‘Knowledge of Self’ is the property of gods. Our ancestors in their wisdom, numbered the vastness of created and related forms on Earth and began to chart the movements of bodies in the heavens (skies)- noted that every living thing wants to be noticed and lovedrealizing that complex lifeforms were male and female who moved as one: swarms of insects, schools of fish, flocks of birds, herds of animals and tribes of humans. Once upon a time, all the different names for our Motherland meant the same thing- Land of the Blackschildren of the Sun. My discussion today is not about Caucasian influence, tribal wars, slavery, colonialism, religion and/or politics. Far too many pseudo-scientists and quasi-intellects (trained by foreign masters) want to convince the world (and us) that our gods are nothing but myth and legend- but still the children of all races of humanity want to rap like us and walk like us and dress like us and move like us. The women of other races races will drive themselves to extreme diet and exercise to achieve a more nubile form (the average healthy Black female physique). But I digress- my point today is Black identity and how the lives of each and every Afrikan son and daughter are interconnected. So what happened to divide and weaken this glorious Kingdom of God which gave birth to all other civilizations on Earth? How the mighty have fallen?

Article By: Aquarius Khan

Do not assist white supremacists in their misappropriation of history- that they alone with their barbarian hordes could have brought us low. Heed the warnings of those who came before us: “Things fall apart when the center cannot hold” “A house divided cannot stand” Good and evil are specifically human traits- and perception if isolated (how ‘we’ is reduced to ‘me’) believes it can become something other than itself. A good king is a good father- yet an evil man may desire crown and throne- forsaking the king’s children (nation) to glorify himself. A good queen is a good mother. While she lives, no devil can replace god in her heart- even if her king is killed, she will seek a similar soul to love- if she chooses not to live as a widow. How many men are guilty of promoting mistresses and concubines to replace their queen? We’ll concern ourselves with Caucasians and Arabs later. It is inside our families, our homes, our communities- that these divisions happen. Another word comes to mind- displacement- not so much physically, but a spiritual, mental and emotional displacement. When a Black male or female (no matter how light or how dark) alienates their soul, mind and heart away from their Afrikan rootschoosing instead to be defined by foreign dictates, they weaken themselves and us. Unity is a small word of epic proportions- if we are one entity (as our wise ones believe we are), every Afrikan life and every Afrikan death are related. Our culture is brilliant with the memories of powerful Black men and women who sacrificed their lives for our collective survival which is the ultimate definition of what it means to love our people. Today- I invoke the spirit of Marcus Garvey and a global Pan-Afrikan mosaic in quoting loudly: “Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will”. Bodies return to the Earth- but the Afrikan soul can only die if it is forgotten. However, if rememberedthe spirits of gods can rise from the dead like the dawn of a new rising Sun. continued...


However, if remembered- the spirits of gods can rise from the dead like the dawn of a new rising Sun. Our ancient temples and schools of Kush and Kemet (Ethiopia and Egypt) are rooted in Knowing that we are the offspring of a Black God and Black Goddess. We must demand from Black leadership strength of moral character, discipline and will. Those among us empowered by the Divine have the responsibility to inspire the Afrikan multitude to love ourselves enough to lend our lives to the cause of these millions of beautiful Black babies whose cries demand nothing less than a total commitment and co-operation to be a global village of mothers and fathers (even if surrogate), brothers and sisters in solidifying our civilization. Those among us whom fortune has smiled upon- do not hinder, but help uplift the unfortunate. Where miseducation is present, there arises a need for more honorable teachers- whose first responsibility is to love their students as if they’re your own children (whom you would not violate with sexual misconduct!). Know that all priests and priestesses must be unified in upholding universal truths. Finally, there is a great evil in the world- it is the enemy of love. Herein lies our challenge- I don’t need to hate white people in order to love my own- but anything that stands in the way of us loving ourselves- that thing must be considered our enemy. Alone, you might fall victim to it- united that enemy would find us a most formidable opponent. All that has been taken from Afrika is material and can be won back later. What could not be taken from you is buried down deepwaiting for love to wake it up. Do not be fooled into believing that love is soft or weak- it is powerful enough to make devils tremble. We will not all arrive at these truths together- the ghosts of shame and fear hold far too many of our people back- if we build it, they will come and we’ll leave a light on for them. But we must also be ever vigilant that sometimes the enemy looks like us. Like faith, love without works is use useless. Show and prove that you love your people. Aquarius Khan January 31, 2014


So Stay Tuned for More Info! CEO: Choyce Floyd 3

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She Got Messed Up~! She got messed up~! lost out from the streets roaming around until one day she got caught up drain out got to that point strung out she just lost her mind" On the flip side she thought she had all of the answers moving her hips seduce the men with her eyes ready to tell more lies got to that point she couldn't take it yeah" She thought she was on top of the world hung her on self started off sniffing graduated to main stream popping it up in her arms to her veins dropped she flopped" Walking in dazed then becoming crazed had no knowledge to her own self she was strung out Devil was laughing he took a hold of that soul dying"

POETRY WITH CHERRY BOMB AND BLACK HISTORY She Became a zombie She became a zombie of the streets known as dead woman walking straight tripping couldn't hear the echoes from her own voice she was now straight out of her own zone. What was once fine as wine became wicked mean cruel lied cheated dying stealing no more soul left just holes left all" Over her body some body left over to be use up person taken over by streets never will never be the same again she is now damage goods shame" Beat by own games~! dam she thought she had it going o dare to bold she got caught up lied to own dam self"

Stop The Madness My Brothers and Sisters 8

Anthony Arnold: The Poetic Voice of Our Past, Our conscience, Our History and Our Future EscapeA Story of Perseverance In the future….. I listened as I heard the slave hunters go by. “I know I saw that nigger come through here”. There is no way that he could have come through here, look at that thicket, he would have to be a fool to go that way. Even the dogs won’t go that way. Let’s look elsewhere. As they went away from my hiding place, I breathed a sigh of relief. I removed myself from the thicket, and dabbed mud on my wounds. There was no time to rest. I had to keep moving. My life depended on it. I thought about my condition as I moved deeper into the forest. Toward freedom. The Beginning

It began as I was captured in my homeland and was stolen away to this strange land across the big pond. I was taken as I carried water from the river to my village. That jug was the last thing that I will ever remember from my family and my home. My cries were silenced by a blow from a very pale man. A bright light then darkness became my world.

I awakened chained to another child in the bottom of something, I knew not what. There was moaning and crying all around me. The smell of vomit and feces ran rampant here. I called out to anyone, anyone that could help me. My voice was drowned out, for I was only a child. I made a promise that one day my voice would someday be heard.

Part 2

Many cycles passed on what I learned was a ship. They took us up on the top to rinse the feces and vomit off of us and to let us get sunlight. Many of us died and were thrown overboard. The waters ran red with their blood. I prayed to my god, why had he forsaken me? But I received no answer. Storms followed us as we traveled across the great water. Two ships disappeared never to be again seen. Again I prayed to my god, but I had received my answer. He had taken those two ships and allowed me to live.


Part 3

Our journey finally came to an end in a strange land. We were washed and scrubbed with water from the great pond. The water burned as it got into the wounds from the chains and shackles. We were given clothes that scraped the skin and opened the sores that had scabbed over. Chained to each other, we were led to a pen where we were grouped like cattle by age and sex. We were then taken to another pen where were groped and sold to the pale men and women. I was taken along with a group of 5 other males and 3 other females.

We were half marched and half dragged behind a wagon to what was to be my place of existence for the next 5 years. Until I decided that I would gain my freedom. That I would be a free man. That I would … ESCAPE!!!

To be continued… ©aa2014


CELEBRATING BLACK ACHIEVEMENT On February 2nd of this year, Shantelle Brown made an announcement all parents would love to make but are not all able to make. Her daughter and oldest child, Briana, was accepted to Savannah State University. With all the trouble and problems we read about in the newspaper and see on the news concerning the condition of Black youth in America, we here at BRPP Magazine thought it was time to promote the positive things our youth are doing and to congratulate this young woman’s accomplishment in a big way!




My words confess to seducing your imagination till your thoughts masturbate and you cum looking for me...� -Crow “


It Was On My Mind

Article by: Muhjahid Woodson I saw two girls walking today. Early teens, in no hurry at all, both of their heads bowed with their hands clasped in front of their stomach as they moseyed along. From a distance an onlooker could interpret two girls walking in prayer. A closer look reveals two teenagers glued to their cellphones; texting. I watched them walk a hundred yards or better until they were out of my sight. Not one single word was exchanged between the two of them, crossing at least two streets without ever looking up from their phones. An iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy, two super phones. They may have been thirteen or fourteen years old with the world in their palms. In the same breath, they are at the mercy of the world, a cruel cruel world. The greatest minds, the most evil thinkers in the history of the world are a phone number, an email address a tweet, Insta-gram, or friend request away from accessing the minds of our girls in complete privacy. It is a recipe for recurring disaster.

Children and technology are now governing the adults. Instead of the children reflecting the behavior of the adults, we are beginning to reflect their behavior. This present generation has taken us by storm, and as the saying goes, If you are unable to change your immediate environment, ultimately you will be changed by that environment. When we consider how time is now moving at rocket speed, you’ll notice that before we can comprehend our present, it is already disappearing, as if many adults are living in the past. If you are not careful your teenager can become a total stranger in a year’s time. Right under your roof. This is the power of an active, growing, clandestine culture consuming our children. The things exposed to our kids on the television, radio and internet alone is enough for an intelligent person to charge this country with terrorism. The only chance our children have of becoming morally sound or establishing a well rounded value system is for us to become more involved in our their lives. They are depending on us to out think the technicians of this age who are in a race for their minds.

Don’t let society fool you through your children by sending them home sounding and appearing intelligent. Working a smart-phone or laptop better than you, or speaking a technological language you don’t understand does not make them intelligent. It may make them smart but there is a difference. Two plus two equals four is smart. Understanding the power of numbers is intelligence. Understand this, ignorance is not confined to the absence of knowledge, it is also knowing the wrong things. We can’t get to the right place with the wrong information. In conclusions I would like to say, let us pray, prioritize, and free up some quality time for our children before we’re left to visit museums to see what a real family and community looks like. We must become active in their lives daily, even if we have to use this technology to bridge a new relationship. No one but us can raise suitable women and decent men for our future…if there is to be a future. I am hoping someone is teaching a young boy to be a good husband for my daughter, and raising a young lady to be a good wife for my son. They will be waiting. It was on my mind… 19

Look at legend in Hip Hop and maker of Black History... DA GYMINI is a consummate performer and artist, as well as a shrewd and point-blank business man. I have had the privilege, honor, and pleasure of interviewing him twice on Internet Radio and this man contains a wealth of knowledge...not only about the music industry, but about life in general and making things happen. Over the last few months, he has suffered great personal loss, yet continues to remain loyal and positive, moving forward with his career and plans strategically and with great insight. For those of you who don’t know him, his music or his movement, I invite you to spend a few moments with me and my friend DA GYMINI... The first time we talked, it was a surprise for me from a friend and I was beside myself. Not often star-struck, this was entirely different. This man is a legend and a trail blazer in Hip Hop, so I was beyond just being struck by his “Star” status. After 10 minutes into the conversation, he said to me “if there is ever anything you need, just ask...I have learned that closed mouths don’t get fed...” He would explain that statement in detail in a later, more in-depth conversation. He spoke of loyalty, hard work and not feeling the “entitlement” some of the younger, up and coming artists feel. “There is nothing just handed to you in this have to work hard and be willing to do your part if you want to succeed...being cutthroat and dishonest will get you no where fast and ruin your name because your name is all you really have and you must stand by your word...”

GYMINI Many artists do not know what it means to be “original.” However, one artist knows that originality comes from telling a true story. GYMINI is a story teller like Slick Rick was back in the days. His listeners can relate to his songs because they feel like they know him although they have never met him. This grown man doesn’t portray an alter ego in the limelight. He has the ability to boldly express music from a directly honest point of view, but yet understanding and passionate. GYMINI said, “I will make you feel like you have known me your whole life.” His style, “high energy” is a variation of hip hop crunk mixed with a heavy metal sound that captivates all audiences. His music journey started when he moved to Jacksonville, Florida in the late 90’s as a roadie and back -up dancer for the familiar hit song, “Tootsie Roll,” with 69 Boyz and DJ Trans, whom has made a major impact on his life.

DA GYMINI Maurice Harmon, a child of God, now known as GYMINI, the original ambassador of hip hop was born and raised on the west side of Savannah, Georgia in the project of Fellwood Homes where most of his lyrics derived from. He grew up in a crowed home of 11 brothers and 12 sisters so he didn’t get the undivided attention that most children want to have with their mother, so instead of developing a bad behavior, he took his pain onto the stage and started gaining attention from his audience. GYMINI kept his crowd screaming by his raw and uncut stage performances at the age of18. He is truly an artist with no gimmicks. He was inspired by many, but Ice T taught him everything that he needed to know about the music game. GYMINI started his acting career in 1989 with a standing ovation by appearing in many films, “Glory” with Denzel Washington; “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” with Morgan Freeman and directed by Clint Eastwood in 1997; and “The Legend of Bagger Vance” with Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize Theron in 2000. GYMINI was honored to receive the Key to the City of Vidalia, Georgia. 20

whom has made a major impact on his life. During this time, he was known as Double Deuce and released his two successful singles, “Girl with Thick Thighs” and “Ride Out.” Years later, he changed his artist name to GYMINI and released his album, “Project Life” featuring hits such as, “Ballers Wanna Ryde with Me,” “Windows of my Jail Cell,” and “Welcome to the Seaport.” In 2010, he released, “Split Personality” which featured his hit single, ”Workin on my Nerves” with Big Sam of Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz and “Player’s Night Out,” with J.T. Money. Currently GYMINI is the spokesperson for Trisenx Shareholders and is proud to be the first African American Hip Hop Artist to be sponsored by Jagermeister and Jager Music. He is responsible for the “Grown & Sexy” movement in bringing awareness to the forefront of our world in order to reduce domestic violence and conveying a life-threatening message, “Please don’t be no dummy, don’t drink and drive!!!!”

First African American to ever be sponsored by Jager-meister and the first Hip Hop artist as well! A double whammy for this history maker! “You know I told you closed mouths don’t get fed.. so I called up the people at Jagermeister and told them what I could do for them and how I could/ would promote their product if they sponsored my career and gave me what I needed...I am now the first Black Hip Hop artist to ever be sponsored by this international brand...” “Lay your cards on the table and let them know what you can offer...what you are bringing to the table and who and what you can bring with you... you have to know how to market and sell yourself and you can’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need. If you need help, ask...most of the time if you go to people and ask them in the correct way for what you want...they will usually give it to you...” “Everybody was going after the urban brands... Ciroc, Hennessey, Royal Crown...but no one was going after companies like Jagermeister, so that’s where I went to do something different...” DA GYMINI

“I got to look good...I got these sponsors and now I have to push the brands...I have to look the part. When you see Sean Combs on a ad for Ciroc, he looks the part of a successful making and that makes you want to buy that I went to another international company pellepelle® to dress me and my JagerBoyz crew. We are representing billion dollar companies...we have got to look it on every TV show, tour, commercial, magazine, video we do...” “Pellepelle dresses such stars as me, GYMINI, French Montana, Rick Ross, Floyd Merriweather. I’m not the first African American to be dressed by them but I am proud to say I am among their most unique...” DA GYMINI

Shout Out to my JagerBoyz!

“You must make competition for yourself, which simply means you are generating so much revenue and positive publicity for one company, they want to make sure you do more for them than any other sponsor you may have... you start what they call a “bidding war” in the industry...”

“COLDCOCK Whiskey branched out from Jagermeister and I was approached to promote for their brand as well, with an understanding that I would work with them but always maintain my relationship with the other...and it was done in such a way, there is no conflict or interest or breach...” DA GYMINI

“There’s a thing in business call “Barter and Trade’ where you basically trade your gift or talent for their product and/or can accumulate barter money for airfares, hotels, restaurants, etc., so that is how I became connected with Southern Barter Club. If a promoter gets crazy, with this connection, I’m not left sitting in some airport looking crazy...” “If I do a promotional show or event for someone and they provide me with the airfare, hotel, maintain expenses, hand has washed the other and business has been taken care of...” “That’s how this business operates...there are no’s a give and take way of doing scratch my back, I scratch your’s is the key. People think the rappers and stars are spending their own money.. no.. it’s the Barter and Trade system at work...” DA GYMINI

The Song “MEET ME @ DA BAR” is doing great thanks to GYMINI’s great team including Jagermeister, ColdCock, pellepelle, Southern Barter, Mike Neely, Lace 1, Hydrovig and the JAGERBOYZ!!! Vibes Cartel, Kila-Kat Entertainment and the man himself DA GYMINI!!!

Da GYMINI and Meet Me @ Da Bar

DA GYMINI AND Michael Neely

Stay Tuned for Gymini’s Upcoming Tour “Happy Father’s Day Tour” with such names as Gerald Kelley, DeRay, Katt Williams, Snoop Dog, Gymini, Trick Daddy, Bone Krusher and the list goes on... This tour is unique in that it is the first to feature Comedian and Hip Hop Artists! More information will be available soon!

Audio Interview Available



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