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The first smart phone model from the latest Nokia Lumia range has now been picked up by four of the UK networks, the Nokia Lumia 800 now has contract deals offered across the main four UK operators who are all now competing hard to offer the best deals. As it currently stands, T-Mobile are leading the race to offer free Nokia Lumia deals with the lowest monthly line rental charges, they have four separate tariffs available at just £25.53 per month that offer a free phone to consumers. Of these four Nokia Lumia 800 deals there is one that offers more than the rest with an inclusive 500MB of internet access per month which will help keep the phone connected to the internet whilst away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, also included are 600 minutes of calls which can be used at any time of the day and to call any network as well as 500 text messages each and every month. The closest that the other networks can get offering a free Nokia Lumia smart phone at this price are deals from both Orange and Vodafone who require a line rental charge of £26 per month, however neither offer as many inclusive minutes, text and data as the T-Mobile deal. Vodafone's cheapest deal with a free phone includes just 100 minutes of calls and 250MB of internet access with the same 500 text messages whilst the best Orange deal for a free Nokia Lumia phone is slightly better with an allocated 200 minutes, unlimited SMS and 750MB of data. O2 are currently well out of the running with their lowest line rental offer with a free Nokia Lumia 800 charged at a substantial £32 per month. So what do you get from the new Nokia Lumia 800 smart phone? This is the very first Nokia phone to feature the Windows operating system and better still it is the latest incarnation called version 7.5 which is also known as the Mango update, this new operating software uses some very clever 'Live Tiles' as its home screen set-up which display live information chosen by the user. The phone itself offers an 8 mega pixel camera with the ability to record 720p HD video clips and uses Carl Zeiss optics for high quality pictures which look very good on its 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen display. The phone is run by a 1.4GHz processor with 512MB of RAM which keeps applications ticking over smoothly whilst connections are made available via Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB and fast 3.5G data support, the GPS aspect offers a unique new add-on from Nokia which allows the user

to actually download a map before making their journey so that the phone does not need a 3G signal en route. Although not as powerful as some other recent releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Sensation XE, XL or the new Motorola RAZR, the new Nokia Lumia 800 is aimed at the mid market with a more affordable price tag for those on a tighter budget.

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==== ==== Tired of waiting? To find out where to get Your smart UnLocked Nokia Lumia 800 click the link below! (There's one Lumia waiting for You right now :) ==== ====

Nokia Lumia 800 Deals Now on Four UK Networks  

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