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lovevalue! Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013

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Treat her on Mother’s Day!


Recipe inside by

Chef Marvin Gauci

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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013


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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013

Thank you Mum & happy mothers’ day! Lin Yutang, a Chinese writer, once wrote: “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.” This month, the monthly value-focused magazine, showcasing the products on offer in Malta by Europe’s number 1 supermarket, Carrefour; is also celebrating Mother’s Day! And we start off by sending our warm wishes to all mummies out there… and by simply saying “Thank You”! In the meantime, we hope you have enjoyed the refreshed and re-designed lovevalue! We have received some fantastic feedback, and we’re very grateful for your comments! This month we’re launching the Recipes page by our readers… we have received a number of delicious recipes, and we’re sharing two with you in this issue! Remember, when you send in your recipe, you’ll be in with a chance to win a €50 voucher from any of our supermarkets! Finally, make sure to check out our space on the internet – - and like our Facebook page - - in order to keep regularly updated on the offers we have available.


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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013


by Chef Marvin Gauci

Warm Broccoli & Blue Cheese Soup Serves 4 Persons What you’ll need… Carrefour Olive Oil 2 Packets Carrefour Ready Chopped Onions (equivalent to 2 onions)

1 Packet Carrefour Broccoli 1kg 3 Potatoes 1 Litre Vegetable Stock

150g Carrefour Mascarpone Cheese 200g Carrefour Gorgonzola Cheese Take this list with you to any of the CARREFOUR shops and just tick the ingredients while you shop!

How its done… 1. Heat a pan and lightly fry the onion, broccoli and potatoes (with skins) in the olive oil. 2. Add the vegetable stock and some more water to the pan and bring to a boil. Simmer for 25 minutes.

Ingredients in this recipe from

3. Blend the mixture and add the mascarpone and blue cheese. 4. Garnish with small bits of blue cheese and parsley.

Carrefour Ready Chopped Onions 150g



Carrefour Broccoli 1kg



Carrefour Mascarpone Cheese 250g



Carrefour Gorgonzola Dolce 200g



Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013


Recipes by readers using

Spinach & Tuna Pie

by Moira Sammut

What you’ll need… 1kg pie dough (1kg Carrefour plain flour with 500gr Carrefour butter and enough water to form a dough). 1 egg Sesame Seeds 500gr Carrefour Spinach 2 cans Carrefour Tuna 150g Carrefour Chopped Onions

1 Green Pepper Carrefour Olive Oil 1 Can Carrefour Polpa di Pomodoro 100gr Carrefour Green Olives (sliced) Mixed herbs

How its done… 1. Preheat oven 180 degrees. 2. In a large pan on low heat, start by cooking the onions and green peppers in olive oil until soft. 3. Put half of the dough in a dish. 4. Add the tuna, spinach, olives and chopped tomatoes. 5. Season with mixed herbs and put onto the dough and cover with the remaining dough. 6. Beat 1 egg and brush the top of the pie so it will have a nice golden colour once ready. 7. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and cook for 50-60 minutes.

Pasta Bake What you’ll need… 250g Carrefour Farfalle Carrefour Sale Marino Iodato Grosso Water Carrefour Discount Olio di Semi di Girasole 150g Carrefour cipolla (ready-chopped) 400g Carrefour funghi prataioli

by Sarah Abela

200g Carrefour Discount pancetta affumicata a cubetti Handful Carrefour Piselli fini (frozen) 400g Carrefour Discount Polpa di Pomodoro Carrefour Fantasia di Pepe (con macinino) 125g Carrefour Provolone Valpadana Dolce

How its done… 1. Heat oil in a frying pan, add onions, cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly. 2. Add mushrooms, pancetta & peas and once again cook for few minutes while stirring constantly. 3. Add polpa & pepper, stir, turn down heat and simmer. 4. Fill a pan with water and bring such to boil. Add salt & pasta. 5. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Coarsely grate cheese. 6. Drain pasta and add to sauce. 7. Transfer to an oven dish, sprinkle with cheese, bake until surface turns golden brown.

This could be you

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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013


5 things you need to know about breakfast cereals:

From the Carrefour Range…

Carrefour Choco Form / Stylesse 300g



Carrefour Corn Flakes



1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - well we’ve heard that before! 2. Buy whole grains!  As this can reduce the risk of heart disease… 3. Watch out for hidden sugars! Check out the nutritional value! 4. We all need a daily supply of Fiber…it helps to flush out toxins and relieve constipation. 5. When purchasing cereal, don’t forget to purchase milk that is low in fat as well … to keep the calories in check.

Carrefour Crunchy Muesli 4 Nuts



Carrefour Discount Corn Flakes



Carrefour Kids Anellini with Honey


Carrefour Kids Chooc Numbers


Next month’s theme… Pasta



Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013


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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




Carrefour Torba Bionda 20lt



Foldable Chair Green (also available in Fuxia, White, Blue)



Wooden Foldable Deckchair



Carrefour Rake






Artificial Turf 1 x 4m •



Carrefour Universal Soil



Collapsible Cooler 10L



Artificial Green Plastic Fence 1.5m x 3m

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Carrefour Bastoncini Pianti Verde



Insulated Shopping Bag 25L



Luminous Plastic Pot 11.5 x 19cm (Solar Rechargable)

Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




4 Striped Chair Cushions 40 x 40 x 2cm



Picnic Table Set



Striped Sunbed Matress 185 x 55 x 8cm



2 Striped Chair Cushions 70 x 40 x 2cm



Insulated Lunch Bag 5L



Glass Candle Holder •



2 Striped Chair Cushions 120 x 46 x 3cm



Solar Lighting Fixture



Foldable Round Table 60cm

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€8.48 Lantern



Sun Umbrella Wooded



Insulated Bottle Holder


Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




Carrefour Red Orange Juice 1.5L



Carrefour Borlotti X 3 200g



Carrefour Antipasta 280g



Carrefour Green Apple Juice 1.5L



Carrefour Piselli e Carrotte 530g



Carrefour Sugo al Basilico 400g •



Carrefour Piselli Extrafini 330g



Carrefour Polpa di Pomodoro 690g



Carrefour Sugo all Olive 400g

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Carrefour Fagioli Bianchi 330g



Carrefour Pesto 190g



Carrefour Crunchy Muesli 375g

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Carrefour Biscotti con Granelli 800g

Carrefour Biscotti Integrali 400g





Carrefour Mini-Wafer Nocciola


Carrefour Biscotto Merenda Classico


Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013



Carrefour Discount Biscotti con Panna 700g



Carrefour Wafer Latte 175g

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Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




Carrefour Blender



Kitchen Scales



Carrefour Hose Pipe 15m



Philips Shaver



Black&Decker Aspira



Carrefour Disposable Cups (Blue & Green) •



Carrefour Robot Cucina



Hair Straightener



Carrefour Candles

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Carrefour Hairdryer (Various Colours)



Carrefour Wall Lantern



Carrefour Table Cloth (Various Colours)


Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013



Carrefour Salviettini Multiuso x 72



Carrefour Discount Aloe Vera Handwash 500ml



Carrefour Discount Shaving Foam 250ml



Carrefour Discount Disposable Blades x 10



Carrefour Detergent Intimo Delicato 200ml



Carrefour Discount Ultra Normal x 28 •



Carrefour Shower Gel Neutro Fresh 300ml



Carrefour Spazzolini Medio



Carrefour Discount Ultra Super x 24

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Carrefour Bath Gel Aloe Vera 750ml



Carrefour Discount Proteggi Slip x 60



Carrefour Toothpaste Triple-Action 75ml


Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




Carrefour Pagliette Saponate



Carrefour Multiuso Spray



Carrefour Parquet 1lt



Carrefour Panni Spugna x 10



Carrefour Sgrassatore Marsiglia Spray 750ml



Carrefour Discount Bucket and Mop Set •



Carrefour Panno Cattura Polvere x 20



Carrefour Detergente Anticalcare 750ml



Carrefour Toilet Refills Marine x 4

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Carrefour Scopa Morbida



Carrefour Crema Casa Candeggina



Carrefour Toilet Cleaner 750ml

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Carrefour Fish Mousse Cat 85g



Carrefour Bocconcini Beef/Feg 410g



Carrefour Cat Pate x 3



Carrefour Multi Croquettes 10kg



Carrefour Croccantini Adult Beef 400g

Issue No. 28 valid from 23rd April to 20th May 2013




Carrefour Pate Chicken 100g



Carrefour Pate Vitello Dog 150g

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Carrefour Cat Litter Anti-odor 5kg •

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