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K.I.M. Magazine April 2011



K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Letter From The Editor

It seems as if it has been the longest winter ever. With spring comes new possibilities and new hope. When I think of spring, I think of new life and a renewed state of mind. This is the time I shed things that have weighed me down that have caused me to move slow or procrastinate. I remove my shell. I spring into a new, refreshed me.

This month we will be talking to R&B singer, KEM. He will be sharing with us how he overcame his winter in life through music and spirituality. He will also talk about his new album that is springing up on the charts. We will also introduce to you the new Sojourner Truth Community Theatre founded by Talata Dorsey. She will tell us about the importance of arts and culture in our community. May this magazine educate, empower, and entertain you. Most of all, may it inspire you to Keep It Moving.

Monique Riley


Let go of all things weighing you down. Step into your season. Stretch out and reach for the stars. Find hope in God, yourself, and positive relationships. We all have the power to control the way we think. Your mindset reflects your actions. Gain strength in knowledge.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


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7 National Union Celebration for Dr.King 8 Eight Ways to Spring Your Roots 10 Sojourner Truth Community Theatre

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11 -12 KEM’s Journey 15 Young Black Professionals 18 Embarrassing Stories 20 Go Green 21 What Do You Treasure Dr. Delicia Pruitt 22 Poetry Rebbecca McMillan

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K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Model: Mumen K. Ngenge Photography: William Lee of Real Life Photos Makeup: Quandra Lee of Butterfly Effect

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


Here is what K.I.M. readers had to say about the March issue. Thank you for sharing the story of Sunday Best winner, LeAndria Johnson. I really appreciate her sincereness and transparency. Life is not perfect. Sometimes you fall but it is great when you can get back up. Toya - Detroit, MI K.I.M. Magazine you are doing a great job. The information that you share is so relevant to our community. Thank you for educating, empowering, and entertaining us. Don’t stop. Mark- New York, NY I am totally glued to K.I.M. magazine. You inspire me to keep it moving. Tamika - Saginaw, MI Tell us what you think. Visit us on Magazine.

Preview You have heard him on the radio. Now see him in person. The Prankster himself, Thomas Miles aka Nephew Tommy, of the Steve Harvey Morning Show will be in Saginaw, Michigan at the Dow Event Center May 6th at 7PM. Nephew Tommy told K.I.M. Magazine in an interview, “My show is like no other show.” He went on to say, “In most comedy shows the headliner performs last. But with my show I go up first so don’t be late.” Nephew Tommy will have some talented comedians joining him. Tommy would not give all the details, but he said he will be bringing some special friends from the Steve Harvey Morning Show to help him out. So don’t be surprised if you see Eugene and his boy, Oatmeal. It will be a fun filled night you don’t want to miss it. Tickets are available at the Dow Event Center in Saginaw.


K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Unions Nationwide Commerate Dr. Martin Luther King’s Death April 4, 1968 marked the day that the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. It was on this day at a Memphis, Tenessee hotel he was supporting the black sanitation workers strike. He believed that all mankind were to be treated equally no matter the race or creed. Forty three years later on the same day in 2011, labor unions around the nation, gathered to show appreciation for the work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King. He believed in union and bargaining rights. In Saginaw, Michigan, union members gathered at Borchard Park on Michigan Avenue to make their voices heard. K.I.M. Magazine had an opportunity to speak with the president of the Saginaw NAACP chapter, Leola Wilson. She told us that it is important to know why Dr. King lived and why his life was so important. “With the things that we are facing now with cuts in wages, cuts in education, and pensions, etc., this rally helps to focus on the quality of life that Dr. King stood for” says Ms. Wilson.

Saleem Mannan, a member of UAW local 668 who gave 40 years of service to Delphi, spoke to the crowd of union workers and supporters explaining the importance of unity and working together. He voiced that we must put people in office that support the working class and will bat for them at all costs. We thank Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for the great sacrifice that he made to ensure the equality of all men. It is up to us all to continue in the great work that he started. -Monique Riley

As I walked through Borchard Park, I spoke with many union members who voiced the importance of unity and working together. Rudy Patterson, a retired union member, says he worked for Delphi Chassis for 30 years. “We are here today to stand up for labor and working class people. We must hold our government officials accountable to do what they say they are going to do”, explained Mr. Patterson.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


Hair can be a reflecition of your health and personality. It is vital that you take care of yourself and your mane.

Hair Care

1) Have a healthy diet. Eating better will result in stronger hair. Drinking water will also be a great positive for your hair. 2)Wash your hair to cleanse it. Whatever your hair type, you may need to wash it daily, or every other week.Make sure you repeat the lather to get all unwanted residue out. 3) Air dry whenever possible. The less heat you use on your hair the better. Too much heat using curling irons and dryers can cause your hair to loose moisture. It also makes it look dry. 4) Prepare for the enviroment you are in. If you are going to be in the sun alot have an umbrella, scarf, or hat. If you are going swimming, add conditioner to your hair to assist in keeping the moisture locked in. It can protect your hair from the sun, chlorine, dirt, and more. 5 & 6) Kenya Parker, a stylist, at the David Mack Salon in Saginaw, MI says that “After a long winter, it is im-

portant to have your ends clipped. Before you see your hair stylist, I recommend applying conditioner to your hair overnight with a hair cap. This will assure that your hair is getting hydrated fully. Hydration allows your hair to get some much needed nutrients. 7) David Mack, owner of David Mack Salon located in Saginaw, MI. shares his tips for spring. “This spring a lot of people are going natural. I recommend a nice shampoo and conditioner to give your hair a jump started for spring weather. Try something like Nioxin. It is very clean. It removes medications off of the scalp. Color is always nice to try in the spring/ summer season. I recommend a yogurt based hair dye called Mixy Milk yogart based coloring. It will give your hair great color with a nice shine. I do recommend that you see a professional hair stylist to attempt great color,” explains David. “If you want to maintain the natural curl in your hair. I recommend Curls Rock by Catwalk. This product will amplify your curls and give them great definition”. 8) Comb your hair before going to bed. Using a satin pillowcase, will reduce hair breakage. Restless sleepers tend to have more hair breakage. Take Care of Your Health and Get Ready To Spring Those Roots!

Nixon - www. Mixy Milk - Curls Rock-


K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


Arts & Culture



Sojourner Truth Community Theatre

“Reflecting culture and history through entertainment is the mission of Sojourner Truth Community Theatre, says founder Talata Dorsey. It is important for people to have an outlet to express themselves in the arts”. Sojourner Truth Community Theatre, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, serves as a community resource center in downtown Saginaw, MI’s theatre district. It is located at 301 Johnson St. (on the 2nd floor of the Saginaw Centre Bldg. in Saginaw, MI). The theatre first introduced itself to the world in 1996 under the name of Naphtali Theatre Troupe, Inc. The name was later changed in 2010. Talata has been active in the arts for over 30 years. She began her acting career at Saginaw High School in Michigan. It was here that she played the role of Benita in the play, “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry. She later joined a local theatre troupe called, “Kuumba” in the 1970’s. Inspired by writers like Maya Angelou, Nicki Giovanni, Marie Evans, and Langston Hughes, Talata began to write works of her own. She has written over 10 books of poetry. She later wrote and performed in her award winning musical drama called, “Pulling Together in Hard Times” with her first theatre troupe, Do Productions, Inc. in the 1980’s. To Talata, arts and culture build character. It fosters creativity and enriches the community. Continuing her work as a playwright, author, and poet she pours herself into Sojourner Truth Community Theatre. “The theatre’s new location in downtown Saginaw has been a blessing. We first began meetings at the Houghton Jones Community Center”, Talata reflects. There she prepared for their first performance called, The Freedom Train, which was performed at Delta College campus in Midland, MI. Her theatre troupe performs thought provoking, socially conscious plays that do not shy away 10

from the serious issues that most people don’t want to talk about. One of her most popular productions has been “A Tear For You”. It is an eye opening musical drama on domestic violence. Numerous productions have been done at several venues throughout the state of Michigan. “Why do I think community theatre is so important, Talata asks? It gives people an outlet for creativity. It helps them to hone their craft and to perfect it. Everyone has to start somewhere. You may find in some communities that people have never been to a play or a musical. Sojourner Truth Community Theatre gives people an opportunity to see live theatrical performances at a good price”. Why should you support community theatre? It is a way of nurturing and developing talent. Many actors or actresses find out if they really have what it takes to take their career further. Community theatre is a an way to share one’s craft, talents, and to develop communication skills. The Sojourner Truth Community Theatre is open for the community. Talented singers, actors, or first time performers are welcome to audition. Volunteers are always needed. It is about the community. It is about you. Please continue to support us and our efforts. Visit For more information: or call (989)392- 3303 or (989) 397-5616. Upcoming Events • Poetry on the Move is held every 2nd Saturday at 5pm. • Zora Neal Hurston’s Writers Guild is held every 3rd Saturday at 3pm. • Brother Malcom a dramatic presentation on the life of Malcom X. May 21st @ 7pm.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Sojourner Truth Community Theatre members Talata Dorsey and B.Wendell Parker working with 21st Century afterschool students.

21st Century youth perform at Saginaw High School

Some cast members of the play, “A Tear For You”

Sojourner Truth Community Theatre performs “Freedom Train” at Delta College in Midland, MI

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011



Cover Story


Music & Spirituality By. Monique Riley


K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Music lifts and soothes. It can bring you out of the darkest moments in your life. Grammy nominated singer, KEM, can attest to that first hand. Life has not always been easy for this R&B sensation. Music and spirituality saved him from a life of drugs and homelessness. He has been blessed to be working on his third CD that is flying up the billboard charts. K.I.M. Magazine had an opportunity to talk with KEM about his life and his visit to Saginaw, Michigan. He is currently on road promoting his music through his Intimacy Tour featuring American Idol & Grammy winner, Fantasia Barrino. This concert was truly epic for the city of Saginaw. Not to mention, that K.I.M. Magazine was able to have KEM do an exclusive interview. How cool is that!

K.I.M. Magazine: So you were shopping your album, while still trying to knock on the door of the major record labels? KEM: Yes, the goal was to release it ourselves. We were not waiting on the industry or for someone to give us an opportunity. I knew if I continued to sell CD’s out of my trunk I would still make a decent living. We always tried to go to the industry first. But the way that we did it, we put the music in the hands of the people and got the people behind it, and then the record labels would then have to get behind it. If you get the people behind you, then the industry will follow. K.I.M. Magazine: So now with your latest album “Intimacy”. I know that you have been gone for about five years on a break but how has your music evolved from when you started out with your first album “Kemistry” to the second album entitled “Album II”?

K.I.M. Magazine: So how did you get your start in music. KEM: I’ve been playing keyboard and piano since I was a toddler. I was born in Nashville, TN. My grandfather was a Baptist minister. So my first interest in music came from the songs that I heard in church. That sparked my interest in music, which is theme of my life. I’ve been chasing that dream every since. K.I.M. Magazine: What would you say inspires your music? Where do you pull from. How do you come up with your lyrics? KEM: I started writing songs when I was a teenager. Love songs always interested me. My songs have a little bit of me in them, a little bit of my personal experience. Some are fact and some fiction but its all about what I think love is supposed to be, what I think a relationship is supposed to be. I try to be sincere. I try to speak to the matters of the heart in the most vulnerable way. Sometimes I just show up and the songs write themselves. I don’t sit down with a template of what I want to write about. They just kind of just write themselves. K.I.M. Magazine: Now your first album “Kemistry”, you released yourself. How many copies did you sell? Wasn’t it like 17,000 copies sold out of your trunk? KEM: Yeah, we ordered about 17 thousand copies. Right before we got the deal that was the last count. That was how we got the deal. We were selling records and that’s a good thing to be able to chart your own course and it gave us more leverage with the record label.

KEM: I think every record should definitely be an evolution that takes place on each album. On my album, “Intimacy”, all the writing was done on an acoustic piano which changed the texture of the songs and gave them a broader feel. Also, my relationships over the past 5 years have changed. Not only romantically but with my family, my parents, and my children. All those relationships have helped shape the way that I think. So it reflects in the music. I worked with Jill Scott on this album she was featured on the song “Golden Days”. Rex Ryan co-produced the album “Intimacy” with me and “If It’s Love” was co-written by Melanie Rutherford of Detroit, MI. So there was a lot of sharing on this album which speak to the subject matter of intimacy. K.I.M. Magazine: So Intimacy is about everyday relationships then? KEM: Well yea but it’s not exactly just about the sensual side that we always think with intimacy. For instance, I have a song called, “A Mother’s Love” and a song of encouragement called, “Golden Days”. At the end of the day, it’s all love whether if it’s about loving yourself, loving someone else or loving God. continued on page 17

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011



As Seen in Saginaw, MI 14

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Photography By: Clover Riley K.I.M. Magazine of the Riley Media Group

Young Black Professionals

Andrea Dorsey was valedictorian at Saginaw High School in 2005. Four years later, she graduated from Howard University, a historically black college in Washington, DC, where she earned a BA in Marketing with a concentration in International Business. She currently works for Exxon Mobile as a territory manager. Andrea is in charge of 47 Mobile stations in southern Connecticut, where she is corporate liaison to station owners. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys travelling, golfing, exploring new cuisine, and event planning. Her goal is to one day start her own event company. Andrea is thankful to have great parents and family who helped to mold her and show her the importance of education.

Antoine Dottery is truly a native son of Saginaw. He is a product of the Saginaw Public School system. He attended Jones Elementary, Central Jr. High, and Saginaw High School. He graduated class of 1998 with a band scholarship from Alabama State University. There he earned a BA degree in Political Science.

With his mother passing at age 7 and his birth fathering living out of state, Antoine was raised by his great grandparents. He attributes his success to having a good support system that consisted of his entire family. He could’ve made many excuses in life, but he chose to strive towards success. Antoine is currently employed as a legislative assistant for a state senator at the Alabama State House. He also works as a political consultant for Matrix Political Consultants. Currently, he is working on a master’s degree in public administration at Auburn University. “I strongly believe in making a difference in my community and in the lives of others”, says Antoine. Now married with two boys, Antoine works to give hope to young African American males. His message to all is that no matter what hardships and stereotypes you may face, the sky is the limit when you work hard. His goal is to step into politics in the future and run for city council in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently owns a entertainment company called Bottomz Up in which a clothing line is currently being developed. Failure is clearly not an option for Antoine. His favorite quote: The more you learn, the more you earn.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


Fantasia From American Idol to broadway to singing on stages worldwide, Fantasia is continuing to make her imprint on the world. Understanding how easy it is to lose focus of yourself with taking care of everyone else but self, this time around Fantasia says, “I’m Doing Me”. After 11 grammy nominations, Fantasia won her first grammy for Best Female Performance “Bittersweet” earlier this year. This song is from her latest album Back to Me. After 4 years on broadway and doing a reality show, Fantasia’s album touches on her journey of trials and triumphs. Listening to her album, you hear strength, courage, and redemption. You never really know what power an artist posesses until you see them in concert. Watching Fantasia in Saginaw, MI at the Intimacy Tour concert with KEM, you see that she is well grounded and spiritual. Her church roots, her innocence and sass come out in her music. At any give time you can see the shouting emotion wailing up in her. It draws you in. It makes you feel every lyric. She loves what she does. She is indeed a legend that will be among the list of great performers. Like a song off her album, she’s better than collard greens & cornbread. To learn more about Fantasia, visit her webstite @


K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

KEM’s Journey…

continued from page 13

K.I.M. Magazine: How important is spirituality and music, and do they both connect to you? KEM: Absolutely they connect. They are not separate. My music is not separate from my faith. My faith is everything. It is the whole purpose and reason behind why I am able to do what I’m doing. It’s the motivation behind it all. It’s everything. K.I.M. Magazine: KEM on this new album, “Intimacy”, do you have a favorite song? I know writers have a lot of favorites. Is there one in particular that you have fallen in love with? KEM: Well Monique, I like them all. As far as performing, I like “Love Never Fails” a lot. It’s definitely a stand out for me on the album. It’s simple but the lyrics are good. I think this album is some of the best writing that I have done to date. But “Love Never Fails” is a stand out for me absolutely. K.I.M. Magazine: When you put an album together, how many songs would you say that you use? Are there some that you shelf and save for later? KEM: Yeah, everything doesn’t make it. I try to find at least ten good songs, 10 solid songs. Everything does not make the album. There were about maybe two or three songs that were cut out for this record for different reasons. I couldn’t get what I wanted out of them at the time. I didn’t feel them but I am reworking them and I will use them later. K.I.M. Magazine: As far as music, is there anyone in the industry that you are listening to now? What’s in your iPod now? KEM: Well when some people get in my car and listen to my i pod they think I’m crazy. (lol) I have an eclectic mix of people in my iPod. I like Sting. I like Adele, Melony Fiona and Bruno Mars. I like the classic artists like Chaka Khan and Anita Baker. I like Jill Scott. I have a lot of different music on my play list right now. K.I.M. Magazine: Are there any artists who inspire you? Because when I hear your music, I hear a little Eric Clapton or some Michael McDonald. Are there any artists that influence your music?

K.I.M. Magazine: How do you feel about being compared to Al Jarreau? KEM: Oh, it’s cool. It’s one the greatest compliment you can give. Every time I see Al we talk about doing something together. Maybe that will materialize someday in the near future. K.I.M. Magazine: Will you be taking your tour overseas? Is that something that is coming up? KEM : Yes, we are currently putting that together right now. The “Intimacy Tour” will be wrapping up this month in the states but we will still be out doing shows. You can find out more by visiting www.MusicbyKEM. com to get the latest updates. We are currently developing a women’s fragrance right now. It will be coming out soon. I am also cultivating songs for the next record. We are just keeping it moving. K.I.M. Magazine: What kind of advice would you give to someone who’s trying to pursue music and they feel like they have tried everything and they want to throw in the towel? What could you say to that person? KEM: I would say, be true to yourself. Everybody that wants to be in the entertainment business is not acclimated to being in the entertainment business. So some people may need to throw the towel in. (lol) There is a place for surrender. There is a place for honoring the truth in yourself. But if the music industry is the truth for you, then don’t give up. Learn the business. Our failures are just as important as our successes. Overcoming and continuing to persevere is 90% of the battle. K.I.M. Magazine: My last question is who and what inspires you to keep it moving. KEM: I’ve been given a lot over the course of my life. I’m only doing what I’m doing by God’s grace. And I am on a perpetual mission to continue to become a better person and inspire others to do the same. K.I.M. Magazine: Thank you Kem so much for taking the time to talk to K.I.M. Magazine. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know? Kem: I just want to thank Saginaw and everyone else for their continued support. It means a lot.

KEM: I’m more so influenced by great songs than by individual artists. But Eric Clapton, his name is in that hat. Al Jarreau is definitely one of them along with Steely Dan. Their studio and production is ridiculously good.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

For more information visit, Twitter: @KEM_Intimacy YouTube: KEMtv


Embarrasing stories This happened about 17 years ago when I was in high school. I and all the boys at the high school who knew how to dunk would always try to show off during recess. As soon as the bell rang, we would run to the ballroom and grab a ball so we could be the first one to dunk. It was a game we played every day. One day, I was really determined to win. I ran down to the ballroom inside the gym as fast as I could. I got there first. I grabbed the ball and took off full speed. Three other guys were behind me running at full speed to try to get to the hoop before me. They wanted to get the first to dunk of the day. Well lo and behold someone snuck in the gym before everyone and poured baby oil under the rim as some kind of sick joke that wasn’t all that funny to me at the time. When I made it three feet away from the rim I was ready to take flight and my foot slipped in the baby oil right as I was about to jump. The ball flew about fifty feet in to the air and I slid on one leg for about three feet until I fell on my butt where continued to slide for another four feet until I collided with the bleachers so hard that one of my legs got stuck under the bleachers. People came over to help me out. I got up and limped out of the gym. I headed outside to get some fresh air because I could hardly breathe.

think anything of it. I just thought everyone was just trying to keep the laugh going longer. When I made it outside I figured out why the laughter got louder as I was walking away. Keep in mind this was the early 90’s, guy’s still played basketball in the tiny little “crotch hugging” shorts that they wore in the 80’s. So when I fell on my butt and slid for about four feet, it gave me the biggest wedgie ever. What makes it so messed up, my leg was hurting so bad that I didn’t even feel the wedgie until I made it outside where I felt a breeze on my rear end. No one ever came clean and admitted to pouring the baby oil down on the floor while we were in school. I didn’t find out who did it until our ten year class reunion when the guy who did it finally came clean. He apologized a thousand times and he felt really bad about it. He was very sincere in his apology but my wife still had to remind me all night that it was ten years ago and we were kids. “Don’t retaliate”, she said. But man I wanted to.

Send your embarrassing story to

As I was limping out of the gym I noticed that the background laughter got even louder. I didn’t 18

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


Man to Man

: I am a 32 year old man. Four months ago I married a wonderful woman who has a six year old son who I have accepted as my own. My relationship with my stepson was great when me and his mom were first engaged. Now that I live with him I see how much of a handful he can be. Four weeks ago, I spanked him for the first time. My wife encourages me to treat him 100% like he is my own son and I generally agree with that. I don’t want my wife to feel like I can’t handle or deal with her son. But I do not want to appear to be a monster to this child by moving into his life and swinging my belt whenever he does something wrong. I was rarely around him when my wife and I were dating so I feel like I have only truly known him for four months. Four months, is that too soon to spank a stepchild?

because you are the man of the house. But it’s nothing wrong with learning and observing at first. That way you will insure that you’re leading your family in the right direction.


: An important thing that people don’t consider is that kids are complex. I think you really have to take the time to get to know a child. It’s not all about asserting your discipline and dominance. A good parent knows when their child needs to be talked to, put in a time out, or spanked. A good parent knows that because they have been dealing with their child for his/her whole life. You have only been living with this child for four months. So take some time to get to know him. In the meantime, just reaffirm the discipline that your wife has already laid down. Then gradually implement any changes that you feel need to be made. At the end of the day, it is your show

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

Are you a man looking for advice? Send your questions to


6 ways to go Green 1. Unplug. By unplugging unused electical devices you help the enviroment. Not to mention, you save some money. Turning off lights that are not being used also is a way of going green.

5. Recycle, recyle, recyle. Reuse your grocery bags. Seperate your plastics, glass, and paper for your local waste department. Give your old cellphones to a charity. I know with the new technology now, cellphones are purchased 2. The water bill is usally the second every two years. highst utility bill. As americans, we use too much water com6. Plant a tree. Trees do so much pared to other countries. Turn for us. They convert pollutants your water heater down to about to oxygen. They even absorb 120 degrees. It would also help if carbon dioxide, which in turn reyou wash full loads of clothes in duces global warming. We must cold water sometimes. replinish our land and save the trees. 3. Swith to flourescent lightbulbs. I know you have seen those compact swirly lightbulbs. Well they work and they give great natural light. Energy star has a whole line of bulbs to choose from at you local hardware store. These bulbs use less energy and are just as effective. 4. Buy local and organic fruits. They have a shorter distance to drive by delivery truck. They have no wax or preservatives on them either. Another great thing is that is supports your local economy. That is a win, win situation. 20

Let’s all do our part to save our planet. It’s the only one we have.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

What do you treasure? My seven-year-old daughter asked my husband a question, “Dad, what do you treasure?” He answered, “My family.” She said, “That’s good, but what you really should treasure is the present.” My husband was confused. He asked her if she meant a present, like a gift, or the present, the period of time now occurring. She said the present. She said that in order to enjoy your life, you have to enjoy the present. It was so profound that my husband shared this with me. When he told me this story, I had an epiphany. When it comes to our health, we have to embrace the present. Most people with chronic illnesses look at the past as if it were the greatest time in their lives. They long for what they cannot do. There is a since of regret and loss. They find themselves longing to get what they thought was so great. These people have a hard time embracing the present. Let’s look at two diseases to help you get a better understanding of what I mean. 1. Diabetes. Most diabetics love sugar, especially the Type 2 Diabetic. Type 2 diabetes usually is associated with obesity, poor diet, and lack of regular exercise. When you talk to many diabetics, their conversations are about the sweets they loved in the past. They love pound cake, sweet potato pie, red velvet cake, and MacDonald’s sweet tea. They have their favorite recipes that have been passed down from their diabetic moms (this type of diabetes usually has is genetic). They marvel about their past adventures with dessert. It becomes a “dangling carrot” in front of them. They make sweets something that they have to have. If you are a diabetic, consider changing the way you think. Instead of dreaming about the past, treasure the present. Have you ever tried a recipe for sugar-free pound or red velvet cake? If you haven’t, look up the recipe for your favorite sugar-free cake and try it. If you absolutely hate

it, adjust the recipe. Treasure the future. You could discover a recipe for a dessert that is so delicious that even the “nondiabetics” will eat it. Make recipes that can be transferred to your kids that are more health-conscious. 2. High Blood Pressure Most people with high blood pressure treasure salt. They Iove the salt of the past. If you mention that you are going to cook tacos, they just have to have Hot Sauce to put on the tacos. And this is done despite having salt already on the meat of the tacos. In addition, the hot sauce that is usually used is the saltiest condiment in the condiment aisle at the store. People with high blood pressure usually eat chips, adds extra salt to canned and precooked foods that are already salted. If you have high blood pressure, try to limit the salt and try flavoring your foods. Try Mrs Dash; it comes with multiple combinations of seasonings. You can have good flavor without salt. Mrs Dash even has recipes for salt-free cooking online at www. You can also try red pepper flakes on your meats instead of hot sauce. This will add heat without the salt. Buy a spice rack with spices and experiment with the different flavors in your food. You can embrace the fact that you have to change your diet, and let you taste buds explore new combinations of flavors. You can make the present better than the past if you treasure it. And, once you make the present better, you can change the future. Start a new tradition in your family. Bring a healthy dessert to the next holiday dinner and change the future for your family.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

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Strip Slowly entering the room Though many encounters, this feels like the first A small hue of light guides my steps I am drawn to your eyes as they are entranced by my movement Slowly Slowly Slowly I begin removing layers Layers that had me hidden Hidden from you and what you possess One by one layers fall to the floor You never take your eyes from me Lost in my curve of emotion Enveloped by my saunter Turing around to get the full effect Our eyes meet and I am gone I will strip for you I will be naked if you want me too The warmth of your touch calms me I will strip for you I will be naked if you want me too As you touch me, more layers fall Every hurt Every pain Every past relationship fades You stripped me


You healed me Compassion erased doubt Pure love destroyed fear I stripped for you You clothed me You covered me You love me I am naked for you You embrace who I am I am naked with you We are naked together Naked in love Grateful this encounter began Thankful it will never end

By: Rebbecca McMillan, a poet and freelance journalist in Michigan.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

K.I.M. Magazine hosted it’s 2nd anual Lipstick Poetry event on March 28, 2011 in honor of National Dating Violence month.This was night a night of poetry and beauty. It’s purpose was to help people gain awareness about date violence. We enjoyed poetry by Talata Dorsey of the Sojourner Truth Community Theatre, YaDae Shamae, music by magazine publisher, Monique Riley. Master makeup artist, Tameka Cameron of Salon 2000 in Saginaw, MI. gave the audience tips on skin care and makeup application. She also did a Q & A on the dos and dont’s of makeup. Monique Riley also shared her testimony of date violence. She gave tips of noticing the signs of abuse and how to protect yourself from bad relationships. While there were tear jerking moments in this event, it was fun and informational. If you or someone you know are in an abusive relationship, please love yourself enough to keep it moving. There is help. If you are in Saginaw, MI, please call the Underground Railroad at (989) 754-0411. If you are out of the area, please call the National Dating Violence Hotline at 1-866-331-9474.

K.I.M. Magazine April 2011


in which you live. • K.I.M. State of Mind: never giving up, laughing in the face of failure, striving to become more, always evolving , being a leader, rising above adversities,


Angelo Byrd A. Meredith Photography Model: Cavier Coleman

K E E P I T M OV I N G Magazine

in the face of failure, striving to become more, always evolving , being a leader, rising above adversities, and impacting the communities


K.I.M. Magazine April 2011

to become more, always evolving , being a leader, rising above adversities, and impacting the communities in which you live. • K.I.M. State of Mind: never giving up, laughing

and impacting the communities in which you live. • K.I.M. State of Mind: never giving up, laughing in the face of failure, striving

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April Issue of K.I.M. (Keep It Moving) Magazine  

This month's issue is featuring R&B sensation KEM. He speaks about his journey through music and spirituality. We also talk about the new S...