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Rydon has be en working w ith the MoD for the la st four years as a partner with Aspire Defence Capital Works throug h the Allenby/ Co nnaught framework. • 26 defence projects in the last four years. • In excess of £60m of work ca rried out for Aspire Defence to date. • All projects have been carr ied out on “live” operational ba ses. • In an “Indus try Leading” He alth, Safety and Environmental Culture. • Under which Rydon has been awarded many commendations in respect of bo th Quality and Health and Safe ty.

Rydon is an established construction, development, maintenance and management group operating throughout England. It is a multi talented organisation, working across a wide range of market sectors within the built environment. Rydon brings together an immense wealth of experience, expertise and talent, united by common values and principles, focused on partnering with our clients to enhance the quality and reputation of the industry. From beginnings in 1976, Rydon has grown into a multi-faceted company, employing over 600 people. Rydon Construction, Rydon Homes and Rydon Maintenance cover general contracting, in both new build and refurbishment, remediation, cross subsidy, regeneration, property maintenance all from a variety of procurement methods as well as residential and commercial property development, while Ryhurst focuses on developing bespoke product/ service solutions for the health and social care markets.

Project Allenby & Connaught is redeveloping the Army barracks located around Salisbury Plain Training Area and Aldershot. It is the largest estates/ services Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to be signed by the MOD with the 35 year contract with Aspire Defence Ltd amounting to some £8bn through it’s life span. Rydon is proud to have delivered over twenty projects in the duration of the framework. These contracts are let on a design and build basis and with true partner ethos, we have regular meetings to share best practice and experiences as each commission progresses. This enables all concerned to have the opportunity to continuously improve, in line with collaborative working.

“Rydon’s set up and performance was outstanding and a real pleasure to audit – their attitude was professional, positive, helpful and effective” Aspire Quality Manager


The new Army HQ Support C Hammers ommand ley Barra building cks in Farn construct at the borough ion. is still curr ently und er The build ing will co n ta across thre in 55,000 e floors, co sq ft of o pen plan nnected b street-lik office spa e circulati y two atr ce on spine. ia and fe aturing a External features include a curtain w slate tile alling alu roof, maso minium w Internal fi nry envelo indows a nishes incl pe, nd a Brise ude porc wall pane Soleil syst e la ls to the e in floor ti em. ling and ntrance a decorative tria with glazed ro ofs.



A central building managem will contr ent system ol natura l ventilati air source on, extern heat pum al ps, under ventilato floor hea rs to the ting and atria. automate d This build ing has b e en design counter te ed in acco rrorism m rdance w easures. ith the la test

House t n e m n Gover ot Aldersh r

This bui lding ha s been d accordan esigned ce with in t he lates terroris t counte m measur r es and o will be n comple construc t ion, ted with and comp a steel f osite flo rame ors.

Major General Colin Boag at the tree planting cere mony, commenci ng the start of the HQ Supp ort Command Building.

The challenge was to bring the building back to life, but at the same time maintaining its character using similar materials to those used in the original build process

ffice remier O Army’s P ison. e rr th a is ershot G t House ld n A e e m th rn e n s: Gov g Mess o Key issue e buildin odation Accomm yout of th icularly la rt a g p n ti a is s x ct wa the ing the e uild proje nt use House is • Chang gn and b re efficie ernment o re v e o m h G e w s k a a g This desi , e din to m ing schem Crown”, the buil . d challeng level of space in the ntertaine l e e n w e Je ft asement “ o re y. a s rm e Army’s ng the b A ri a fi existing o sh it g n ti ro in ri ig n B rp d e in nd • Wate underp me of th d o royalty a n h a e t u th o ey visit through d when th status, ons. ening an II Listed e foundati d ra f Strength G o f. d d a o o h ro ri lf e e p se f th ing it over a cement o The build disrepair allenge ge slates. • Repla llen into ng vinta t. The ch si n fa e u d e m g a n th st h ti t e t v a bu re-sla le in erwork fe, but h very litt ar ded plast back to li il n g m le in si b er d time wit g d il n n u b ed a lime plast racter usi ring the • Patch alls using d g its cha il was to b w in u l b a in l a ta rn in in te e ma on in e orig . same tim used in th , substrata to those sterwork on reed ls a ri te a m ature pla fe s, e ic le tiles ed corn process to take • Repair and marb ison had mosaics a o li z f z o a s. t rr e n te ou , th space e e public erable am lves, our Architect es ns into th A consid within th authoriti urse ial kitche l o rc d n ca e e lo re m e o e m st tw th w co also re place be tage and orate ne ing room at the glish Heri • Incorp rve a din the ensure th se in to Army, En to d r e g v ce buildin ur. re achie tion offi r grande st not Army we conserva e ace whil its forme ts of the sp to n l e a m rn e ted to tim ir c. te s requ ed fabri s comple of the in st a ectation n li p w o x e ti e e th m ra e f e u o th h d sc ty e e ri d h g e T  te reconfig ce in • ex ising the get and and bud comprom d e lv o v of all in




HG Suppo rt

se ent Hou Governm ot Aldersh

This 42 week project was a design and build to refurbish an existing, but very tired, Victorian Officers Mess. Rydon completed an extension as well as an extensive refurbishment to the public space on the ground floor, including new commercial kitchen installation, utility rooms, baggage and storage space. On the first floor, en-suite living accommodation was converted from existing bedrooms with associated facilities.

ject to refurbish the A design and build pro th building, extending bo ed List II de existing Gra space. ion dat mo om acc the public areas and os was stripped of asbest The existing building was f roo The ce. ld take pla before any works cou ing as ain ret s, tile ke r-li -fo also replaced with like tiles as possible. many of the existing alised existing living Internally, Rydon ration as to give all officers are on quarters and abluti uired modation, which req rooms en-suite accom n and tio ura fig on rec of nt a significant amou en-suite rooms were structural works. All tion e in flat pack configura manufactured off-sit ess into to enable ease of acc the building. and stonework to the Externally, brickwork and redressed with building was repaired airs. rep significant structural ful d out under the watch All works were carrie n tio rva nse Co The ge and eyes of English Herita fabric was ng ildi bu al gin ori Officer ensuring the not compromised.

JRSLA LARKhill & warminster Rydon has carried out a number of projects to refurbish Junior Ranks Single Living Accommodation (JRSLA) on both the Larkhill and Warminster Garrisons on Salisbury Plain. Each building required reconfiguration, refurbishment and refitting over a demanding 24 week programme to reduce the number of bedrooms with communal washing and ablution facilities to form 48 en-suite bedrooms for the Junior Ranks. Both buildings were in extremely restricted locations adjacent to “live” accommodation blocks with limited space in which to operate. Reconfiguring the bedrooms on all floors required a significant amount of demolition of load bearing walls, involving extensive temporary supports restricting access for long periods. Modular bathroom pods were distributed throughout the building in flat-pack state before being erected once in their final positions.

Rydo n deliv was aske d to e simil r a furt he a Warm r project r three inst er Ga s at the rriso n.

Following from the success of delivering the two projects at Larkhill, Rydon was asked to deliver a further three similar projects at the Warminster Garrison.


Officers Mess Bulford

The refurbished building provides sleeping accommodation for 20 Officers of 4 Medical Regiment 22 Field Hospital.


As part of our framework agreement with Aspire Defence, we have been commissioned to refurbish Officers Mess buildings across a number of Army garrisons, many of which like Government House have carried Grade II Listed Building status.

Officers Mess Aldershot

on the Two new office blocks were built by Rydon Wavell and Travers Barracks in Aldershot. ional pad Both buildings were constructed on tradit d beams groun with d perio week 39 a over foundations to slabs ete concr with a structural steel frame, in situ floor r unde ral integ with floors first ground and heating within each slab.

Office refurbishment Tidworth Garrison

This was Rydon’s first pro ject for Aspire Defence to carry out a full refurbishm ent of the Jellalabad Barrack s in Tidworth Garrison on Sali sbury Plain, originally accommodation for Junior Ranks. The project was to conver t the Grade II Listed Buildin g into high-tech offices, wh ilst retaining many of the listed features over a 24 wee k period. Much of the space was con verted from small cellula r rooms to larger open-plan space, core amenity and welfare facilities with full services and IT installation . The building was also bro ught up to the latest cou nter terrorism measures, whilst maintaining its listed integrity.

open plan Internally, Rydon provided both cellular and rooms rence confe to g tionin condi air with office space with lied comp s and air source heat pumps. All work the latest counter terrorism measures. latest Many of the rooms were fitted out with the ed for the technology and the IT installations includ high security “red data”.

orks, ital W king the p a C o ta nce Defe rvices wh pire s e S A s r e h a c it e . ity w ire Defen ty Five Y activ p n s f e A o t tw ith 0m s e nex er £4 ject w ilding ut ov first pro rd over th o g es bu n r i r i a y o e r w t h r r s t a c fo d cal After complete t Project medi d. gh n isting ek perio x e f Rydo y Connau e o w n o 4 i b ra2 urat Allen p s ove onfig a ste d e rec ing space h t nder d u an e n s r n n i a e r g i e e ve b l JCT Des comp ing and l a t h c e j h in ro hic ona The p actical tra aditi nce w Defe ough a tr pr e o r i t p n r i As th with . cured those been pro ted team e k i es, l n n s i u a o , h bodi p e , hem contract ractor ap ivery fective l c s e d s i e f e b nt Th re th ervic ost e PFI su ith co ing s ablish m ring befo h c down ontract w a ee est h te c engin t. n wit ces to build liaiso nce Servi out value ed budge e s o l r e i c d f u e e d i q e r D car e re ssitat d Aspire in th ydon nece y an spaces. R ered with orks m r w s A e Th he eliv ing with trade exist ect was d ll as t er of try along b m j as we ns within u n pen e pro io for a d car re th solut space ating an ensu p o o t h r t s ork star deco ed w ical, rovid g, electr p g sed. n n ildi teri romi omp ed bu ying, plas tres. c h s t i o n n a was The fi ng brickla cture the abric di le ing f d inclu oms and l i u o al b rigin classr the o g n i sur er en Offic


New office blocks Aldershot

g f n i n Trai shot r Alde


were rooms latest e h t e of th th Many ut wi o e IT h d t e for fitt and y g o luded ol techn ations inc red data “ ll insta h security g i h the


itie l i c a

Rydon constructed two new buildings for use by 22 Field Hospital at the Normandy Barracks over a programme period of 34 weeks. These buildings comprised technical deployable and additional secure storage areas to the perimeter of the buildings, with access by both vehicular and personnel doors.

Rydon carried out an extensive 24-week refurbishment and reconfiguration of existing buildings, creating offices for 6 Battalion REME at the Khandahar Barracks. The project also involved constructing a new mezzanine floor within the building to house additional armouries for 4 Battalion REME and the Signals.

The buildings also included a mix of cellular and open plan offices, a technical library and changing facilities.

The existing buildings under refurbishment were in constant occupation by the Army. The area was also an existing armoury, which required working in a phased 30 week programme in a particularly sensitive environment.

Both buildings were constructed in steel portal frame, a brick and cladding envelope and a metal profiled pitched roof. The buildings were Part M compliant and had under floor heating throughout.

At Travers Barracks, Aldershot Rydon stripped an existing storage facility of asbestos cladding, taking it back to the steel frame. Rydon also created an armoured vehicle workshop including new exhaust systems and services, inspection bays along with offices, stores and a conference facility.

Milita ry Wor king D Unit ogs Alders hot

A green field site on the landsca outskirts pe was created areas to to house of Aldershot, present where a ne v week p bow roject sa isibility from n w buildings an earby p d dog tr l in the w const veterin ublic am aining ruction ary clin enity sp of new ic, thea network tres, an offices, ace. Th equipm e 38 im c la al welfa ssroom e air and s, stora re and a groun nt rooms were g su e, a p p d lo o individu source cated c h entrally rt areas. Plant al kenn and els with eat pump. A k w was for it h an ennel b exercise 10 lock com external areas w Troop P 1 Military Work p e ri re sing 45 uckridg also con e Alders ing Dogs Supp structed ort Unit hot . The un and The Vetinary it

Rehabi l Alders itation Cent hot re

Among st the p hysi delivere d a new cal training fa cilities a Primary to serve t Alders Care Re as hot Garr habilita Training a regional fac ison, Ry tion Fac ility for facility d ility. Th the Me for the is was d on d Army S ic a l R esigned e h chool o a b il The 42 it a tion Ce f Physic week p ntre an al Train roject d on the d ing. elivered first flo a or. It wa two-sto enginee s constru rey buil ring bri ding wit cted wit ckwork h plant h a stru , Kingsp sp ctural st an clad eel fram ace ding an d a stan e, blue ding se am roo f.

Ammunitions Stores Tidworth This phased project over a 40 week period comprised both new build and refurbishment of existing buildings. This was to be occupied by 721 Squadron and 11 EOD Regiment RLC along with a guardroom for 101 Military Working Dog Support Unit. Existing buildings were set within the ammunition compound amongst blast banks, which had to be extended to accommodate the new buildings One building was extended to form garaging facilities with the existing guardroom refurbished and extended along with the creation of a new blast proof office.


Workshops Tidworth


Technical Stores Aldershot

ed e d or com p l e t award n e e b e cts R y don has D e f e nc e p roj e: to dat e includ

THA 013 & 018 PKO001 PKO 600, 606 & PTO606 TRO 602 TRO 075 WAO 604 NNA 064 NNO 607 & 610 TRSO PCO 763 LAO 072 LA0 071 LA0 228 JEO 056 BPO 077 CAB 045 CAO 045 TIO 007 – 601 WTO 033 WTO011 WTA & WTB 107

Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Aldershot Bulford Chatham Larkhill Larkhill Larkhill Tidworth Tidworth Tidworth Tidworth Tidworth Warminster Warminster Warminster

ntre New training ce s refurbishment Senior ranks Mes unity Centre Sally Port Comm odation e Living Accomm nior Ranks Singl Ju of t en m ish Refurb modation gle Living Accom Junior Ranks Sin refurbishment Sergeant's Mess t fice refurbishmen Listed building of extensions furbishment and Officers Mess re ation oury reconfigur Offices and arm refurbishment Motor workshop g compound New offices to do d diner Officers Mess an Refurbishment of r senior ranks dine Refurbishment of odation m gle Living Accom Junior Ranks Sin

Rydon's Alan King and Pa ul Shillabe collecting a er safety awar d from Aspire Defence.


ect of the Aspire Proj se ou H t Shillabeer Governmen ison. Paul rr Ga ot h rs rshot year Alde ing the Alde iv ce re s y ir ard from & Danas Ka the Year aw of or ct a Trade Contr ce. Aspire Defen Gary Tester


HMO601 GHO 031

Aldershot Aldershot

re conference cent Refurbishment of rs building New headquarte use Government Ho Refurbishment of use Training space ment of guard ho nnels & refurbish ke , es fic of ild New bu n facility ary rehabilitatio New build prim ing rking offices/train New building wo ishment Workshop refurb centre Offices/training Officers Mess Refurbishment of Technical stores

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