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With Independent Sr. Executive Director Marci Snively February Newsletter with January Results

$1,000+ Cassie Heath

$ 4,781.63

Cindy Bogue

$ 3,375.78

Liz Coffel

$ 1,946.09

Kim Knaak

$ 1,586.59

Kristen McMahon

$ 1,427.50

Lindsay Stevenson

$ 1,147.90

Cassie Heath

Kristen McMahon

Kristen McMahon $1,396.00

Liz Coffel

Cassie Heath 7

Personal Volume: $1,091.40 Personal Number of Parties: 2 Personal Number of New Recruits: 1

Entire Success Line Sales: $99,201.78 Team Sales: $36,271.09 Team Parties Submitted: 64 19.43% of Team Consultants held parties Team Average Party: $566.74

(over $1,000 in sales & at least 1 recruit last month)

Cindy Bogue Kim Knaak Lindsay Stevenson Cassie Heath


Maria Wetz Lola Royalty Amanda Tilton Crabtree Regina Ramirez Nicole Stiener Amy Szuta Samantha Naunheim Jessica Carmichael Alycia Weis Jennifer Marshall Sara Surber Brittany Valence Kim Nesbitt


Burleson Ripley Aberdeen Saint Francis Carthage Saint Francis Oak Creek Terre Haute Austin Queenstown Burlington Neenah Terre Haute

Sponsor Name


Allison Wetz Marci Snively Amber Stevenson Kim Knaak Amber Stevenson Kim Knaak Peggy Kubricky Lindsay Stevenson Amanda Wyss Payton Marshall Marci Snively Lori Valence Lindsay Stevenson

Cindy Bogue Kim Knaak Amber Stevenson Lindsay Stevenson Betsy Taulbee Cassie Heath

3 2 L 2 2 1

Peggy Kubricky Payton Marshall Amanda Wyss Jennifer Eagan Lori Valence Allison Wetz

Kristen McMahon

$ 1,396.00

Cassie Heath

$ 1,364.99

Cindy Bogue

$ 1,002.00

1 1 1 1 1 1

These 31ders partied a least 2 times last month!

Cassie Heath


Liz Coffel


Cindy Bogue


Kim Knaak


Nancy Jacobs


Kellee Schuster


Ashley Wittel


Amber Stevenson


Sharon Lucero


Eleanor Myers Jillian Brotman Crystal Read Lindsay Stevenson Stefanie Keller Brenda Shomberger Lisa Kildow Megan Meyer Tiffani Bailey Christina Hasse Karrie Daniel Staci Schwingler

Ashley Nicholas Ashley Modlinski Katie Salm Sandra Schroeder Michelle Hiltenbeitel Amanda Anderson Stefanie Keller Nicole Florenz

Tina Mossakowski Janine Jenkins Jill Muchowski Jennifer Deschaine Eva Smith Sonia Slone Mindi Schember Liz Coffel Michelle Hiltenbeitel Christy Kirk Paula Freil Jennifer Reakes Betsy Taulbee

Kathy Merrill Monica Trapp Chesney Zeko Sharon Coulter Brittany Valence Brittany Brady Lindsay Stevenson Kristen Szych Karrie Daniel

191 Consultants 15 Sr. Consultants: Amber Stevenson, Angela Jean Claude, Betsy Huhn, Beth Merritt, Candice Casey, Christina Kruse, Christy Kirk, Gloria Moes, Jennifer Berger, Kim Knaak, Liz Coffel, Rorie Boland, Shannon Swenson, Tara Steinhorst, Tina Mossakowski 2 Directors: Cindy Bogue, Ashley Wittel 1 Senior Directors: Cassie Heath 2 Executive Director: Amie Konwinski, Betsy Taulbee 1 Senior Executive Director: Marci Snively

To celebrate five years of giving, Customers and Hostesses can now Round Up! or make a donation of any amount to support our mission. To commemorate Gives Month, all Round Up! donations in February will go directly to support our Girls Take Flight partners: Girls on the Run, Girl Talk and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Visit the Gives page on TOT for a social graphic to help you share our February Round Up! program.

One new Spring/Summer Pop-up Personalization Preview option that we want to bring to your attention is the Two-Lined Text Filled IconIt. Visit TOT for all the details on personalization!

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