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City of St. Francis - 4th of July Commission 3400 East Howard Avenue St. Francis, WI 53235 Kim Knaak, Commission Chair • (414) 331-2368 •

2018 4th of July Parade Unit Application ______YES, I would like to participate in the City of St. Francis parade/celebration as a: ______Parade Unit

________Parade Volunteer

______Celebration Volunteer (at the park)

______NO, I/We will not be able to participate in the City of St. Francis Parade for 2018

Name of Individual/Group__________________________________________________________ Representative in Charge: Name____________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________ City/State____________________________________________


Contact Phone: _______________________________

Unit Type (Circle one): Walking Unit

Motorized Unit

Classic/Antique Vehicle

Other (please explain) _______________________________

Group Type (Circle one): City Service (Police/Fire/Emergency Services) Elected Official School Group Music Group Pageant Winner Business Owner Media Celebrity Decorated Bike Other:______________ Length & Number of unit(s):__________________ Additional Description:__________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Will you be distributing anything during the parade (candy, beads, flyers, etc.)? YES


*Business units are asked to consider making a minimum donation of $15 toward our full day celebration.

Return this form by June 15th to: City of Saint Francis ATTN: 4th of July Commission 3400 E. Howard Ave St. Francis, WI 53235

2018 4th of july parade unit application  
2018 4th of july parade unit application