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Filename: White Paper #1 Synthetic Vitamins-4.doc Folder: KIM's HD:Users:kim:Library:Mail Downloads Template: KIM's HD:Users:kim:Documents:Microsoft User Data:Normal Title: Are You Wasting Your Money on Synthetic Vitamins Subject: Author: The Company Keywords: Comments: Creation Date: 1/30/08 9:43 PM Change Number: 6 Last Saved On: 1/31/08 4:43 PM Last Saved By: The Company Total Editing Time: 65 Minutes Last Printed On: 2/6/08 3:26 PM As of Last Complete Printing Number of Pages: 4 Number of Words: 814 (approx.) Number of Characters: 4,641 (approx.)

White Paper #1 Synthetic Vitamins  

If you're taking vitamins, are you sure they're not synthetic?

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