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WINNING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP INTRODUCTION Organizations achieve results through people. How it is able to motivate teams into exceptional performance remains the dilemma for many a managers or business executives. In many cases, mention the word performance management and it arouses mixed feelings. As many companies embark on their performance appraisals, organizations are rife with gossip, fear and outright acrimony characterized by finger pointing games on who is to blame for unrealized results and even who gets credit for what has been done well. The key challenges in implementing a performance management system include: developing an effective performance Management System, Measuring/evaluating dimensions, keeping leaders focused, linking job descriptions to performance management, implementing performance management for staff, linking compensation to performance management, matrix management, and basically keeping the system alive. Consistently, successful companies create high expectations, set highly demanding goals and achieve excellent results. KIM Membership Division is pleased to announce the Winning Performance Management Workshop which has been packaged to provide answers to the above dilemmas.

WORKSHOP FOCUS AREAS The Workshop will cover the following areas: • Insights and elements of performance management • Measuring and managing performance effectively • Effective performance appraisals • Assigning roles in a performance management process • Rewarding system that works

TARGET PARTICIPANTS This workshop is intended for HR Managers and Team Leaders (Managers, HODs, GM,)

WORKSHOP FORMAT The workshop facilitators are respected HR practitioners and business leaders who will share practical and tested solutions that you can immediately apply back to your organization.


At the end of the workshop, you as the participant should be able to understand practical ways of managing performance of your employees in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and positivity and where everybody engagingly plays a role towards making your company a winning organization.

WORKSHOP DURATION The workshop will run for a full day on 8th May 2012 at Intercontinental Hotel from 7.00am – 5.00pm


This is part of continuous professional development for KIM Members. The workshop will be offered at KSH. 11,600 to KIM paid members and Ksh.17,400 to Non-members. Kindly note the charges are inclusive of 16% VAT.