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Leadership Excellence for the 21st Century Manager: Thoughts and Practice

KIM Members will earn twelve (12) CPD points

Dates: 20th to 22nd June, 2012 Venue: Mombasa Continental Resort


Leadership Excellence for the 21st Century Manager: Thoughts and Practice

PREAMBLE he Kenya Institute of Management is glad to announce the inaugural KIM Annual Manager’s Conference. This will be an annual platform bringing together managers of various businesses and organizations to interrogate global management practices as their pick ideas that can help them excel in their managerial responsibility and offer leadership to their teams for overall organizational productivity.


The theme for 2012 KIM Annual Manager’s Conference is Leadership Excellence for the 21st Century Manager: Thoughts and Practice. The Conference will be held on June 20th - 22nd, 2012.

UNPACKING AND INTERROGATING THE THEME? As the world changes, so does the workplace. Managers of the 21st Century operate in environments quite unlike those they first entered, and must regularly update their skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic global market and a more diverse workforce. In the coming years, we are bound to see more challenges in the business and workplace landscapes that will shape the 21st century manager. The managers need to come to grips with changing world today were the environment has seen three different generations in the workplace at the same time, each with very different needs and aspirations. The Managers will therefore be expected to learn how to manage and lead a multigenerational workforce and acquire generation specific team leadership and management skills. Secondly, the workplace environment is increasingly changing with more focus being placed on the performance and productivity of people as a core capital. Managing talent is critical to building a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage. Today’s managers will therefore need to master a range of new talent management tools to operate effectively in a highly dynamic environment. And finally, a changing mindset where we have seen a great demand for a shift away from a dominant shareholder value perspective and towards a wider stakeholder view with more defined public scrutiny

on how the companies operate and the managers behave. Creative strategic thinking, systems and process excellence and coaching and mentoring. For the managers to succeed in the years to come, executives will need to master a range of hard and soft skills. Amongst other things, they will require the confidence to manage multi-generational teams, the creativity to measure staff performance on outputs rather than inputs, and a high degree of creative strategic thinking, systems and process excellence and coaching and mentoring skills.

CONFERENCE FOCUS AREAS To equip managers with the requisite survival, growth and leadership skills, KIM has organized the 2012 KIM Annual Manager’s Conference seeking to refine the executive learning agenda to ensure it keeps pace with changes occurring in society, the market, and the workplace. In that context, this Conference will provide you with an overview of the most current thoughts on effective skills, traits and qualities displayed by dynamic, effective leaders ranging from: A. Management and leadership challenges in modern organizations: Opportunities for the 21st Century Manager 1. The unique challenges facing organizations in the 21st century. 2. Aligning strategic business focus, systems, processes and talent 3. Developing generation-specific leadership and management skills 4. Managing flexible environments and people 5. Optimising people’s performance individually and in teams 6. Understanding, aligning and balancing stakeholder needs 7. Leading dynamic and effective teams B. Personal excellence for management and leadership excellence 1. Benchmarks for personal excellence 2. Packaging and branding yourself for success as a manager

2012 KIM ANNUAL MANAGERS’ CONFERENCE Leadership Excellence for the 21st Century Manager: Thoughts and Practice 3. Developing the key leadership skill of personal mastery, building and maintaining personal expertise. 4. Developing leadership confidence 5. Wealth/work and life choices 6. The vital role that Emotional Intelligence plays in successful leadership. 7. Personal development for managerial success C. Global best practices in management and leadership excellence 1. The importance of creating a ‘high touch’ organization in a ‘high tech’ world. 2. How to create the conditions for leadership to emerge in your organization. 3. Emerging trends in managing and leading teams 4. New performance management tools 5. Trends in creating work environments that spur productivity and growth 6. Technology as a critical tool to good management 7. Strategic creativity and innovation D. Strategic Coaching and Mentoring 1. Defining coaching and mentoring 2. The role of coaching and mentoring for personal and organizational growth 3. Institutionalizing coaching and mentoring culture in an organization 4. The role of the managers in coaching and mentoring framework 5. Coaching and mentoring tools and systems: Best practices

E) Creativity and Innovation 1. Positioning creativity and innovations in the world of work 2. Designing organizations for creativity and innovation 3. Leading and mentoring a creative and innovative workforce

TARGET PARTICIPANTS The 2012 KIM Annual Manager’s Conference seeks to bring together a cross section of managers that have an insatiable appetite to succeed in the global market, build on their skills, competencies and perceptions, expand their horizons, challenge their management and leadership thought and practice and recharge their enthusiasm for personal growth and organizational productivity. This includes managers who are driving business and business functions and giving leadership to teams for organizational productivity, owners and managers of SMEs.

TARGET SPEAKERS The Conference targets to bring a pool of CEOs as experts and resource people who have excelled as managers and leaders in reputable organizations and have made tremendous known input in driving organizational excellence in those organizations. CHARGES KIM Members KSHs. 58,000/Non-members KSHs. 69,600/Inclusive of VAT but exclusive of accommodation

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