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I KIM 2012 Services

Our Vision To be a distinguished continental hub of excellence in organizational and business management practices

Our Mission To steer and champion excellence, integrity and competitiveness in individuals and organizations throughout Africa and beyond.

Our Values Excellence:

To champion, promote and advocate for individual and institutional excellence in Kenya, Africa and beyond, in everything that we think, say or do Integrity: To be a pillar and beacon of good governance; to maintain the highest ethical and professional standards, honesty, truthfulness and decorum in all our dealings with our staff, customers and the community; To champion a free, just and fair community Innovativeness: To encourage and promote an environment that nurtures individual and institutional innovativeness and creativity, freshness of thought and the spirit of exploration and discovery. Entrepreneurship: To champion and support creation of new wealth and employment, through the spirit of entrepreneurship Collaboration: To seek and reach out to likeminded individuals and institutions for collaborative and synergistic initiatives for the universal good of humankind

Our Signature Promoting excellence and integrity in management practices since 1954. II KIM 2012 Services

Welcome Remarks Thank you for your interest in The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). This booklet will provide you with invaluable information about the Institute. The Institute was established in 1954, as a membership based non-profit making professional organization, committed to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management. We are a premier Institute in capacity building, research and management consultancy services in Kenya and beyond. The strategic visionary thrust of the Institute is to become a distinguished continental hub of excellence in organizational and business management practices. Our mission is to steer and champion excellence, integrity and competitiveness in individuals and organizations throughout Africa and beyond. We attribute our outstanding success to our unwavering commitment to our vision and to the support of our Members, the Governing Council, Management and Staff. We have developed products and services that will enhance your competitiveness and enable you to excel in global standards. The Institute offers a wide range of products and services that drive professional and institutional excellence. We deliver our services through 21 branches located in Nairobi, Nakuru, Naivasha, Nyahururu, Meru, Machakos, Kisii, Thika, Embu, Nyeri, Kakamega, Kericho, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Chuka, Narok, Kapsabet, Kabarnet, Nanyuki and Rwanda.

I trust that you will find this information exciting and meaningful. Kindly visit our website at for more information on KIM. We want to hear from you and we welcome your comments and suggestions. We look forward to working with you. Sincerely, David Muturi CEO

KIM Council Members

Alfred Lenana Chairman Council

Salome Gitoho Vice Chairperson

Dan Awendo Treasurer

David Muturi Chief Executive Officer

Stella Muendo Council Secretary

Philip Kisia Council Member

Dr. Jonathan Ciano Council Member

Alice Owuor Council Member

Prof. David T. K. Serem Council Member

Dr. Wilson Soy Council Member

Esther Jowi Council Member

Richard Isiaho Council Member

Richard Ndubai Council Member

Rose Osoro Council Member

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Membership Continuous Professional Development Programmes 4 Membership Events 5 Convention Personal Excellence Programmes

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Membership Events Pictorial 9 Eligibility to KIM Membership


Training and Consultancy Services - 2012 Open Programmes 11-12 The Human Capital Advisory Services 13 Organisational Performance Index (OPI) 14-15 OPI Calendar of Events 16 Our Events


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KIM Membership Services Our core business is to provide quality management development services to our members. KIM Monthly Management Forums The KIM Monthly Management Forums bring together about 250 members (managers) every month to interact with a panel of speakers on topics in business, management and leadership. The forums present members with an opportunity to tap wisdom from resource persons with vast wealth of experience and knowledge hence benefiting at both personal and organizational level. They are also a great platform for corporate organizations to display their offer to managers. Members earn 2 CPD points for attending these forums. Currently the Management Forums take place in KIM branches located in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru, Kericho, Nyeri and Embu. Members earn 2 CPD points.

Some keynote speakers during recent KIM Management Forums.

Sunny Bindra, Management Consultant (left), Joe Mucheru, Google Team Leader (centre) and Al Kags, CEO Goode Kenya.

Stella Kilonzo, CEO, Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

Dr. Martin Oduor-Otieno, CEO KCB Group (left) and Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom. Seni Adetu, Group Managing Director & CEO, East African Breweries.

2 KIM 2012 Services

Richard Lesiyampe, CEO, Kenyatta National Hospital.

KIM MANAGEMENT FORUMS Why attend our monthly Management Forums? • Get new insights on leadership and management issues as discussed by renowned business and organisational managers and leaders. • Learn how you can proactively drive excellence in your organisation. • Learn from other practitioners on contemporary business and management issues. • Earn CPD points that go towards meeting your individual professional growth. • Network with other professionals. Topic; NAIROBI


Thriving in Hard Economic Times: Lessons for Kenyan Businesses

29th February 2012

Inspiring Team Leadership for Organisational Productivity

29th March 2012

Social Media: Threats and Opportunities

26th April 2012

Professionalizing Family Business: Building Business Empires for the Future

31st May 2012

Organizational Excellence: Embracing Global Competitiveness

28th June 2012

Customer Relationship Management: 21st Century Metrics of Customer Satisfaction

26th July 2012

Innovation and creativity: What has Worked for Kenya Companies

23rd August 2012

Meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): and Organisational Bottom-line

27th September 2012

Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage for your Organisation

25th October 2012

Towards Institutional Excellence: New Governance Order

29th November 2012

Entry FREE for KIM Corporate and Individual paid up Members - (Members will earn 2 CPD points, 2012 membership card required).

Non Members Kshs 1,000 To participate both as a speaker and as part of the audience Contact: Beatrice or Judith Tel: 254-02-2445555, 2610799 or Email:

3 KIM 2012 Services

Membership Events KIM Membership Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programmes At KIM we believe in continuous improvement for our members. It is at the heart of this belief that we design CPD programmes targeted at growing the competencies of our members as professionals. These experiential workshops are meant to help members engage around topical issues with the aim of equipping managers with best practices. Though targeting KIM Members, these CPD workshops are also open to non-members. Members earn an average of 8 points for attending these workshops.






Risk Management : Managing risks in a changing business environment

• Understanding the fundamentals of enterprise risk management (ERM)

CEO, Risk Managers, Auditors, Finance Managers, ICT Managers , BDM

6th March 2012

HR Managers and Team Leaders (Managers, HODs, GM,)

8th May 2012

• Developing and Implementing an enterprise-wide risk management framework • Integrating risk management into strategy formulation and execution • Latest developments, practices and emerging issues in risk management • Implementing an ERM - Key challenges and success factors (Experiential learning)

Winning Performance Management Workshop

4 KIM 2012 Services

The workshop will cover the following areas: • Insights and elements of performance management • Measuring and managing performance effectively • Effective performance appraisals • Assigning roles in a performance management process • Rewarding system that works

Membership Events NO





Effective succession planning for business sustainability and success

• Overview of talent management and succession planning

HR professionals, Senior Managers, Directors, Managers and anyone with responsibility for succession planning

3rd July 2012

Division Heads, Every manager with budget responsibilities, financial and technical professionals

3rd October 2012

• Making a business case for succession planning • Foundations to successful succession planning interventions – philosophy, skills and culture considerations • Succession planning models (including case studies and practical group work assignments) • Developing effective monitoring and evaluation systems • Integrating succession planning into corporate HRD strategies

Business forecasting and budgeting

• Budgeting as a tool for planning and management • Understanding how budgeting supports effective business strategy • Managing and controlling cash flow to support financial plan • Managing financial risk

5 KIM 2012 Services

Membership Events 3rd Governance, Leadership and Management Convention


he Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention is a private sector driven roundtable that seeks to bring the private sector and the public sector on the continent together, to dialogue on critical business and leadership concerns on the continent. This initiative is driven by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), in conjunction with the Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) of Nigeria The Convention is increasingly becoming a critical player in shaping the future of the Continent of Africa. The Third Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention in Mombasa, Kenya, in August 2012 between 5th to 9th, will bring the searchlight to bear on wealth and employment, under the theme “Towards Sustainable Wealth and Job Creation. The thematic summary for the 2012 convention: Examining the role of enterprise in wealth and job creation in Africa

This thematic area brings the searchlight to rest on entrepreneurial culture and practice in Africa. Re-examining strategic development initiatives on wealth and job creation in Africa Within this focus, the convention will seek to make informed appreciation of efforts that have been made under such initiatives as NEPAD, MDGs and AGOA. It will also seek to appraise initiatives under regional economic bodies such as ECOWAS, SADC and COMESA and explore further interventions and possibilities. Tapping unexploited opportunities for sustainable wealth and job creation in Africa for Africa Sustainable wealth and job creation in Africa for Africans by Africans invites us to ask ourselves whether we have not failed to identify and tap opportunities. Is it possible that we can engage in dialogue that will help us identify such opportunities and how to harness them? This is an invitation to reflect outside the regular matrices, which have often been externally driven and with agenda that do not immediately address Africa’s needs. Best practices: Lessons from Africa and beyond While the African condition is by and large lamentable, it is not a sorry story all the way. There have been cases of African successes. What lessons are there for us from these success stories? Can they constitute astute examples to model along, with or without variation? This is the focus of this topic. Examples could be drawn from turn around societies like Rwanda and Liberia. South Africa and Botswana could also provide interesting case studies, among others.


Towards a framework for public-private sector partnership sustainable wealth and job creation agenda for Africa The thrust of this thematic concern rests on discovering practical engagement possibilities between the public and private sector in Africa, in pursuit of sustainable wealth and job creation on the continent. What are the essential policy initiatives that will provide enabling environments for the private sector to grow, create wealth and job opportunities on the continent?

KIM 2012 Services

The 3rd Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention 2012 Theme: Towards Sustainable Wealth and Job Creation: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa


The Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention is a Private Sector driven roundtable that seeks to bring the Private Sector and the Public Sector on the Continent together, to dialogue on critical business and leadership concerns on the Continent. This initiative is driven by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), in conjunction with the Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) of Nigeria. This Convention is increasingly becoming a critical player in shaping the future of the continent of Africa. The Convention will bring the searchlight to bear on Wealth and Job Creation, under the theme “Towards Sustainable Wealth and Job Creation: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa.” The thematic summary for the 2012 convention is as follows:

In Partnership With

a) Examining the role of enterprenuers in wealth and job creation in Africa b) Re-examining strategic development initiatives on wealth and job creation in Africa c) Tapping unexploited opportunities for sustainable wealth and job creation in Africa for Africa d) The role of financial institutions and capital markets in wealth and job creation in Africa f) Best practices: Lessons from Africa and beyond g) Towards a framework for public-private sector partnership in wealth and job creation agenda for Africa At least 300 of Africa’s primary business leaders and policy makers are expected to attend this important forum in Mombasa, Kenya. For more information and registration, contact:

The Kenya Institute of Management, Eunice Njenga / Judith Wambura : Tel: +254-20-2610799, 2445555 Email: / / • Website:

Africa Leadership Forum Ibraheem Sanusi: Tel: +234-807-389-1719, 803-454-3925, • Fax: +234-171-00432 Email: / / Website:

Membership Events Personal Excellence Programmes Personal Excellence Programmes KIM recognizes the need to develop budding managers with an objective of inspiring them to set higher goals for themselves and their job related objectives. We have put together a bouquet of Personal Excellence Programmes where seasoned resource persons will engage with the upcoming managers through experience sharing. We urge corporate organizations to use these platforms to grow their future leadership. THEME


Creating a Personal Brand

• • • •

How do you build and maintain your own personal brand? How do you develop the art of marketing yourself Looking at your brand as an investment How to keep your brand fresh and unique

27th April 2012

Career Growth and Development

• How to explore new opportunities and develop a career path that builds on your strengths and talents.

8th June 2012

• Managing your career and setting realistic career development goals


• Developing your professional expertise • Identifying opportunities for promotion and/or lateral moves to realize your career objective Personal management

Achieving personal Financial Success

8 KIM 2012 Services

Managing and living by your own goals and objectives

• Personal motivation and the competencies that you need to reach your goal, •

How to create greater personal happiness and success in life

Setting and achieving all your life long personal goals

Personal development for lifetime success

• Understanding drivers in financial behavior • Building discipline in financial success • Debt reduction plan • Investment opportunities for growing personal wealth

7st Sep 2012

9th Nov 2012

Membership Events

H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo, Patron of Annual Governance, Leadership and Management Convention and Kenya Vice President, H.E. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, follow the Governance, Leadership and Management Convention held at the White Sands Hotel Mombasa.

(l-r) Jeff Koinange, K24 TV presenter, Hon. Amos Kimunya Minister for Transport, Prof. PLO Lumumba and Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, Medical Services Minister follow the KIM 2011 Annual Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention.

H.E. Thabo Mbeki (left) and Standard Group CEO, Paul Melly (centre), listen to Nation Media Group CEO, Linus Gitahi during the Governance, Leadership and Management Convention.

H.E. Thabo Mbeki Former South Africa President giving his speech during the annual KIM African Governance, Leadership and Management Convention.

Below is a list of other membership activities for the year for your participation. NO.




Members’ Annual General Meeting

29th June 2012


1st Annual Managers Conference

19th to 22nd June 2012


The 3rd Africa Leadership, Governance and Management Convention 2012

5th to 9th August 2012


Managing on Heels Dinner

31st August 2012


KIM Annual Golf Tournament

28th August 2012


Members’ Annual Dinner

26th October 2012


Managers’ Dance

30th November 2012

To participate in membership activities contact: Beatrice or Judith Tel: 254-02-2445555, 2610799 or Email:

9 KIM 2012 Services

Eligibility to KIM Membership Entitlement of Representative


Corporate Member 2 (CM 2)


No. of Employees in your Organisation

Entrance and Subscription Fee

1 – 50

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total

2,000 8,000 10,000 2,000 10,000 12,000

Corporate Member 3 (CM 3)


51 – 150

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total

Corporate Member 4 (CM 4)


151 - 200

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total

2,000 12,000 14,000

201 - 400

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total

2,000 14,000 16,000

Above 400

Entrance Fee Annual Subscription Total

2,000 16,000 18,000

Corporate Member 5 (CM 5) Corporate Member 6 (CM 6)



Categories of Individual Membership and Eligibility MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY


Fellows, FKIM

The grade of Fellow is the highest grade in KIM membership and is awarded to persons whose work and individual efforts have contributed immensely to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management in KIM and beyond. The grade is awarded on invitation by the Council.

Full member, MKIM

The grade of Full Member is awarded to persons holding executive management positions and have contributed towards the advancement of theory and practice of management as demonstrated by qualification, experience and size of the organization they lead. In addition, the person must show evidence of continuous professional development.

Associate Member, AKIM

Student Member

10 KIM 2012 Services


Annual Subscription


Entrance fee:


Annual Subscription:




The grade of Associate member is awarded to persons who are actively engaged in industry, commerce or public organization and have demonstrated clarity in understanding management practice. In addition applicants must show evidence of continuous professional development.

Entrance fee:


Annual Subscription: ,000


The grade is open to students in universities, polytechnics and other middle level institutions recognized by KIM.

Entrance fee and Annual





KIM Training and Consultancy Services


or past six decades, The Kenya Institute of Management has been at the fore front in the provision of management and leadership training across the region. Our programmes both open and in-house are designed to provide solutions to contemporary dilemmas facing business and institutional leaders and equipping managers with competencies and skills to proactively steer their organizations to greater heights of growth. Register with us today and get your return on investment. Also visit our website to see the full range of in-house training programmes that we can offer your organization.

2012 KIM Training Calendar - Open Programmes COURSE



COST (Kshs) Exclusive of VAT



Feb, 22 - 24, June, 20 - 24, August, 22 - 24


Corporate Governance Programme

CEOs, Director and Senior Managers

3 days in Mombasa


Institutional Governance & Leadership Excellence Programme

Leaders and Managers at County and National levels as well as business leaders

5 days in Mombasa Continental Resort


Empowering the Woman Leader Programme

116,000 inclusive of VAT

May, 21-25

Women in Management and 3 days in Leadership positions Nairobi


June, 6 - 8


Leadership Development and Coaching Programme for New Upcoming Managers

Recently appointed and upcoming managers

4 days in Mombasa


September, 24 - 28


Strategic Risk & Fraud Management Programme

CEOs and Senior Managers

3 days in Nairobi


October, 10 - 12


Women on Boards Programme

Women in various Boards, Women targeting to sit in boards


Advanced Leadership Managing Directors, CEO’S & Management and Organizational Leaders Programme:


3 days in Mombasa




October, 24 - 25

11 KIM 2012 Services

KIM Training and Consultancy Services 2012 KIM Training Calendar - Open Programmes [Cont’d] CAREER ADVANCEMENT AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PROGAMMES 8

Effective Office Administration

Administration Managers and Office Administrators

3 days in Nairobi


August, 1 - 3


Career Advancement Programme for Executive Assistant: Module I

Senior Secretaries, Personal Assistants & Executive Assistants

5 days in Mombasa


March, 19 - 23, September, 24 - 29


Career Advancement Programme for Executive Assistant: Module II

Career-focused Executive and Personal Assistants wanting to develop broader business and management skills

5 days in Mombasa


May 14 -18, November, 26 - 30


Customer Relationship Excellence Programme

Customer Relations Officers, Guest Relations and Front Office Staff, First Line Supervisors

5 days in Mombasa


July, 23 - 27


Team Leaders, Supervisors, NEBOSH Health and HR Professionals, Facility Safety at Work Award Managers, Fire and Safety Programme Officers





Talent Management Programme

HR Practitioners and Line Managers

3 days in Nairobi


Personal Excellence Programme for Organizational Productivity

Senior Managers

3 days in Nairobi



July, 11 - 13

May, 23 - 25



Results Based Project Management Programme

Managers and Project Officers involved in projects

5 days in Mombasa


June, 11 - 15


Project Monitoring & Evaluation Programme

Managers and Project Officers involved in projects

5 days in Mombasa


April, 26 - 30

12 KIM 2012 Services

The Human Capital Advisory Services The Human Capital Advisory Services Unit offers a range of HR solutions to meet the diverse needs of every organisation.

• • •

Our philosophy is to become a premier solutions vendor in Human Capital Advisory.

• • • •

Our competence and service areas include: • Executive CV Database recruitment • Fully fledged/ Full cycle recruitment • Assessment Centre Recruitment • Personality assessment testing services (PAT) • Psychometric testing for career planning • 360 degree feedback appraisals • Human Resource Related surveys like salary and benefits, employee morale and employee satisfaction • Staff development planning • Targeted Career themed training • Occupational health and safety training • Employee skills audits

Management and leadership consultancies Performance management Organisational restructuring mainly job evaluations Baseline Surveys Strategic planning Board reviews and evaluations Coaching and Mentoring

Our core team combines both high level of skill and experience in virtually all aspects of Human Capital development. We tap a lot from the KIM Organisational Performance Index, a business model that evaluates organisational excellence and competitiveness. Our promise is to bring best HR practices in your organization to meet your organisational objectives, increase your productivity and ensure a sustainable competitive advantage through an engaged workforce.

Our clients include: 1. Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Services Limited 2. Toyota Kenya Ltd 3. Ipas Africa Alliance 4. Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd 5. African Cotton Industries Ltd 6. Toyota Tsusho Africa ( PTY) Ltd 7. Equipment masters East Africa Ltd 8. Agha Khan University Hospital 9. CMC Motors Group 10. Meridian Medical Centre 11. Mullard Fire Protection Ltd 12. G4S Security EA Ltd

13. Regal Pharmaceuticals 14. Capital Real Time 15. Winnies Pure Health 16. Davis and Shirtliff 17. Bayer East Africa 18. Crown Berger 19. Riara Group of Schools 20. Subaru Kenya 21. Hotpoint Appliances 22. Power Technics 23. National Cereals and Produce Board 24. Imaging Solutions Ltd 25. Mea Limited 26. Beta Healthcare 27. Avenue Fresh Produce 28. Star freight

29. Centro food Industries 30. Mantrac 31. Philoke Electronics 32. Crown Health Care 33. Sopa Lodges 34. Christian Partners Development Agency 35. Hazina Sacco 36. NASSEFU SACCO 37. Mastermind Tobacco 38. KIPPRA 39. Academic Services Limited (St Austin Academy 40. KIRDI 41. Kilifi Plantations 42. Good Hope Rehabilitation Center

To enquire or register for our programmes contact: Tel: +254 020 3749929,020 2396411,020 2461441 • P.O. Box 43706, GPO, Nairobi, Kenya


KIM 2012 Services

Organisational Performance Index (OPI) Promoting Performance, Recognizing excellence The Organisational Performance Index (OPI) is a business excellence framework that aims to drive organizational excellence and determine integration of smart business processes with sustainable results while focusing on continuous improvement in the organisation. The OPI business excellence model measures performance excellence and competitiveness by generating a rating between 1 to 10 to determine an organisation’s competitiveness. The model sets a minimum score that an organisation must attain to remain competitive. The rating is determined following a rigorous internal and external assessment process. The OPI Business Excellence Framework The OPI Business Excellence Framework is based on seven global determinants that are used to measure performance excellence:

OPI Assessment Process Organisations participating in OPI are assessed in terms of the soundness of their business processes and the sustainability of their results year after year, while creating a culture which values continuous learning and improvement. Further, the OPI tool offers organisations a platform to benchmark with the best in the industry using globally respected standards. The Existence, Implementation and Result (EIR) approach is used during assessment process. A key component of OPI is to inculcate a culture of excellence in participating organisations. A team of champions selected by the participating companies undergo a three-day Business Excellence Training Programme. Assessing business excellence or organisational excellence is an essential part of a learning and measurement process, which involves people in self-assessment and allows organisations to identify strengths and improvement opportunities as well as enabling the progress of excellence programmes to be monitored in a systematic way.

14 KIM 2012 Services

The OPI business excellence framework revolves around the following excellence themes: Leadership and Management; Customer orientation and Marketing; Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Innovation, Information and Knowledge Management; Corporate Citizenship and Environmental Focus and Productivity and Quality. OPI enables team members of their organisations to evaluate and measure their approaches in these seven areas with the aim of promoting organisational learning, innovation and continual improvement which as pertinent foundations in driving competitiveness in any organisation. It is against this background that The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) developed the Organisational Performance Index (OPI) as a business excellence framework that enables organisations to drive performance excellence and ultimately improve their competitiveness. OPI is the assessment process/tool we use in determining the various recognition awards such as Company of the Year Award (COYA) and KIM Annual Business Award (KABA) for Small and Medium Enterprises. The deliverable of the process is a feedback report which highlights the organisation’s key strengths, opportunities for improvement and the benchmark based on global standards and best practices. The OPI Journey of Excellence: 1. Participating organisations register and create a team of “OPI Champions”; 2. The OPI Champions complete a comprehensive training program on OPI implementation “The Business Excellence Program”; 3. Organization conducts self evaluation backed up by comprehensive supporting documentation; 4. Desk analysis of the completed self assessment and documentation is conducted by OPI certified assessors; 5. A Site visit assessment is conducted at the participating organisation by OPI certified assessors; 6. The assessors consolidation their analysis and findings into an advisory report that then submitted to a Board of OPI Assessors for validation; 7. The OPI Board of Assessors issues the validated advisory reports to the participating organisation, which includes the OPI rating score between 1 to 10. 8. A feedback management report presentation is made to the participating organisation. 9. The award ceremony Company of the Year Awards (COYA) Gala is conducted to recognise and celebrate management excellence for companies participating in COYA.

Mabati Rolling Mills staff display the Company of the Year Award during the 2011 COYA awards.

Linus Gitahi, CEO, Nation Media Group, hands over the CEO of the year award to Julius Kipng’etich, Director, KWS, as Hirji Shah, Truste Chandaria Foundation looks on.

For more details email to or visit our website or call us +254-20-2535276


KIM 2012 Services

OPI 2012 Calendar of Events NO.




Champions’ Networking Cocktail

9th February


Nakuru Regional OPI Forum

24th February


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

7th – 9th March


OPI Assessors Training

19th – 20th March


OPI High Tea Forum

22nd March


COYA/OPI Sponsors’ Forum

27th March


April OPI Assessors Training

19th – 21st April


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

25th – 27th April


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

23rd – 25th May


Certified Business Leadership Programme (CBLP)

5th June 2012

Launch 11

OPI Business Excellence Workshop

13th - 15th June


CEO Forum & Launch of CEO Club

28th June


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

11th – 13th July


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

25th – 27th July


OPI High Tea Forum

22nd August


Champions’ Training

29 – 31 August


OPI Business Excellence Program for Champions

26th – 28th September


KABA Gala Night

5th October


OPI Conference

31st October – 1st November


COYA Gala Night

2nd November

16 KIM 2012 Services

Our Events

Nairobi Bottlers Limited celebrate winning the 2011 Customer Orientation and Marketing award during the 2011 COYA gala dinner.

Dr. Jonathan Ciano, CEO Uchumi Supermarkets presents KWS Director, Mr. Julius Kipngetich with the 2011 COYA Environmental award.

David Muturi, KIM CEO and Hon. Nderitu Muriithi Assistant Minister for Industrilization unveil the Jitihada Business Plan Competition.

Dr. Alex Douglas,Chief Guest Editor of TQM Journal during the 2011 Company of the year gala dinner at Safari Park Hotel.

Investeq Capital Limited staff display their certificate of participation during the 2011 annual KABA awards.

Julie Gichuru, Citizen TV Anchor gives her presentation during the KIM Managing on Heels Dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi.

17 KIM 2012 Services

What they say about OPI COYA 2010 Winner - NMG Participating in the OPI process was an eye opener. The assessment was comprehensive, professional, and insightful, making it Linus Gitahi one of the most costChief Executive Officer, effective, value-adding Nation Media Group business consultations available anywhere in the world today. I would encourage all organizations to participate in this rewarding experience.

Customer Orientation and Marketing Winner 2010 - Britak Participating in the OPI process was an eye opener. The assessment was comprehensive, professional, and insightful, making it one of the most costStephen Wandera, CEO- BRITAK effective, value-adding business consultations available anywhere in the world today. I would encourage all organizations to participate in this rewarding experience.

Human Resource Management Winner 2010 - KWS The thinking behind OPI is cutting edge. Participants are shown how to be globally competitive. OPI is not about national or regional Julius Kipng’etich Director, KWS competitiveness, it’s about benchmarking to compete with the best in the world.

Productivity and Quality Winner 2010/11 –TOYOTA

Hylton Bannon, Former MD, Toyota East Africa

“Our participation in the OPI has improved our processes and enhanced efficiency”

Companies that have gone through OPI process 1. 2. 3.

Postbank Ltd Magnate Ventures Catering & Tourism Development Levy Trust 4. Consolidated Bank 5. Crown Berger Kenya 6. Kenya Power 7. Compulynx 8. New KCC 9. Jetlink Express 10. Nairobi Bottlers Limited 11. Nation Media Group 12. Toyota Kenya 13. Mabati Rolling Mills

18 KIM 2012 Services

14. Britak 15. Kenya Wildlife Services 16. Blowplast 17. Laptrust 18. MacKiney Rogers 19. Kenya Forest Service 20. Pan African Life Insurance 21. Kenya Meat Commission 22. Barclays Bank 23. National Council for Law Reporting 24. Bank of Kigali 25. Serena Hotels 26. World Vision

27. Institute of Policy Analysis and Research 28. Kobil 29. Real Contractors 30. Crystal Ventures 31. MSG Media 32. NDP Contraco 33. Fair Construction 34. Ruliba Clays 35. Bourbon Coffee 36. Mutara Enterprises 37. Intersect Security Company 38. Graphic Print Solutions 39. Inyange Industries

Business Intelligence and Research Unit Business Intelligence and Research unit offers a wide range of research products to meet the diverse needs of every organisation At KIM Business Intelligence and Research Unit, you will get: • Tailor made research products to inform organisations on new product development and product improvement • Access to highly skilled professionals and internationally recognized facilitators • Excellent track record of research assignments conducted on behalf of other organizations • National geographical presence to facilitate national surveys Our services include: • Documentation of business success stories • Employee and customer satisfaction surveys • Baseline, mid-line and end-line surveys • Market feasibility studies • Business intelligence tools for effective performance • Market analysis and tracking services • Writing business case studies • Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns and events • Impact evaluation of research projects and interventions Our Achievements: • A successful Journal publishing seminar on How to Get Published conducted by Dr. Alex Douglas, Editor of The TQM Journal • A study on Youth and Women Entrepreneurs’ Preparedness in Kenya: A Case Study of the Kenya Youth Enterprise Development Fund and Kenya Women Enterprise Fund Beneficiaries using the TRISTART Business Evaluation Tool. • A study on Employees’ Perceptions on Female Managers • Transformational Leadership: Case Study of the Kenya Wildlife Services Upcoming event: • The 2nd Knowledge Management Through Journal Publishing In Eastern Africa 27th and 28th June, 2012 at Hilton Hotel, Nairobi. • Lean Sigma Yellow Belt Training: 29th and 30th June 2012 at Jacaranda Hotel, Nairobi.

19 KIM 2012 Services

SME Solutions Centre SME Solution Centre (S.S.C) was established in 1987 to enhance and promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development as a viable vehicle for wealth creation and national development. The departments’ interactive and innovative approach in the provision of training and consultancy, has assisted in building the capacity of several Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and their support organizations, placing them well on the way to achieving full entrepreneurial potential.

At SME Solution Centre, we offer: 1. Business Development Services (BDS) that comprise of: Training The calendar of training covers the following: • Business Creation and Start Ups • Business Expansion and Business Rehabilitation • Training for Monitoring and Evaluation • Training of Trainers for Small Enterprise Development • Conference and Symposia on Entrepreneurship Development Research We offer tailor made research solutions to SMEs in various fields that include; • Marketing Survey • Customer Satisfaction Survey • Product Development Consultancy Organizations have benefited in our consulting services on basic business practices and organizational management. We advise on strategic planning, staffing and HR policies for SMEs, baseline studies among other vital issues. 2. Organizational Performance Index (OPI) and KIM Annual Business Awards (KABA) The KABA awards were introduced by the Kenya Institute of Management to enhance sound business practices grow competitiveness in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Kenya. KABA seeks to improve the performance of companies in the following areas: • Leadership and Management • HR Focus • Customer Orientation and Marketing • Financial Management • Innovation, Technology and Information Management • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Focus • Productivity and Quality

20 KIM 2012 Services

3. Ongoing Projects We have embarked on various projects that promote the enterprise spirit some of which are listed below: JITIHADA Jitihada is a brand name for the Kenya National Business Plan Competition, a Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Competition project funded by the World Bank. The primary aim of the project is to increase productivity and employment in the MSME sector in Kenya. The project is implemented by a three member consortium led by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). Other implementing partners are, TechnoServe Kenya (TNS/K) and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). The first phase of Jitihada was implemented between 2009-2010 and 2092 participants were on board. The second phase commenced in May 2011 and will run until June 2012. We have 3048 participants in this phase and we shall award the winners at national level , provincial level and county level. Jitihada has also enjoyed support from organization like the Co-operative Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust, The Youth Fund and Barclays Bank. Kenya Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP) The Kenya Institute of Management is implementing The Kenya Youth Empowerment Programme (KYEP) with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). This programme trains Kenyan youth to acquire relevant work experience and skills, through a private sector internship and training programme. In this training programme, KIM will train a total of 10,810 youth in core business skills over a period of four years. French Agency for Development (AFD) Roads 2000 Project KIM is implementing a Business Skills Training project with Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KERRA). This project will run for four years and aims at enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of road contractors in Central Kenya.

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March 2012

May 2012 6 164001 15700 3 >

KSHS 300 TSHS 6,000 USHS 8,700 RWF 2,500 US$4



MONEY MAT TERS Teaching your kids money lessons

MANAGING UP How to ‘wow’ your boss

TAC TICS All about lean & green thinking

April 2012


6 164001 157003 >

KSHS 300 TSHS 6,000 USHS 8,700 RWF 2,500 US$4


ELECTION TIME How to manage political risks

BUSINESS ETIQUETTE Surviving an ‘oops’ moment

KSHS 300 TSHS 6,000 USHS 8,700 RWF 2,500 US$4


TACTICS How to brand a political party EXCLUSIVE! A survey about female bosses

MANAGEMENT is a monthly magazine published by the Kenya Institute of Management. The magazine focuses on issues of business, leadership and management in East Africa. Our objective is to highlight best practice, promote excellence, discuss emerging issues, and share lessons from organisations, and individuals running organizations and businesses. We are about influencing the practice of management in Africa. MANAGEMENT magazine articles cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to different industries and management functions. The articles focus on areas like: leadership, management, marketing, finance, human resource, corporate governance, organizational change, risk management, strategy, operations among others. All articles share certain characteristics. They are written for managers by contributing writers whose authority comes from study and experience. The ideas presented in these articles can be translated into action and have been tested in the real world of business. We print 10,000 copies which are circulated by Nation Marketing and Publishing in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

For enquiries contact the editor on:

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Advertising rates Why Advertise in the Management Including MANAGEMENT in your advertising plan will expose your products and services to niche readers in East Africa. We are the only leadership and management publication in the region that has been consistent for the last 40 years.

Our value proposition Editorial content... We publish regional stories about companies, individuals and brands. All articles are written by skilled journalists and experienced contributing writers. Circulation... We publish 10,000 copies monthly with an estimated readership of 50,000. Our readers’ profile... Our readers are influential decision makers, policy makers and entrepreneurs. They have highly disposable incomes, use credit, have investments and mortgages, purchase lifestyle products and services and entertain clients and staff. They are generally concerned about issues of management and leadership and read to add value to their lives. Distribution... Mailed directly to paid subscribers and business leaders, listed companies, parastatals, government ministries, SMEs, NGOs; sold in 400 outlets in East Africa, distributed at select corporate functions and events, 5 star hotels, lodges, university libraries, members-only clubs and medical facilities.


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All swift payments to be made to the following Account: Bank:

Commercial Bank of Africa


Wabera Street, Nairobi, Kenya


The Kenya Institute of Management

A/C Number: 6425720016 Swift: CBAFKENX Regional contacts: Kenya Anthony Githendu Tel: +254 (020) 2235277, 2669935, +254 722 856 142/ 0737 851 520 Location: Luther Plaza, off University Way Roundabout, second floor. E-mail:

Rwanda Njeri Mwangi Maison #16, Avenue De L’armee, next to UN Rwanda, Opposite Rwandatel Tel: +250 722 566055, +250 785 742002 E-mail:,

Uganda Rodgers Matama Lucky Family Business Ltd Tel: + 256 772 469492, + 256 712 271331 E-mail:

KIM Members are entitled to a 10% discount. These rates include agency commission but exclude 16% VAT.



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to suBscribe Fill in the form and send it by post or email to: Contact Person: Laura Wahinya, The Kenya Institute of Management Luther Plaza, 2nd Flr, Nyerere Road P.O. Box 43706 00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 020 2535277/ 020 2669935 /020 2445555, 2445600, 0712200002, 0731770252 Email: Website:

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• Direct Deposits • Credit Card I Hereby enclose CASH/CHEQUE payment for my subscription. (Cheques payable to The Kenya Institute of Management, Commercial Bank of Africa, Wabera Street Branch, A/C Number: 6425720016, Swift: CBAFKENX




The KIM Publishing and Creative Services department produces communication materials for corporate and individual clients. Our flagship publication is the Management magazine. We specialize in: annual reports, newsletters, posters, magazines, banners, brochures, calendars and training materials - corporate branded folders, CDs and DVDs.

• We have a team of creative designers who will actualize your ideas into attractive visual communication.

• Our pool of talented writers and editors will package your information in an attractive and catchy language.

• Our team of in-house photographers will take images that will enhance your products/services. • You will get personalized services by our client service team to ensure excellent delivery of work.


For enquiries and quotations contact:

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The KIM School of Management

School of Management 2011 graduation at the Bomas of Kenya.

For over half a century, The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) has been at the fore front in the provision of quality management training, research and consultancy to generations of managers and leaders who have shaped the practice of business in every industry in the region. KIM is legally mandated to train and examine by the Government of Kenya. KIM Diplomas are recognized by the government and employers through the Federation of Kenya Employers and The Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), which means that sponsoring organizations can get refunds for sponsorships given to their staff to undertake KIM courses. Further to this, KIM programmes are validated by the Commission of Higher Education. The KIM School of Management enjoys the Institute’s national network comprised of 20 branches equipped with modern learning facilities and libraries. KIM libraries are stocked with current text books, print journals and magazines in management and allied disciplines. Additionally, KIM subscribed to electronic resources such as Emerald and EBSCO Host databases through the Kenya Library and Information Services Consortium which offers clients access to a wide range of over 10,000 publications. The KIM Diploma in M anagement has 10 options of specialization that cuts across diverse areas specialization in management which includes: Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Public Relations Management, Healthcare Management, Management of NGOs, Purchasing and Supplies Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management and Enterprise Development Management.

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Brighten your


...enroll at


REGISTRATION ONGOING DIPLOMA COURSES IN MANAGEMENT (with the following options): • Diploma in Business Management • Diploma in Marketing Management • Diploma in Human Resource Management • Diploma in Public Relations Management • Diploma in Health Care Management • Diploma in Management of NGOs • Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management • Diploma in Project Management • Diploma in Total Quality Management • Diploma in Enterprise Development

SECTION I DURATION: 6 Months ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • KIM Certificate in Management Course • CPA 1 or CPS 1 • KNEC Certificate in Business Management • KATC Final • Minimum one year Diploma from a recognized Institution SECTION II (DIRECT ENTRY ) DURATION: 6 Months ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • Degree from a recognized University • CPA II or CPS II • KIM Advanced Certificate in Business Management • Diploma from a recognized institution in a relevant field • Higher Diploma form a recognized institution SECTION III DURATION: 6 Months ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • Pass in section II

KIM Diplomas are validated by the Commission for Higher Education. KIM is DIT (Directorate of Industrial Training) registered and awards certificates in accordance with 26 the Education Act Cap 211. KIM 2012 Services

CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT COURSE DURATION: 6 Months ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • KCSE Mean Grade C- with C- in English and Maths or Commerce / Accounting / Economics • KIM Bridging Course • ‘O’ Level Division III • A Level Certificate BRIDGING COURSE IN MANAGEMENT DURATION: 3 Months ENTRY REQUIREMENTS • KCSE Mean Grade D or equivalent

Computer Proficiency Course now on offer

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