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O ur aim is to prepare young women and men for a productive , meaningful and successful life , in college and beyond . M iller S chool of A lbemarle will achieve these goals with a rigorous and supportive program , talented facult y and staff , small classroom settings , actual leadership opportunities and an emphasis on building character , improving communication skills and developing genuine fellowship . MSA’ s unique communit y builds responsible citizens , critical and insightful thinkers , and compassionate individuals . O ur nurturing and controlled environment promotes physical and emotional well - being , an understanding of world cultures and values , in a safe environment . MSA’ s historical tradition of implementing an approach of “M ind , H ands and H eart ” stresses the need to learn how to accomplish ideas and projects in a sincere , heartfelt manner .

Why Miller School of Albemarle? ACADEMIC SUCCESS

Students attend Miller School of Albemarle to surround themselves with peers who are focused on academic achievement and improvement. All of our students are college bound and spend their years here focused on building the academic foundation, confidence, and character that translate to success at the next level of education.


Working at MSA is more than a job for our staff and faculty - it is a way of life. Our teachers are experts in their respective fields, with over 70% holding advanced degrees. Many of them live on campus with their families, and all are here because they are committed to the success of our students.


Miller School of Albemarle students hail from all over the United States and the world. Once a student becomes a part of our community they feel immediately at home, where all belong and none is excluded.


The Honor Code at Miller School of Albemarle is a way of life. Each year students sign a pledge acknowledging that they wish to live in an environment where all conduct themselves with honor and a high regard for others.


MSA students have a 1,600 acre campus to call home. The campus includes historic buildings, athletic fields, miles of mountain biking and equestrian trails, forests, orchards, and an 11-acre lake. Miller School of Albemarle’s campus is a unique and beautiful setting for academics, athletics, and boarding life.

“A big part of my decision to attend Miller School was the campus. They have hundreds of acres to hike, fish, and just enjoy the outdoors. When I am not in class or on the court, you can usually find me with a rod in my hand.” ~ Connor S. ‘15

Find Your Passion Whatever your passion is, Miller School of Albemarle can help you pursue it. There are always new ways to challenge yourself, exciting things to learn, and new adventures to start. Whether you are at home on the baseball field, hiking the trails, or acting on stage, the MSA community will be standing with you to help you to achieve your goals.

“The teachers at Miller love what they do, and it shows. It is clear in the way that they approach class each day, mentor students, and find out what we love and the way that we learn.” ~ Maddie M. ‘15


The excellence of a Miller School of Albemarle education is evident in its program of rigorous coursework and indiviualized attention. Our faculty have high expectations for each student, and all students are challenged to reach their full potential not only as learners of content knowledge, but also as creators, critical thinkers, collaborators, and communicators. In keeping with our motto, “Mind, Hands, and Heart,� the Miller School of Albemarle curriculum includes many opportunities for hands-on learning, both through traditional classes and through innovative courses such as Design/Build. The classroom at MSA often extends beyond the walls of our academic building as students make use of our 1,600-acre campus and take frequent field trips. Each year, all students attend a play, visit a variety of museums, and enjoy cultural activities throughout the central Virginia area. Our proximity to the University of Virginia gives students access to many additional resources through research symposia and workshops, visits to laboratory facilities, and participation in special events. You will find the offerings at MSA to be unique and challenging - from Photography and Woodworking, to Statistics and Economics.

One of MSA’s best traits is its ability to tailor its program to the needs of each student. This is especially true in the Fine Arts. You can take Photography as an absolute beginner or as an accomplished photographer. MSA enables all students to grow and enjoy themselves creatively. ~ Aryeh E. ‘14

FINE ART OFFERINGS: Studio Art Instrumental & Vocal Music Photography Design/Build Woodworking Performing Arts

Fine Arts Art in its various forms plays a vital role in educating Miller School of Albemarle students. Whether on stage, in front of an easel, in the darkroom, behind a table saw, or in a specially designed instrument rehearsal space, MSA students are encouraged to explore the wonders of art and to discover the richness that artistic activity can add to their lives. One of the most exciting aspects of the arts at MSA is the creative energy and ideas exchanged between the students and instructors. Students develop their own creative vision, voice, and critical interpretation of the world around them.

“I love working with my hands. Miller’s Design/Build program has enabled me to take my passion for creating and find an art that I truly enjoy. Woodworking is something that I hope to continue my entire life.” ~ Patrick C. ‘15

Engineering Program

Since its founding Miller School has placed an importance on working with one’s hands. To this day, students continue to hone their craft in the same shops that were used over one hundred years ago. Now, imagine drafting a birdhouse of your own design, creating a CAD model on the computer, printing a 3D replica, and then bringing your design to life in our shop. Miller School of Albemarle students who participate in our PreEngineering Track have this opportunity and more. This concentration gives students hands-on experience in relevant areas across the curriculum, equipping them for success in engineering courses at the college level. Each student enrolled in the Pre-Engineering Track will take Design/Build courses, Introduction to Engineering, advanced science and mathematics courses, as well as participate in engineering competitions and field trips, all while maintaining a comprehensive portfolio of their work.

Start Your Adventure at Miller School of Albemarle

Athletics The Miller School of Albemarle athletic program instills in each girl and boy the core values of our school’s mission through healthy and balanced athletic competition, sportsmanship, and team membership. All students participate in three seasons of athletic or other dynamic after-school activities. For well over a century, MSA student-athletes have competed with integrity, determination, and spirit, leading teams that honor the traditions and high standards of our institution in each athletic endeavor.

ATHLETIC OFFERINGS: Ballet Mountain Biking Baseball Road Cycling Basketball Soccer Cross Country Strength & Conditioning Dance Swimming Equestrian Tennis Golf Ultimate Frisbee Lacrosse Volleyball Wilderness Skills Wrestling

“At MSA we work with junior cyclists and provide them with all the tools necessary to maximize their cycling potential. It is our goal to create a peer support network of riders and to treat the athletes like professional cyclists.� ~ Andy Guptill, Endurance Team Director

Endurance A unique feature of the MSA athletic program is our Endurance Team, a nationally recognized high school cycling, mountain biking, and distance running program for girls and boys. The team is a varsity sport and competes in both big school and USA Cycling events throughout the year. Miller School of Albemarle understands that endurance athletics require specific training and travel, which can be a challenge to balance with the average high school student’s schedule. Furthermore, MSA realizes that while cycling is one of the world’s most popular sports, it is not often recognized by most high school athletic departments. MSA’s program provides junior endurance athletes with the support, both peer and professional, and time necessary to balance high-level training and racing with high-level academics. Athletes are given the time and coaching necessary to succeed at the highest level of the sport.

Student Life

The term “student life” includes nearly everything at the Miller School of Albemarle that’s not solely a part of the academic program, from boarding life in Old Main and Wayland Hall to off-campus weekend activities and the use of leisure time. In addition to teaching, all adults at Miller School play vital roles in our Student Life program - as advisors, role models, coaches, and mentors to all of our students. Miller School of Albemarle’s proximity to the University of Virginia, many historic sites, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Washington DC makes it a great place to live and study. On any given weekend students may have the opportunity to attend a UVA sporting event, go to a dance with other boarding school students, enjoy a theater production or concert, join a group for skiing or hiking, or take a shopping or movie trip with friends. A student may also choose to enjoy MSA’s 1,600-acre campus by going fishing in the lake, swimming in the pool, playing a game of pick-up soccer, or riding our mountain bike trails.

Service Service to the community through partnerships with local non-profits is a core value of Miller School of Albemarle, where volunteerism is truly substantive and focused on long-term engagement rather than a simple accumulation of hours. This is accomplished through bi-weekly service days in which every MSA student participates, with many students maintaining sustained partnerships with local non-profit organizations allowing for long-term involvement and investment.

Cam Smith, ‘14, being interviewed about attending Dartmouth.

College Placement A young person who wishes to receive an excellent education can do so at literally hundreds of colleges and universities in the United States. Matching the individual personality and talents of a senior with the collective culture of a college is absolutely essential to laying the groundwork for a happy and productive higher education experience. This being the case, the MSA College Placement Office is committed to assisting each of our students in selecting the college that is best for him or her.

Construction of Miller School of Albemarle’s historic campus began in 1876. Old Main was completed first and outfitted with two dynamos from Thomas Edison’s company, making Miller School one of the first electrified buildings in the upper south. Construction continued and a host of other academic and residential buildings were added. Students today still roam the halls and attend classes in this remarkable setting, which has served from the beginning as an institution for education.

Location Miller School of Albemarle is located on 1,600 pristine acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Charlottesville, Virginia, in Albemarle County. The campus contains meadows and wooded areas with some of Virginia’s best running and biking trails, along with an eleven acre lake. The University of Virginia is just ten miles to the east and Wintergreen Ski Resort is twenty miles to the west - perfect setting for someone who enjoys the outdoors and the energy of a university town.

Miller School of Albemarle 1000 Samuel Miller Loop 
Charlottesville, VA 22903 

building responsible citizens, insightful thinkers, & compassionate individuals since 1878

MSA Viewbook  

Get a feel for Miller School of Albemarle in this overview publication.

MSA Viewbook  

Get a feel for Miller School of Albemarle in this overview publication.