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Fall/Winter 2010

A Letter From HEADMASTER Rick


On June 7, Patrick L. “Rick” France was named the 13th Headmaster of the Miller School of Albemarle. No stranger to Miller, Mr. France has spent his entire career in independent school teaching and administration, first at Blue Ridge School and then at North Cross School in Roanoke. He joined the Miller School of Albemarle’s faculty in 2000 to teach and to serve as Director of Academics. A man of action, Mr. France has already overseen the paving of our front entrance and parking lots – compliments of the generosity of the Board of Trustees; initiated a new Design/Build program led by newcomer, Steve Hunter; appointed Chair of the English Department Peter Hufnagel as Dean of Faculty and Foreign Language Department Chair Elizabeth Brann as Dean of Academics; and appointed Brad Bodager to Director of Institutional Advancement. Mr. France’s enthusiasm pervades the beloved hallways of the Miller School of Albemarle. As he said at the summer faculty meeting, “Now is our time. It’s all about coherence. The Board is energized like never before, the surrounding community knows what a good thing we’ve got going here, and everybody is ready to jump on board and be part of this excitement.”

To the Miller School

of Albemarle Commun ity, The opportunity to lea the School and the d this wonderful school is a great mome su to make today’s Mille rrounding community have worked close nt in my life. Many people within energetic, and caring,r School of Albemarle a reality. Our stude ly together over the last ten years time to be here. Our and our supporters believe in our Mission nts are terrific, our faculty is bright, ric and Hearts of our wil h history and tradition permeate our scho and work. I cannot imagine a better lin of helping children fin g and receptive students. We work everyol spirit, touching the Minds, Hands, d their own personal day to fulfill Samuel Mi success. ller’s dream I would like to expre ss my appreciation to Caton, and to all the Trustees for giving me former Chairman of the Board of Truste Mr. Dick Abidin, who es, Mr. Do the oppo su cc ee de d Mr. Caton as Board rtunity to lead the Miller School of Albem ug inspirational. His expe arle. Ch air in Ju rie ly, has been both su nce in independent expand the vision of the School and make schools and his background in constructi pportive and progress together. on will help us I also express my tha nk s and appreciation to the and staff who put in Miller School co mightily to our current untless hours on the behalf of our stude of Albemarle community, the faculty nts sound status as a lea ding independent bo . Their work and effort contribute arding school. Over the summer, we be ga n se ve ral new initiatives and he the paving of the ca lped mp the world see the oppo us entrance is the most obvious, we als other plans come to fruition. While o worke rtu nit ies that await students Build program reintrod on these beautiful 1,6 d on several plans to help uc es we 00 acres. The new De ldi ng to the curriculum and en of Virginia’s School sign/ ab of creations. Closely all Engineering to offer students opportu les us to partner with the University nit ied ies wit to design and build h this program is ou emphasizes cycling their own r new Enduran an have an ongoing pla d enables students to design and then co ce team sports program, which n to bring our Equestr ns tru ct the ir own bicycles. We als ian Program back to o campus. As we move ahead in coming months, we started the year. In ’ll build on the energ Alu pleasant facilities for mni Gym, we are relocating and impro y and enthusiasm with which we our community and for vin received to renovate visitors to the campus g the bathrooms to create nice, Alu . The $225,000 grant mn i Gy m (re pla ce the floor and seati wrestling practice are we recently ng to raise the funds reqa, and improve the locker rooms) is to be , create a new fitness center and uir ma ed tch for this renovation. We ed, and we need yo entrance to the Scho ur help are also ma ol, glory as they enter “th which will enable our community and vis king plans to restore the original e Hill.” itors to look upon Old Main in all its We look forward to co nti challenges, and enjoy nuing our work together as we offer ou r our website, on Face our time at the Miller School of Albemarl students bright futures, take on new e. book, or on the Mille r School of Albemarl Please visit us often in person, on e blog. Sincerely,

Rick France Headmaster


Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

The Bell Tower

Fall/Winter 2010

Miller School of Albemarle Magazine


On the cover and at right: Miller School of Albemarle’s historic Bell Tower Building has been dedicated “Caton Hall” (see page 3 for details).

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Caton Hall Dedication

On September 18th, 2010, the Miller School of Albemarle dedicated Caton Hall in a ceremony headed by Richard Abidin, new Chair of the Board of Trustees. Caton Hall is the historic bell tower building at the Miller School of Albemarle, known first as the Arts Building and later the Arts and Science Building, after a comprehensive first floor renovation. Mr. Caton, Chief Executive Officer of Management Services Corporation and Chairman of the Caton Companies, served as the Miller School of Albemarle Chair of the Board of Trustees from 2001-2010. A plaque will be installed at the entrance to Caton Hall in recognition of Hervey Elliott Caton and Gerard Lewis Caton, the father and brother of Mr. Caton. In his dedication address, Mr. Caton said “I had always thought that should I achieve any recognition of this kind, it would be appropriate to name a building after my father, who was my mentor, and my brother, a stalwart young Army officer medevac pilot killed in Vietnam in the service of his country. Moreover, I stand on the shoulders of generations of Catons and Hensleys (my mother’s maiden name) who helped build this country, and whose hard work, and vision, imbued our family with a commitment to achievement and to a creed that not failure but low aim is crime. Aim high! Anyone can jump a low hurdle.”

Mr. Doug Caton addresses the crowd gathered It is appropriate that the newly renovated Arts and Sciences for the dedication. building be named after Mr. Caton’s father and brother, two men who had significant interest and capabilities in the sciences and the manual arts. According to Mr. Caton, his father “designed and built his own house with his own hands – I mean built it – he set every rafter, laid every plumbing pipe, and placed every roof shingle and sheet rock wall.” Furthermore, “He was a wonderful teacher and could explain science to my brother and me by illustrating its use in everyday life, like calculating the mechanical advantage of pulleys or the difference between diesel engine ignition and gas engine ignition and the advantages of both, or why geometry is important in everyday life from figuring out the area of an odd shaped field, to calculating the height of a flag pole by simple triangulation. He truly believed that good science was the key to understanding the world and making it better. But he believed in the practical side of life as well, and being self-sufficient. Thus, he would consider it a very high honor that the new Miller School state-of-the-art Science Center, splendid woodworking shop, and the art and photography studios be housed in Caton Hall.”


Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

Mr. Caton’s brother, Gerald Lewis, matriculated to the University of Virginia in 1964 and majored in geology. He was attracted to flying and airplanes, and was selected for the Army Warrant Officer Aviation program. When he graduated in 1969, he was immediately sent to Vietnam as a medevac pilot where he was shot down on an extraction mission less than a month after his arrival. He was just twenty-three years old. Members of the Caton family, including Mrs. Caton and daughters Laura, Diane, and Emily, were joined by members of the Miller School of Albemarle community including members of the Bell Tower Society, alumni, parents, and friends, for the dedication ceremony and the dinner that followed on the grounds of the Miller School of Albemarle. As Mr. Caton moves into the role of Miller’s first Trustee Emeritus, we are delighted that we will be able to draw upon his wisdom in the future.


Caton Hall Dedication

Trustee Emeritus Doug Caton, who during his tenure as Chair of the Board oversaw the complete refurbishment of the Arts and Sciences building now named Caton Hall in his family’s honor and the renovation of the new Art space above the Canteen.

September 18th provided the opportunity to publicly present Mr. Rick France, 13th Headmaster of the Miller School of Albemarle. Master of Ceremonies Mr. Peter Hufnagel, Dean of Faculty, remarked that “it is not difficult to see why Mr. France has had such a profound impact on his students, athletes, and co-workers during his forty-year educational career. While it is impossible to put into words exactly what Mr. France does that changes the lives of so many young people, one way to put it would be: ‘He teaches his athletes and coaches his students.’” The evening also afforded the introduction of Miller’s new Chair of the Board, Richard “Dick” Abidin. Mr. Abidin is president of CMS and Fielder’s Choice Enterprises in Charlottesville and has served on our board as a trustee and member of the executive committee since 2009; Mr. Abidin became Chair of the Board in July of this year. Since July, Mr. Abidin has taken on numerous projects here at the Miller School of Albemarle with enthusiasm and professionalism. He spearheaded the recent paving of the main entrance road this summer which, needless to say, is appreciated greatly by everyone who drives up the front hill to Miller School. In addition, Mr. Abidin has made significant contributions to the governance and organization of the board.

Cheif architects of the dedication ceremony Annie Knepper and Brad Bodager

University of Virginia School of Engineering Professor Kay Neeley, Chair of the Board Advancement Committee, acknowledged the generosity of donors to the Miller School of Albemarle’s new Bell Tower Society, which recognizes annual giving. Professor Neeley and her husband John Crafaik are parents of Miller graduates Arthur and Elliot. She was the prime mover behind the development and implementation of our new Design/Build preengineering curriculum here at the Miller School of Albemarle. Her efforts continue to support and enhance this program, which incorporates many of the core values of Samuel Miller as it builds the technological literacy of students as they proceed through the 21st century. This program will serve as one more way of keeping Miller School “on the map.”

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010



Climbing To New Horizons

Pictured right: Charlottesville Bike Campers perch atop Raven’s Roost on the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooking the Rockfish Valley.

Endurance Team Hits the Hill


Staying Power Hallmark of New Program Led by Dean of Faculty and English Department Chair Peter Hufnagel, the Endurance Team combines cross country running with road cycling and mountain biking for an intense, three-season athletic experience. With the help of the Endurance Team students and the generosity of donors, Hufnagel renovated a shop space between the canteen building and Alumni Gym to create the “Endurance Lab.” This unique space now houses a fleet of Miller School custom bicycles, a maintenance area fully equipped with tools for bicycle assembly and repair, and a sitting area complete with a generously donated flat-screen TV.

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010


Equestrian Serious Horsing Around

72 Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

Growing the Equestrian Sport From “Horses As Healers” Service Program


“It was a treat to see the students improve as the season progressed,” said Ms. Brann. “Students became more adept at cleaning tack, which allowed more time for other delightful stable chores, such as mucking stalls, throwing hay, and feeding.” Students also learned about the horse world through live interaction and research. “We took a trip to a local farm to watch a dressage exhibition, where students gained a better appreciation for the work a rider must master as well as the ability of the horse in displaying dressage movements.” As a final project, each student researched a particular aspect of interest within the equestrian realm and shared their knowledge with the group. Some popular topics were breeds of horses, western riding, and the “language” of the horse. The Miller School of Albemarle Equestrian Program, led by Ms. Elizabeth Brann, celebrated its 5th season off the Hill this fall. The students who participated this year ranged from the inexperienced to those who have competed with their own horses. Some students had previous experience with hunt seat equitation, while others were more familiar with dressage or western riding. It was a great mix of talent and fun!

The season culminated in a horse show, consisting of hunt seat equitation divisions and timed games on horseback. All of the riders showed excitement and interest throughout the season, and Ms. Brann looks forward to developing the program further as time goes by!

According to Ms. Brann, “The focus of our equestrian program is hunt seat equitation, so several of our students had to adjust their riding styles, but all were willing and successful. Students participated in group riding lessons two days a week where they focused on their form and position on the horse. Lessons were conducted in the riding ring, and once all of our riders were clearly comfortable in the saddle, we had the opportunity to go on an extended trail ride.” The students enjoyed riding through the hillsides of Albemarle County while learning etiquette in the field, and they also gained knowledge of the responsibilities associated with riding horses. Once a week, they ventured to the stables and focused on stable responsibilities. Students learned to take apart a bridle, clean it, and put it back together again. The first couple of times, this process was challenging for some. Who knew that a bit could be put on backwards! Students also took the time to learn the parts of the saddle while they were cleaning their tack.

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010


Course Resurrects Valued Skills


9 Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010



Steve Hunter

Design/Build Program Fills Need of Nationwide Movement As a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Steve Hunter learned the ins and outs of carpentry by working alongside his father and grandfather in their cabinet shop. Mr. Hunter says, “I remember at an early age doing drawings of things I wanted to make, and then the thrill of taking those drawings into the shop and making them. We also had a large undeveloped lot behind our house, and a bunch of us kids would salvage materials to build clubhouses.” As a teenager, Mr. Hunter continued to assist his father with his work. During and after college, he traveled extensively overseas, and ultimately settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. “San Francisco was great,” says Mr. Hunter. “There was a real need for remodeling older homes, and I took that a step farther by developing live/work space for artists in the Bay Area.” His work as a stage actor and modern dance choreographer gave him close ties to the artistic community, “and really gave me an appreciation of how an architectural space can inspire the creation of artwork.” Seven years ago, Mr. Hunter left the Bay area with his family and moved to Ivy, where he focused on design, building and remodeling. In August 2010, he joined the Miller School of Albemarle as the Design/Build teacher, expanding the school’s woodworking course into a comprehensive wood and metal working program. His future plans for the Design/Build program include “taking the program beyond the realm of doing traditional furniture and exploring other designs that incorporate the use of metal and other materials.” “Who knows?” says Mr. Hunter, “Projects such as a lake house, pool shade, writer’s cabin, or an amphitheatre for outdoor performances are not completely out of the question. I’d like to have the students be involved in designing and building numerous structures around the campus.” Currently, the students are working on figurative sculptures in metal. Soon they will embark on utilitarian projects such as storage racks for steel and gantry cranes to help lift heavy objects. Using wood, the students have been making scale models of homes they’ve designed from their own floor plans. Eventually, the students will begin designing and creating their own pieces of furniture from wood. Mr. Hunter feels that what his students learn in Design/Build can have far-reaching benefits. “I’d like to see our students develop the confidence and problem-solving skills that can help them throughout their lives in every field. I want them to really think about design and use their hands to realize their vision. The experience of creating and building with one’s hands can generate feelings of competence, confidence and satisfaction - experiences that are so important in our mass-produced and ever-present digital world.” Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010


Local Art ist s Capt ure The Beaut y of Aut umn Landscapes

Local professional artists joined Miller School of Albermarle students and faculty to capture the beauty of MSA’s stunning acreage on a warm and sunny Saturday in mid-October. Thus transpired the inaugural “En Plein Air” arts event coordinated by art teacher Sharon Kennedy, Peter Hufnagel, Brad Bodager, and Annie Knepper. “What was so nice about it, besides the glorious weather,” said Ms. Kennedy, “was including students in the process of creating works of art with local professional artists.” In addition to Ms. Kennedy, fellow faculty members Tom Pallante, Chris Ross, and Angela Dalton, wife of Spanish teacher Michael Dalton, reveled in the October sunshine as they put their brushes and scrapers to the canvas. Said Mr. Pallante, “There was nothing like baking in the sun, using the old concrete silo slab as our outdoor ‘studio.’”

13 Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter

at Miller School of Albemarle

“En Plein Air”

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter








This page: 1. Meg West 2. Bob Kirchman 3. Shuo Sun 4. Angela Dalton 5. YoonJi Kim 6. Ursala Nelson 7. Nancy Wallace 8. Barbara Albert 9. Meg West 10. Sharon Kennedy

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Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010





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MSA Strategic Planning Update Last April, over fifty Miller School of Albemarle faculty members, administrators, students, alumni, parents, and friends gathered for a two-day strategic planning workshop at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville. During this highly-productive workshop, the group focused on six key areas of Miller’s future: student life, physical plant and facilities, finance and development, curriculum and teaching, the extended Miller community, and admission and marketing. While the ideas and opinions in all six areas covered everything from overall mission to minute details, one sentiment unified the participants: a love of the Miller School of Albemarle. The strategic planning group’s responsibility was to draft a five-year plan for MSA that enables it to move forward while staying true to the ideals of its founder, Samuel Miller. Topics throughout the weekend that were “Samuel Miller approved” included a reinvigorated hands-on Design/Build curriculum, better use of our 1,600-acre campus, a renewed

focus on students from Virginia and the surrounding states, and an unwavering commitment to financial aid. Other initiatives, many of which are listed below, sparked such excitement that the participants could hardly wait to get to work. Many of the ideas that came out of the workshop are already being implemented. Read on for a report of what has already been accomplished in some of the categories. Top Priorities in Student Life: Utilize 1,600 acres. Bridge gap between day and boarding students. Promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle in all areas. The first weekend back at school found students enjoying the campus during a Saturday morning cross country practice and an afternoon mountain bike ride. The lake has been open for students more often during weekends with good weather,

Miller students Andrew Lee, Laura Sullivan, Whitney Martin, and Grace Dawson pose in Farmington Country Club’s famed Jefferson Room. The viewpoints of these students provided valuable insights into the overall well-being of the student body during the Strategic Planning Meeting.


Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

and the endurance team will spend even more time on our trails during the spring season.

Top Priority for Academic Curriculum / Teaching: Develop signature programs such as a pre-engineering track with a focus on hands-on practice.

To encourage interaction between boarding boys and the rest of the student body, the boys dorm in the basement of Old Main is now off-limits during the academic day. Day students have also been invited to participate in some of the weekend activities, including on-campus programs and off-campus trips.

Under the direction of new faculty member Steve Hunter, Miller School’s woodworking course has been expanded into a comprehensive Design/Build pre-engineering program that includes both wood and metalworking. Read more about this on page nine.

Programs such as the endurance team encourage sustaining a balanced and disciplined healthy lifestyle, and changes are being made in the Miller infrastructure to help students achieve this goal. Thanks to Rob Marquis and Marquis Food Services, the dining hall staff has begun to improve the nutritional value of all campus meals while limiting unhealthy options.

Top Priority for Admission/Marketing: Build and maintain state-of-the-art web page. Increase enrollment. With the July arrival of Communications Coordinator Kim KelleyWagner, the website has already shown amazing improvement! Kim has also created a Miller blog and will continue to expand the ways that Miller communicates with its current parents and students as well as prospective applicants and their families.

Top Priorities for the Physical Plant and Facilities: Renovate existing space and improve accessibility. Create a multipurpose facility (Student Activities Center/Field House). Improvements to Alumni Gymnasium started over the summer when construction began on the new bathrooms. A comprehensive renovation, supported in part by a $225,000 grant from a local foundation, will continue throughout the year, and will include bringing the building up to date on accessibility standards. Once this renovation is complete, a new student activities center is proposed to be the focus of phase two of the Miller School Capital Campaign.

A break-out group composed of (top) Dick Abidin, Grace Dawson, Bobby Shaw, Gwen Deakle, Sam Hale, and Andrew Cason brainstorm, initiatives for the good of Miller School of Albemarle’s future. Coordinator of the event Susan Stone disseminates ideas to Andrew Cason, Gerri Stewart, Dick Abidin, Bill Flannagan, Dan Pugh, Aniko Pasztory, and Gene Corrigan.

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010



Welcome To Our Team

Each gift to the Miller School of Albemarle is worth more than its monetary value. It carries a vote of confidence. It shows that the donor believes in our mission and in the vision of Samuel Miller. An investment in the Miller School of Albemarle at any level signifies a decision to join our team. For this reason, we are pleased to report that participation levels rose across all categories of donors this year. Alumni, parents, parents of alumni, faculty & staff, and friends of the school joined together in record numbers to demonstrate their love and support of the Miller School of Albemarle through the 2009-2010 Annual Fund.


Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010



Fiscal Year: July 1, 2009—June 30, 2010 ANNUAL FUND








TOTAL 2009-2010 GIVING: $807,998 During the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the average gift to the annual fund was $500, nearly double the 2008-2009 average.

$120,000.00 $120,000.00

$100,000.00 $100,000.00

Total amount of unrestricted gifts increased by 29%, while designated gifts increased 53%.

$80,000.00 $80,000.00 $60,000.00 $60,000.00

FY 08-09 FY 08 - 09

$40,000.00 $40,000.00

FY FY09-10 09 - 10

$20,000.00 $20,000.00 $- $

Unrestricted Unrestricted

Designated Designated

In-Kind In-Kind

Services Services

Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010



For gifts of $5,000 or more during the 2009-2010 fiscal year Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Beasley Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Caton Ms. Emily B. Caton Col. Richard E. Fitzhugh Dr. John & Dr. Barbara Post The Miller School Alumni Association Mr. Winn Price & Ms. Leigh Hallett


For gifts of $1,000 or more during the 2009-2010 fiscal year Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Abidin Mr. & Mrs. William E. Baer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr Mr. & Mrs. Bradley E. Bodager Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brubaker Mr. & Mrs. Bill Buxton Mr. & Mrs. Soo Hyuk Cho Mr. John Crafaik & Ms. Kathryn A. Neeley Mr. Donald Craig Mr. & Mrs. John Deakle Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Drumheller Mr. Marcus Farbstein & Dr. Rosemarie Hunziker Dr. Frazier Fortenberry & Dr. Sara Kaltreider Mrs. Ginny Glazer Mr. Paul Hayes & Ms. Kim Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Hess Mr. & Mrs. Broadus Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hufnagel Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Hufnagel Mr. & Mrs. Kyung Jin Jin Mr. & Mrs. Mark Krebs Mr. Hunter Lewis Mr. Howie Long Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Middleditch Mr. & Mrs. F. Page Nelson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Blaise Pasztory Ms. Brenda G. Price Dr. John D. Reeves, III Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott Dr. Myung Chul Shin & Mrs. Hee Sook Hwang Mr. Joseph L. Spivey Mr. & Mrs. Preston O. Stallings Mr. Jack Taylor Mr. & Mrs. David J. Wood, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Wood, II

GIFTS IN HONOR In Honor of Rick France Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. In Honor of Francis H. Fife Mr. Charles M. Rotgin, Jr. In Honor of Nelly Hawley-Hayes, 2012 Mr. Paul Hayes & Ms. Kim Hawley In Honor of Brian Kimble, 2011 Mr. Charles C. Kimble

In Honor of Eric Ponton, 2012 Mrs. Nancy Ponton VanFossen Mr. Jon VanFossen In Honor of Jean Printz Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Tayloe, II In Honor of Bob Roberts, ‘37 Mr. & Mrs. Donn F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morgan

In Honor of Alexander Robinson, ‘94 Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Robinson, III In Honor of Joseph Spivey Better Living Foundation In Honor of Preston O. Stallings, ‘53 Mr. & Mrs. Randall S. Keller In Honor of Buck Stout Mrs. Frances Ray


For gifts of $250 or more during the 2009-2010 fiscal year Mr. & Mrs. James H. Baber Mr. & Mrs. William Baer, Sr. Mr. Harry L. Beazell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Brooks Mr. Paul A. Cantor Mr. & Mrs. Carroll R. Chisholm Mr. & Mrs. Eugene F. Corrigan Dr. Laurie deBettencourt & Mr. Dan deBettencourt Dr. Michael Enoch Mr. Hill Ewald Mr. & Mrs. Chang Yong Eun Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Farina Mrs. Carolyn D. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Farina Mr. Matthew J. Farina Mr. & Mrs. William H. Flannagan, III Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. France Mrs. Irma Garrison

Ms. Janice C. Gibson Ms. Jane Heyward Mr. Doug Hornig Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Kidby Mr. William W. King, III Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Knepper Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Kollar Dr. & Mrs. Gary Kunz Dr. & Mrs. Daniel La Grua Mr. John McCarthy Mrs. Lake Clark McIntosh Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Megas Mr. & Mrs. James Morris Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mummau Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Nelson Mr. & Mrs. James Ottaway Mr. Charles L. Pace Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pallante Ms. Jean Printz Mr. & Mrs. Walter Rendzia

Mr. Charles M. Richeson, Jr. Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. Mr. Christopher D. Ross Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shaffren Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Shaw Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. Simpkins Mr. Robert W. Smith, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joel Snow Mrs. Gerri Stewart Dr. & Mrs. Scott Syverud Dr. Jianghong Tian Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wilkerson, Jr. Mr. James M. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Lowndes Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Forrest E. Workman Mr. & Mrs. John Wright, IV Mr. & Mrs. Jon VanFossen Mrs. Betty Jo Viar Ms. Martina Young Mr. & Mrs. Larry Zeman


Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Altenhofen Mr. Samuel Arnold Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ayscue Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ballard Mr. Lindsay R. Barnes, III Mrs. Judy Barokas Mrs. Mary M. Belew Mr. Thomas S. Bentson Ms. Betsy L. Bernier Ms. Kaye Bramblett Mr. & Mrs. H. Robert Brashear Mr. & Mrs. G. Larry Brown Mrs. Pamela K. Brown Mrs. Mary Jo Burke Mr. & Mrs. N. Ronald Carpenter Ms. Debra Casado Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Cason Mr. & Mrs. Dudley Christian Mr. Gene A. Clements Mr. & Mrs. Bart F. Colon, Jr Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Coleman Mr. William H. Craddock Mr. William Currier Ms. Hetty Wray H. Dandridge Mr. & Mrs. Roger W. Davis Mr. Joseph B. Farrar Mr. Gregory G. Faust & Ms. Paulyn G. Heinmiller Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Fletcher Mr. & Mrs. Hans Foss Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Foster, III Miss Jill Fredrikson Mr. Martin L. Friedburg Ms. Annie Lee Gianakos Mr. William B. Guerrant, Jr. Ms. Jessie Carr Haden Mr. Samuel M. Hale Mr. Clifford Hamill

Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Rodman Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hamner, Jr. Mr. Vernon R. Mowbray Ms. Sue Rogers Ms. Louise Havlicek Mr. & Mrs. James J. Murray, Jr. Mr. Charles M. Rotgin, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang Hermann Ms. Nancy Nerem Mr. & Mrs. Philip Schwarz Mr. Henry W. Holt Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Nevin Mr. & Mrs. R. Strother Scott Mr. Ruble A. Hord Mr. & Mrs. James W. Newman Mr. David Shuck Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Hoy Mr. & Mrs. James W. North Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Skipper Ms. Maria Hufnagel Mr. & Mrs. Norman Novitz Ms. Wendy G. Smith Mr. Robert R. Humphris, Sr. Mrs. Jean M. Patterson Ms. Jodie Stamey Mr. Matthew E. Hunt Mrs. Betty Perry Ms. Courtenay T. Stanley Mr. & Mrs. Ben Hurt Mr. & Mrs. Warren Phillips Mr. Paul D. Summers, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Pope Ms. Meghan Sweeny Mr. & Mrs. Louis Karably Mr. & Mrs. H. Wescott Powell Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Tayloe, II Mr. & Mrs. Randall S. Keller Mr. Liberty Proulx & Ms. Liza Wygand Mr. Myron E. Tremain Mr.&Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kennington Ms. Joan M. Ragland Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Vogelgesang Revd. & Mrs. Michael Kerouac Mrs. Frances Ray Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Willis Mr. Charles C. Kimble Mr. & Mrs. John D. Reeves, IV Mr. Raymond A. Willis Mr. George King, Jr. Mr. J.W. Peyton Robertson Mr. Gregory Wittkamper Mr. John B. Lampe Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Riegert & Ms. Anne Gardner Ms. Pat Leavitt Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Robinson, III Mr. & Mrs. Michael Worthington Dr. Jean B. Lee Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leonard CORPORATE & FOUNDATION Ms. Martha Lisle Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Lyons, Jr. DONORS Mr. & Mrs. David Mahone SILVER BELL TOWER CLUB Mr. & Mrs. Philip Mahone American Eagle Outfitters Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Margolius Better Living Foundation Mr. Russell D. Martin Couture Design Ms. Georgianna McCabe J. Bruce Barnes, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDaniel Mr. & Mrs. Herbert B. McGuire Northwestern Mutual Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Hugh A. Meagher Whitney & Anne Stone Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr. Mr. Darrell D. Mitchell BRONZE BELL TOWER CLUB Ms. Virginia A. K. Moran Dominion Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Donn F. Morgan David E. Post Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morgan Margaret Hulvey Wright Trust Mrs. Edmund W. Morris

Building on the Promise

The Miller School Capital Campaign


Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

In 2005, the Miller School of Albemarle launched a comprehensive capital campaign in support of the multi-year master plan endorsed by the Board of Trustees. Raising nearly $9 million in gifts and pledges over a five-year period, the campaign significantly increased the Miller School of Albemarle endowment for scholarships and funded three much-needed renovations: a new Art Studio on the second floor of the Canteen Building, a new photography studio on the top floor of Caton Hall, and a state-of-the-art science laboratory and classroom facility on the first floor of Caton Hall. Thank you to the donors below who made this campaign a success. Edith Ballard Brian Balogh & Kathleen Craig Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus P. Barger, Jr. Lindsay R. Barnes, III Mr. & Mrs. F. Don Bradford Robert & Suzanne Brooks W. E. Brown Friends & Family Doug Caton Greg & Jill Cline Hovey S. Dabney Carol Janus & Alan Diamond Mabel Dudley Mr. & Mrs. Roy Duvall Charles H. Ewald Marcus Farbstein & Rosemarie Hunziker Phil & Jane Fellows Rick & Sandy France Mr. & Mrs. Alton Frye Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Greg Hensley Henry Holt Nancy & Jack Horn Martin/Horn Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hyder Hunter & Susan Johnson Laura & Tom Herwitz Robert & Devra Kann Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kennedy Mark Krebs Dr. & Mrs. Winter Lantz Jim Lawton

Fulton & Vernetta Marshall Thomas E. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Richard McGrath Mr. & Mrs. Ed McMahon Ann Memory Miller School Alumni Association Robbie Munn Kay Neeley & John Crafaik Mr. & Mrs. James Newman Mr. & Mrs. T. Hugh Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nunley Mr. & Mrs. Blaise Pasztory Jean Printz Carolyn & John Sable Fred & Marcia Simpkins Fred Scott Charlotte Sherman Robert Smith Preston Stallings William Trevillian Fred Watson The Family of Cody M. Watts Eugene Powell Philanthropic Cooperative Charles Rotgin, Jr. Edward D. Tayloe F. Page Nelson Tom Beasley Elizabeth Marcus Mildred J. Lapsley Est.

In Memoriam

Gifts were given to the Miller School of Albemarle in 2009-2010 in memory of the following individuals. In Memory of William E. Baber, ‘55 Mr. William Currier Mr.& Mrs. Roger W. Davis Mr. & Mrs. David Mahone Mr. & Mrs. Warren Phillips Ms. Joan M. Ragland Miller School Alumni Association In Memory of Joan-Harvey Bentson Mr. Thomas S. Bentson In Memory of Taylor W. Bramblett, 2004 Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay R. Barnes, Jr. Ms. Kaye Bramblett In Memory of Joseph E. Brochu Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hamner, Jr. In Memory of Gladys T. Cannon Mr. Jack Taylor In Memory of Nancy Graney Caperton Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of Mary Taylor Clark & Andrew J. Clark Ms. Janice C. Gibson In Memory of B.F. Conlon, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Bart F. Conlon, Jr. In Memory of Brenda C. DeMaso Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of Bill Dudley Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr.

23 Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010

In Memory of Lou Farina Mrs. Carolyn D. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Kevin B. Farina Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Farina, Jr. Mr. Matthew J. Farina In Memory of Charles A. Garrison, ‘52 Mrs. Irma Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. McCormick In Memory of Bernard J. Haggerty, ‘43 Mr. Bernard Haggerty, Jr. & Ms. Susan Baldridge In Memory of Frank Haynes Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of Jim Hill Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of William Louis Johnson Ms. Betsy L. Bernier In Memory of Louise D. Kepley Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of Allen Q. Ladd, ‘23 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kennington In Memory of Dorothea Lee Dr. John & Dr. Barbara Post In Memory of Barbara Martin Mr. David Shuck In Memory of Herbert U. Martin, ‘41 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Fletcher

In Memory of Irving L. Morris, ‘53 Mr.& Mrs. Norman Novitz Mr. Raymond A. Willis Mr. & Mrs. W. Earl Willis Miller School Alumni Association In Memory of Charles Price, ‘42 Mr. George King, Jr. Mr. Darrell D. Mitchell Co-workers of Mr. Daniel “Duke” Price Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Shaw Miller School Alumni Association In Memory of Doris Price Mr. George King, Jr. In Memory of Samuel Mac Sloan, ‘53 Mrs. Pamela K. Brown In Memory of Ruth Wayland Nelson Mr. & Mrs. F. Page Nelson, Jr. In Memory of Louis Roberts Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of Lucille Roberts Mr. & Mrs. William E. Hopkins In Memory of Dr. W. John Root Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr. In Memory of 1st Lt. Donaldson P. Tillar, III Col. & Mrs. Robert M. Novogratz In Memory of Courtenay Eldridge Turner, ‘26 Dr. & Mrs. Richard Stanley In Memory of John Varner Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr.

In Memory of Levi P. Maupin, 1911 Mrs. Mary M. Belew Mrs. Jean M. Patterson

In Memory of William L. Viar, ‘45 Mrs. Betty Jo Viar

In Memory of Wallace McDowell Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr.

In Memory of James O. West Mr. Robert M. Roberts, Sr.

In Memory of Irving L. Morris, ‘53 Ms. Hetty Wray H. Dandridge Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Lyons, Jr.

In Memory of SrA Kevin Kristopher Wilson, ‘98 Mr. & Mrs. N. Ronald Carpenter Bell Tower Magazine • Fall/Winter 2010


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The Bell Tower - Winter 2010  
The Bell Tower - Winter 2010  

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