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The old man and nature Kim Kainz

“Drink another coffee while I go get your things.” The little boy said. The old man did what he was told and drinked another coffee, waiting for him to get back. When he did, he gave the old man his supplies. “Good luck old man!” The old man nodded his head and walked slowly to his boat and put everything in it. He climbed in shortly and untied the ropes and paddled out to see without looking back.

The sun was starting to rise as the old man paddled out further. He could hear the flying fish as they jumped out of the ocean and then a splash as they went back under. He took a big interest in the flying fish as they were his friends.

The old man found a place to settle and to start to fish. He admired his view, looking back at his village which just looked like a spot to him. He looked down at the water and saw a fish swimming around his hook. He waited patiently but the fish didn’t bite. "Fish," he said, "I love you and respect you very much. But I will kill you dead before this day ends."

The fish had finally caught the line but the old man wasn’t paying attention until last minute. When he lifted up the line, it had cut him on his hand, giving him a gash and also a cramped left hand. The fish had won that time leaving the old man powerless for the time being.

It was starting to get dark and the old man knew that the sharks would be coming. He knew that himself and the fish would be in some danger if any of the sharks came towards them.

The old man looked at the fish like the fish is his friend. That all the animals in the ocean are his friends but he has to kill them in order for him to eat and to survive. He knows that and does not think that is bad

The old man had caught fish to feed him for a couple nights. A shark did come and he had wrestled the shark for a bit. The old man had won! He had gotten the sharks head. He decided it was time to head back home since it was getting dark out

The old man was very tired. When he got back home, he went straight to bed. It worried a lot of people since he was out all day. They had people search for him since they saw his boat back on land. The old man was okay and was grateful that people were looking for him.

Author: Kim Kainz

The old man and nature  
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