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Cluster Pearl: Beauty In Bunch

Pearls are one of the most beautiful naturally occurring gems. These are formed inside the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusc. However pearls are also cultured from the fresh water oysters. These peals are generally used in the fashion jewelries. Pearl has been in the market since many centuries. Even the mythological scriptures validate the presence of pearls in the ancient times. Everybody has seen the jewelry adorned idols of various Gods and Goddesses. Pearl was mostly used in combination with silver and gold in their ornaments. Even now the pearl jewelry is still in demand. They never get outdated.

Nowadays Cluster pearl jewelry is very much in demand and is available in different forms like earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets or any kind of jewelry we can think of. Previously cluster pearl jewelries were usually available in the white, off-white and cream colors. But now they are available in different colors as well as shapes which gives a better scope to the jewelry designers.

For cluster pearl lovers, lots of options are available in the market. Also, those who are creative and love to make something on their own can make the Kim Jewelry Design at home. The way these ornaments look beautiful, it is very hard to believe that process of making them is very simple. One can make such things at home as well.

The process of making a cluster pearl necklace is described below:    

Take 30-40 pearls of three different colors, same number of silver head pins and jump rings, two equal ribbon pieces and a 35cm long silver wire. Using the head pins, make wrapped loops of the pearl and add them to a jump pin. Make clusters of 5 pearls per jump ring and continue to make 17 of these clusters. On a separate length of wire, secure one end with a wire wrapped loop. Then thread on a single pearl, followed by a cluster. Alternate and continue to thread all on to the wire, keeping 2 clusters to one side. Bunch together and you start to see the full‐bodied cluster shape forming. Once all beads are on, secure the other end of the wire also with a wrapped loop. Through the loops at each end, thread the ribbon to the halfway point. Here is where the last 2 clusters come in, thread one over each ribbon at each end and place at the bottom close to the other pearls. When worn, the ribbon is used to secure the necklace around the neck.

So get ready to design and create your own pearl trinket. You’ll be able to shine in your own light.

Cluster Pearl: Beauty In Bunch