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KYUNG IL MIN 119 River Mews Ln, Edgewater, NJ, 07020 I m.315.956.9708 online portfolio I

EDUCATION Master of Architecture, School of Architecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, May 2013 Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Department of Architecture, Kyung Hee University, Yongin, Feb 2006

EXPERIENCE H Architecture, New York, NY, US Full-time Internship, Oct 2013-Nov 2013

Developed the façade design of a housing project. Produced digital models, drawings of elevations and sections, and precedent research.

- Multi-family Housing Complex, Sejong, Korea I Residential I 1,787,594SF I Client_LH Corporation Jina Architecture, Seoul, Korea Freelance Designer, Feb 2010-May 2010 Architectural Designer, Sep 2005-Aug 2008

Experienced in various projects type including high-end residential, office, commercial, and master plan of which phases varied from preliminary design to construction documents. Specialized in designing and engineering building enclosure system. Tasks included the production of drawings, digital models, physical models, documents, and design consultant coordination.

Selected Projects - Shinhan Headquarters, Seoul, Korea I Office I 1,808,336SF / 35-story(2Towers) I Client_Shinhan

Involved in building enclosure system for schematic design. Designed building façade and generate digital models. Produce the final book of project.

- Center 1 Tower, Seoul, Korea I Office I 1,806,970SF / 32-story(2Towers) I Client_Mirae Asset

As a member of Mass and Skin team, involved in mass design and building enclosure system for 2 years. Held responsible for sections, elevations, and details of 4 components of building: façade of atrium, podium, building, and rooftop in the phase of Conceptual Design, SD, DD, CD. Produced physical models and digital models of mass and details. Generated drawings of sections, elevations, wall-sections, and details for drawing sets of all stages. Dealt with various scale drawings and physical models(1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/50, 1/10, and 1/3). Performed design development with ARUP as a structural specialist by meeting and email. Managed digital models with subcontractor for final 3D rendering.

- Cartier Flagship Store, Seoul, Korea I Commercial I 29,062SF / 6-story I Client_Cartier

Assisted in building enclosure system for schematic design. Produced digital models and drawings of sections and elevations.

- Sangam DMC IBC, Seoul, Korea I Mixed Use Office I 4,853,985SF / 123-story I Client_Sangam DMC Involved in building enclosure system for design competition. Produced diagrams and digital models.

- City of Arabia, Dubai, UAE I Mixed Use Office I 1,611,831SF / 64-story I Client_Yamasaki Korea Responsible for building enclosure system single-handed with design principal. Produced diagrams, digital models, and final book.

- New Administrative Capital City, Sejong, Korea I Master Plan I 787,272,408SF Produced master plan, diagrams, and final book. Managed as liaison between the digital subcontractor for final 3D rendering.

Jung Lim Architecture, Seoul, Korea Full-time Internship, Dec 2004-Feb 2005

Assisted in design development for 512,545SF and 10-story commercial complex. Responsibilities included feasibility studies, production of physical models and documents.



King and King Design Competition, 2011–1st Place Study Abroad Scholarship, Syracuse University, 2011 Graduate Scholarship, Syracuse University, 2010-2011 Friendship Scholarship, Kyung Hee University, 2003 Research Intern, Syracuse University, Sep 2011-May 2012

Investigation of Kindergarten Design with Professor Terrance Goode

International Study Program, Spain, Italy, and Netherlands, May 2011-Aug 2011 Studio, History, and Hand sketching classes with Professor Lawrence Davis

D+T Workshop, Syracuse University, Feb 2011

Designed Spaces and Mediated Senses with SO-IL


Computer Proficient in AutoCAD, 3d Studio Max, SketchUp, V-Ray, Photoshop, Illustrator Good at Revit, Rhinoceros, After Effects, Premiere, InDesign Modeling

Laser Cutting, 3d Printing, CNC Mill, Vacuum Former, Wood Working Tools

Language English and Korean


Lawrence Davis, Associate Professor at Syracuse University, Thesis Advisor, 315.443.2256, Peter Choi, Design Principal at DMP Architecture, Former Supervisor, +82-10-6428-8739, Jeramy Woosung Yoon, Architectural Designer at RTKL, Senior of University, 305-632-8165,