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My background is a variety of experiences spanning from Business, Marketing, Education, Interior Design, and Event Planning. When you have more time I will give you the long version of my resume.No matter what field I was pursuing, one thing stayed consistent and that was how much I enjoyed interacting with my clients while building lasting relationships. It wasn’t until I found Real Estate that I was able to marry everything I had gained from my past experiences and my passion for helping my clients.The love I have for my clients and this profession is what drives me daily.

Treating your home with the same respect as I would my own and your family as part of mine is a personal goal. This process will have ups and downs and I want my clients to know they can look to me for support, knowledge, and direction in all situations that may arise. Your family and home are some of the TOP priorities in your life and you deserve a Realtor who will treat them with the same level of commitment and compassion that you would. Communication,respect, and dedication are the core foundations that my business is built on.

Clients are Family


Your Home

Making a great first impression

A thorough assessment is the first step to selling your home and making it show the best. I will walk through your home front to back and top to bottom at the begging of the selling process and give you an idea of what you will need to do to get ready to sell. This can range from simply arranging your belongings to some minor repairs. Each home and seller is unique so this time with you is crucial to ensure you are fully aware of what it will take to get your home ready.





Moving gives an opportunity to go through our household items and start to get rid of things we no longer need. De-cluttering closets and bedrooms makes a huge difference in how well a home show.

There will undoubtedly be repairs that the buyer will ask for. These are usually items that you are already aware of. Unfinished projects and deferred maintenance can distract from the charm and functionality of your home. Our goal is to help the buyer feel comfortable and focus on their future int he home. Usually repairs are low cost and can be done quickly and with ease.

I utilize many methods to help in the staging process. When necessary, I contract an expert that will consult in utilizng your items to best show the home. Studies show that homes with a “model ready� look sell at a much faster rate than cluttered homes.

In some cases, a seller is better off making more costly improvements in order to increase the value of the home. It is alway important to weigh out the cost vs. the benefit of any home improvement. I will never recommend anything that won’t yield more money or make it more likely you will find a buyer for your home.


It Right

The Market decides...

I know the market and make it my business to stay on top of what homes are selling for. I will educate you on the current market situation and give you my best suggestions to get your home sold quickly for the best price. A Comparable Market Analysis will provide you with the information you will need to make an educated decision about where to price your home. I don’t tell you what the value of your home is. The market will make that determination. There isn’t an exact price, but together, we willdetermine a sensible pricing strategy. Your objective should be to enter the market in a position that willattract qualified buyers and ready prospects. Buyers will never rush to make an offer on an overpricedlisting. One of the major benefits to pricing to the market, rather than above the market, is you retainthe most leverage in negotiation.

Your best chance of selling your home for the most money is in the first 30 days


Your Home

Marketing is Key to selling your home It is my goal to keep your home performing better than 90% of the market. I take pride in watching the market daily and keeping you informed on how your house is fairing. This will allow us to ensure we are priced correctly and getting your home in front of the right potential buyers. Before contacting a Real Estate professional, 95% of home buyers will utilize the internet first. As your Real Estate Agent, I take pride in how your home is presented to the online market and ensure you are on the top of buyer’s search results.


High quality photos and video allow me to market your home in its best light on the internet. These images are the first impression to buyers and we want to make sure they showcase your home correctly. I hire a professional photographer that specializes in both interior photos as well as drone photography and video.Professional photos help the home sell in less days.

Social Media

Everyone is on social media! I know the importance of utilizing all forms of social media to market your home, promote open houses, and communicate price changes which increase views to your home. I focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to promote your home multiple times a week ensuring we are staying in front of potential buyers.

Open Houses

Most agents do not understand the importance of an Open House and the benefits it can have in selling your home. An Open House not only allows you to present your home to multiple buyers, but it also helps to push your listing to the top of search results. Opening the house prelisting or right after to local agents for a preview is also a great resource. Utilizing this process can be a huge assest in creating a buzz around the home and getting it sold faster.

Broker Relationships

One of the most valuable resource is the relationship I have built with other local Realtors. With over 400 agents in my office plus hundreds more that I network with on a weekly basis your home will get the most direct exposure to other Realtors and their buyers. Your home will be presented to potential buyers that are already pre-qualified and ready to buy before it even hits the market. I am an active member in multiple Realtor network groups as well as a top producing agent in my office allowing me maximum coverage of my listings.

Kilene goes the extra mile with the type of personal attention that is rare these days. She sold our house in 18 days! Results are great, but she also did it in a way that made us relax and enjoy the process. As a military family we usually stress out about moving... Kilene made it stress free! -James and Sarah Marion


Past clients are forever friends

If you are looking for a dynamic Realtor in Hilsborough County (FL) contact Kilene. Her enthusiastic, personable and uber friendly personality is incredible! She made our home buying experience super simple. Kilene went above and beyond and we are extremely thankful for her continued friendship. - Chris and Jolene Bryan

Kilene was beyond helpful from day one, very knowledgeable and on top of her work. She did everyting she said she would do and got us in the home of our dreams. None can compare to the quality and excellence provided by her. -Justin Booth

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Top 10 Reasons to list your home with Keller Williams Realty

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